Bath time with mum

As a young man of 24 I had left home and got my own place. My mother and father had split many years before and I visited my mother once a week or so. On one occasion, after splitting with a long-term girlfriend and feeling down, I visted my mother at her house one evening. She had boyfriends now and again and as far as I knew she was single at the moment, as so was I. This made things better as I could talk freely, just being the two of us.

So, we chatted most of the night and drank coffee and I felt really relaxed after a stressful week at work. Dressed in a short demin skirt, strappy heels, a tight top (and clearly not wearing a bra), I couldn't help thinking what an attractive women she was. My mates always joked about what a hot milf she was at work. Although she was my mother, I couldn't help but agree with them. But...I shook my head... what am I thinking? It must be because I hadn't had sex for a month or so, I told myself.

As the night drew to a close, I said that I'd better go because I wanted to have a nice long bath and then get some well earned sl**p. "Why not have a bath here? There's plenty of hot water and clean towels" my mother asked. She seemed to have a mysterious glint in her eye as she said it... almost a wink without actually winking.

I said ok, thinking my house will be cold anyway and it'll save me on my gas bill! My mother then got up and said "I'll go and run your bath love, while you finish your coffee." As she rose from the chair, I caught a glimpse of her white panties as her legs parted slightly. My heart quickened as I felt a thrill of seeing something I shouldn't have. It reminded me of when I was a boy catching a sneeky look at her cleavage or underwear!

Before I knew it, my mother was back to tell me the bath was ready. I followed her upstairs to the bathroom, this time purposely watching her backside as she climbed the stairs infront of me. It looked very attractive and it almost began a stir in my trousers. We both entered the bathroom and I hesitated getting undessed as now I was man. My mother smiled "You get undressed and into the bath while I get you a nice clean towel." As she left, I closed the door behind her and began to strip naked.

I climbed into the bath, which felt so good to my tired body, and laid back lapping the water up and down my torso. The bath faced away from the bathroom door but I heard it open and my mother say "There you go, baby" which I'd never heard her call me for years. I expected her just to leave the towel by the door but she came all the way into the bathroom and stood above me. Her eyes met mine but flickered down briefly to my manhood and then back to me. A cheeky smile was clearly visible on her face... as were her nipples, now poking out from her top.

I felt slightly embarrased now and tried to turn my thigh to hide my penis. It didn't really help. "Its been a few years since I've seen that!" my mother said pointing to my dick and balls. She was almost giggling like a school girl as she said it. She went on "Do you remember when you were young and I'd let you play in the bath first and then come back upstairs to wash your hair?"

"Yes, I remember" I replied, feeling less embarrased now. My mother then sat herself on the side of the bath and crossed her bare legs which were very shapely and smooth. "Do you also remember" she continued, "that after I washed your hair, I told you to stand up so that I could wash your bum and privates?" By now she had a broad smile on her face as she recalled my younger days and I also noticed for a split second her tongue lick the corner of her mouth as she said it.

I smiled back "Yes I remember that too. Is this a hint that I'm going to get a wash tonight?" I joked. My mother glanced again at my dick as it bobbed about amongst the bubbles and explained "Well, I was thinking... while you're here... I could wash your hair for you."

I agreed and sat up for her to shampoo and rinse my hair. As her fingers ran through my hair, I felt her warm boobs against my shoulder several times which sent a tingling feeling to my groin. The smell of her purfume was intoxicating and I felt strangly aroused but relaxed at the same time. My hair was now washed and toweled dry and I thought, although a little weird, this was nice and took me back to my c***dhood.

"Right, mister!" she suddenly said "stand up and lets wash that bum of yours!" Just like years ago, I got up without hesitation and stood there completely naked in front of my mother. "Can't say no to that!" I replied and enjoying all the attention. My mother used her bare hands covered in soap to massage my buttocks and slid her fingers inbetween a couple times to rub my anus. This sensual and rude touching was having an effect on my cock. I could feel the heat of passion beginning to flow into it and, without looking, I knew it was starting to stiffen. The touch of a womans hands and fingers and the whole bizarre situation was turning me on like crazy.

