Breaking The Rules Part 1

So There I was at a very good friends Wedding Reception,
and was having a pretty decent time as well. I was contemplating leaving when,
Elaine I very refined Lady that I had met earlier in the very long morning, Approached me with
an Extremely Beautiful Young lady,
somewhat less refined than herself. Who she introduced to me as her Daughter Raylynn,

I replied Wow ! What a Beautiful Name for such a Beautiful Young Lady, as I shook her hand she said why thank you.
You two have a lot in common said Elaine, We Do ? Raylynn Asked With a big o'l smile and looked me directly
in my Eye's. She was about 5 foot 5 or 6 inches tall without those shoes, had a Gorgeous body 36 C breasts
Beautiful long brunette hair and the most mesmerizing green eyes that were very hard to avert mne from.

A Smile that was equally as hard to resist as well. I'll let the two of you get better acquainted,
Elaine smiled a very sexy grin as she departed, and then gave a flirty wink.
Raylynn noticed me looking at Elaine's Ass then made a comment She does have a nice Ass huh ?
What ? Ahh well, geese was it that obvious,? I asked, "Ah Yeah it was" !

I apologized almost Immediately Raylynn just laughed and remarked that I was blushing.
Shit was all I could muster up, She laughed some more, and twinkled her eyes. Damn Woman your eyes She stopped me
dead in mid sentence and said
"Dude don't try to change the subject" besides she's my step Mom, not Biological.
and "She probably just wants to get in your Pants", "Same as me" I was shocked to say the least

Ah ? What ? what did you just say ? Dude I did not stutter she enunciated, as she grabbed my chin and held my
face so I could read her lips Perfectly, Besides she already told me so.
"No way" ? "Yes Way !" she said.

Why do you think it is that I am standing here ? "Well" I Hell I dunno ?" Why then ?
"Shut up and lets Dance !" "Oh Hell no !" I can't dance "What do you mean you can't dance ? "not anymore anyway"
just been way too long "really" then "what about a slow Dance then ?" now that I can do !
the next song was a slow one so we made our way to the floor and it was wonderful too.

Her skin was so soft and supple to I just had to say so, she thanked me politely then said
"I take care of my body" "Yes You Do" ! she said "All Of My Body"

just then Raylynn pulled me closer to her, and My dick was now pressed against her thigh, which she was pressing
into my crotch. The music stopped and we were still standing there when Elaine, just happened to pass by and say
Hey you two, the music is over.
We just kept on !!! even when the next song came on KC & the sunshine band's
"Get down tonight"

There we were still slow dancing Raylynn said, in a very very sultry whisper
"That sounds great to me" Huh ? Wa ? What ? I was in "La la land" Did you even hear me ? yeah you said that sounds
good to you ! No silly What I said was, "That sounds Great to me" "Getting down ?" Oh ! Sorry but Your so Hypnotic
I was lost in the moment.

"Can we get Outta here ?" I wanna go somewhere she asked,
Sure Where did you have in mind ?
"Anywhere !"

Then lets go You Gotta Car ? I asked ? No you ? "Naw ! "FUCK !" she said "that sucks !" Were in Fucking Calabasas
"How the Fuck did you get here then ?" "My Bike" "You Rode a Bicycle ? in that ?" referring to my suit
Hell No ! "Oh is that your Blue Motorcycle Parked Outside ? Yeah ! "Oh Hell Yeah !" she said, Can we go then ?
Sure but are you gonna ride dressed like that ?

You'll have to wad your dress all up and sit on it and it's gonna get all wrinkled and stuff.
Lets go she said
We said our goodbye's, My buddy Richard had an Extra helmet in his truck so I borrowed that,with his
Gawking Approval as well. Elaine whispered something like "seeee Ya Later"!.

Raylynn got a huge bag out of their rented Car and quietly whispered, "turn around and don't look !"
then Laughed
She stripped in the parking lot, except for her Panties, If you could call them panties that is.
The string could not be seen it just disappeared into her Scrumptious Ass Cheeks.
The sheer front covered nothing at All !!!
I could see a perfect Little landing strip, and also noticed that her pussy was bald as well.

I could see Richard, and several of our other friends looking our way as well.
She put on a pair of shorts, that were so tight and showed every little nook and cranny, and a tiny little
Camel-toe and just a hint of cheek poking out too.

