Directing a slag cow

The following was written to a slag cow who needed my training and direction. She was pretty much a fat pig, but called herself a cow. Fine with me, as long as she obeyed my instructions and knew her place.

From the cow:

Frustrated middle age bitch needs to break out and finally be taught to serve properly as a trained bitch should. This dumb bitch seeks a Master’s touch, a Master’s collar and kennel. This bitch needs to serve and be used like the low life submissive scum bitch in heat she is. Seeking disgusting humiliation, degradation, debasement, dehumanization. Made to know my station in life as a trained pet, to perform degrading acts of submission for all to witness. This is what I can’t stop thinking about and will never feel content until I’m used in such disgusting and demeaning ways that only the most twisted and depraved individuals can imagine. I’m a big fat cow as well as a low life cock-sucking bitch. f***e me to admit what I am and beg to be used in the most vile and filthy ways. Pass me around and take me to the lowest level of debauchery. Nobody in my life would understand these disgusting desires but I don’t care, I need to finally let go and live the life I dream of.

collar, leash, doggie bowls, cage or kennel, gags, bits, blindfolds, hoods, wrist & ankle restraints, full body bondage, paddles, belts, switches, crop, nipple clamps, suction, butt plugs, large insertables, inflatables, cum facials, cum eating, masturbation, revealing clothing, fetish clothing, pet training, intense humiliation and dehumanization ..... and more.
My Ideal Person:
Seeking Dominant trainer(s) to take me past the vanilla world and into the darkest recesses of the imagination. Exploring the depths of humiliation and degradation, bondage and submission. Somebody who enjoys introducing a sub as HIS bitch and lives to see her debased by any and all.
What type of scene activities would you be interested in exploring?:
Bondage, Spanking, Whipping, Verbal humiliation, Physical humiliation, Genital torture, Body worship, Sensory deprivation, Knife play, Needle play, Branding, Piercing, Hot wax, Human toilet, Enemas, ****, k**napping, Food Play, Shaving, Mummification, Biting, Slapping the face, Suspension, Hair pulling, Fisting, Foot fucking, Spitting, Chastity Devices

From the Tiger

slag cow,

Perverted suck fucks like you need to know one thing. When to spread your legs. That instruction you get from me, TIGER. TIGER meat is very tasty, very delicious, and very hard but you will not savor of it until I have trained your worthless meat. Most of the time you'll be able to tell when TIGER needs his meat serviced, other times TIGER will just take what he wants and leave you like white slut trash on the floor.

I've got two MEN with huge pieces of meat that I want drained. I've done these two MEN, now you get your turn. Eddie is lean and trim, all 8 inches of his massive missile is primed and ready to explode inside your filthy hole. Jon's fat 7 inches will spread your ass like the fuck slut you are, and when his juice blows up your shithole you'll scream like a stuck pig. But you're an insolent little bitch, a true pig who has no idea how to truly worship and adore the Master Gender that is MAN. I am TIGER, and I will train you how to grovel and beg for them to let you have their huge muscular pieces of meat.

In advance of your interrogation to become my property you will fully shave every part of your body, especially your slag cunt. You will wear sheer panties and thigh high stay-up black nylons under your tight fitting, cunt hugging pink hot pants. Your pussy slit must be clearly visible and you are to rub your cunt before you leave your apartment so that the wetness of your hole clearly marks the slash of your cunt. The nylon tops must show where they meet your hot pants, the panty lines are to be clearly visible. You will wear a low cut white bra under a red cut off blouse that barely hides the cups of the bra but reveals the straps and your ugly fat pig belly. In addition to rubbing your cunt you will also twist your nipples, I want them red and firm, popping out of that tight bra and exposed to the men you encounter as you come to me. You will also wear 5" black strappy heels to show your obedience and your willingness to be my whore. You will look hideous, your bright red lipstick will scream out that you are indeed a whore - a cheap whore at best.

And now, as you leave your building I want the dirty old men in your complex to see how fat you are so you will sway your ass back and forth for them. Pucker your tight red lips and walk slowly to your car, give them every chance to see your wretched body and the folds of fat plopping out of your bitch clothes. Make certain they get the proper view of your wet slit and bulging nipples, and cast your glance towards their MANHOOD, let them know you seek COCK, maybe even their COCK.

Your fat ass will be prompt to arrive. No later than 9 AM Saturday. As you enter you will not look at me, but at the floor, which will be where you spend the most of your time during this training. My firm grasp will hold your head down, you will not wince at the pain you receive when I pull you by the hair to my lair. You will be bent over, in reverence to my superiority, to my MANHOOD, to the very thing you must have…to be nothing more than the pig slave that your fat, overindulged body craves.

