Barbara my friends Call me Barb wanna be my friend

Her name was Barbara Barb for short
I was at my local hole in the wall bar in Santa Monica The Daily Pint, known by the locals as The Pint. My Fiancee Angel was out of town
for a few days visiting her parents. Angel and I had talked earlier in the evening, I told her I missed her and was board out of my head.
So she said go play some pool you know how you like, it I agreed but declined. They were going to bed early in order to get up in the morning,
so she said good night and if you do go out Just don't bring her home with you, You know how the Neighbors Talk.
I decided about an hour later after channel surfing to no end, to take her advice and have maybe 2 drinks and a few games of pool
when I arrived at The Pint, there weren't too many people there, But the Bartender Laura, knew just what I wanted and just how to make
My Kamikaze's 3 parts Vodka 1 part Lime Juice and 1 part Triple Sec, I like mine " Shaken Not Stirred " I picked up my glass and
headed towards one of the three tables in the bar, I decided to warm up seeing that nobody else was into playing at that moment.
After finishing my first Game and getting another drink I racked the Balls again, but sat on the stool closest just relaxing for a moment.
When This older yet very attractive Woman walked through the back door, waiting to see who she was with I sat for a moment then
realized that she was alone, I thought nothing of it until she walked rite up and asked if the seat next to me was taken,?
"Uh well ahh no! I replied" looking around the bar especially at the row of stools unoccupied. as a matter of fact you can sit anywhere
you like her reply was a very sexual "I really like the view from here tho" it didn't register in my brain until later.
just then Laura said very quietly and a bit sensual "Hey Romeo Care for a refresher" ? On the house ? I still had a full drink well almost
anyway. As I reached for the drink Laura whispered, "she came through the front a little wile ago, I thought she was looking for somebody
but all she did was check you out ! and I just thought you should know " I thanked her and said "I would have remembered her tho" !
"You Were playing Pool Dumb Ass" ! As I turned around with both glasses in my hands the Newcomer reached out and took one,
Thinking it was for her I guess she sat it down and then Said "Barbara, Barb for short and to my friends!" and would you like
To Be My Friend ? Oh hell yes I would I thought to myself.
Well I'm Bob ! and it's very nice to meet you Barbara "well thank you, Bob and please call me Barb!
With that she Chugged down her drink Just like that then said "Daaamn That was Good" what the Fuck are you drinking ?
Kamikaze I replied, Well then I guess it's only Fair that I buy the next round then No! No! No! I got it besides I still have mine,
she said come here young man, and she parted her legs and pulled me between her open legs. She then took my drink and sort of
f***ed or persuaded me to finish it. I saw Laura out of the corner of my eye and held up two fingers, she smiled then laughed out loud.
I stepped back as Barb pulled a $20.00 bill from her Beautiful cleavage and handed it to me witch was in turn handed to Laura
Ohh smells pretty ! really ? yeah Sniff it! your right Barbara just laughed at the both of us.
I asked Barb Do you Play pool ? Hell yes And I'm good too well honey so iz I and would the lady care to break ?
Don't mind if I do she replied.then pick out your stick ! She said I already know the stick I want, and sauntered past me brushing
up against my limp dick. She Broke with a Loud "CRACK" but it was a shitty break and she even said so. I told her I'd rack Em'
Again and she could do it again she said cool then let me get comfortable, she removed her little wrap thing that she had on and next
with me standing rite in front of her she did that thing they do, She reached behind her back unsnapped her bra and then pulled it
out from her blouse sleeve. Wow That is So sexy I said Then I saw her Beautiful breast's they were perfect about a 36 D I would guess.
Barbara Was a very Attractive and Sexy Woman about 5'5" tall, perfect Ass, beautiful smile,long Brunette hair, and Nasty Bedroom eyes, that when she looked at you
they said I wanna Fuck you ! and she was in her later 40's too I was around 33 or 34 at the time when she bent over her boobs nearly
fell out !!! and the top she was wearing showed it all too you could see rite through it her perfect nipples stood straight trying to poke
through the fabric We Played a few games then took a break when I sat down on my stool she pulled me closer in to her and said
Well ? Well what ? do you like them ? Hell yes !!! what's not to like ? she then unbuttoned her shirt and shows them to me !
