Me My Girlfriend and My Ex-Girlfriend I set them u

Yes Yes Yes Babe " Eat my Pussy " you know how I Just love the way You eat
My Pussy Cum for me Babe She said Cum for Us Baby And Boy did I. Janine was swallowing my Cum and frantically sucking
My Cock Angel was steadily encouraging me to Cum, "Cum on Baby you love it Cum for Us that was when I went crazy,
Pumping my cock in and out of Janine's Mouth and at the same time Banging that beautiful wet pussy on my face!
A very Loud groan and that was it, I stopped Pumping my cock but Janine didn't stop she was groaning and swallowing
and sucking me harder and harder Cum for us Angel said again And I did A lot We were all hot and dripping with sweat
and it was a mutual agreement to take a breather so we laid down and were having a smoke break and realized we had nothing
to Drink I offered to go to the soda machine but Janine Said Dude I meant alcohol and maybe some munchies too.
The nearest liquor store Vendome was about 4 blocks away and I had no intention of driving so the girls decided I would
Walk What Angel said You want more of us rite ? Yes as a matter of fact I do well your not going to ready for at least 15 Min's
rite ? Well yea But. "But nothing Babe that's perfect timing then Rite ? OK I reluctantly agreed to walk there
Angel made a list of things to get and off I was .

