Me My Girlfriend and My Ex-Girlfriend I set them u

I Was visiting my Mother in Santa Monica and was snuggled up with My new Girlfriend Angel, who would eventually become my wife and the Mother of My c***d, We were board, and trying to figure out what to do for some fun. When the phone rang, It was Janine My Ex
It was a real Shitty Break up She was a true Nympho and pretty much would Fuck Anything including I was told her Horse.
Janine Had heard that I was in town from Riverside, and was checking up to see what I was up to, and if I wanted to go out and do
something. I said well Angel and I were thinking of playing some pool at the Billiard Inn. (local Pool Hall) Her Reply Was "Oh Fuck
You Brought that Bitch To My Town" ? I said I did, Had to introduce My new woman to All my friends Didn't I ? That made Angel
Relax a bit, They had been talking shit Back and forth for a few months it was a bit comical to say the least.
Angel gave me a very deep Back of your throat Tongue Kiss That stirred my cock to attention, and then grabbed it very tight as she
told me she was going to go to the bathroom and was coming back and give me some pussy, while I was talking to the Bitch !
She squeezed my Cock Very hard I said Be nice (I meant to to my Dick) She said Oh I will you'll see ! and she left the room
Janine had only heard part of that Conversation The part about Pussy and Bitch and oh I will She asked What Did She Say ?
That Bitch is talking shit isn't She ? No I said She wasn't,I pretended that Angel was still in the room What Honey No I'm not going to
Say that ! Janine asked What Did She Say ? Nothing I replied YES SHE DID ! "TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK SHE SAID"
She said She Wanted to Eat Your Pussy, Still acting as if Angel were in the room She Said What ? That She wants to "Eat You Out!"
Really ??? Huuum ? Just then Angel came back into the bedroom As Janine was saying Sounds like fun !!! And I'm up for some Pussy
Tasting too!!! Now it was Angels Turn Well what did she say Uuummm ? Well I UUmmmm ? Well WHAT is she still talking Shit I said
No not really Then what was it Janine said Go Ahead Tell her you Idiot ! Idiot I said I'm an Idiot ? She said she wants to Taste Your
Pussy (whispering too) She Does was Angels Reply Then Hell Lets Go Really ? Your k**ding Right Hell no You Know I have never
been with a Girl before and you said that Her and I both Have Fantastic tasting Pussy's right ? Then lets go but first I have to take a
shower she said as she grabbed the phone from my hand I thought Oh Shit ! I am so busted She said So Janine. Hi I'm Angel by the way
so are you really up for this or just playing games Janine said Hell Yes I'm up for it Bitch ? Then We will be at the pool hall in
45 minutes Does that sound good to you ? Sure does but I need to take a shower too, and it may take a bit to get there
She said in her cute little girl voice Don't leave before I get there Oh We Won't !!! said Angel You can bet on that !!!

So we arrived In My "65 Pontiac GTO" and parked in the back parking lot where some patrons were having a smoke,
we sat in the car and smoked part of a Joint and got a couple of nice Car Man !!! and smells good then I got out, Angel
knowing That She had to wait for me to open her door waited Impatiently, Somebody asked what ya got under the hood b*o?
389 I replied. Is she Beefed up ? sure is !!! Angel said will you hurry (quietly) As I Opened her Door and her Long Ass Legs
protruded from the passenger side, like some kind of movie star, I heard some whistles and even a Damn I smiled a big Ches-shire
Cat smile!. Angel is 5' 9" with 34 B breasts and there firm as hell with Nice nipples that Always seem to be rock hard I loved that
she was wearing a bright blue (my favorite color) 976 Dress like the Commercials, nice heels she was rather skinny too but fine as wine
she always had a beautiful smile, with such a beautiful face, very long auburn hair down to her Ass Cheeks, It used to be long enough
to roll around her tiny little hand twice and put it into her back pocket but she had cut it to her ass and was stunning as hell.
Dude came over with a lady friend and asked if he could see under the hood ? I looked at her and she nodded
(she was getting used to this stuff) sure Man I replied ! as we all stood there a few moments admiring my machine,
and talking a bit about Cars and Drag racing Angel was on display for all to see Just Looking Hot as shit One girl even asked her
if she was a model.? I asked if she was ready to get her Ass kicked in Pool She said Don't think that's going to happen
I replied Then lets see sassy ! We went inside they weren't busy at all I got us a Table and Angel got the picture and glasses too
All Eye's were on her and she was loving every minute of it too. I noticed she had brought 3 beer mugs as well
We had played about 3/4's through out first game when, In through the back door In walks the Life of the party.