Touch Em' what ? feel my tit's! so I did they were so soft but firm, I wanted to take both of them rite there, but too many people there knew
me and Angel, and it would not be fun hearing all the shit from them. Barb noticed me kinda backing off and said "Dude do you
Smoke Pot ?" sure do, do you ? "Hell yeah Who doesn't !" lets Go, out to my car and smoke the rest of a joint I have she said,
and you can Play there ? sound good to you ? Fuck Yeah lets go ! When we got to her car she opened my Door then spun me around
Pressed her body against mine and Planted The kiss of a lifetime on me,as she proceded to grind her hips into mine, some people in the parking lot noticed it too and they started Whooping and hollering ! but they kept moving so we continued for a few moments then I got in, when she came from the back of
the car and got in she had removed her top and they were exposed for all to see.
She fished around in the ashtray produced a fat joint and lit it up took a hit then handed it to me, when I handed it back to her
she took another hit and at the same time pulled my face to her Breast's she moaned like she was being Fucked Hard !
I just kept squeezing and sucking them she kept on moaning, she then grabbed my now Raging hard on and moaned even more
Do I turn you on Baby ! I muffled a Umm Hmm ! slurp Slurp Yes you do Unnraah ! was her reply
" FUCK MY PUSSY IS SO WET! " she felt between her legs and then stuck her fingers in her mouth then instantly pulled my
head to her face and kissed me deep again and rubbed her face, and pussy juice all over my face and lips she then pulled
my head head back and looked into my eyes YOU LIKE THAT ? the taste of my Pussy? OH Yes Ma'am I certainly do
Do you want to Eat My Pussy ? Yes Ma'am I certainly do! and I began to lower my head to her crotch she stopped me there
and said You know I would really prefer some other place more comfortable like my place ?! Or yours ? if you feel more
comfortable there Thinking about what Angel said earlier ! Well ? I Er Huh ! Barb said my place then ? where do you live ?
The Palisades she, I'll bring you back when ever you want, or I can send you home in a cab she said (almost begging Me!)
to go with her "Fuck it Lets Go" Her face lit up like a little k** at Christmas and smiled a very dirty smile and off we went.
It was still early and she suggested that we stop and pick up some goodies. Can you mix us some drinks ? sure can
She said can you make us some Kamikaze's sure if you have everything Nope I don't But We will,
We stopped at a market in the Palisades I went in she stayed in the car tho but when I came out she was not in the car she was coming from a bank of pay phones I asked did she need to call someone Naw was looking for a newspaper she said when we drove past the paper machines I noticed that they still had papers in them We then proceeded to her House Damn Woman ? you didn't say you lived
In the Highlands (A Very Affluent Neighborhood near Santa Monica Ca.)and that's going to be one Expensive Cab ride home
She followed that with "Honey Don't you worry About a thing" as we pulled up to one of the "Multimillion Dollar Homes"
I can certainly Afford it ! with that the garage door opened up and the first thing that I noticed was the "LOTUS' and next
the brand new Harley, we pulled in and parked she leaned over kissed me real hard grabbed my cock gave it a squeeze
and asked me Are you ready for this ? "Oh Hell yes" she then made the car Alarm go off What the Fuck ? I took her key's
from her hand and shut it off ! What was that all about ? just A mistake she said we went inside and she showed me to the Bar
Who was she k**ding She had Every damn thing and more too Well I don't know these things that's my husbands job
Husband ? UHHH wait you Didn't say that you had a husband ! Didn't I well I do but don't worry about him he's a pussycat
in fact you guy's would really like each other I'd rather not find out ! I'm going to go and change, you make the drinks,
And why don't you make some extra so we don't have to keep getting up !
As I ascended the Monstrosity of a staircase I could have sworn I heard conversation coming from somewhere,
So I called out Barbara ? Yeah Honey ? ( followed by an almost silent Shhh )
Do I go left or right ? Honey Why don't you just follow my voice ! did you finish making the Drinks my love ?
As a matter of Fact (turned to enter her bedroom) I Diiiiid ? HOOOLEEE Shiiiit Your Hawt ! Wow ! What a Fuckin Body and what an outfit.
It was a Bustier Pretty Purple with Black Trim and Garters Crotchless Panties the whole nine yards. She was so fine
My cock was standing straight up and was very uncomfortable too, it was trying to peek over the waistband of my jeans
and my belt. Here Baby Let Momma help you with that she said, and proceeded to unbutton the fly and released my
throbbing Cock, I'm only around 7 1/2'' But I had at that time the stamina of a 15 year old ! now
I'm 51 and more like a 30 yr old but nobody complains. She took it in her hands fondled it and rubbed it all over
her face, then kissed it real passionately before totally engulfing it and forcing me to the back of her throat Oh!Gawwwd !
