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Have you ever been pegged?

Hey everyone,

I just was pegged for the first time, and was wondering. Have you ever been pegged, and if so did you like it?
Posted by TimsCock69 6 months ago

[Story] First time with Jessica

I told you about the first time I received a blow job a while ago. It was by Jessica, my high school crush. This is taking off from the date we went on a few day after that night.

I picked her up at her house. I had to wait for her to finish getting ready. I sat in her living room talking to her mom for quite sometime. Jessica finally came out. She had on jeans, and a red tank top. It was one of those with the spaghetti straps. I knew she didn't have a bra on.

We walked out to my car. I opened the door for her. I got in, and off we went. I had waited for years to have this... Continue»
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First time I sucked a cock

I'll never forget the first cock I sucked. It was a guy I worked with. I was 23 at the time, and he was 20. His name is Bobby. He's about 5 foot 5 inches, and very skinny. He has medium brown just above his shoulders, and brown eyes.

We always would talk to each other about what we had done, and wanted to do. I was slightly in denial that I was bi at the time. I eventually told Bobby that I wanted to suck a guy off. He at first though I was joking. When he realized I was serious he asked if I was truly wanting to. I told him yes I really wanted to try it.

A few days went... Continue»
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Shaving preferences?

Guys: When you shave your cock, do you shave your balls as well? Do you also shave the area of your thighs by your cock?

Everyone: Do you prefer cocks?
A) Natural
B) Trimmed
C) Pubes shaved
D) Pubes and balls shaved
E) Pubes, balls, and thighs shaved
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Taste of cum.

Has anyone tasted their own cum? I always taste my pre cum, but have never had the nerve to taste my cum.

If you have did you like it?
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[Story] First blowjob

My first blowjob happened on my high school graduation night. I went with some of my friends to what was called lockdown at the school. You just went and partied at the school until 6 am the following morning.

The night was full of all sorts of fun, but the best fun would happen early the next morning. There was this girl I had a crush on all through high school. Her name was Jessica. She was about 5' 7" she has blonde hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, probably a c cup for her breasts. I never had the nerve to ask her out, and decided I had to that night or I may never see her ag... Continue»
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