God what a beautiful sight Raylynn was and she looked great sitting on the back of my Bike too
"Lets Get the FUCK out of here !" she said Guess what I have to take a leak first.
"Ya Need any help with that ?" Because I would be glad to hold it for you while you Pea I told her no really
don't want the Backlash if someone saw ! My friends that is "OK That's Cool but I call "Rain check !
so the next time I get to hold it while you pea

I really didn't have to go but this was just too good to be true and besides it had been Years since anyone,
had seen me with a Woman, especially as fine as Raylynn Not since My wife Angel had left me anyway.

So we parked in front of the stairs to the church, where everybody was just standing around, smoking and shit
and I went into the restroom Raylyn ? I called out "Maybe you should Go Too !" Oh That's OK Daddy I'm Good !
"Yes, Yes You are" She just sat there on the bike.

When I returned Several more people had gathered around, and My buddies were trying to figure out,
how to secure her bag to the back mini bar.
Just gimme that and in less than a minute had it bunjied to the front forks, "This way We don't loose it "

Daddy's so Smart ! Raylynn said. I saw some nasty glares, from some of the ladies, and every guy there had
his eyes on Raylynn, She and I both were loving every single second of it too !

As we Rumbled out of the driveway with all eye's on us, or should say on her perfect Ass riding high
on the seat we stopped, she wrapped her arms tightly around me I told her look in the mirror
when she did she saw Everybody, around 20 people just looking our way. "What are they doing ?"

Starring at the Most Gorgeous Woman with The Hottest's Ass that attended The Ceremony
She said stop Wait and got off the bike then Hugged and kissed me so long and so passionate
That I had to put both feet on the ground, or I surely would have dropped the bike,
and just after releasing We both paused and at the same time She said "Fuck !" (I said "Damn")
"Your a good Kisser" "get on Woman lets go"
She Squeezed me so tight and fit like a glove too

So Daddy ? Where are we Going and do you know where you are ? Yup I grew up here !
Really you live here In California ? ! Yeah What about you I know nothing about you at All

I'm A typical Leo ! I'm 37 I'm 5' 6 weigh a Hundred twenty six pounds Although probably gained
some weight today But you can take care of that later Dude !
What Else you wanna know ? Where You from ? Originally Cranston, Rhode Island she said
As we rode through Malibu Canyon Road she remarked at how pretty it was here,
and that she loved the beach And loved the Ocean too

Really I said, then your going to "Love This" I already do. And about two minutes later there it was The Ocean
"Wow ! Hooley Shit Dude That's Beautiful !" "Yes You Sure Are" I replied each time that we Lost sight
and then regained it again she said something in regards to how beautiful it was so we made a short stop
at a good view point and took some Photos of each other and the Ocean and her on my bike
she started posing very sexily sitting on the bike Looking all Hot n shit ! then got off and just Inhaled
the fresh Mountain air !

Bob Raylynn asked Yeah Babe ?
Can we go there ? pointing to the Ocean Honey we can go anywhere you want But I sure as hell would
like to get the hell out this Fucking monkey suit tho ! I had My clothes in my saddle bags and there was
no where to change Cliffs on one side road on the other and just then some k**s in a car came around
the corner and laid eyes on Raylynn Screaming an hollering and honking Show you tits
She did too and they were Magnificent (had not seen them yet) "Fuuuk" I said What ? she asked
Those are Beautiful Really ? Ya like Em ? and with that She pulled her top up over her Tits and just stood there
Exposed to All the world and me too

"Oh ! No !" "Eeeewww Titties !" You Shoulda seen her face it dropped like someone had just died.
Don't you know as I walked up to her and politely pulled her top back over her Beautiful and
very firm Breast's "I'm Gay" in a very exaggerated Gay voice and as she stood there in absolute Awe
I said in a very manly voice Besides Beautiful you broke rule # 4 of the Kings Rule
what ? Confused and Lost what's that ?

Still standing directly in front of her, "Never Flash your Tits to or at the King !" Or what she asked ?
Or this, I reached down and pulled her top back up and exposed her once again
just as another Car rounded the corner
I stepedd to the side bent her backwawds slightly and engulfed her Left Breast and sucked it like
I had never had one before HONK !! HONK "Yeah" from male voices and a female too
All I heard from Raylynn was "Ohhh Fuuuuuk" that was great !

