Christine 7 – Mom and I have a talk.

I tell you people, that party’s events stayed with me for days. Mom and I never discussed them again, but there was this tension between us, so much so that I decided to talk to her about it. One morning, about a month later, we’re alone in the house having breakfast, I’m reading the paper, mom is puttering around. Ever since the events, she hasn’t worn a house coat, she’s always been extra careful not to show anything. I don’t like that. Not from a sexual point of view but things were pretty cool between us and now we’re almost like strangers in the same house.

“Mom, I need to talk to you, can you come over and have a coffee with me. Please”
“I knew we had to talk honey, I just didn’t know how to approach you.”
“Well, I’m doing it now. So please, just have a seat and relax. You know what we did mom, it’s OK. How can it not be OK?”
“Mark, you must be out of your mind dear. A mom is not supposed to feel attracted to her son that way. And you’re passed the age that you would be attracted to the woman in me.”
“I don’t think I’ll ever be passed that age mom. You ARE a beautiful woman, you’re sexy as hell, your body has been driving me crazy for years. Of course I never did anything about it but that doesn’t mean it’s not THERE mom.”
“Mark, I really feel the same but it just cannot be. And I made myself a promise that I would be different from other members of my f****y. Your aunt Christine looks quite like the classy lady hun, but believe me, and excuse me for being blunt, but she’s a sex starved slut. She’ll screw anything that moves and she’s been that way ever since she was a teenager. She’s screwed her uncles, she’s screwed our pastor back then – your grandma just about wanted to move to another planet she was so ashamed – and we even caught her giving your uncle Tom a blow job one night in the back yard. HER OWN b*****r for Crisssakes.”

Holly shit people, I didn’t think she was THAT fucking starved.

“And it’s not all. My f****y has a story of, let’s say, being a little loose about sex. When I was growing up, they weren’t rampant sex maniacs but your grandpa and grandma screwed all the time and most often with their door open. I myself saw them a few times just fucking like dogs in their bed. Once your grandpa even invited me in to watch, I must have been 15 or so, saying that I had to learn how to do it properly. I was half disgusted but the other half of me was so turned on I couldn’t help but masturbate right in front of them, right there. Your grandma’s tits were flopping around, your grandpas prick was just pounding he like there was no tomorrow. When he came, he took out his prick to show me and he came all over my legs. I thought this was just gross.

So I decided that without being a nun like, I would not have such an unbridled sex life. Then I met your dad and he’s always been such a wonderful man. Really, he’s a lot more than you k**s see in him – don’t get me wrong I know you all love him. He still makes sure that my sex life is fulfilled. Whenever I ask him new things, he’s always happy to try it. There isn’t anything we haven’t tried and he’s always willing. He especially likes to tie my hands and eat me out. That drives me wild.

So when I saw your aunt hovering about you, I was just shocked about my own feelings. I wanted to tear her eyes out. “Not my son,” I thought, “you’re not going to have my son like you’ve had so many men.” But I couldn’t help feeling that what I felt the strongest wasn’t protection, it was jealousy. Like a woman about her lover, not like a mom. And I wasn’t proud but I kept it to myself. This was not the first time that I had had very weird and degrading thoughts; I’d just store this in my secret garden.

Then I got d***k, you hugged me and Mark, it felt soooo gooood. So I gave in, but I shouldn’t have.”

“Mom, you SHOULD have, it felt real good to me too. It felt good feeling your breast, it felt good having my finger inside of you and I wanted to fuck you so bad. Did you know that night after we all went to bed, I heard you and dad screwing while I was jerking off – hoping that you were thinking it was me making love to you.”

“Oh Mark, this is awful. That is exactly what I was thinking. I was wrong but what I was thinking was that it was your prick inside of me and I came so hard that even your dad told me after “Wow honey, what got into you tonight, you were just like a bitch in heat”.

All this talk had made me so horny and I really did not know what to do. Here was my mom opening up to me, almost like friends, and the one thing I wanted to do was to fuck her brains out. She got up, walked to the counter to get another coffee. I got up, went behind her and hugged her like a son hugs a mom – really – come on people wipe those grins off your collective faces.

Well, maybe it wasn’t THAT innocent. At that point I had more bl**d in my prick than in my brain. So I hugged her real tight. I saw her reflection in the kitchen window, eyes closed, mouth a little tense, face flushed. When I pushed my prick into her skirt-covered ass she drew her breath in.

