Cleaning lady 4 – The game goes on

Hello avid readers. Some of you have written to find out what the rest of the story was, some in fact mentioning that it had been two weeks since her last visit. I appreciate that you read these, this is a fun part of the publication process.

As I said in one of my replies, I have been away and didn’t get the time to write about her visit last Thursday. Working from home every second Thursday might be a new habit of mine but there I was, in my office, early in the morning, about 8:00 o’clock when the front door opens. I was already semi hard just thinking of Theresa and her big tits and firm little ass.

I yelled down: “Good morning Theresa”

“Hello up there,” came the reply. As she gets to the kitchen, (that I can see from the office you might recall), she’s wearing her now proverbial white T-shirt and jean shorts. Puttering around in the kitchen, she’s getting her cleaning stuff ready. I go down to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee and I feel the tension and notice she’s not even looking at me.

“Oh shit,” I think, “this is the end, she’s not playing anymore, I can just feel it”. But as a grownup, I can take the fun while it lasts and look for it somewhere else if it disappears. I’m not going to throw a tantrum. For one think she’s much too valuable for me as a cleaning girl anyway.

“How are you dear sir”, (hum, maybe I misread her finally).

“I’m just in splendid form dear madam, you look in full form yourself.”

“Can’t complain, a bit of a sore back but I’ll be OK.”

(Humm, maybe offering a massage would be too bold this early, I’ll just pass.)

“Well, don’t work too hard,” I say as I make to go back to my office to work. As I brush by her, I gently tap her bum. She smiles at me. OK I totally misread the feeling there before.

“Before you go up, I want to ask you something.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Last time we went way too far. I was thinking about this going back home and I thought if my husband had this type of encounter with some chick, I would think he cheated on me, so fair’s fair. I want to keep away from this. But we can play a game. You go back to your office and I start cleaning just in my underwear. No touching, just looking.”

“Hey, I like games, I’m all for it. With one condition. Do not come near my chair in your underwear. I will not be able to resist and you’ll be sorry. You’ve got such a killer body that I just want to feel it all over and kiss your tits and grab your ass. So no coming close to me. OK?”

“OK, I’m not sure how I’ll clean your office but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“OK, let me give you a hand,” and without waiting for an answer, I grab her T-shirt and lift it over her head. While she’s got the material over her face, I bend down and kiss her tit over her bra and I bite the nipple a little.

“Oh Mark, not fair, I said no touching.” But she’s not moving back a bit. So I unbutton her jeans and take them down, grabbing her panties at the same time, all the while with her shirt over her face. As I bend down and get to facing her shaved pussy, I grab her ass and lick her lips just a little. THAT made her move back. “No, please, don’t, I said no touching.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know the game had started and you’re so fucking sexy, I can’t resist. OK we’re done, promise.”

She takes off her T-shirt, pulls her white panties back up and smiles at me. “There, I’ll be a lot more comfortable that way.”

Back in my office, I leave the door open, naturally, and hope for glimpses and quick looks. Is it me or is she walking in front of my door more often than she should? After all there’s no need to come this way to clean the living room and the other bathroom.

When I hear her in my bedroom, I can’t resist. I go up and just stand in the doorway, watching her clean and dust.

“Can I help you with something?” she says.

“No, just let me look at you, that’s all.”

“Well, I shouldn’t be after what we’ve done, but this is making me shy.”

“I understand, but rules are rules. No touching but you didn’t say I couldn’t just follow you around and watch you.”

“No I didn’t and I guess I can’t re-write the rules when the game’s already started right?”

“Right.” And I get closer to her. I’m going to fuck her this time, there’s no stopping me, and she’s going to want me to. There’s not going to be f***eful entry, as they say in the cop programs. “You said no touching but I have to ask this one favor. Please let me just touch your shoulders and your back, I can even offer a massage if you want.”

“Oh that would feel so good but I know you old wolf. First you’ll have me nice and relaxed and then you’ll take advantage of me.”

“I solemnly promise not to, really. I will not take advantage.”

“I should not trust you but this offer is too good to pass up.”

As she was about a foot from the bed, she lays down on her stomach. I go to my bathroom and come back with scented oil that I warm up in my hands. As I touch her shoulder blades she shudders. “Oh, this is nice and warm, and your hands are warm too, this is going to do wonders for me.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” I think to myself.

Gently I’m rubbing her back, her shoulder blades, her shoulders and collarbone, her neck. I apply more warmed oil and I massage her lower back.

Just so you know what I’m looking at, here’s a little reminder. She’s about 5’2, a petite woman, closely cropped blonde hair, legs to die for, nice round firm ass. I can’t see them with her laying on her stomach, but her DD tits always make my mouth water.

My hands get into her panties to massage her cheeks but I’m not getting close to her asshole. This would be too quick. I massage her thighs and lower legs and go back, with more oil, to her back.

“Oh Mark this is heavenly. You can do this all day sweetie.”

As I get back to her lower back, I put my hands back in her panties and as I’m rubbing her cheeks she opens her legs a little. I take this as an invitation and open them up a little still rubbing but making my hands get a little closer to her asshole. I go back up to her lower back but put my finger at the top of her butt crack and slooooowly move my middle finger to her butthole.

“Oh Mark, you know me too well. You know I can’t resist having my asshole played with like that.”