Janine And she was looking almost as good as Angel, She was around 5' 5" ish with Big 36 / 38 Tits not that sure
All I know is they were very Big and ''D's" with big beautiful nipples and huge Ario la's too,
she had on a white very see through top with no bra, and also a very very short kinda Gauzy looking and also kinda see through
skirt as well , her Skin was very dark complected her f****y was Italian and she was very proud of that and also, how well that
she took care of her Body and especially her Skin just as soft as velvet.Janine Sexily sauntered up to us and
started by saying I see you brought the b**st, from halfway across the pool hall she was like that loud and very flashy too all eye's
were on her now but when she got close and I went to give her a hello hug like every woman I know, she walked rite past Me
and straight up to Angel She introduced herself by saying I'm Janine and It's really nice to finally Meet You !
and then kissed Angel full on the mouth tongue and all Angel tried not to act shocked but it was hard and so was I now,
And probably a few others in the place as well. Janine said when she met me she did the same thing, she was telling a short story
it was about some guy she met and said he just stood up and Kissed her on the lips and that is exactly what she did when we met
so she thought it was only fitting, due to the circumstances Angel poured Janine a beer and they sat and talked for a moment.
and while Angel took her Shot Janine came up to me finally and said what's up stranger ? Where's My Hug and kiss ?
looking at Angel for approval angel said better make it a good one Honey with that we kissed Deep short but Nasty and
next Angel's grabbing my cock and making comments to Janine she said check out what you did to him! and took Janine's hand and
guided it to my crotch where they both were rubbing me at the same time, rite in front of all to see I realized that they were trying to
out show each other and doing a great job too Janine asked if I still had my coke connection I said yeah why ?
Well why don't we get some and go get a room together ? A Room ? and Angel said yeah dummy a room
Angel said her and I wanna Fuck Don't You ? I went silent Janine said I'll get the coke and the booze and you get the room
and handed m a hundred dollar bill, Hell whatever you ladies want so I called my friend and shortly thereafter we left,
as we walked out of the pool hall arm and arm & Sucking face with both ladies I had my hands on both of their
Beautiful Ass's in the palms of my hand so to speak. I felt like the stud of the year
so off to Thomas's House we went to when we got there, I parked a little ways down the street because my Goat is very loud
and left them in the car I told them it may be a few moments and to be good. All I heard was take your time Dude, followed
by yeah do take your time honey when I returned they were both sitting in the back seat just talking, I got in and started the car
and asked if anybody was going to sit up front ? Naw! Were Comfortable back here. As I stopped at a 4 way stop and was waiting Angel kissed My kissed my neck and said I Love You ! Next she ran her wet finger under my nose and mustache, (she did that all the time)
then proceeded with guess Who's ? Oh Shit ! Automatically I answered Yours She said Good Boy your right !!!
then Janine did the same it was the same and her hand was soaking wet she said guess who's I said wait a minute this is hard
and she grabbed my cock she said wait I'll get some more for you i could tell by the angle and direction that she was fingering Angel
in the back seat and I saw Angel looking down at her crotch in the mirror and when Janine she returned her hand she put it in my mouth
Wow It was Really Wet and tasted great too I said that's angel they both chimed in right!!! just then we arrived at the hotel
and I got out of the car and said don't start without me again they chimed in together Too Late !!! I got the key and we parked
when they were getting out of the back seat and grabbing each others Asses and Boobs and gigiling like little school girls
they both stood on either side of me and gave me a Ruthie Kiss, according to Angel that's when 3 people kiss at the same time
Her and I did it once with her s****r but that was all My shit was soo Fucking hard I couldn't wait any longer as we entered the room,
One more guess Who's and the sweet smell of heaven scent and sweet clean Pussy permeated the room that is most definitely Janine !
Angel removed her hand from my face and said Ding Ding Ding (in a whisper) your right baby you really are quite good at this game
and I really do like playing it what about you Janine ? Janine answered Are you Fucking k**ding You Just Grabbed My Cunt
ans Shoved you tiny little hand halfway up inside of me and have the nerve to ask me do I like to play this game ? