It was on a Thursday mooring when I got a call from grandson asking if he and a friend along with my granddaughter could come over and spend the night. I have
never turned them down and I side share come over. When they got there I could not stop looking how nice his friend was, he told me his name was Jim I introduce myself and extended him my hand when our hand met I got a jolt in my paints Jim was 18 and looked so good, as we healed hands I haled it for a long time witch he did not pull away so with a finger I slowly rubbed the palm of his hand. This went along as I was telling him it was nice to have him over.
They all went to the back room where they always go to play games and get on the laptop. I was in the kitchen when Jim came were I was and asked where the bathroom was I told him it was in the hallway, Oh I side if you have to go during the night that the door would lock but the other door would not lock, it went to my room. I thought I would see if he would take a hint and told him that if the door came open witch it did if you just touched it, and if it did would you just close it and not be embarrassed that I slept nude, he replayed ok.
I could not wait for them to all to go to bed and I went to my bed room and got ready to see if he took the bait. I lead there in my bed for what seemed hours, but was only one hour when I heard someone go into the bathroom and I could hear them lock the door. I could hear him taking a piss so I knew it was not my granddaughter. I heard the toilet flush and waited to see if he would move to the door I hoped it was Jim and not my grandson. After a minute I could see feet under the door, the light from the small lamp made it easy to see under the door. I could tell he was about to open the door as you could hear the doorknob turning. I quickly uncovered just enough to expose my now hard cock, as the door opened I could see Jim standing in the door way with the light behind him. My cock was troubling and now was standing straight up, he walked straight to my bed and leans over and took it in his left hand as I then started to rub his crouch he then leaned all the way down and put my cock complete in has worm mouth, as he sucked on me I undid his paints and pulled his hard cock out, it was at least 9” long and hard as a rock. We both sucked until we came in each other’s mouth, Wow was that good, and he left the room without a word.

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