A hot summersday...

It's a hot day out in the city and the streets are empty.I'm walking around and looking for some board-shorts so I can join everyone on the beach and relax in the surf! While I'm browsing I decide to hit a bar and get a cold beer, just to sooth my thirst. While I enter the bar i immediately spot a girl sitting all alone and is just melting away due to the heat. A beautiful long curly haired brunette. I sit at the bar and order my drink and within seconds i am served a nice and cold glass of beer.

Looking around i catch the eyes of the girl who is sitting by herself, she nods and I take another sip acting like I'm not interested. I decide to sit outside so I grab my drink and just get out of the immensely hot bar. Just as i pass the door i look at the girl again just to see if i have her attention. Our eyes meet again and I give her a smile. Now that im sitting outside I notice that the streets are really abandoned and the only people there are the one working in the shops. While i finish my drink i think about where to go next and in the corner of my eye i see the girl inside staring, not a normal stare but one that could turn you on in seconds. I still decide on going to the store instead of talking to the girl so I get up and leave.

I enter the store and start looking around, the salespeople are infatuated by the heat and just sit behind the cash register in the front of the store. After 15 minutes I take 4 shorts in to the changing room that is located all the way in the back of the store. Just as I am closing the curtains the girl from the bar enters my changing room. She says "hi" and i say hi back. So do you think that this bikini will look good on me, she says and I answer well put it on and we will see. As shes undressing so am I, I mean I still need to put my shorts on as well. As she undresses I peek at her beautiful tight body, her curves are exceptionally perfect. She catches me looking at her and before I can say I word she starts kissing me and grabs my cock. It would be silly at this moment to ask her to stop because i am enjoying this very sexy surprise.

She pulls my boxers down and caresses my cock with her soft hands while she kisses me very hard and full of lust. I act with it and grab her ass and start to squeeze it firmly. After a minute or two she starts to go down and starts sucking my cock as if it cooled her down in this immense heat. She kept going at it, exactly like I like it she passed her self in the beginning and then started to up the speed. Every now and then shes used her teeth to softly scratch my hard cock which only made it harder and it throbbed in her mouth like I had never felt before. I pulled her up and said my turn! As i pulled her thong down i started eating her out...softly! After a soft moan I started to go harder and started to use my fingers with it. Slowly going in and out of her freshly shaved wet pussy. Yeah she was wet alright it was dripping off my chin and i licked it all up. Her legs started to tremble and she whispered me to stop and put my dick in her pussy. I didnt mind at all but would have loved to feel her come with my mouth. As she leaned in on the wall of the dressing room she lifted her ass and i slowly put my cock in her dripping wet pussy. She was very tight and it felt great. As I pushed my cock in all the way she moaned as she hadn't had a cock in her for a long while. I started to fuck her from behind holding and squeezing her tits with my hands and playing with her nipple with my fingers. Again she whispered at me, saying 'fuck me harder just take me make me come'! As her wish at that moment was my command i didn't argue with her and so i started fucking her harder. We both started to sweat and the drops just glided off her back o so hot. I could even feel her wet pussy dripping down my leg. the whole situation just made me even hornier than I could ever be. I felt her leg tremble again as I was fucking her hard. My thrusts kept clapping on her ass, not to loud though just loud enough for us to hear. As i could feel her climaxing and slowed down a little and said wait a little longer for me...I not far behind you know ;) !? She shook her head and said 'no...I want to come'...and that was all it took for me to feel it rising up in my cock...while I thrust my cock in her harder and harder I feel her legs treble even faster. She takes the bikini that she put down on the seat and shoves it in her mouth so she cant be heard by others, but i hear her perfectly. While shes moaning and cumming hard I see that that is my cue to let it all out. My cum shoots in her pussy and I let a long sigh follow my climax. While she feels my cum shooting in her she takes my cock out of her and starts licking my cum covered cock and the feeling is just too much for me but she wont let go...I actually like that she takes charge its a nice change from the regular fucks. She licks and sucks all the cum out of my cock and swallows it. She is looking up at me and says...Hi my name is Diana and I think my girlfriend is waiting for me at the bar...thanks for the great fuck, we should do this again sometime! Maybe with my girlfriend and see how that goes...
She puts back on her dress and leaves...as she walks out I say 'sure lets do it again...just not the same place...I hear nature is fun'!

After cooling off a few minutes I walk out of the store, haven't bought a thing and decide to just go to the beach anyway to chill with my friends. As i walk down the street I feel a hand on my shoulder! Its Diana and she slips her number in my hand without saying a word...at that moment I cant help but think about the next time...how about you?!
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4 years ago
Thanks for the comment guys...appreciate it!
4 years ago
good story but would like to see you write more description of the girl, all i got was beautiful curves and a beautiful curly haired brunette

i would like to hear the tone of skin, tan, pale, black, mocha, long legs or a short bombshell? more description like that can help the reader get more involved in the story
4 years ago
love it mate keep um coming
4 years ago
So...this is my first attempt in writing a story...got the inspiration from a picture here on xHamster.com

ps. be cruel i would like to improve my story writing skills...enjoy!