Christine 8 – Now that’s a weird turn

Most of these stories go on and on with people having sex all the time, every time they meet, at every occasion. Well, we’re a f****y you see. Things don’t happen that way with us. Sure I tried coping a feel of mom’s tits, I brushed against her but she pushed me away; always looking at me with a reproachful smile, but a smile nonetheless.

In fact, a few weeks after my experience with mom, she told me, again at the breakfast table, that she had absolutely loved making love to me but that would be that. She didn’t feel guilty, she didn’t feel shameful. But she knew that this would lead to untold horrors. She knew that this WOULD affect her relationship with dad and she loved him too much to put this in jeopardy.

Now get this. If I were a lover I would feel crushed to be dumped for “another man”, but I was torn between never again making torrid love with mom and her choosing, as it were, dad. Of course I understood but, in my heart of hearts, I knew, deep down, that she, no, we would break down again.

I told her I understood and that, in a way, I was glad. In the meantime, aunt Christine and I had “met” a few times and the sex was always out of this world. One Saturday afternoon, in her favorite hotel room, we were laying there, exhausted, her head on my arm, her fingers tracing circles on my stomach. I was kissing her hair and then, I still don’t know what came over me, I told her: “So I hear you were a pretty hot thing even when you were a teenager.”

“Who have YOU been talking too?” she asked, but before I could answer, she figured it out. “Oh, did your mom talk to you about us when we were younger?”

“Well not about the two of you, but of you dearest aunt. Of course, the fact that your f****y was out in the country, I guess you needed some sort of outlet for your sexual urges, so your “victims” had to me in the f****y right?”

“What do you mean Mark, what did your mom tell you?”

“About the fact that you sucked uncle Tom among other things”

“She SAID THAT? The little twerp, I’ll slap her little ass when I see her next. What else did she tell you about me?”

“Nothing much really. Oh she talked about being invited to your own parent’s bedroom to watch and feeling so horny she had to play with herself while she watched. Now, I thought this was weird but sexy in some way.”

“..she talked about us, like her and I?”

“No why, should she have?”

“Oh, so that was a one-sided conversation. Like I was the sex craved maniac and she’s the goody two shoes? Let me tell you Mark, I had my first sexual experience with your mom. I was 16 and your mom was just married, I think. Anyway it was the summer of her wedding.”

“WHAT, you and mom?”

“Oh yes. She was a lot more sexual than I was then. Always sitting on people’s knees, kissing them. I did give your uncle Tom blow jobs a few times in fact, but so did your mom I’ll have you know. I was just getting dressed after my shower and your mom knocked on my door asking if she could come in. We’re s****rs, we’ve seen each other nude and partially undressed dozens of time so of course I said to come in.

When she opened the door I was fully nude but facing away from her, picking a summer dress.

“What is it?” I asked and turned around. The look on her face was priceless. “Whaaaat?” I said in my annoyed voice.

“Hey s*s, you look hot. You’ve grown tits I can see, and a bush.”

“Well it’s been a while since you’ve seen me dear s*s, I’ve had hair down there for almost a year and a half and my tits started growing about 10 months ago.”

“You’re shaping up to be a real knock out. You’re going to make a lot of men happy and hard.” Her and I always talked dirty – you mom was no prude let me tell you – then she approached me.
When she grabbed my tits, I should have pushed back but instead I pushed out. “Nice and firm”, she said, “From what I remember, yours aren’t exactly dropping on your knees”, I answered back.

“Let’s compare” she said and quickly took her blouse and bra off. She had beautiful round breasts with nipples that poked up instead of down, and darkish brown. I grabbed one of my tits and one of hers to “compare” and hers were as firm as mine but bigger, of course. More than a hand full, as mine fitted right in the palm of my hands.

She did the same, grabbed one of her tits and one of mine to compare and said “You’re right we’re both firm enough”, but when she should have taken her hand down, she kept my tit in her hand and rubbed the nipple. That sent electric jolts up my spine and down my crotch, and they hardened like she had thrown a switch.