I Said at the same time I heard something that sounded like it came from the closet I looked in that direction But
when she took me again to the back of her throat I thought I was going to explode, she was gagging herself with
the head of my cock and it was wonderful too I lost all thought then and sat next to her on the bed I kissed her full on her lips
before laying her back on the bed it was a four Post huge Bed, you had to step up on small steps just to get on it.
Mirrors on the ceiling, the wall behind the head of it, and the closet's all had mirrors too, very erotic scene I reached down
and said to her as I removed her panties Don't think you'll be needing these, "But they are crotchless!" Yeah but I don't need
anything getting in my way "Oh Really" she said then by all means "Bon' Appetite" By all means.
I crawled up to her Gorgeous Shaved Pussy, separated her lips, and I put my open mouth over it and sucked just like
I was kissing her mouth She Moaned loud then let out a sigh ! as I began french kissing her beautiful pussy wile at the same
time sucking the whole thing into my mouth, Not yet Targeting her big beautiful Clit as it rubbed against my upper lip.
All Barbara could do was clench the bedspread with both hands and moan more and more We were both in heaven
I began to focus on her clit now and she became even more excited
I heard her say "I love You Honey!" and then "He's gonna make me cum for you !" Do you like it Honey ? I just tried to keep
my focus on her sopping wet pussy and her clit God honey I'm cumming was what came next or should I say what came before
the gusher She squirted in my mouth and I lapped it up like a Parched puppy in the desert She noticed that I was still licking her
pussy dry and said Wow You like that ? UMmmmmmm Hmmmmmm ! was all I could do' "Really you really like my Pea ?"
Honey That's not Piss ! Then what is it ? it's You ! so I raised my still wet face from her love nest and climbed my way to her
face where I kissed her very passionately she was tasting her own juices for the first time and was lovin it too !
Wow it does taste good she said I still had my clothes on, so she began taking them off then asked if it was OK, for her to take
take off her Lingerie I said no I'll do that for you besides I wanna taste those titties again she said anything that you want Baby
Can I suck your Cock now? she asked Sure you can she began sucking me again just then I heard a tap tap,
I asked What the hell is that ? She just kept on sucking and ignored me then she repositioned the both of us in that position
I couldn't quite get my mouth on her pussy, but I began fingering her pussy and g-spot she spread her legs for better access,
and began moaning some more. Oh I really think It's going to happen again Baby She rolled me over then Shoved my Cock
all the way into her hot soaking wet Pussy and began riding me like a horse she then slowed her pace and looked deep in my
eyes then asked how I felt about anal sex ? Honey sex is sex and anal sex is still sex, she asked if I like to have mine licked or
Rimmed Fuck yeah Why do you like to do that ? She was holding a perfect rhythm slowly up and down and up almost all
the way to the tip and back down I was expecting it to fall out but it didn't and All I was doing was laying there enjoying
every bit of her she hopped of of me as I began to get close to cumming and got into a sixty nine position started sucking my
Cock just like she had when we started I warned her that what she was doing would make me cum for sure she slowed just a bit
Then lifted her head and shoved her tongue straight into my Asshole "Oh God Yeesssss ! she lifted up just a bit You like that Baby ?
Then you tell me just how you like it ! How about this she licked all around it or this she went in and out rapidly what about this
she shoved it in and wiggled it all around Fuuuuk ! Yeah ! baby All of it feels great just keep doing SHUT Up ! she said
what do you want me to do to your Asshole ? "I asked you!" Lick it taste it shove it deep inside of my Ass I said Yeeeesss ! she said
Here this is what I want you to do And I shoved My tongue deep into her Ass "OOOOHHH" !! "Fuck she said fuck it Baby"
"fuck me in my Ass!" "make it wet baby Make Mommas Ass Wet" so you can shove your cock inside me and cum in my Ass
I slowly began slipping my finger into her Ass and she lightened up a bit on mine as my index finger got to the middle knuckle
I bent it just a bit Fuck she went crazy I even thought she was pissed for a second until she reached around and began pushing
in and out and demanding more more She said Can't you hear me I said more, more fingers Baby please I did as she asked
but it just wasn't enough for her she got up once again and straddled me once again, I fucked her really really Wet pussy,while
she fingered her own Ass for a few minutes then she put my cock in her Ass and lifted her legs up to take it in all the way
I watched as it entered her wet Asshole, and slid all the way in. She went Nuts bucking like a wild a****l and and
almost screaming at the same time. I asked her if she was OK ? Yessss baby just keep fucking my ass I thought
I saw something just out of the corner of my eye, and tilted my head to see just then she kissed me then she looked around a bit
herself then instantly she pulled my cock out of her Asshole and straddled my face with my arms under her legs.
