Not So Subtle Seduction - Part 3

Part 3
Not So Subtle Seduction

We kissed lightly, exploring. Her breath warm and damp against my mouth.

Gaby made little whimpering noises as we kissed, turning me on even more. Her hands were everywhere, exploring me, searching, feeling, touching…

My hands too were busy…from time to time we got in each other’s way but found ourselves adaptable, our excitement rising. Gaby began to push on the top of my head. I got the message right away and slid down to taste her nipples after gently kissing down the curve of her neck.

She jumped when I reached her nipple but then sighed in pleasure. My lips drew her nipple into my mouth lightly but I sucked more assertively. Gaby moaned, her hands on my head pressing me to her breast. I opened my mouth wide to draw in as much of her breast as I could fit in my mouth…it felt lovely to me and I know that it excited her.

But now she was pushing me downward again…over her belly where I kissed her lightly. When my lips reached her pussy hair I resisted her push and looked at her, “do you want mommy to eat your young, wet cunt, Gaby?”

“Oh YES, mum! Please eat me, eat me!” she cried.

I spread her legs apart as I rolled over one, laying between her thighs, my mouth immediately over her mons. I blew gently on the hair there, watching her as I did. Her mouth was wide open, she was gasping, still pushing down on my head. I blew a little lower, aiming my breath on her exposed cunt. “Oh please, mum!” she begged.

I complied. I let her press my face down to her cunt, my tongue out and probing, finally finding her sweet pussy weeping cream for me. I licked her as dry as I could then spread her lips with my fingertips. My lips found her clit and I sucked it between them. Gaby’s upper body was bucking and rotating back and forth. I could hear her panting rapidly. So I stopped.

I pulled back and looked up at her, “is mommy doing this right, baby? Does this feel good to you? Is your nasty fuck hole all tingly?”

“Oh god, mommy, please eat me, make me cum please mommy!” Gaby was almost completely under my control except perhaps, for her hands on my head, pressing downwards hard to get me back where she wanted me. But still I resisted.
I slid my forefinger inside her. God, she was SO wet! So I thought that one finger wasn’t enough at all, I pushed in a second. She moaned loudly, squirming above me. “Please mum, PLEASE mum! I need to cum!”

“Oh no, baby, you don’t need to cum,” I corrected her. “You just WANT to cum! Isn’t that right?”

“No mommy, I really NEED to cum!”

I pushed a third finger into her cunt…quite tight now, even as wet as she was. She moaned loudly. I began to fuck her with the three fingers of one hand and lowered my mouth to her clit once again. Gaby was panting very loudly, fingers scratching at my head. I’m not so sure she knew she was digging her nails in but I didn’t care at that moment.

With my other hand I reached down to my purse on the floor and found my hairbrush. Raising it, I looked up at her and offered the handle of it to her, “suck this, slut, make it wet.”

She looked confused for a moment but then the light went on and she grabbed it and jammed it into her mouth. She was still moaning but now the noise was muffled by the hairbrush as she fucked her mouth with it. I gave her clit a hard suck then ordered her to hand me the brush.

She did so immediately and I brought the brush between her thighs. As I began to push the wet handle into her cunt I watched her face. Her eyebrows had almost disappeared they were arched so high, her eyes as wide as they could be, her mouth hanging open as she watched me begin to fuck her with the hairbrush handle. The panting started again. LOUD panting!

I smiled at my success then bent to my business. Taking her clit one last time in my lips I began to suck and tug on it, fucking her faster and faster with the hairbrush¸ moaning with my own excitement. I suspect she could feel the vibrations from my moaning on her clit.

She came. As she came, she screamed, “FUCK YES! FUCK YES! Fuck me mum, FUCK ME HARD MUM! OH, OH, OH OHHHHH!”

Apparently she had enjoyed an orgasm. The evidence was all there…her screaming, the additional cream on the hairbrush, trails of pussy juice running out of her. Yes, I had succeeded. I was satisfied.

I rolled across her leg, easing the brush from her sopping hole and pulled myself up beside her and took her in my arms, rocking her gently as she fought to catch her breath. She was whispering something but I couldn’t make out what it was she was saying but it sounded a lot like; “fantastic, fucking fantastic” over and over.


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3 years ago
Loved it. Very hot! Excellent!
3 years ago
Well written and very taboo!
3 years ago
Tipper loved the story thanks
3 years ago
You are a brillant public health field supervisor. I'm sure that Gaby feels the same and is looking forward to your next "hands on" field visit. I enjoyed the series very much. Well written too.
3 years ago
i hoped that you made her cum more than once