Cleaning lady 1 – Got caught

Well folks, I got caught.

This JUST happened. A few minutes back, this is why I took a while to publish Christine’s second installment.

Today is cleaning day. My cleaning lady, not a model by any stretch of the imagination, but with nice DD (probably) breasts, arrives at around 8 :00, stays until she’s done, around noon. She’s always working in a white T-Shirt (lacy but working-woman bra) and jeans but today being a nice day, she’s got shorts on. Again don’t get your brain in a cramp, she’s no model. Just big tits, sorry.

I’m working on Christine-2 in my office and when the lady’s around I switch to another tab and look like I’m reading some shit. She was just behind me reading the article (something on Ben Laden or other) when she notices the tabs at the top. This one says : “Discussing Erotic Short Stories”.

“Oh so THAT’S what you do when you’re not working is it?” Laughing out loud.
“Well some times, in fact I’m writing a series right now, it’s called Aunt Christine”
“Can I read it.”
“Well this is a little embarrassing and certainly unexpected.”
“Oh come on, if you don’t want to be around just let me sit here for a minute and I’ll tell you when I’m done.”

So I go to my kitchen, make myself another coffee and stand there like a fucking deer in a truck’s headlights. “What the fuck. How am I going to manage that?”

“Hey Mark, come here please.”
“Done already?” I say getting back to my office.
“Are you this author?” showing me my nick name.
“Yep, that’s me.”
“Shit, this is a great story. Did you also write The Niece one?”
“Yep, that’s me.”
“These are pretty hot. I’ll read them when I’m alone at home. I’ve taken a note about the group. I’ll see you there.”
“Why don’t you just keep going here?
“Well, I’ve got cleaning to do and if I keep this up I won’t be able to finish in time”
“Don’t worry about it, you can ignore the basement this week”
“Well, don’t mind if I do.”

And so she starts reading.
“Holly shit man this is hot” (The niece by the pool)
“Oh wow great” (The shower scene)
“Oh, I love that” (running my hands up my aunt’s skirt).

By then her nipples are poking her T-Shirt: “Yeah looks like you’re enjoying this,” I say, pointing at her nipples.
“Am I ever. I’m even a little wet down there if you know what I mean.”
“What are you gonna do about it,” I ask.
“Not much I CAN do is there?”
“I’ve got some work to do in the yard, I’ll just leave you alone for a few minutes. Let me know when you’re done.”

I go out into the yard with no intention of doing any work. Instead I come back to my office window and look in.

I’m not sure which episode she’s reading but she’s got one hand in her T-Shirt rubbing her nipples and stroking her legs. Around and around the nipple she goes but no longer able to restrain herself, she takes her shorts down, same with the white cotton panties and really starts going to town. Legs wide open, one tit out, she’s rubbing her clit like a bitch in heat.

This lasts all but 5 minutes when she comes real hard, her head thrown back. Lets herself come down a little, puts the tit back in, puts the panties back on, lifts her shorts.

“Mark, I’m finished. Very interesting. I’ll read more when I’m alone”
“Did you enjoy that?” I ask
“Very much so but you’re not getting any details dirty old man,” she says with a smile.

That’s it folks, that’s all. I would NEVER even think of fucking her if I was the last man alive on a desert island. BUT, because with me there’s always a “but” I tell her that I’ll need to have my office door closed.

I kneel in front of the chair she just used and man does this smell like cunt juice. I couldn’t help taking care of myself sniffing this fragrance.

But this, probably the only true story on here, just happened today.

As they say in the news: “You saw it here first.”

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2 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Very good story! all the better for it being true!