“Humm, like that do you?” she said.

“Well, it’s only mechanical but sure, that turns me on” as I pulled away and turned to get my dress. She followed me to my walk in closet and picked a dress for me. She put it on the front of my body and ran her hand down to see how I looked. Now I was getting seriously aroused by that time. Your topless mom running her hands up and down my body had me blushing – you know how I turn pink, well, I’ve been that way all my life. She picked another dress, and repeated the “fitting”.

“Try out this one on, I think it’ll be perfect”

“Let me put my bra on first,” I said.

“No no put it on, if is good, you can wear your bra after.”

So I put the dress on, a summer dress, almost see through with light straps holding it up. Of course, my nipples are rubbing on the material and they’re poking through the dress.

“Well, we can’t have you showing up in front of the f****y like that,” she said as she grabbed my tits and rubbed both nipples through the material. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and sigh. Without letting go of my tits, your mom got closer and whispered “you like me caressing your tits little s****r, want me to go on?”

“Yes, just a little, this feels nice, I’ve never had that done by a woman before, your touch is so light and so soft”

So she keeps caressing my breasts, bends down a little and kisses my neck, almost like a summer breeze would do if I were outside. Mark, that was so sexy, I’ve never felt this sensation since, except when she does it to me.

Now hang on here for just one fucking minute. Did she say “when she DOES” and not when she “DID”? I’m not about to interrupt her story, but for sure, I store this for future uses.

She grabs a little more firmly, rubs my nipples, kisses my neck. “You’re beautiful Christine, you’ve always been beautiful but now that you’re turning into a woman, you’re simply desirable and sexy.” Your mom knows how to talk and I was feeling myself just melting in her hands and her mouth. I didn’t know what to do.

She took the straps down and exposed my tits again lightly kissing each nipple with the very soft part of her lips, brushing her tongue on each one. I grabbed her hair and would not let her get away, I was feeling so wet and my knees were weak. She let the dress drop to the floor and took her hands down my side, ever so gently and soooo slooooow it was driving me wild. I was hoping she would touch me down there – I didn’t often use descriptive words then – and when I felt her hand on my stomach, I knew she would.

When her fingertips brushed my cunt hair, I opened my legs immediately. “Humm, horny little cunt are you?” your mom said.

“Yes, touch me, put your finger inside of me as deep as you want.”

Instead she walked me to my bed, laid me down, opened my legs, grabbed my tits and started eating me out. Now THAT I had never had done by man or woman. She very gently sucked my clit in and rubbed her tongue on the most sensitive part. Not RIGHT on the tip but on each side, just making the tip tingle and vibrate. I put my feet on the bed and really opened my legs to give her full access.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and really had a meal. Kissing me, licking me, putting her tongue in and out, until I had to grab a pillow and almost scream into it. She put two fingers in and I was so wet, she had no trouble getting a third in and started finger fucking me while licking my clit. I was so turned on that I came right away.

She tried to keep my pelvis down but I bucked so violently that she couldn’t. She just followed me, up and down, up and down, until I had a second wave. And then she let me come down. Kissing my stomach and back to my tits. Not the nipples, just around the breasts, holding them in her hands.

In my 4 minutes of ecstasy, I had not noticed that she had taken off her panties. “It’s my turn”, she said and very quickly sat on my face, fully dressed. I started eating her out and in about 1 minute she started rocking her hips back and forth. “Oh you’re good little s****r, you’re so very good,” she was saying. “Oh yeah, all around my clit, just like I did to you. Oh shit, I’m going to cum right now.” And she pushed down on my lips and grunted when her orgasm grabbed her.

All this in less than 10 minutes. Intense you say? You better believe it.
Hearing all of this had made me rock hard again, so I climber on top of aunt Christine, entered her and started fucking her again. “Oh, you liked this dirty part of your mom didn’t ya!”

“Yeah, I did, I wish I would get to fuck you both and watch you eat her out again.”

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