You Fucking Asshole she said and smacked the shit out of me well my arm anyway
"You broke one of Ray's Rules too", "Oh ? and what might that be ? Never suck Or touch One titty
And not the other, first it's very rude and second you'll pay the penalty later for sure.

I got on the bike started it and Raylynn straddled the seat in front of me facing me of course.
With cars still whizzing by now in both directions and every other one honking or hollering something
She had me shut it off then Looked into my eyes and very sincerely asked me Are you really Gay ?
Hell No ! are you Bisexual ? no Do you like Girls ? "Yes I do" Very much so Really then Prove it
we Musta made out Passionately for five minutes before letting up for air
"Oh Hell that was fucking Fa-nominal !" She said, I quietly Replied Do Ya still think I'm Gay
Not at all "no way"

So Off we went to the beach it took all of fifteen minutes to get to the Pirates Cove Bluffs,
just South of Zuma Beach and a bit North of Paradise Cove.
I had a small blanket that I kept in my saddle bag, and grabbed my clothes and we hiked down to the beach

The time was coming up on 2:00 pm and the Sun was hot as usual as we walked along the shore,
Raylynn noticed that there were Nude Sunbathers ans nude swimmers too.

"Typical Man" she said, What ? I asked. You brought me here just to see what I looked like nude huh ?
"No, not really !" When I turned around there she was in All her Glory "Oh My Fucking God !"
Your More beautiful than I could have ever have thought We kissed and she began to undress me as well

When I looked up next she had spread out the blanket and had sat down with her legs wide open
exposing that Wonderful Pussy "OH! NO! You Gotta Stop Breaking Rules Woman!!" another rule ?
This just might be interesting what rule did I break # 1 I replied and that is she asked
"Never Show Your Bald pussy to the King" Especially when easily accessible.
and what pray-tel might the penalty be for breaking that rule My King ?

I stood in front of her with my Cock starting to rise. almost pointing directly at her face, bent down
and kissed her Deep and a bit f***efully. She Moaned then sighed and reached to touch my Cock
now Rock Fucking Hard I brushed her hand off she then looked at me puzzled and said I'm ready My
King for my penalty she reached again and again I pushed it away What the Hell Gimme the Cock
That's not the penalty, this is I dropped down and Opened my mouth and french kissed her Sweet
and moist delicate pussy.

"Oh GeezzzzUsssss !" "Oh My fucking Gaawd ! that's Great Please don't stop OH Pleeezzz Du onn't Stop
Yess Yeeessss ! Oh my god that feels so God Damn Goood

Raylynn started bouncing her Ass Up and down, and Holding My Head in Place, Just the way I like it.Positioning
me just where she wanted me, just then I inserted my middle finger ever so gently
into Raylynn's Very Tight and sopping Wet Pussy. She went fucking nuts she put her arm into her
mouth and as I barley touched her G-Spot she tensed up and let out a very loud grunt and moan too.

I was feeling that she was Hyperventilating, and it seemed like only a few seconds had passed.
When she arched her Back, Screamed Out as if she had just been stabbed, then said
Yeeeeessss Oh! Ga Gaaa God Yesss Yes Yes Please don't Stop Don't ever St ss Stooop

And just then with her Ass lifted and hips still pumping like mad,
Raylynn had her first G-spot Orgasm, She sprayed like a garden hose all over My face, in My Hair,
it even hit my chest. When she looked down between her legs and saw what was happening, I could hardly see, due to it hitting my eyes, as it slowly subsided

I rubbed her Clit with my fingers flat and rapidly
She started Squirting again Followed by an Aaaaww Oh My Fucking Cunt My fuuuuking Oh ! My GOD !

A few minutes later she said "Your Fucking Fantastic" and what the fuck did you do to me ?
as I began to explain that she had just experienced a G-spot Orgasm Ok But why did I just Piss
All over you and why were you sucking all of my piss up like it was some kind of Precious Liquid ?
Nectar I said Precious Nectar. Whatever that was it was Intense, The most Intense Orgasm that I have
ever had Intense and yet the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had too

Fuck Dude ! Your Fucking amazing we kissed again and she got to taste some of her own sacred Nectar

Bob she said this is gonna be one hell of a night Right ?
Yup It is and this is only the beginning too
and By the way how much longer are you here for?
another Week My King
Another week !!!

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