Jeff and his mom

It was an early summer evening. I had been out with some friends
for a late dinner when suddenly one of them became ill. So our
plans fell through and I returned home earlier than expected.

As I entered the front door, I noticed that the TV in the den was
on. The den is accessible from the hall via an open door and from
the kitchen via a swinging door. A shuttered "window" also looked
in on it from the kitchen. It was originally supposed to be a
dining room, but with k**s formal dining rooms are laughable.

Anyway, I heard a low murmur of voices from the den, and figured
that Jeff, my 17-year-old son, had a friend over to watch TV. Not
wanting to bother them, I entered the kitchen to fix myself a
sandwich. But halfway to the 'fridge, I was stopped in my tracks
by a moan emanating from the den. I crept up to the shutters,
quietly moved some of the louvers, and peered in.

There, by the flickering light of the TV, I saw Jeff on his knees
in front of the couch. Seated on the couch was a young blonde
girl, whom I recognized as Barbara Carson, one of the more popular
cheerleaders from Jeff's school. I had often heard Jeff mooning
about after her, despairing that she was out of his reach. I would
really be cheering for my shy son over this conquest, were it not
for the fact that the girl was naked!

Jeff, too, had most of his clothes off. Clad only in his skivvies,
he was busily eating the teenage bombshell's pussy! She moaned
encouragment to him "Oh, yes, Jeffy. That's good. Eat my pussy."
And he eagerly complied. I should have marched right in there to
stop it, but the poor boy would have been mortified. In an odd
way, I was pleased for him. I had been so worried since his father
died that he would be backward where it came to women. I decided
to let the episode run its course, then speak to him afterward.
In the meantime, I had an opportunity to observe some real hot

The girl was getting closer and closer to orgasm. She kept
encouraging him saying such things as "LICK my clit. Oh, yes,
Jeff. Are you sure you've never done this before?" Eventually,
however, she stopped talking and just moaned as her orgasm
approached. Finally she uttered a short scream, ground her crotch
in my son's face, and flooded his tongue with her juices. He kept
licking and sucking, until finally, with a shudder she pushed him

Jeff stood up and shucked his shorts. I gasped inwardly when his
sweet young cock sprang into view. Like the rest of him, it was
man-high but boy-wide. In fact, its lack of girth made it look
even longer than it was. I don't know where he got such an
endowment, but it wasn't from his father. Anyway, he sat down next
to the girl and said "What about me, Barb? How about my turn?"

Barbara got up and turned to face him. "Very nice," she said "but
I'm done here. You can go back to jacking off."

Poor Jeff's face fell. "But... I thought you liked me," he said.

"I like you fine..." the teasing bitch said cruelly as she dressed,
"as a cuntlapper. But there's no way I'm returning that favor.
If it got out that I fucked or sucked a dweeb like you, I would be
the laughingstock of the school, not to mention getting bothered
by all the other geeks. Thanks for the cum, baby, but I'm gone."
and she flounced out of the house.

Jeff just sat there stunned on the couch, his hard-on in no way
diminished by the shredding he had just received. If he hadn't
been my son, I would have found it almost comical the way his prick
quivered all alone without hope for relief. With a half-sob, Jeff
grabbed it and began jacking off furiously.

My heart went out to him and, without thinking, I entered the den
and approached him.

"MOM!" he yelped, grabbing a throw pillow and trying to cover up.
Then he just gave up and burst into tears.

"It's okay, baby," I soothed him, wrapping my arms around him in
a protective embrace. "It's okay. I heard the whole thing. I'm
not mad at you. But that teasing bitch has really pissed me off."

As I soothed him, he sobbed out the story of how she had come on
to him. He had been thrilled to receive the attention of the
object of his daydreams, and when it got sexual, he could barely
restrain himself. But she had called all the shots, with the
result I had witnessed. It was painful to me to see such a good-
looking young guy at the mercy of any woman because of his lack of
confidence. I decided to help him the only way I knew.

I slipped my hand down his torso and under the pillow. His head
shot up in alarm as I grasped his still stiff cock.

"It's okay, honey," I whispered, stroking him gently. "You're a
handsome young stud who shouldn't have to put up with that from any
woman. Most women would be proud to go to bed with you. I would

"You would, Mom?" he husked.

"Of course I would. You have a fine body and I could see you
really know how to please a woman. Now let me show you how a woman
can please you."

I pushed away the pillow and dropped my head to his lap. His
involuntary gasp was immediately replaced by a moan as I vacuumed
his prick into my mouth. Its lack of girth was marvelous, as I
could slide it deep in without straining my jaw. In fact, I deep-
throated him on the first stroke, something I could never do with
any other man. As my nose bottomed out in his pubes, I inhaled the
sweet musky smell of youth, and was immediately intoxicated. I
knew that I was going to do everything for this young stud, and I
wanted to because I loved him.

