Katie and her mother had spent the afternoon shopping. It was Katie's first trip home from college since her mother's divorce. Tess Markowitz was 36 years old, she'd gotten pregnant at 16, as a result she look more than Katie's older s****r than her mother. Both had short blonde hair, light skin and deep blue eyes. Katie was 5' 6" , just a fraction shorter than her mother's 5' 7", The most obvious difference between the two was breast size. While Katie was a respectable 34c, Tess filled out a 40d, something Katie was always jealous of.

They had just finished lunch at a small sidewalk cafe and were making small talk as the busboy cleared the table. Katie's eyes followed the young man's body as he walked back into the cafe.

"What a cute ass," She whispered to herself,forgetting for a moment her mother's presence. She was sure her mother hadn't heard her, she was
busy watching him walk away too.
"I'd like to fuck him."
Katie's mouth dropped open at her mother's statement.
"Mother!" She said in shock.
Then they both laughed.

They were still both laughing as they drove away from the cafe. Katie couldn't remember the last time she saw her mother in this good a mood. It had been a long and vicious divorce, Tess had spent too many years married to a man she never should've married in the first place - baby or no baby.

Katie actually felt a little awkward seeing the sexual side of her mother. She knew see saw other men now, just as she was sure she wasn't living a life of chastity. But this was the first time she had ever seen her mother in a state of arousal. Her cheeks were flushed and her hand had found its way between her legs. Then again Katie though to herself, if she hadn't had to drive her hand might be between her own legs.

All the way back to the house they talked about the guy at the restaurant and what they'd like to do with him. It was all in fun, of course, but Katie found it exciting too. She found the heat between her legs spreading outward. It had been much too long since she'd been laid.

"Look at your nipples," Mom teased. "You're so hot their sticking out."

Surprisingly Katie wasn't embarrassed by her mother's observation. "So are yours," She quickly shot back.

Well what are we going to do about it?" Tess asked.

A second later, Katie was shocked to realize that her mother's hand had moved from between her legs and was now stroking Katie's thigh.

Never in a thousand years could she have imagined her mother being interested in another woman. Much less her own daughter. Yet it took only another second for her to respond.

She reached down and lifted her mother's hand and guided it to her own wet crotch. She was pleased when her mother didn't pull it away. Not a word passed between them as the finished the remaining fifteen minutes of the ride in silence.

Leaving the packages in the car as they arrived home, both women quickly moved into the house.

Katie was no sooner in the door when her mother pulled her into her arms and kissed her. Not the motherly kiss she'd become accustomed to but the hot
passionate kiss of a lover. She felt her mother's tongue enter her mouth and quickly slid her own out to meet it.

Tess's hand quickly moved down Katie's back and slid into the back of her shorts. Katie responded by pulling open her mother's blouse and exploring the delights within. Her breasts were heavier than Katie's , the nipples
larger. Tess moaned into her open mouth as she fondled them. Katie's hand slid down to her hips and pulled her mother closer, working a thigh between her legs. She could tell the older woman's pussy mound was super wet.

"Let's go up to the bedroom." Tess whispered as she pulled away from her daughter.

Katie released her mother reluctantly and followed her up the stairs. They undressed each other and stood naked, as if they were seeing each other for the first time. Their pubic hairs were the small golden blonde,proof that they were both naturals. Small clear droplets of cum already clung to Tess's mound.

Tess licked her finger and then traced up and down the center of Katie's bush. Her gaze was as exciting to Katie as the wet finger between her legs. Unable to wait any longer, Katie took hold of her mother and pulled her to
the bed.

They rolled back and forth, mother and daughter,kissing deeply, nipples together, bellies touching and mounds grinding together. When Katie was on top, Tess slid her hands down her back and pulled hard against her. The other did the same as their positions did the same. Katie then remembered a trip taught to her by one of her girlfriends back at college.

She pulled her mother's plump cheeks apart, then pushed them back together, rhythmically. Then she used her fingertips to tease her puckered anus. Tess moaned at the touché

"Yes....Oh yes..." She gasped. "It feels so good."

Needing no more encouragement, Katie knelt behind her mother and teased her again. First with her fingers, then with her tongue. Katie buried it deep in her mother's rectum while she pumped to fingers in and out of her dripping

"That's it," Tess hissed, as she rocked back and forth. "So good! So fucking good!"

Hearing her mother talk like that helped push Katie over the edge, but she was determined to hold back a little longer. She knew her mother was close, she wanted it to build to a rousing climax. A few minutes later she felt Tess's rectum clamp down on her tongue as her pussy pulsed around her fingers. She plunged her mouth into her mother's box and was rewarded a second later with an
explosion of girlcum which saturated her face.

Katie hardly had time to recover her composure before her mother maneuvered her onto her back. Immediately Tess had her face between her daughter's legs and went to work on her. Her head bobbed up and down as she tongue her through one orgasm after another. Tess couldn't remember having ever come so much. Her mother seemed insatiable, unwilling to break contact with the woman she had given birth to.

Finally Katie managed to pull her up and kissed her. They spent long minutes liking the cum off each others faces. Then they just laid there naked, talking, and exploring aspects of each others lives that they had never dared before. They would make love many times before Katie returned to school, but nothing would ever match the intensity of this first time. Still it never stopped them from trying.
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