Such a slut!

Liza, you are such a slut.  There you are sitting across from me on the sofa, being so prim and proper as we sip our tea and talk about our lives.  You must be getting bored with the discussion because I see  you fidgeting with the hem of your skirt above your knees.  

I am telling you about that annoying bitch at the bank and you could care less - all you want is sex, sex, sex.  You have been doing nothing but complain for the past hour about how you aren't getting any.  On and on as if you thought you might die if you didn't "get some" soon.

And your knees are spreading.  Slut.  Your fingers lightly teasing your leg above your knee, slipping down to your inner thigh as I ramble on.  You probably think I don't notice that you have that slutty, teasing grin on your face as you push your skirt higher and higher.  Slut.

You fall back against the sofa back and your eyes look towards the ceiling while you spread further so that I can see you aren't wearing panties today.  Such a slut!

I'm telling you about how that bitch gave me the run-around about my chequing account and all you can do is tease yourself by cupping your cunt with the palm of your hand.  Slut.

I stop talking to watch you for a minute to see if you are listening to a word I say, but no - slut.  You are slipping a finger between your lips.  I see that it's damp.

Apparently you notice that I have stopped speaking and you lower your eyes to meet mine.  You smile again and dip your forefinger into your pussy.  Your back arches.  Slut.  One would think you were all alone and not entertaining company this afternoon.

You withdraw your hand and raise it to your mouth, opening your lips you slide your finger inside and suck it clean of your creamy juice, still looking across the short distance into my eyes.

Your other begins unbuttoning your blouse as you begin to fuck your mouth with your finger.  Two, three buttons, fabric falling open...four, five...I can see that you have worn that half-bra I like again today.  Slut.

You pull the front of your blouse to the side, exposing your partially covered breasts.  What a slut.  What a whore.

I discover that I am breathing a little harder now...I hadn't seen that building, but there it is.  Who could blame me with such a brazen slut disrobing in front of me?  I am becoming wet of course.  I'm not made of wood, after all.

Your hands raise up to lift your tits from your bra, your nipples hard and proud. You look at me almost defiantly as your thumbs brush over your nipples, teasing them.  You bend your neck while raising one nipple to your mouth, sticking your tongue out to lick yourself.  Slut.

Without thinking about, unconciously, I unbutton my own blouse.  Not all the way, just a couple of buttons.  After all, you are the slut, not I.

Your smile widens.  I'm not sure why but that is neither here nor there.

Your hands are both caressing your inner thighs all the way to your cunt and back to your knees.  Your skirt is hiked as high as it can go, bunched around your hips.  That is going to wrinkle terribly!  Don't expect ME to iron it for you, slut!

I hear a quiet moan and realize that it came from me.  My panties are moist, my  nipples stiffening.  I shift uncomfortably in my chair.

You push a finger inside  your pussy, slowly fucking yourself.  Then a second finger...a third.  Slowly, sensuosly fucking  yourself in front of me almost as if I weren't here.  With your other hand you beckon me, finger crooked and calling me over.  Without thinking, I find myself sliding out of my chair onto my knees, my own skirt sliding high up my thighs as though I too were some wanton slut.  

I am not, of course, I am a proper middle-aged woman of class.  Yes, I am your sometimes-lover, but I am not a slut like you.

Walking on my knees I approach you. "Yes darling", you whisper, "come to Liza." I place my hands on your spread knees, settling my ass down on my ankles as I watch you pleasure yourself.

Your free hand reaches up to gently stroke my cheek with your fingers, slipping through my hair to the back of my head.  Less gently now you pull me forward. Without thought of resistance, I find you drawing me closer to your heat.  I lick my lips unconsiously as I catch the heady aroma of your pussy drifting up.  I can smell your juices.  I swallow deeply and then I am there, less than an inch from those sopping fingers fucking in and out of your cunt.  

And you stop.  Telling me not to move, you reach to pull my blouse down over my shoulders then slide your hands inside my bra, lifting both of my breasts free to hang...reaching down to pinch my nipples, giving them a little twist before releasing them and once again placing your palms on my head.

"Eat me," you say quietly.  Like the slut you are and because you know that I love to eat you, you pull my mouth directly onto your mons.  I moan against your mons.  Your hands keep the pressure on but I am able to move my mouth, which I do...allowing my tongue to reach out and taste you, search for your clit...tease it with my tongue.  Already you are squirming against my mouth, moaning as I moan.  My hands are free and I reach up to open your labia, holding your lips apart as I f***e my tongue out as far as I can, delving inside you, fucking you with my tongue, Moaning and finding your clit again to suck on while I slip two fingers inside you and begin fucking you faster.  

My mouth open wide now, but sucking still...tongue flicking your clit between sucks...feeling you squirm more and more.

But now you are bucking, moaning loudly, louder.  My fingers punching hard and deep into your cunt as you begin to cum, legs splayed wide lifting yourself up to me as you press my face into you.  Your cream soaks my much cream!  I can feel you convulse over and over as you call out loudly; "Oh! Oh! Oh fuck!"

Soon though you begin to descend from your 'high', slowing your squirming.  You sigh heavily as your hands release my head.  I keep teasing your sweet clit until you push me away, too sensitive just now to take any more.

I look up at you - our eyes meet.  My face is glazed with your cream.  I smile in satisfaction.

You are such a slut.
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2 years ago
Hummm....very hot. I know how she feels....I am a Slut too. Tris
3 years ago
very sexy & hot
3 years ago
It was as if I was there well written loved it