We will enter my lair and I will toss your head down, commanding…On the floor cunt pig! NOW! On your back, looking up at the ceiling, you do NOT look at me! Now, I again command, spread your legs, let me see the wet slash that made those dirty old MEN cream their jeans as you left.

The first part of my training will come from my heels, as I use my own stiletto spikes to dig into the flesh of your massive cow tits. Cry not you bitch, for this is deserving. You must know the feel of the pain from my spikes, and show me that you can truly withstand the pounding you are sure to get from my MEN. They will slap your tits, they will bite and gnaw at them like raw meat, eager to taste your sensitive nipples and rip from you the meat that they so richly deserve as MEN. My heels will smash, and roll, and wend my way over each tit until you can stand no more. Only now will I allow you the pleasure of removing your tight bra and the restriction of your blouse. Let those milkers plop, let me see them flop out in a display of your disgusting pork.

My heels will now work their way to your huge fat ugly belly. Why have you allowed yourself to be so fat, why have you engorged yourself of more than you need; why are you so, so…FAT! You're a pig, and there it shows, right there in that disgustingly perverted belly. You just can't stop yourself, can you? Eat and eat and eat, and still all you can think of is to eat and eat and eat some more! I'll show you what cows like you get as my heels dig their way into a belly button barely visible through all those rolls of fat. I can see that you are so ashamed, and well you should be. Your whimpers are not so much of pain, but of guilt at having become the pork that you now present for admission to my lair.

My attentions will now focus on your shaved hole; you fear this as much as you know it's coming. I command…REMOVE THOSE PANTIES! As quickly as you might, but not fast enough for me you struggle to get them off…your worthless efforts displease me and the swift kick of my heel meets the flesh of your fat fucking ass. OFF! I shout, and finally your cunt is free of them but not before I have delivered several more pointed poundings with my spikes.

Placing the soul of my heel to your cunt mound I begin my attentions to your filthy twat. With a rolling motion, back and forth, my heels cover your wet slit. Downward brings the spike inside your cunt, upward I smash hard against your tiny clitoris and the flesh of your whore mound. You need this…you need to feel my heel fuck you in this disgusting way.

Close your eyes you cow…leaning now, my heel still to cunt flesh I spit on your face. Once, twice, again until you face is covered in my slime. Lick it with your tongue, bring the slime inside your dirty mouth.

I've given you this first lesson in your slut training and you've felt the pain of my heels. Now you will feel my COCK - in fact you will beg me for it. Beg you cow, beg me to FUCK your stupid cunt, whimper and whine so I know how pathetic and stupid you are. Your final sensations in this event are those of my hard COCK ramming home hard the point that you are worthlessly below me as I pound your sloppy wet hole. Damn, you're hole is huge, you are a fucking whore aren't you? You'll spread your fat thighs for anyone, won't you? Not anymore though, for I have decided to make you my personal COCK slave, as I pump load after load of my MAN juice inside that hole of yours.

You sure are a stupid bitch, about as dumb as they come. The only real worth for your whole existence is to serve as a cum dumb for my MEN and their huge COCKS.

Your worship for my COCK is not quite complete, your lesson not yet learned, your degradation to dirt not final until you do one more filthy act. Put on these white panties you pig and get on your knees facing away from me. My hand meets your ass in smack after smack…you know what I want yet you just can't figure it out can you? Your puny brain just isn't capable of understanding anything and I have to continue the pounding of your ass. Defile yourself you whore, pee your panties…let it dribble down your legs. Cry and whimper all you want…but you will do one more act. You will now shit in your panties…. let your brown filth flow out the slime hole in your fat fucking ass. Yes, make those virgin white panties dirty brown with your disgusting mess. Now you've become nothing more than a shithole, your chunky brown filth slides down your thighs onto your calves.

I'm done with you now bitch cow. Get out of my fucking sight until I need you again. And take your shit and shitty panties with you, you don't clean up here. Put your pink hot pants back on over those shitty panties and wear them home. And when you get there, still sitting in your shitty mess, you will wiggle that disgusting ass the same way as when you left there…but this time those dirty old MEN will now see how low a dirty cocksucking shitworm you are.

I'll be by in the morning and you'd better be clean and naked. I'll want your hole spread wide for my COCK again. Your cunt will serve me again and again until I am totally satisfied that it will satisfy my MEN.

You may now bow to my glory, and worship my COCK as your GOD in life, your only true reason for living the pathetic life you live. Your life will now change as you devote all your time to my personal pleasures. You will wash the dishes, cook my dinners, and clean the toilets, all while naked so that when my friends see you they will laugh at just how disgustingly fat your whore body is. You will spread your legs at anytime, and serve as my personal cum dump anytime, day or night. For this your only reward in life will be to serve the COCKS of the MEN I find who reluctantly lower themselves to jizz your fat cunt.

I own you bitch cow, get used to it! NOW!


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