Christine 5 – A conversation with mom.

You remember I had left you with my mom wanting to talk to me after aunt Christine dropped me off at home. I was NOT looking forward to this, let me tell you.

My mom poured me a coffee, and we sat down at the kitchen table. We were alone, dad was looking for shit at the Home Depot or something. I tell you after the morning’s events, I was in no mood to talk to mom, but she IS my mom after all so I braced myself and waited.

“Mark, we need to talk about Christine, my sweet, dear s****r Christine. I saw you two last night, I saw her wrap you in like a spider catches flies with her net. As much as I love her, she’s always had a very high sex drive and could never get enough. Now married for over 10 years, I’m sure that her love life with Jack is not up to “her” standards and I fear that you are going to be her next victim. And that’s exactly what I mean, a victim. She’ll use you and drop you without notice.”

“Mom!” I said “you’re talking about your s****r and your son like we were lovers for Crissakes! We went shopping, we had lunch and here we are. Jesus almighty on a crutch mom, we were just hanging out. Now do you REALLY think she would come on to her own NEPHEW?” I knew I was talking too loudly to my mom but I thought, “shit, she knows. I don’t know how, but she knows.”

“Mark, settle down. I’m not saying anything like that but let me tell you I would not be surprised a bit. She’s already done some damage in our f****y and, young as she is, I’m afraid her path of trouble isn’t over. I love you Mark and I just don’t want anything to happen to my f****y again.”

“What do you mean mom, “our f****y” and “my f****y”? “

“Oh nothing special son, it’s just that I’m afraid.”

“Come on mom, if you’re so afraid you can’t just tell me half a story. I’m a grown up mom. If you think there are things I need to know, well tell me.”

“Mark, you have to promise, on your grand father’s grave, that this will be between us.”

“Of course mom, I’ve always trusted you with my secrets and you know you can do the same.”

“In fact, it started at my own wedding. Christine got a little d***k, not falling down d***k, just giddy d***k. Being years younger and a beautiful girl, she’s always been stunning you know, guys started dancing with her. Uncles, guests, even your dad who was then her b*****r in law, if only since a few hours.

As the evening progresses everyone was getting a little bolder with her and she was making no move to stop them. Hands ran down her back, I could see some of my uncles grabbing her ass, running their hands down the side of her dress and she not resisting a bit. In fact, a lot of people were laughing at uncle Harry, you remember him don’t you, he’s since moved to California, because he got such a large hard on – pardon my French – that he couldn’t hide it.

I went to her and told her in no uncertain terms that she should slow down a little, she was making a fool of herself and she replied to me that I was just jealous that I wasn’t the center of attention. I couldn’t believe it and I just thought that this was because of her slightly d***ken state.

She then proceeded to ask your dad to dance, a slow dance, something from Wam if I remember well. Dance they did all right. She practically clung to him and he, being a guy, probably felt bad but did not stop or push her away. I could see her pushing her tits on your dad’s chest, rubbing her thighs between his legs and whispering things in his years. When you dad came back to the table, I reached to him to kiss him and wanted to feel him up under the table. He was so hard I couldn’t believe it. “Did she did that to you?” I asked. He said he was really thinking about me and how he couldn’t way to get me in the room to change and fuck me. – Oh my, I’m really opening p to you am I not? I’m not sure I believed him, but I loved him for telling me this.

After a while, I couldn’t see aunt Christine and went looking for her. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. Since I couldn’t find her I went outside to look and a little farther down the parking lot I could see Harry leaning against his car, it looked like he was smoking a cigarette and I walked up to him. When I was about 10 feet away I could hear him say: “Yes suck me you little hot cunt. I love your tongue on my prick, take me all the way.” And I was afraid of what I would see. I creeped up to the car and of course, it was her giving him a sloppy blow job. “My god” I said “what are you two doing?” Of course, Harry tried to put his cock back in his pants and Christine got up with eyes as big as saucers but no one could pretend I had not seen what I had seen.

“Oh shit, please don’t tell my wife” he said. “Oh shit please don’t tell mom or dad” she said. “You two are disgusting” I said and walked back to the ballroom.

“What the hell, did you see a ghost” you dad said to me, and I should have lied but I was too shocked so I told him the truth. You dad though it was funny having old Harry getting his cock sucked by his little niece.”

By then I was getting my own hard on listening to my mom talking about Christine that way. I could just imagine her sucking my dick that way and I couldn’t wait to see her again. In reality, I was planning to use her instead of the other way around, and I already had a plan.

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very good
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This is getting good