Less than ten quick sucking strokes later, Jeff was spewing his
young seed into my mouth. His orgasm came without warning, and
actually hit as only the tip of his cock was in my mouth. My
cheeks bulged out with his load, and I swallowed quickly. Between
spurts, I slammed my head back down his shaft, and milked him dry
with the muscles of my throat. When his orgasm subsided, I lifted
my head and gazed at him. His eyes shone with love and gratitude.
Wordlessly I pulled his head to mine and kissed him deeply.

The funny thing was, I never fully realized the "impropriety" of
what we were doing until that kiss. Sucking off my son did not
seem out of place, but french kissing him did. Well, I was never
one to deal with paradoxes like that, so I mentally shrugged it off
and stuck my tongue nearly down his throat.

We broke the kiss and Jeff whispered, "Oh, Mom, thank you. I love
you so much."

"I love you, son." I looked down and, as expected, he was only
slightly less hard after his come than before. "I can see you're
still turned on. That's good, because I want to show you so much

"Anything you want, Mom," he grinned.

"No, dear," I corrected him gently "anything you want."

I stood up then, and began to strip. Within seconds, my skirt was
in a heap on the floor, my blouse was next to it and I had kicked
off my shoes and my panty hose. I paused in only my bra and
panties, knowing that if I took them off that it would be the point
of no return. I looked at my loving son, avidly drinking in my
firm, mature body. His eyes lifted to meet mine in a loving,
imploring look. "What the hell," I thought, and undid the clasp
to my bra.

The change in his face was electrifying. His eyes lit up and a
hungry smile came to his face. His tongue slipped out, moistening
his lips, and he began to look less like a timid youth and more
like a hungry wolf. I loved it.

Jeff was mesmerized by my tits, which are a nice 38D size. I had
always been proud of them, though I usually dressed to downplay
them (not out of shame, but to avoid being hassled by ogling
leches). But I didn't mind this ogler in the least. Under his
gaze, my nipples hardened out. Even taking my panties off was
anticlimactic, as my son barely noticed, so taken was he with my

I moved to the sofa, planting my knees outside of his thighs and
settling my ass down on his lap, his rock hard prick between us.

"Oh, Mom," he breathed, "I want you!"

"Take me, Jeff, I'm yours."

With that, he buried his head between my breasts and we were off.
He voraciously licked and sucked the nipples, biting gently. Like
that teasing bitch Barbara, I could not believe he had no prior
experience. Unlike her, however, I planned to put his expertise
to full use. I dropped my hand between us, and began rubbing his
cock against my very moist pussy lips. He responded by bringing
a hand up between my thighs and cupping my pussy with thumb and
forefinger. Like a magnet, his thumb beelined for my clit, and
soon I was bouncing up and down on his hand like I was riding a
horse. He began a steady pressure upward with his hand.
Simultaneously, he began trailing his tongue down my torso. Soon
I was fully raised up on my knees, my back arched, pushing my cunt
into his face. He chewed my muff vigorously, and I came like

I was in awe of my son's technique. And I had to have that
beautiful cock inside me. I stood up, and pulled him up after me.
We embraced and kissed deeply. I could taste my juices on his
lips, and it drove me even wilder. Together we sank down to the
carpet. I laid back before him, spreading my legs wide in
invitation. "Come on, Jeff, come fuck your mother."

"Oh yeah,' he groaned as he leaned forward on his knees.

I felt his hips between my knees, between my thighs. I reached
forward for his silky-smooth young cock. As he sank forward, I
guided it towards my pussy. As it slipped through my hand, it left
a cool slimy trail of pre-cum across my palm. He paused as the
head hit me square between my pussy lips. He looked inquiringly
at me. In answer, I raised my palm to my mouth, deliberately
licked off his spunk while staring into his eyes, and said "Fuck

He did.

I felt every inch of his young meat slide into me, and I knew I
would do anything for his pleasure. As his long strokes brought
us each closer to orgasm, I envisioned all the ways I would please
him. I also knew that I would make that bitch Barbara pay for the
way she used Jeff. Shaking my head slightly to clear it of her
unpleasant presence, I clamped my pussy muscles tighter on my son's
prick. The increased friction brought us both to the edge. Jeff
groaned through clenched teeth "Oh, Mom, I'm gonna cum." "Do it,"
I hissed, "cum in Mommy's pussy. Shoot your hot jizz all in my
pussy. Cum!" Immediately I felt the first splash of his jizz hit
the depths of my pussy. It triggered my orgasm, and each spasm of
my cunt brought forth another jet of his cum. Each jerk of his
prick increased my orgasm and so on, back and forth, our orgasms
building, extending, crescendoing, then subsiding.

Jeff sank into my arms and kissed me as his hard-on subsided within
me. Exhausted, he rolled off me onto his back. I gently bent down
and licked our mingled spendings from his cock. We fell asl**p
together on the floor. My last waking though was how I would fuck
my son in the morning. Did I dream that night? Who needs dreams!
97% (56/1)
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nice story
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Love this hot story so please post more.
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sweet! a part 2, 3...
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wow, loved it so very hot
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fantastic story
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AWESOME this was great
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