Not So Subtle Seduction - Part 1

Part 1
Not so subtle seduction

My work for the government as a supervisor in the public health field
provides me with a few little perks that I sometimes enjoy. I am not
a nurse but I do manage a few. Their job is to cater to the needs of
outpatients and challenged people. As their supervisor I generally
assign them tasks (patients to visit). Therefore I have access to
patient information. Now and then I find one that catches my
interest. Just the other day was such an occassion.

Her file gave me an idea that she may be ripe for seduction.
Paralyzed from the waist down (feeling but not function, more or
less). 18 years old, living with her parents who both worked outside
the home. The photo showed a very cute, chubby girl with captivating
eyes. The records showed that she had not been in a relationship with
anyone since the file began. The girl was confined to a wheelchair,
liked to play video games and spent a lot of time on her computer. I
thought that I should look into this further so I held that file back.

It was summer...mid-August and the weather was hot. Gaby was enrolled
in college but school was out. I thought that is was safe for me to
assume that she would be home if I were to visit. And her parents
would be at work.

I am nearing retirement at 60 years of age. A big woman with a wide
ass, bulging belly and pendulous 44E breasts. A fat old broad but hey
- I have my needs!

After lunch on a Tuesday afternoon I took the plunge and checked out
of the office for a "random field evaluation." I would drop by and
visit her and see if this girl was a candidate for seduction.

As I walked up the sidewalk to the front door of the townhouse in
which she was apparently living, I felt a bit nervous as I always do
and also a little wet from the excitement that might lie ahead of me.

I rang the doorbell and waited a few moments, knowing that it might
take her a bit more time that someone able to jump up to answer the
door. As it happened though, I faintly heard her call out "I'm
coming" and then I heard the doorknob rattle. The door opened part
way and there she was. A VERY cute little plumper with sparkling
eyes, dark hair and huge tits.

I introduced myself and told her that I was just dropping by to
discuss her case and to see if I could help out in any way. She
thought about that for a few moments then swung the door wide and
invited me inside. Closing the door behind me, I then followed her
into the comfortable living room where she politely asked me to sit on
the couch. I knew already that I wanted her.

She offered to make tea and rolled off into the kitchen. After a
moment I followed and watched as she put the water on to boil. I then
sat at the kitchen table, took her file from my briefcase and laid it
on the table.

"So, you are Gaby, right? And you spend your days here alone while
you wait for school to reconvene, is that right" I asked?

Gaby confirmed that this was so. From there I asked her friendly
questions - nothing overt, just standard questions about how she was
getting along and dealing with her physical challenges. Once those
questions petered out, I took a slightly different approach, asking
her about such things as friends, boys and how she amused herself on a
daily basis. She told me about playing computer games and surfing the
internet. Seeing a possible opening I asked her what interested her
the most on the net. She actually blushed a little at that question.
She was especially gorgeous when she blushed.

I pressed her to answer. Then manoeuvred her into admitting to
spending "some time" at adult type sites. I noticed that when she
told me this her eyes sparkled even more. I confessed to her that I
too found those sites fun an asked her if she would mind showing me
her favourites. She was hesitant until I explained that I have been
having trouble finding any sites that had enough free content.
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3 years ago
very unique and NAUGHTY....just the way I enjoy my erotic's a holiday, so I plan on returning and reading the remaining posts of yours....quite excited...wish i had time to finish right now...but family is around and an erection is out of the question have a great day...
3 years ago
I like the direction that this is headed!
3 years ago
I like the direction that this is headed!
3 years ago
I like the direction that this is headed!
3 years ago
nicely done going to read the rest
3 years ago
Nice Part 1. So often nobody considers that handicapped girls like Gaby have sexual needs too. Well, on to Part 2.
3 years ago
very good start