As she rinsed the soap from my arse, my mother couldn't see my now fully-erect cock as I was facing away from her, towards the wall. Only I knew about my harnd-on and I started to worry what she might say if she saw it. "Come on, turn around. Lets give that little soldier a wash now." The words I'd dreaded were finally here.

I stood fast, reluctant to move. "Whats wrong?" she asked. "You haven't gone all shy on me have you? I've seen it before today, many times." I realised there was no escape. I slowly turned to face her, looking shy and embarrased as my cock was standing fully-erect, foreskin pulled back to reveal the glistening head and the whole thing throbbing to my very heartbeat. "Sorry, I couldn't help it. It just sorta happened." I explained. My mother laughed "Thats ok, darling. Besides it looks quite nice, stood up like that. Probably eaiser to wash too!" Her humour and attitude calmed my nerves and I started to quite enjoy showing off my thick stiff cock.

As her hands begin to work the soap up and down the shaft, a wave of pure pleasure rippled through my body. As I watched, her fingers of one hand lightly encircled the helmet while she gripped the base with her other hand. Then with both hands on the shaft, she slid them up and down, letting the water and bubbles drip from my tight ball sack. As her soapy long fingers ran up the length of my manhood and across the tip, my cock twitched noticeably and my legs almost buckled beneath me. She did that several times, knowing each time I was getting a spasm of pleasure.

"I think you're enjoying this!" my mother giggled. I nodded, unable to speak as my breathing was now turning into deep panting. She stopped washing my cock all of a sudden and changed her technique to a slow and very light stroking. "Would you like to come?" she breathed into my ear and added, "I don't mind. In fact I'd like to watch you." I gasped as she said those last few words. By now, I was beyond a certain point of arousal and felt the undeniable urge to let go.

"Yes... yes... I need to come..." I f***ed the words out as my mother began wanking my cock fully now, no more washing games or teasing. I gripped the sides of the bath and felt my legs turning to jelly as her hand pumped up and down on my swollen cock. I looked down at her full soft breasts swinging freely under her top and the look of concentration no her face as waited for hot sperm to shoot from the tip of her son's dick.

I closed my eyes, knuckles white from gripping the bath and took a deep breath. "Thats it, baby" my mother said softly, "let me see all of that spunk." At that exact point, she pulled my foreskin right back with one hand and just rubbed the sensitive part of the tip with two fingers on her other hand. It felt fucking amazing as I came. As the first jet of spunk left my cock I heard her say "Thats it! Show mummy all of that spunk!" Four more thick spurts of cum landed on the tiles and bath and I collapsed into the water with a thunderous sigh.

As I gathered myself together I said "That felt amazing!" She smiled, "It looked very nice. I think you needed that, by the amount of spunk that came out" I laughed out loud, thinking what a rude and kinky, but very lucky, situation I had just been in!

My mother left me to clean up and later, as I left her house, I gave her the usual hug and peck on the cheek as I always have. But this time, she turned her head so that my lips fell onto hers. It was only a brief kiss, as I backed off almost immediately. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Maybe next time, I'll join you in the bath?" I never answered but smiled as I turned and got into my car. As I drove away, I knew this sexual adventure was just beginning....

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2 months ago
awesome!!! so perfect
4 months ago
Good work.
1 year ago
1 year ago
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Should of Fed her your Hot load...
1 year ago
a bollock tightening start
1 year ago
Great story, got my cock hardening reading it, looking forward to reading more.
2 years ago
The wimpy son must have traces of a gay gene, to have such 'nads to pass up a once-in-your-life opportunity to initiate an afair with his mother; she did everything but pull his dick into he pussy! Maybe next time. Maybe??
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very nice
2 years ago
good story.....
2 years ago
mmm hot story mmmm yes love it
2 years ago
I hope it is only the start, next time he must fuck her lovely, juicy, and willing cunt.
2 years ago
I would love to read more that was awesome
2 years ago
wow...that is one hell of a story. I hope there's more to come
2 years ago
Wow, hot! More please.
2 years ago
Loved it, there just has to be a sequel
2 years ago
hope there is part 2
2 years ago
I'd definitely like to read what happens next. I agree with the very erotic description!
2 years ago
What a great story. Very different, very erotic. I hope there's more.