She lowered her now dripping wet pussy over my mouth, and said "Now You Eat My Wet Cunt Until I Cum In Your Mouth"
Do You Understand ? Yesss I do babe. Then not another word until you make it come in your mouth. she said it with a smile
but she was beginning to appear a bit intimidating but I did as I was told and began sucking and licking her steaming wet Pussy
God it tasted so good I tried to pull my hand free to open her lips but that just wasn't happening she raised up,
and asked if something was wrong can you breath Ok ? I still remained silent and began to pull my arms out again she said
Naw Baby Momma like you just like this and permitted me to speak I need my hands free why ? she snapped so I can get to
your Pussy better OH you want Momma to hold it open for you Yes Yes what ? Yes Ma am, " Ma am" ? do I look like a Ma am ?
No "NO WHAT"? No Mistress? OH! No honey, " Yes Momma " that will suffice Now finish eating Mommas Nasty Cunt NOW !
So I did and it was getting wetter and wetter and tasted so good, she was going wild too, holding her pussy open for me with her
Left hand and rubbing and fondling her breast's and touching her clit with her right one. Next she started stroking my cock,
fuck was it hard too soon I felt her lips on the head of it she was getting close to shooting in my mouth when I managed to
look up at her face, I realized that she was looking directly into mine, and that she was holding her pussy lips open with
Both hands, and also stimulating her own clit too. She saw a giant question mark in my expression the look on my face
must have said it all Who the fuck is sucking my cock Ohh ! Fuck ! Ohhhh Gawwwwd ! here I Cum Cmon Baby
Please Make Your Momma Cum Please Oh yesss Yesss here I cum Baby Your making My cunt Cum Baby Oh
God And she did too All over everything, and into my mouth and it just kept cumming such a sweet taste too. And then
It was my turn I was being sucked hard and soft and god was that fucking feeling good too, deep throat all the way
to the head just like earlier then slowly up the shaft, sucking just slightly and slobbering on it and then sucking it off again
At this point I couldn't see anything because she was riding so high up on my face still But so what I'm going to Cum
and Barbara is still Cumming too She is so fucking hot too. Just then I felt it Like an oil well before it explodes erupting
it's fluid way into the air And I was about to become a human Oil well with the exception of the fluid.
My cum was about to shoot through my cock and into an awaiting mouth, and yet I had no idea who's mouth
would be on the receiving end Fuck it who cares, I began to arch up and Barbara jumped up from my face and turned
herself around then instantly sat back down on my chest still couldn't see tho whoever was sucking my cock was
very good and wasn't quite ready to end it and began sharing it with Barbara and she was really good too
Her Asshole was just inches from my face so I just went back to work on that, she was so turned on that she started moaning
some more and that was about all it took. I came so hard She Really did gag on it (I shoot really big loads) but her friend
took over, and I heard a very pronounced Male Moan as he sucked My Cock like it was his last one ever. He was savoring it
He was basting my cock, with my own cum then sucking it back into his mouth, and again just like he had done with his own
saliva earlier and there was Barbara rite there assisting when it all subsided she rolled off of me. That's when I first saw that the
closet door was opened, and then I saw a Man a "Big Burly Man" He waved at me Kinda Girlie like and smiled then said "Sup rise"
Just then Barbara said Jim, Bob, and then Bob Jim I said yes he sure did he got she didn't he and I laughed tho
So Jim ? I asked where do you fit into this Picture Well Bob Barb and I are happily Married and you just Fucked my
Wife and quite well she added ! He's good honey she then Kissed me and said your good honey real good ! we sat and talked
for a little bit had a drink and and got to know each other better They were very cool People too
Jim reached out to shake my hand and said b*****r You have my permission to fuck My wife anytime you like
really I asked Anytime ? anytime b*o How about now ? Now They Both chimed in ! Yeah Now ! Barb looked at me,
and said your serious huh ? yep I sure am she smiled and slipped off the tank top that she had put on while we were all talking
My cock stood instantly as she did that, she then asked how do you want me Baby? I said on your back, legs spread open so
I can get at your sweet wet pussy . . . Momma . . . she did as she was asked When I noticed Jim just sitting there I sad well
b*o ? are you just gonna sit there and watch or are you going to join in ? He Smiled Real big and said Honey I like this guy
I really do like him you really did pick a winner this time next I was in heaven eating that wonderful Pussy while Jim played with
my Cock and balls too while rimming My ass with his tongue It was great
This time she and he both found out why

They Call Me Thuumper !!!
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2 years ago
a young guys dream cum true,,,, like a princess charming with a twist, a wet gushy twist!!!
3 years ago
LoL, good story thanks for sharing.