The niece 5 – Shower with mom

In my last installment, I shared a special event that happened while my niece was feeding her baby. This ended with the weirdest sentence she had ever told me. She had mentioned that I might be surprised to what my s****r, her mom, might be opened to. 

I left it at that. My s****r, as I said, is probably the straightest gal I know.

Divorced, she had never remarried, probably dated a few times but I’m sure that was it. Now my s****r is nobody’s fantasy. While she’s pretty, she’s bone thin, and wears a bra only because this is what women do. I’ve seen her in bathing suits and housecoats and I tell ya, she has NO tits. None. Nada. None at all. Once I saw down her blouse and there was only a nipple that stuck out about ½ an inch but that was it. In fact we all used to joke around that she liked being pregnant back then because she could see what she looked like with tits. When we were young, I must have been about 17, she took me shopping and when she was looking for bras, I told her that she didn’t need a bra, she needed Clearasil for pimples. THAT, my friends did not go over so well.

Anyway. I left my sitting room, went to the bathroom to wipe off my T-shirt and got back to my seat while my niece finishes off feeding the baby, still with one leg under the other and still showing me her tight entrance. Teasing me with a smile, she gets up, comes over and kisses me again.

“Poor uncle, I’m torturing you aren’t I?” –

“That’s OK, I’ll get even” 

By then my s****r is up upstairs, I hear the shower running. I get up and start making breakfast for all while my niece goes up to get dressed. 

A couple of minutes go by, the coffee is brewing and my niece yells down: 

“Uncle Mark, mom is looking for a razor and she doesn’t want to use yours, do you have a spare one?” 

“Just tell her to change the blade, that’s OK I don’t mind”

“Where are the blades?” 

“In the middle drawer of the cabinet” 

“I can’t find them.”

OK, how am I gonna do this? So I go up towards the bathroom thinking “the shower doors are opposite the cabinet so if I’m a gentleman, I’ll just get the blade, put them on the counter and get out of Dodge” and I WAS planning to be a gentleman. 

(Sure you shit, I hear all of you grin – OK starting to know me a little aren’t you?)

So in I go, but I stop dead in my tracks. My niece is in the shower with her mom and they’re just yacking away, behind the frosted doors. Nothing naughty going on – except in my mind of course. I get the blades out and tell them to get them from the counter. 

Of course, my s****r has no idea of what’s been going on during the week but when my niece opens the shower doors to hand me my razor, I get a very good look at both of them, fully nude. My niece is facing me, my s****r has her back to me and even thin as she is, she’s got an ass that is very tight with legs that are nice and firm.

Holly shit. 

“Can you change it for me please” asks my niece leaving the shower door open.

“Do you two always shower together?”

“Sometimes, only when we want to chat or if we’re in a hurry.

My s****r turns her head around and tells me that we’re f****y and that there’s nothing wrong with that. 

“Never said there were”. And I turn to leave.

Except that my niece says: “Want to join us?

At that point, my s****r looks at her, bug eyed. “Well mom, you DID say that we’re f****y didn’t you?” 

“Well I meant you and I…and we’re just girls you know”

“Oh, come on, get in, this will be fun and we can talk” 

“Nahh, I don’t think so” I say and I know that the little twerp is boxing me in again. 

“Is it OK mom, he’s your b*****r for Pete’s sake, he’s not going to **** you” 

“Well, this will be a new experience but come on in” she says with a grin and making room for me.

Now I have a walk-in shower that could easily fit 4 or 5 people. So there’s plenty of room not to touch if we don’t want to. So I strip, by now my dick as about the size of a thimble I’m so fucking scared, and I go in. The water is really warm – on the hot side in fact for me but they’re girls so they like the warmth – and I start soaping up. 

“Will you wash my back” my niece says. I grab the soap, lather up her shoulders and just wash her back, a washing motion not a sexy motion. Her mom is looking at us and smiles when she says that this brings her back to years ago when I used to give baths to little Kim.

“Yeah I know but she was just a little girl then, not a woman.


My s****r looks down on my dick and says: “Doesn’t seem to be affecting you right now” 

“Well, I’m a bit embarrassed really. I’ve never taken a shower with two women, let alone my s****r and her daughter.” 

“Since you’re such a gentleman, can you wash my back too then?”

And she turns around. I start washing (remember – washing) but my niece goes behind me and starts playing with my balls and grabbing my nipples while rubbing her tits on my back. 

“Humm, my s****r says, that’s really nice, give me a good rub down with the facecloth will you, this will feel wonderful” and she closes her eyes. I’m taking my time, letting my niece have her way with me. I put my hand on my s****r’s shoulder “for balance” and keep on rubbing but I’m no longer able to keep my hard on to a manageable level. Not surprisingly, up goes the dick and the head just rubs against my s****r who turns around real quick and looks down.