Well Angel was rite about two things One, How long it would take me to walk to and from the store, And also how long
it would take for me and my cock to be ready to go again. As I neared the door to our room I noticed that the window was
now open, I couldn't see in but I could hear what was going on inside. Somebody Was Cumming and someone else was
about to I stood outside and listened intently, and finished My smoke My Cock was raging to get out and be part of this
action I headed for the Door pulled my key from my pocket slipped it into the keyhole very quietly I wanted to watch them
without them seeing me I opened the door just slightly enough to see inside Wow What a show I could see Angel was on
the Bottom and Janine was on top they were in the Sixty-nine position Angel had her legs spread wide open and was
holding her pussy lips open the way I always had her do for me and Janine was sucking her pussy for all it was worth
she was telling Angel to Go ahead Cum for me Cum all over my face Angel was bucking wildly Janine was shoving her
hand in and out of Angels Tight Cunt I could hear how wet from the slurping sounds and Janine's Frantic sucking too
OH !! SHIT !!! I'm Gonna Cum OH Yess Lick It !!! LICK MY Clit !! I had had just about all i could stand and decided
to go inside but as I pushed on the door "BaaM" it stopped Someone had Flipped the thing on the door so I wasn't
abel to open it Janine lifted her head and asked Angel should I keep going ? "OH YESS ! PLEE Pleeese doooon't Stop"
I Going to Tooo Huh OH Yes I'm Cuuummming OH GOD FUCK YEEEEESSSS Janine was Sucking Her Pussy like a c***d
sucking the last of the milk from a cereal bowel. And Janine wasn't stopping for nothing Especially me !!! I just stood at
partially cracked open door watching, and Occasionally squeezing My cock. Now I know How a peeping tom Feels, I didn't
care tho I was enjoying their show and it was a show too. Janine was altering her hands in and out of Angels Slurping Wet
Pussy, and rubbing her nipple across Angel's Clit then putting her whole mouth on Angels Pussy and Suuuck and then again
Suuuuuck !!! Angel was Going wild Bucking Up and down Like Mad, "Fuck Meeee"! FUUUUUUK MEEEEE SUCK ME YOU HOT
WHORE" "LICKK ME SUCK IT HARD !!!"" Bite My Clit ! Bite it Yeeeeesss Just like That OOOOHH GAWWWD OH YESS
HERE It COMES I could actually tell when she came because Janine Moaned and Said Yeees bitch CUM INMY MOUTH
OH FUCK !!! Janine said My Fuuukin Gawwd you DO TASTE GOOD !!! Oh Cumm for me Babe Gimme all that Sweet Cum
You Taste great Give it to My Honey as things started to subside a bit Janine finally got up and opened the door Those titties
came bouncing at me like two puppies as I stepped inside she said want to taste some Really good Pussy and Kissed me with
Furry we stood there with each other locked in a very intense embrace kissing like never before Janine said in an almost silent
whisper, " I still love You, and would do anything for you Anytime " We then both walked over to the bed where Angel's Orgasm
was finally Subsiding I slapped Janine's Ass and She laughed I kissed Angel very deeply and asked her if she Missed me ?
she said Naw Not really we were getting along fine without you then smiled and told me Thank You ! for what I asked ?
not busting in the door or climbing through the window or something like that I said no Prob I was enjoying watching you guys
and it was hawt as hell too then she said Are you gonna get undressed ? I said I can if you want me to She Said please Do
Janine Laid down beside Angel and they both started making out then stopped to watch me undress Angel was now
kinda fondling Janine's Pussy again and sucking on those magnificent tit's too, My Cock went to attention Immediately
and Angel slowly started jacking me then sucked on it for a moment next she started tonguing Janine's right ear and
saying something that I couldn't hear Janine was getting turned on too Angel then moved to Janine's tit's again
and told her You have beautiful Breasts Janine and squeezed them both tight Janine Moaned with pleasure (she loved that)
Squeeze Em Girl Angel was squeezing Janine's Tit's while licking her nipple and pulled on my Cock that was hard as it
could get she paused for a moment and pulled me toward Janine's Wet and waiting Pussy are you Sure i asked ?quietly
She said absolutely sure Aloud That's what we came here for right ? and she pulled some more on my cock so as she went
Back to Janine's breasts I massaged her pussy it was so wet she was moaning again and had no clue that I was about
Put my Cock in her as the head touched her wet pussy lips angel bit Janine's nipple and she moaned and jerked then told
her God that felt good do it again OHHH yeah ! More ! Harder AHHH Yessss she hissed I love it do it some more Please
only harder this time bit it harder So she did and When Janine jumped I took advantage of the timing and stuck My cock
Deep inside her Hot Cunt but I didn't move I watched as Angel was working on those Breasts and nipples My cock was all
the way inside of Janine but was as still as a cat waiting to pounce I squeezed Real hard on her left Breast as angel bit her nipple
She gasped OHHHHH ! YEAH ! I LIKE that Just like that Then I started pumping in and all the way out just as she had always
liked that then Angel and I Each Squeezed and at the same time Bit down hard on her nipples She let out a Moan that the
neighbors next door must have heard and i shoved my cock all the way in again and then back all the way out
Oh Yeeesss and another Gasp ! then I began Fucking her hard Angel We were all getting turned again and it was getting
Nasty When Angel took it upon herself to sit her Pussy on Janine's Face All I heard was a muffled OHH YEAH !!! Baby Sit
that shit rite on my Fucking Face Fuck it girl Fuck my Face Fuck me !! FUUUUck Meeee Yeeeesss She wasn't ready yet
But was surely enjoying what she was getting from the both of us Angel looked so Hot riding Janine's Face Her tit's bouncing
up and down and she was rotating her hips in a circular motion and then back and forth Janine was grabbing her and Angel's
Tit's and Ass too I was getting close to Cumming and didn't want to Yet so Pulled out Noooo Noooo ! Put it Back Janine said
in a very muffled voice I'm going to come Wait, and then went down on her so as not to blow my load Angel Said Fuck
that looks so Fucking good Honey Eat her Pussy eat it Fucking Eat that beautiful Pussy Lick her Clit for me Honey suck on
her Cunt Lips SHE really likes it when you suck on her Cunt Lips (Angel Hated the word Cunt ) suck Em Hard bite them
Janine was going crazy I heard an occasional Yes but mostly Moaning next Janine told Angel to Kiss her Angel got up
and was making out with Janine in a matter of seconds they were trading off sucking each others Tit's and making out like
mad then back to sucking and Biting each others tit's I was busy eating Janine's pussy she was gyrating her hips and I noticed
that the girls were attempting to get into some position I got kicked in the head when Angel was trying to position her
pussy directly on Janine's They were trying to bang their clits and finally got it basically just shoved my head out of the way
they were Grinding their clit's together and pulling pussy lips apart to get it right when I realized Angel's gorgeous Ass was
right in front of my face I shoved three fingers inside Janine's Pussy from one hand and my thumb inside Angels Pussy
And next Fucked Angel's Ass with my tongue They both moaned and groaned very loudly this went on for a bit and my hands
were getting tired so I decided to Fuck some pussy i went form one to the other and back again and then back some more
when I was going from Angel back to Janine's pussy Janine Grabbed my Cock and squeezed it real hard then directed the
head to her Tight Asshole as I slowly inserted it she Said Very very loudly Yes Baby FUCK ME IN MY ASS !!! she then pulled
Angel closer Grinding Hard they both were close to cumming I was in Janine's Ass Fucking like Mad and sitting up pumping
My Hips Angel asked if I was fucking Janine's Ass We both answered yes at the same time Angel then took my left hand and
inserted my my index finger into her tight and tiny Asshole in less than 5 minutes they were both cumming like mad too grinding
their pussy's and clit's too and me fucking Janine's Ass with my cock and Angels Ass with my finger Janine knew that I was
getting very close to cumming and slid out from under Angel then took my cock in her mouth she instructed Angel to roll
over on her back she was still steady sucking on my cock took Angel's long legs and spread them wide in the air And then
made me shove my cock all the way up inside Angel's Ass with one stroke Janine pulled me into Angel so hard and fast that
Angel actually Moaned and whimpered at almost the same time Now I was Fucking Angel In her Ass and Janine was licking
her clit when I went to pull out because I was about to cum Janine said to angel he's ready Girl tell him what you want Tell him
now Tell him Hurry Angel Screamed out FUCK MY ASS HONEY FUCK ME HARD PLEASE FUCK IT HARD
Janine grabbed my hips and began slamming my hips against her Ass Cheeks Harder she said SHE WANTS IT HARDER Now
"FUCK HER ASS HARDER" That's just what she wants and needs Rite Angel Do You want your man to FUCK YOUR ASS ?
Yes she replied Then You Tell him that I want you to . . to Fuck my ass I swear my cock expanded when she said it
But Janine was not satisfied I pumped Angels Ass with my cock then Janine started to slap Angels Ass Cheeks Tell him
Slam it baby Slam it Hard Babe Now !!! Fuck my tight Ass You know you want to So FUCK ME HARD HARDER
FUUUUK MEEEE I DID AND when I started to come tried to pull it out Angel wrapped her long beautiful Legs around the back of me
Asss I did as she asked And shot the biggest load way up into her Ass just as she said she wanted it was Great
I collapsed on top of her then finally rolled off I was down for the count !!! It would e Quite a while before I'd be
able to Get hard again I was exhausted Just spent Kaput !!!
We all snuggled up with me in the middle with one arm around Each of them and their heads resting on each shoulder I kissed
them both on the forehead and said Thank You !
No THANK YOU ! was Angel's Reply And thank you Angel for sharing you man !
Your Quite Welcome Janine !!! Anytime As long as I'm there too !!!

That was the last thing I remembered
Because I fell asl**p
Bob !!!

Thanks For reading
and please feel free to make any comments !

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2 years ago
I enjoyed it. I agree it needed editing, but the content was so hot. I would like to hear more chapters of other adventures.
3 years ago
Hot story, thanks for posting.
3 years ago
This would be a great story if you had and editor. I will tell my daughter Misty about you.
3 years ago
good story