“But I haven’t even touched you.”

“Not yet but you will as I want you too.”

So down goes my middle finger, well oiled, when I massage her little brown hole.

“Oh God, this is so fucking erotic. Just play outside for a bit,” she says.

So I play around, ever so gently rubbing her asshole that she lifts her ass up. When I felt the time was right I put it in and make her scream a little.

“Oh you dirty fuck, I knew you would you dirty rat.”

“But you love it you little slut.” And when I start talking dirty to her she starts rotating her hips. “Oh, you’re my little fuck toy aren’t you, you like having my big finger up your ass you little dirty cunt.”

“Oh shit, this is so dirty.”

“I’ll play with your asshole and lick your cunt at the same time of you don’t stop it.”

“Stop it? I want more, fuck my ass with your big finger.”

Right up to the last knuckle I put my finger in her asshole, which makes her scream for more. She can’t stand it anymore and takes down her panties herself. Oh yeah, I’ve got her right where I want her. Still on her stomach she raises her ass a little and I get behind her and really start licking her asshole.

“Oh you fucking bastard, you know this drives me crazy and you’re abusing the fucking privilege you fucking rat.”

With my tongue playing with her asshole, I put my middle finger up her cunt and make her scream some more. I’m so hard by this time, my dick hurts so out it comes but she doesn’t know it.

“OK, let’s slow this down a little,” I say. “Let me continue this massage.”

“Hummm, you’re making this last, I like it.”

So I straddle her thighs, unclasp her bra and resume my back massage but her ass has got a mind of it’s own by now and moves in small circles. When I put my dick in her butt crack she doesn’t move away, just lays there and I’m sure she’s thinking that this time, she will not be able to stop me and she doesn’t want to anyway.

My dick slides up and down her butt crack, my hands are really massaging her back as she raises her body to give me access to these wonderful tits, inviting me to grab ‘em. This is it! I grab her tits and start kissing her neck. I move back a little and in one moe I’m inside of her with my dick going al the way in.

“Oh, Mark, oh yes, fuck me hard, squeeze my tits as you fuck me.”

Her nipples are real firm and I squeeze so hard I’m afraid I’m going to leave a mark on her them. The sounds she makes cannot be written; an a****l, throaty sound. Something from the bottom of her lungs and a grunt at the same time.

I go in and out real slow but real hard to the bottom, her ass in the air. I push her back on her stomach, grab her hands and put them behind her back, wrist over wrist, holding both hands with one hand, fucking her and playing with her asshole with the other hand. She totally fucking gone by now.

“I’m going to fuck you ass and there’s not a thing you can do.”

“Oh no, please don’t fuck my ass, you’re too big you’re going to tear my asshole open.”

But I’m already fucking her asshole with my middle finger and she’s loosening up enough that I know I’ll be able to get it in if I go nice and slow.

I take my dick out of her cunt and position it just at her ass entrance and slowly slide the head in. “Oh you fuck, you’re gonna do it anyway. Oh yes, Oh no, please, Oh shit, I’ve never been fucked in the ass Mark, please don’t, this is too much.” Except as she’s saying that she’s lifting her ass to me. She’s already so wet all over her sex area and the oil helping I slide my dick in about 4 inches and let her get used to this.

“Urghhhh, love it. Oh shit this is fucking dirty Mark, Oh fuck, I’m getting my ass fucked. At my age, what the fuck is this? OK I’m ready, take it all in but go slow you fuck!”

My dick goes in so slow she’s almost not feeling the full length until there’s just an inch left that I push in real hard. I’ve never had a dick in MY ass, but I imagine that 8 inches inside of the butthole must make you feel real full. So I’m in full tilt but I leave it there.

“Are you OK?” I ask.

“I can feel your dick almost up to my fucking k**neys you fucking bull.”

“You know I’m not THAT big dear, you’ve seen it.”

“In my ass you’re fucking big, boy.”

I let her hands go. “Make yourself cum my dirty little slut. Play with your clit as I fuck you in the ass for the first time.” Her hand goes under, she lifts her ass a little and we’re moving together.

I can’t stand it anymore. “I’m gonna cum in your ass whether you like it or not.” As her cunt is reacting to her fingers, squeezing those cunt and ass muscles I start moving. In and out, real slow but her ass is so tight that my dick is being squeezed as if I’m fucking a vice.

She’s no longer able to talk. She’s just grunting and moving her ass in rhythm, meeting me thrust for thrust. I tried holding back but after two minutes of this ass fucking I feel my balls are going to explode.

“Get ready, I’m cuming in your ass RIGHT…….NOW…. Holly shit, Oh yeah.” I fill her up with my spunk, and she screams as she makes herself cum with her fingers.

We’re sweating like pigs by this time, I take my dick out and clean myself all over her ass but she’s not moving. Dick laying on her butt crack, I lay on top of her. “This was fucking amazing,” I say.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she says. “We’ve got to do this again real soon. Don’t you need your house cleaned every week?”

“No, but if you want to come more often, I’ll pay you. You’re just like my private little whore now.”

“I’d like that, maybe I’ll take you up on your offer.

But it would not come to pass. I got back to working for a large client, lost of hours, not at home and this is where it stopped. In fact I saw her once after this episode and she could hardly look me in the eye. So we left it at that.

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