The niece 3 - By the pool

Not sure what happened but it seems that this story, even though it is listed, doesn't seem to be accessible. Here's another try at posting it.

In other installments I introduced my niece who came to visit with her mom for a week and we discovered a mutual attraction. 

A couple of days went by without mentioning the campfire event. But I clearly saw a change in my niece’s attitude towards me. The occasional brush, her putting her feet on my lap at the diner table, the knowing smile, you know the stuff I’m talking about. In the last story, she had indicated that “she owed me and always repaid her debts”. 

I was content to let the campfire event be the last. After all she WAS my niece and had no right to expect more. I was wrong. 

That week was blistering hot at our place. Thankfully, my pool was large, clean and we all used it all day long with drinks, listening to music and playing with my niece’s son in the crystal clear water. Kim, my niece, was wearing her usual one piece bathing suit, self conscious since getting her baby about some stretch marks, but she had truly regained her great body, to me anyway. She’s small, 5’’2 I would say about 120 pounds. Not runway model to be sure but her short hair, nice legs and C cups were perfectly proportioned - I thought you’d like to know. 

So the day goes by and by mid afternoon, the sun is beating down on us and I swim to the pool’s shady area, under a large weeping willow tree. My niece and s****r (her mom) are talking at the end of the pool and my s****r turns to me and yells that she is going to take a nap with her grandson. “Oh shit” I think to myself, “payback time” maybe....

“Uncle, I’m going in to get a drink do you want one?” said the niece
“Sure, bring me a beer please” 

Floating around on my floater bed, I’m as lazy and relaxed as I can be when my niece comes and sits on the edge of the pool in the shade, hands me my drink and sips hers. Some chit chat but the tension is there, we can both feel it. 

“So, payback time it is I guess” she says with a smile. 
“Not at all dear, no obligation, no payment. What we had was just great and we must not pretend to make it go on”

“Oh no, but I WANT to, you made me feel like a real woman. Took me like a man should with f***e but gentleness. I really like it”

I came closer to her and started rubbing her legs under the water and she opened her legs a little just enough to let me see her lips under this tight nylon bathing suit. 

“Like what you see there uncle?”

“Love it but I’d rather taste it” 

With that she simply pulled her suit to the side to expose herself. I could not resist and put my lips on her lips, licked up her slit and put my finger in her cunt which made her gasp. “Oh god, this is what I mean by Like a man. You don’t waste time”. She wasn’t even wet yet and my finger was pistoning in and out while my tongue was tracing circles around her growing clit. “Oh no, stop please I’m going to cum right here on the edge of this pool”. But of course I didn’t and she started rocking her hips to my mouth. When I looked up her nipples were standing right out and she was already breathing hard. I grabbed her ass and held her real close to my mouth while fingering her with two fingers by now. Wet. She was already wet and opened her legs even further. I kept this on for a few minutes when she held my head and pushed her cunt to my face while she came. I could feel her ass cheeks shudder, her stomach muscle tightened and she groaned, a deep groan, so that she would not scream. 

“Holly shit uncle, even Mark can’t make me cum this fast and hard, and I tell you he’s good. My turn now, - please?” 
“What do you mean” 
“I want you to cum in my mouth, come here, sit on the edge like I did”

Of course I obliged and already hard, she did not have to work me long to get me extra hard. 

“Hummm, love your fat head” but that was the last she said before swallowing me fully and deep throating me. Do any of you know what it’s like to feel the tip of your cock hit the back of your partner’s throat? With my cock so deep, she used her tongue to rub all around the shaft while she played with my balls. I could not take my eyes off this and simply enjoyed the moment. 

Of course I had no way of knowing how good she was at this but boy she was gooood. She closed her eyes, sucked up and down, played with my balls, and just kept the head in her mouth and rubbed her tongue all around it, sucked, spit on it, used her hand up and down, just drove me crazy with lust. 

She used her free hand to get one of tits out, playing with her nipple while sucking me off. 

“I’m gonna make you cum in my mouth, don’t hold back, my mom may come out any minute”

Combine with the thrill of being found out, her tongue on my shaft, her hands on my balls and on her own nipple, I looked at her face and just let myself explode in her mouth. 

“Hummm” she groaned while swallowing all of me, three huge spurts and a stream of cum did not stop her from swallowing it all. 

She kept on licking while I was growing softer. She looked at me with smiling eyes and caressing my balls. “That was good uncle, I really liked that. Too bad the week is coming to a close and I really feel like a shit but while hubby’s away, can I count on you for my womanly 

Man, I’m dead and gone to heaven I think.
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
mmmm yes so hot what a cum shooting story so good mmmmmmmmm
3 years ago
NOthing like a loving family doing what cums naturally !
3 years ago
Your stories really turn me on. I hope there is more to come.