Cleaning lady 2 – Two weeks later

You remember this story of course. Theresa, my cleaning lady caught me writing one of my stories but I voyeured her while she was alone in my office. That was fun but fucking weird.

Some of you hinted that she probably knew and wanted me to see her but I didn’t go with that. There has never been anything remotely close to this sort of stuff and she’s been my cleaning lady for over 5 years. Sure we talk and chit chat when I’m there but she’s married, seems to love her husband and, as I said, she’s nice enough but no model. I don’t know she’s probably in her early fourties.

She has natural, closely cropped blonde hair and always ALWAYS wears a t-shirt when cleaning, even in the winter. She’s in jeans in winter, shorts in summer. Spring and fall, it depends on the weather. Normal stuff you know.

Reading some of your comments I started wondering (hoping might be closer to the truth) that she would give me some sign that she had read my other stories and the first one in particular. So Thursday rolls around, 8:00, like clock work (pardon the easy pun), she comes in. Of course she has the keys. It’s a HOT day, probable around 85 at this time and humid as hell – well I’m not sure how humid hell is but it must be. I’m in my office wearing only shorts – not underwear, summer shorts. Naked chest. By the way, I’m no model either, far from it. Probably a cross between Joe Pesci, (the looks) Danny Devito (the attitude) and Robert DeNiro (the dark complexion and staring eyes).

So as I say, I’m sitting in my office and she yells out: Good morning Mark, how are you doin’ today?”

“Just great Theresa how bout you.”

“Hot and sticky.” And I couldn’t help myself from smiling alone in my office.

“That’s just how I like ‘em dear” I said.

“Dirty old man. I know you. Don’t start sweet talking me, you old sneaky buzzard.”

“Ahhh” I say, “Words of love have never been better spoken”. And I keep working.

So she gets going but from my office I don’t see where she starts so I haven’t seen her yet. About half an hour goes by when she finally makes it to the bottom of the stairs to my office.

“Sorry to disturb you but do you want me to clean your office today?”

“Yeah, a little dusting wouldn’t hurt and a quick wash of the floor, I’ve had a couple of “accidents.”

“What spilled some pop and coffee?”

“Let’s say I popped a few times.”

“You are incorrigible.” As she rolls her eyes.

And as my own eyes just about pop out. She’s wearing a t-shirt, as always but this one is more stretchy than usual, maybe one size too small even. And white, with a kinda light colored bra, something between beige and light coffee. With a flower pattern. I can see the pattern as if there was no t-shirt at all.

And shorty shorts. Just to the edge of her ass. Now I think, if this is not a “come fuck me” outfit, I just don’t know what is.

Now remember, I’m writing this with knowing that there’s a very real probability that she will read it. She told me she had come back home and read the other stories but will not comment. And I can see why. Her Flickr stream is all f****y and stuff and she doesn’t want to be traced back – that I can totally understand and I respect that.

“So have you finished Christine yet?”

“What? The Stephen King book?” It took a few seconds to register but then she started laughing. “Now, pardon me, I know you’re my employer but I think I’ve known you long enough to tell you that you can be such an ass sometimes. NO, I meant your aunt Christine’s story.”

“In fact, I’m writing the last installments right now. The one with mom and her. Want to take a look?”

“Can I,” she says as she gets behind me and starts reading real quick.

“Humm that’s nice.
Holly shit, did you really?
That must be so hot
Poor jerks, gone to sl**p missing the show”

And the comments keep coming.

I turn slightly to give her some room and as she gets closer, her thigh brushes my hand on the armrest and of course, I do NOT move it. When I turn to look at her expression, I see her right nipple is pocking out of her shirt. “Yeap, you seem to like it allright” – “Oh give it up willya, this is just mechanical, don’t take it personally and don’t get your hopes up.” – ‘It’s not my hopes I’m worried about rising.” And with that she slaps me on the back of the head and I grab her hand.

“Hey lady, don’t hit a man, he’s liable to get even.”

“Nah, I’m nor worried, you’re too nice.”

“I wasn’t talking about knocking your lights out, I was talking about slapping you back or more precisely spanking your little ass for being such a cock teaser.” Still holding her hand I turn her around and give her a good slap on her ass cheek. Instead of moving away, she stays there, and keeps reading.

With my hand firmly on her ass cheek I say: “Sorry if I hurt you there,” and I rub it a little, making the “sting” go away. There can be no sting – not with the slap I gave her. But she doesn’t move, and I keep rubbing. I just know I’m going to be in trouble in about 2 minutes and that she’ll see my hard on. What the hell, we’re both adults, if she doesn’t like it, we’ll stop and that will be that.

My hand goes down a little and I touch the skin at the very top of her leg and move my fingers under her tight jeans but she moves away.

“Han han dear sir. There will be no hanky panky (she really does talk like that), between us.”

So my hand stops going up but I leave it there still rubbing her ass over her jeans. She’s got NICE buns, really.