“Oh my, did I cause that?” I wasn’t about to tell her the truth about her daughter playing with my balls and I stammer:

“Well you are an attractive woman”.

“Maybe we should stop, this isn’t right.”

“Oh come on mom, you always told me you liked uncle Mark.”

“I always said that he was a wonderful man and acted as a father figure to you and all that.”

“Well, let him continue being a father figure to me. What’s more natural that a father would fuck my mother.”

“KIM! What language”

Trying to bring the tension down I say:

“It’s ok, just relax, I won’t touch you, I’ll just keep washing your back and then we’ll get down to breakfast”.

So my s****r turns around, I look at Kim and she winks at me, signaling with her eyes for me to rub her mom’s ass. Of course I didn’t go straight for her ass but the cloth was going further down with each passing stroke and my s****r wasn’t moving. In fact, she put her hands up on the wall and let me rub her down. I put the cloth aside and started washing her with my bare hand, washing her hips, her sides and the top of her ass. She bent her head down and did not say a word when I started rubbing her cheeks and her thighs, only keeping her eyes closed. 

Crazy thoughts started going through my head and I thought that even if I tried to fuck her and she did not want to, the situation would not degrade. We had been too close all our life, she would simply indicate that we had gone far enough and store this in our collective memories. 

By this time, I was rock hard, my niece still playing with my balls and grabbing my dick. But when she started rubbing her dick against her mom’s ass, I almost lost it. My s****r moved her ass away but I had to re-align myself behind her, just off so that my dick would not touch. She relaxed and I inched a little closer. My niece took my dick and put it between her mom’s thighs. I could not move. My heart was beating 150 beats a minute, my brain had shut down. My s****r wasn't moving away.

In fact, I think she sighed a little. I kept rubbing her back but my dick was making its own "headway" (pardon the pun), until my stomach was rubbing agains her ass, my dick almost pointing out of her thighs in the front. 

My s****r straightened up a little, put her head against my shoulder, her face looking up, grabbed my hands and embraced herself with my arms, my dick rubbing against her cunt. She opened her eyes, looked at me without saying a word and then, I kissed her.

Like lovers kiss, like her daughter had kissed me. Full lips but then a little tongue. She sighed, relaxed against my arms and opened her legs a little. 

She’s just a wee thing and I lifted her a little, grabbing her ass in my hands. She put her hands back on the wall and when she was at the right height, I entered her slowly, delicately but to the hilt. 

By then, the shower was an erotic pit. My niece was still massaging my balls, I was fucking my s****r and kissing her. I moved very slowly, but every time returning very deep. No “thrusting” as they write in these types of stories, just a gentle, slow glide in and out, in and out, in and out, going full in at about every 4 strokes.

“Humm, this is so fucking erotic the two of you like that. Like that mom?”

“Yes, oh man it’s been a while. I can feel your dick so far inside of me”.

“I like being inside you like that, you’ve got such a great ass”

“Hummm, talk dirty to me Mark”

“I like fucking you from behind, but I’ll fuck you from the front in a minute. I’ll make you scream for more while your daughter is watching us.”

“Oh yes, do me. Oh I’m getting so wet with your dick inside of me. This is so fucking depraved. I can’t believe I’m fucking my b*****r in front of my daughter but I can’t stop this anymore, I want you to cum inside of me so bad.”

As I said, she’s so thin and light that I keep her off the floor and we turn around facing Kim who backs away. My s****r opens her eyes and watches her daughter watching us, me holding her by her open legs, showing her cunt and my dick to her daughter who, by now, is sitting on this little pedestal rubbing her cunt, playing with her nipples.

My s****r just abandons herself, giving in to the erotic episode. 

I keep fucking her for about 5 minutes when she says: “Cum inside of me Mark, cum right now”. So I start fucking her hard, she gasps with every stroke. A few strokes later, I explode, almost falling to the floor and Kim, no longer able to play the spectator, comes closer and licks her mom’s clit until she screams her orgasm.

As I said, this was all erotic, not “just fucking”. There was so much eroticism in the shower, something I had never experienced, or have, since then. 

Well, between us, there’s one more episode to this story, before they left. I’ll write this and then we’ll see where we go from here

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11 months ago
that was super hot! like your sisters small tits part. love girls with hardly any tits, their nipples are so responsive and they usually love their tits worshipped.
12 months ago
1 year ago
that's a great one
1 year ago
Very sexy hot!
2 years ago