“Mark, honey, please. Help me over here will you? Please!”

But instead, being the little shit that I am, I put my hands on her arms and took her hands behind her back with one hand and felt her right tit. “Come on mom, touch my prick. It’s hard just for you.” And of course she couldn’t help it. She gave me a little squeeze; I let go of her hand and she kept rubbing my prick through my pants. Hands free now, I stroked her stomach, grabbed both of her breasts and started kissing her neck.

“Hum, you smell good mom. Love that soap you’re using. Your breasts must smell wonderful.” I started undoing the buttons on her blouse while she’s still rubbing my prick. When I took her open blouse out of her skirt, I thought I’d come in my pants right there. She was wearing that same bra at the Christmas party. Transparent with a lace contour. In the window, I could see her dark pointy nipples.

I turned her around and started kissing the top of her breasts, holding them in my hands, and then her nipple through the material. She drew a breath in.

I undid her skirt zipper, let it fall to the floor. Here was my mom, in the f****y kitchen, her skirt on the floor, her tits in her bra but fully visible, only in her panties – you now the 50 year old panties? White cotton with a little bow on the front. I put my hand on her bush from outside, felt the coarse hair, kissed her nipple. Then she lost it.

“Oh Mark, fuck it. I don’t care. Take me to your room and fuck me son.” Then she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. “Undress son, let me start.” As she proceed to take off her bra and her panties.

I laid back, my prick hard as steel when she met me. “Humm, I want you inside of me but I’ll play first. You’re all mine and I’ll use you as I please,” she said as she took hold of my prick. Very gently, almost like a butterfly feeling, she starting jerking me off. When she bent down to kiss the tip I thought I’d scream. Very sloppily she wet the tip then she took me all in. She grabbed my balls, rolled them around while sucking me off.

That went on for about 5 minutes when she turned around and, keeping my prick in her mouth, she straddled my face with her cunt. “Eat your mom Mark, eat me out and make me cum on your face.” Her cunt smelled wonderful, I stuck my tongue out, grabbed both of her tits and really went to town. All the while she’s sucking my prick like a whore. Holly shit, was this my mom? I was actually doing a 69 with my 50 year old mom.

We went real slow. I kissed her ass, I kissed her thighs. She took my balls in my mouth, she put her lips on the very tip of my prick and sucked it in – guys you KNOW the feeling, that wet, velvety feeling that you get.

“Let me fuck you Mark.” When she turned around and sat on my prick. Real slow. I felt as big as a fucking horse and I was hard alright. My mom just sat there, not moving. Her tits in full view. And then she started fucking me. Up and down she went, her tits moving in sexy circles. She stayed up like that for the full duration. Never came down, never kissed me, never changed position. Just fucking me up and down but of course getting more wet by the minute.

“Oh Mark, I’m so wet, I’ll make a mess all over your bed.” Just like a mom would think. Here she is, fucking her youngest son and thinking about laundry.

“Make me cum mom, I want to come all the way inside of you.” I grabbed both her tits and she really fucking went to town now. Started breathing real deep, closing her eyes, letting me fondle her tits, but when I started playing with her clit that’s when she really lost it.

“Oh Mark, Oh darling, Mommy is coming so fucking hard with your prick inside of me.” And of course I lost it too. Came real deep, lifted my hips to be deeper still. “Oh yes, fuck me deep.”

We let the passion pass; she bent down on top of me, her tits on my chest and that’s when I kissed her. I took her face in my hands, her hair on my face, and I kissed her. Deep tongue kiss and she kissed right back.

We laid there for about 15 minutes when she said: “Mark, I don’t know what is going to happen to us, but that was one of the best fuck I’ve fad in the past ten years.”

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to make happen.

Stay tuned k**s.

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1 month ago
I've never had any interest in my mother; however, I have a definite and real interest in women older than I am. My first real mature woman was 57 and I was 32. Fuck, she was great. I loved every moment with her and her husband. He was 59. She was so much more of a woman than the women my age. She was a slut; however, I say that with respect for her. She loved sex and really enjoyed doing what you asked or what she was told to do. Fucking wonderful.
2 years ago
2 years ago
THAT was great I loved the sexy thoughts it gave me
2 years ago
I had to jerk off while readinng your story
2 years ago
wow so fucking hot like all the story's to date