“Want to sit? Make yourself comfortable?” I said, thinking I would get up and leave her the chair an go do something while she reads the end (before all of you sick bunch). But no, to my surprise she sits on my lap and just keeps reading.

By now, my prick is ready for war I tell ya! She moves, and positions herself just so. “I can see the story isn’t affecting only me” she says. “It’s not the story and you know it.”

“She me the part just before this one. I didn’t get a chance to read it. By the way, I showed this story to my husband and he fucked me like we were back in our twenties. I didn’t tell him it was from a client though. Can you imagine him thinking I’m cleaning for a perv like you?”she says smiling.

“Takes one to know one right?”

So I bring up the second to last part and she starts reading, always sitting on my lap. As she’s reading I start rubbing her back. When she bends it over, you know like cats do, I rub her sides and juuuuust touch the side of her tits with my fingertips. Holly fuck, my hard on is raging and it’s starting to hurt.

“Now now, control yourself man, I’m just sitting here reading YOUR story by the way.” But she wiggles her butt on my prick – I’m just like a teenager right now. I’m going to shoot in my shorts. Remember those days when you came just looking at your high school teacher’s legs. That’s exactly how I feel at this very minute.

I keep trying to touch her tits with my fingertips when she lifts her arms just a little. My hands move forward, grab a handful, squeezes a nipple as she keeps reading.

“Hummm, that’s nice.”

‘The story you mean?”

“Of course, what did you THINK I meant?”

“Just the fact that your nipples are like pencil erasers since I’ve started touching them.”

“Yeah, that’s nice too.”

This goes on for about 2 minutes when she gets up.

“Really Mark, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have, this is not right and I shouldn’t have started this. I apologize. This won’t happen again.”

Holly fuck, I’ve got a serious case of wood. “That’s OK Theresa, I understand but you really got me hot and bothered right now. I need to go take care of this.”

“I’m pretty fucking horny myself but I do not want to cheat on my husband, I know you understand and I thank you for that.”

“You’re right I do, not a problem. If this is going to mean I’m going to lose you as a cleaning woman, it’s really not worth it. It’s perfectly OK, no prob.”

“Except I also have a case of the horns so I’ll just to your downstairs bathroom if you don’t mind.”

“Look, I’ve got an idea. Since we both know the other will be in his own room jerking off, why don’t we do it together? No touching, not even being close to one another. Just in the same room.”

“Oh you ARE a fucking perv. I guess “legally” that wouldn’t be cheating right. Just playing.”

And I knew I had her – Sorry Theresa at that point I had you – or maybe you had me now that I think of it.

So we make our way to the f****y room which is in the back of the house looking to the backyard. No-one can see into the house from this part of the lot.

Theresa sits down and starts rubbing her thighs and grabs a breast as I’m rubbing myself over my shorts.

“Look, we’ll never get anywhere like that, rubbing over clothes.” I say and strip stark naked without asking for an opinion. I’m sitting there in front of her, naked and playing with my prick already leaking pre-cum.

“Ooooo this is hot Mark. Hang on.” As she takes her shorts and panties down in one move. Off comes the t-shirt she’s sitting there only in here bra.” Humm, sexy lady. She’s fully shaved and she’s blushing a little – “My husband likes it that way, he says I taste better.”

“I’m sure he does and I’m sure you do.
Come on Theresa, fair is fair, take that thing off.”

And when she does I see the most perfect pair of DD tits I have ever seen in my life. Perfect. So she starts really going to town. Rubbing her clit while I’m jerking off looking at her open legs. She’s sitting there, wide open, eyes closed, her tits heaving up and down and I think she even forgets I’m there.

I’m rubbing myself real slow when she looks at me: “Let’s try to cum together. I like looking at your prick, this is so sexy watching your hard prick being toyed like this and your balls just hanging. Jerk it for me man, look at me, look at my cunt and tits and make yourself cum.”

The lady can talk dirty, so I try matching her.

“I love your tits Theresa, you’ve got a nice twat, nice pink lips. Your cunt looks real tight and your nipples just beg to be sucked. But I won’t touch, don’t worry. I’m just thinking that it is your hands that are moving up and down my shaft and balls while I’m the one playing with your clit and sucking your tits.”

“Oh yes,” she says, “that’s the way to do me Mark. I love having my tits sucked. I want you to cum all over my tits when you’re ready.”

“I take this as a real offer and not part of the game but she stops. “Errr, I didn’t really mean that”, “Theresa I won’t touch you, I’ll just cum on your tits and our skin will never touch.”

I get to about a foot from her stomach and I’m jerking off like a prisoner who’s been in for 15 years. And she matches me stroke for stroke.

“Oh Mark, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop now.”

And I let go, right on her tits as she reaches her own orgasm, grunting like an a****l. All this time, we never touched ever since she got up from my lap in the office.

Amazing isn’t it?

I tell you, her cleaning took a little longer than usual, she was mellows as hell and really not as quick. But that’s OK by me, I paid her an extra hour, she deserved it.

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