Moms birthday treat

It all started when I was 16, i was home alone all day and decided to venture around moms bedroom, it was then I found her sexy outfits and dildo under the bed, this was the stuff if hope to find, I've always thought mom was a very attractive lady being blonde , a size 8/10 and natural FF boobs, after I found this I couldn't help
But fantasise about fucking my mom.

Years went by and I got into watching mom and son porn, it was then I realised I needed to try and set up a plan, so I read through stories and watched more porn to come up with an idea, it was then I came up with my plan. I few times I'd walk in on her in the shower just so I could go masturbate from seeing her amazing breasts dripping in soapy water.

At the age of 22 I had a really high sex drive, I'd say I was an athletic to muscular build, and average build down stairs being 8" solid cock.

My moms birthday was coming up and I had the plan set out, it was the day of moms birthday and i had told her that she had a very big surprise for her 40th birthday. It was the night of her day and she was dressed in this very tight fitting red dressed, I offered her a glass of champagne to celebrate her day, she soon guzzled it down and had a further 3/4 glasses , this was part of the plan, I then instructed mom to sit down in the lounge, blindfolded her and informed her she had a male stripper as her treat .

It was then I put some music on, acted like I went out the room, and pretended to be the stripper, I put objects in her hands and rubbed them on her breasts , after a few of these I could see her nipples were rock hard, I had to feel them, I started caressing her boobs and I could see she was loving it, I then got out a dildo that was the same size as my cock , this I had bought earlier in the week.

I started to caress my moms boobs with it , put it in her mouth which she started to suck and deep throat, I then started slowly putting it between her amazingly toned legs of which she eagerly opened up, I stopped when I hit the vagina and slowly rubbed it through her panties, I withdrew the dildo and wanted to see what mom smelt and tasted like, and it was like heaven, I could of spunked in my pants there and then.

It was then i went for it, I stopped using the dildo on her breasts and dropped my pants, I grabbed moms hand and placed it on my now throbbing cock, I was amazed when she started wanking me off, I managed to hold in any moans until she got off the sofa, still blind folded and took my cock in to her mouth , I'd never felt a mouth so soft and wet around my shaft, she got faster and deeper as she went , I could feel myself about to come so I pulled out and cummed all over her face and breasts.

She was hungry for more.

I started to play with her vagina of which was soaking in her hot juices, I worked my way upto 3 fingers and pounded her till she told me to lick her out. I started to lick her but as soon as my tongue went inside her juicy lips she exploded with cum shooting all over my face, i loved the taste of her wet cum all in my mouth, I was rock hard again and decided to go for it.

I put my cock on the edge of her lips and slowly rubbed it until she pulled me in, I eased my cock I to my moms amazingly tight vagina, I started fucking my mom, I played with her breasts and started to finger her ass at the same time, she was now moaning loud and I couldn't help it when I said the unthinkable , I screamed out fuck me mom! It was then she froze.

She removed the blindfold of her eyes and looked at me , I didn't know what to do till she said "we aren't stopping now" that was it, I continued to fuck mom, her body was grinding to my pump, she then started to shout fuck your mom hard, I was fucking her as hard as I could , I rolled her into the doggy position and teased her ass with my cock, she then pulled her ass cheeks open and told me to fuck her ass.

I was deep inside my moms ass when I realised she was fucking herself with the dildo too, I couldn't last much longer and asked her where I should come and she replied deep in my vagina, we swapped round and she fucked her ass with the dildo as I climaxed I bit on my moms left breast and shot my load deep Into her, we carried on till she reached her orgasm and her body shook with excitement!

We both then laid there naked dripping in sweat and cum, I asked about her birthday and she said that she wants that treat everyday. Since that day I've been fucking my mom and loving every minute of it
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11 months ago
love that story I always thought doing that to my mom to
11 months ago
11 months ago
Great story keep it up.
11 months ago
Great story!
11 months ago
Excellent story!
11 months ago
AWESOME thanks for posting it for us
11 months ago
Super sexy story !