"THE LEASH" SM fantasy story (if there a

It was a splendid day in mid-July at 10:30 I was in the garage
a pair of Masters and Mistress.
I contact them I was a slave to them for educational treatment, the Mistress blackberry,breasts bursting with beautiful feet and she felt the most severe and authoritarian of the two, the Masters speaks quietly but with great authority told me to undress.
I was totally naked, shaved and shaved properly, I had put a collar
for dogs with a leash attached to a chain, a cap with a black latex
the openings of the mouth and eyes, a pair of sandals heel and immediately Mistress I painted her lips and smiling contemptuously said: dirty worm shitty knees to Mistress, the Master replied: filthy dog ??Abbas, and whipped me three times with the belt in his hand.
The mistress picked up the top of the leash and pulled me, I went to the
the back of their car, I walked in I saw only four-legged wheels
the machine and the sandals of her.
the Master opened the trunk of the Sub and made ??me get into a metal cage for dogs,Mistress tied the leash inside
of the cage and exclaimed oh! I forgot one thing he turned back, took a big plug with tail and I put it inside the anus, took my head in his handsand how to give me a kiss and my mouth and spit in the face repeatedly.She smilingly closed the cage with a lock and the trunk with f***e, so that the blast I covered his ears.
The Master opened the garage door, turned on the car brought out the car and took her to get her side.
I did not know where I would take, but by the shame of being seen by
other machines on the way, I was picked up and down, not exactly the way smooth chain leash was banging against the cage and the noise
shock the sensitive nerves of the mistress, who immediately became angry saying filthy worm you stop with that chain,
or would like to stop the machine and whip you in front of everybody? you do not think you could?
I said: Excuse me lady mistress never hear the noise! well! see answered!.
I took the chain with your hands, pulled her to me to keep it from flapping, had passed
maybe 20 minutes after departure, and the car, entering into a dirt road continued to shake, I saw a bit of dust from the back and I found it hard to sit still, while the chain continued to occasionally crash. Mistress of the words whispered in the ear of him and suddenly the car stopped, she ran down the trunk opened, the ball took the leash and said:
I tell her things once! Then I become evil!, I did go down to four
legs took me close to the first tree, and I tied the leash to it.
I was shaking from fear of being seen but luckily we were on a dirt road
covered by trees, she returned with branches collected on time and with cruel power
lashes on my ass. The branches were green and they felt I could not stand the pain, stop asking for pity he turned and said: Shut up bitch whore
filthy worm!. In the meantime he felt a strange bell, a small street inside a small flock of sheep was coming, but my fear was that the pastor to see me like this, the lady took me to the car, but in time came the shepherd saw the context pretended to nothing, and went on his way, without much locked me in the cage quickly closed the trunk and the car drove away. I felt really humiliated, and they kept yelling, saying: do not worry you will certainly mistaken for a dog! Ahahhahah, or especially a sheep! hahaha or to a filthy disobedient slave!
The macchna turned right into a hill at the end of which saw an old farm house. Finally the car stopped, and I brought him down
always took me four legs in a room the farmhouse, was a
old sheepfold, where the sides were stacked inside several things, mattresses an old wheel a chair with armrests shabby office, and bales of hay an old tractor on one side and a fountain.
The lady took off her shoes and barefoot, I bound his wrists to ankles
with an old rope, then took a rod and finished what he started
I kept saying to each coup: filthy dog??, filthy worm, you thought I had
forgotten? answer! and I groaned in pain: no no no lady just enough!
she paused for a moment and said maybe we did not just happen in here say it just us!, took a series of branches with leaves, and begin to sit down and stroking the skin of the penis with the glans to be found and whipping everything. Nettles had a feeling of so many pins, burning and itching started to move, and I collapsed to the ground on one side chide: mercy mercy mistress!
She was in front of my face and said, clean dirty feet doormat obey!
the feet were dusty and clean them was a company, but I did my best
and in a hurry, but she continued to put them back on the ground it was impossible but I kept dirtying.
I untied the master hands, pulled me up by the head remained on his knees
Suddenly she leaned toward me and began to slap me with alternating
face and the glans repeating: you are not able even to clean my feet respond
filthy bitch! yes I said yes mistress! is not it disgusting worm! said,
continuing to slap louder and louder, I said no, no, Mistress! And Then What is the worm, you filthy ligue? ... maybe I said I know!. The Lord made ??me look up and I tied a long rope with your wrists and move above facedola of an old beam hoisted me up to stand on tiptoe!, Taken
a long whip and start seafarers, asking me to count them, to whip me
the pain was strong and I could hardly count! the Master chise her
how many I had to give! said that perhaps fifty would have been enough!
I pity the twelfth pleaded and screamed filthy! the lady told me to
plan to do otherwise would have been more!.
The mistress who was near the big door of the house, he realized that perhaps
someone was spying, and he stopped reporting to his master! For me it was a sigh
of solievo, he went out and spoke, but I felt that I did not understand anything, I was exhausted,
Meanwhile the lady had taken her shoes to put them back, but I looked at took one and mouthing schiaffeggiandomici said! shut up dirty
serve ripuliscimi shoes! Shaken to clean up the language, as I
rubbing the soles on the mouth, no filthy worm, so I said!.
Meanwhile, the Lord will call out the fall and soon all three
The lady turned to me and said: we introduce you to a person filthy dog
in heat, he knows you know who?! No owner! I said, is the pastor that we met she said, I was ashamed and Abbas gaze, and continued:
What do you know pastors sometimes with the sheep? I said no! you'll notice
he said. I was bound and tied to a chair with his face to open back and thighs tied to the armrests, the chair even if old
having the wheels could, even if badly scroll on the floor.
After you try out the shepherd penned some ass I pulled the plug on
tiradomelo from the queue and began to pump his cock, sliding
the chair back and forth, I put the boss fuck her throat while
Shepherd continued to pump more and more, the chair made ??a hellish noise
I thought for a moment broke! but all of a sudden I feel a hot sketch
in my throat, the Master was coming and I could not help but swallow
in part, to a certain point, the pastor said to me, I'm enjoying filthy slut chipped!
slipped off his cock and promptly put him to instill my throat, I filled her mouth of her warm milk.
After a few minutes began to turn to the inundated
their urine, including the Mistress of climbing that old tractor I bathed with its warm liquid. After, always tied to a chair, took me outside, near the entrance of the
house with a hose and I cleaned out everywhere, leaving the sun to dry, untied the Mistress put me in the cage dog in the trunk and came back home.
Throughout the journey, the mistress never spoke but tended an ear to me, but got home he said: My dear filthy worm, you have not learned to cleanse my feet but I have to say that the chain leash no more noise!
one thing at a time!

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