Aunt Rita moves in.

Some of you were asking what happened after my vacation with aunt Rita. As the story says, I’m now happily married but somehow I just cannot resist Rita’s charms. I’m just like an addict who can’t seem to really kick off the habit. Nothing life threatening mind you, but a little dangerous considering my wife has no clue about this.

Let me talk to you about one of these events.

After that famous week, there was no pretense with Rita and I. In fact, she told dad that we got along just fine, that I was a real gentleman for my young age and even helped making this one of the best vacation she had ever had. Little did dad know that this was actually a completely true description of the events. So much so that dad offered Rita to move in with us. I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say that she sold her house, sold a whole lot of furniture and moved in to my bedroom and I took over the room in the basement which was smaller but that was the least I could do.

I was naturally all excited to have my favorite aunt living with us full time now and I was hoping I’d get laid as often as I could. Dad would leave real early in the morning but always made sure he was back for dinner. One morning, I got up, took a shower and walked downstairs where, like every morning, my breakfast was waiting for me (imagine how hard it was getting used to not being pampered like this when I got married). Aunt Rita was at the counter pouring herself a second coffee.

Despite the fact that Rita and I had rubbed, and touched a little and exchanged looks, nothing had happened since Cancun. Don’t know why but that’s what it was. Except that morning I was feeling horny and just could not resist.

Instead of sitting down, I joined her at the counter and put my hands on her hips and kissed her neck, you know the spot just below the jawline and the collarbone.

“Hummm, what brings this on?” she asks.
“I want you.” That’s all I could say.

I brought my hands up around her stomach and slowly grabbed both her tits through her housecoat and she grabbed my hand squeezing her own tits with my hands.

“Oh I’ve been hoping we would do this again” she sighs.

I know the story sounds like a thousand others on here, but this, remember happened to ME with my dad’s s.i.s.te.r. This is freaking major guys.

I opened her housecoat and of course all she had on where her panties. While I was grabbing her tits from behind, she puts her hand behind her and grabs my dick, which is slowly rising to the occasion. Slowly turns her head and offers her slightly opened mouth. This erotic kiss remains planted in my memory. Picture this will ya? A late teen guy, holding his late 40’s aunt’s tits in his hands while kissing and she’s playing with his dick. Not much can be as erotic as this in my opinion.

While I’m pinching her nipples she grunts and really grabs my dick and starts to slowly stroke it. Opening her robe real wide, I grab her ass through her panties and moving to the front start stroking her pussy. By now, she’s melting in my arms, her legs are a little weak and I move her to a kitchen chair. Straddling me, facing me, she kisses me again always keeping her panties on.

“Suck my tits, bite my nipples”

Of course by this time I’m hard as a diamond-cutting tool and Rita takes it out, starts really jerking me off, playing with the head, spreading that pre-cum all over, driving me out of my mind. I’m sucking and biting her nipples when she takes my dick, pushes that little bit of panty material aside and slides my dick into her.

“Oh shit, I love that feeling of fucking with clothes on, no time for foreplay, just a quick morning fuck.”

My aunt is one wild card I tell you.

While I’m still sucking her tits, she starts riding me real slow, up and down she goes, holding the back of my head real tight on her tits, rocking back and forth, making the very tip of my prick rub the back of her vagina. Man what a feeling. She slows down a little but keeps moving reaaaaaaal slow. This is so fucking erotic, I can’t stand it.

She takes my face in her hands and kisses my, slowly licking my lips with her tongue, inching her tongue into my open mouth still slowly rocking my dick into her. I want this to go one and on and on.

While holding one of her tits, I grab her ass cheek and follow her rocking motion, put my hand in her panties and start fucking her asshole with my middle finger.

“Oh fuck, Oh my my” she says.

This is when she started rocking back and forth like she was possessed. Kissing me, tonguing me, grunting. When I started pinching her nipple she really went wild. She wouldn’t stop moving, faster and faster, harder and harder.

“Aunt Rita, I’M going to cum too fast, please slow down.”
“No way’ she says, “I’m almost there myself, no way I’m not stopping”.

This is when she squeezed my dick with her cunt muscles and made me shoot so deep inside her I thought my cum would shoot out of her mouth. She started to grunt and scream at the same time and hugged me so tight, I thought I’D pass out.

We stayed like this for a few minutes, just letting the feeling pass, feeling each other’s bodies, I was stroking her back and her ass cheeks, lightly feeling her tits when she shivered, cuming again for the second time in 3 minutes, less intense but still.

As I said, there’s been a few more times. Maybe I’ll share the one time she came over to my place after I was married. That time also stays with me.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
lovely story for a lovely aunt!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
my aunt made me horny when i was younger
2 years ago
Great story, I love Aunt Rita :-p