Master's Surprise For Me

Master called and told me to be ready at 5:00. He instructed me on what to wear, a blouse and skirt, and to wear my long hair in a ponytail. He told me to make sure my pussy was shaved and may nails done. He often likes to give instruction on my appearance when in his presence. I always love my time with Master and so it was with great anticipation I began to get ready. I was a little surprised that we were going out, since we usually play at my house. He told me this would be a very special evening, one i would not soon forget.

My pussy was getting wet thinking about his words...he is so creative and takes me beyond anything I have ever known. He knows how kinky I am and he incorporates that into our BDSM practices, be it hot wax, slapping my face, choking me, or any of my other 99 fetishes. A night to remember sounds very promising. I showered, paying close attention to shaving my pussy. I got out of the shower, dried and began getting ready. I chose Masters favorite lavender bra and panties. Decided on a black skirt and a simple top that hugged my curves showcasing my tits.

I fixed my hair in the required ponytail, not thinking much about it. I was wondering if he had found a woman for us to share, which we do adore. I love it when he has two of us to beat and torture. The sessions are so intense but the release, shared with another woman is ecstasy. Then I heard his key in the lock. I was on my knees, head lowered and he came in and patted the top of my head. Then he slapped my cheek...the flood of juices coming from my pussy soaked my panties and began running down my thighs. He grabbed my ponytail and told me tonight I would be satisfied in a new way. Puzzled, he told me to stand and then he kissed me before slapping me again.

With that, he told me to get a coat and a warm blanket and we headed for his car. I tried asking him about our evening ahead but he commanded me to be silent and enjoy the ride. He told me to think about what he might have planned. I began fantasizing to different scenarios. Master only lets me be intimate with other women and he allows other men to use my mouth only. He saves my ass and pussy for his pleasure. Soon, we pulled onto a small road and straight ahead was a barn. He stopped the car and told me to get out. i followed him into the barn and he told me to take off my clothes, just leaving on my bra and panties. I did as instructed, folding my clothes into a neat pile. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness and I saw ropes hanging from the rafters. Being the kinky woman I am, nothing usually frightens me, but I had a strange feeling of dread mixed with high was intoxicating. My pussy was gushing, giving away my excitement when Master put his hand inside of me. He laughed and told me to remove my bra and panties.

He went to the toy bag and pulled out the wrist and ankle cuffs, telling me to put them on. I love my cuffs and happily put them on. He ordered me over to where he was standing by the ropes. He began by clipping my wrists together and then raising my arms over my head. He attached them to a rope and made it tight so that I was on my tip toes. Then he attached a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs so that I was on my tip toes, legs spread, back taught and arms over my head. Then he had another rope he wove into my ponytail and attached it so that i could not move my head without pulling my hair.

He had always spoken of his love for beating. I had only been spanked so far. When he said, "Are you ready for your first beating?" I nearly fainted. I was so exposed. Master was behind me now and I could hear him but could not see what he was doing. Then he placed a blindfold over my eyes. The sense of dread was returning but my pussy just got wetter. Then suddenly he put the nipple clamps on - they are very tight. He then fingered me, laughed and placed a clamp on my clit. I screamed in pain. He told me to shut up. He also told me the safeword had been left at the door - to trust him to know how much was enough and accept my beating like the good slave I am.

The first blow was not a warm up blow, but a full f***e smack across the tit. I gasped but did not make a sound. he continued beating my tits for a few minutes before turning to my backside. Master had told me a beating involves the entire body except he only slaps the face. Scared and excited...what if I could not accept enough pain. Then it began in earnest...blow after blow reigning down on me. he spared no part of my body from the crop he chose to use tonight. I don't like the crop, but my pussy says otherwise. My body says it loves the crop. My mind does not. He left marks on my inner thighs, my pussy, tits, and ass. He paid attention to my legs and feet, my arms and hands. It seemed like an eternity, yet it also seemed to go so fast. I am proud and do not use my safeword...always pushing the envelope. Tonight I would have used it but there wasn't one.

I had tears streaming down my face. But I took it, like the bitch I am. Then suddenly he kissed me. I heard him move behind me and he stuck a well lubed finger up my ass and then his BBC filled my asshole. He pushed it all the way in with just two thrusts. He told me my surprise would be arriving shortly. He took his cock out of my ass and lowering my arms and undoing my ponytail, he released me from the ropes and told me to get on my knees, and then shoved hos cock, which had just been in my ass, into my mouth and told me to clean him. I eagerly sucked his magnificent dick. I love to be used well for his pleasure.

Suddenly the barn door opened. A beautiful woman came in and I figured she was my surprise. But she took her top off and let me suck her beautiful tits. I was needing to cum so bad. Then Master told her to remove her skirt and I gasped. This beautiful woman had a cock. It was a shemale. Now what I wondered. Master told me to get on all 4's which i did without hesitation. He then told the shemale to come up to me from behind and fuck my pussy. I gasped. That was only for Master. He watched me being fucked like he was studying something - then he put his dick in my mouth til he was rock hard and then he went behind the shemale and began fucking his ass. Without warning I began climaxing, cumming so hard and in waves - pleasure filling my entire being...soon the two men were also cumming. Then Master made me clean him while the shemale had to eat his cum out of my pussy.

Soon Master told me to get dressed so he could take my marked, bruised sore body home. On the way he stroked my hair and told me he was proud of me. I glowed to hear those words. I live to hear them. He told me I was his awesome slave and there would be many more beatings and good times for me...I slowly drifted off to sl**p feeling so loved.

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1 year ago
enjoyed immensely :):)
hope you have many more surprises
many thanks for sharing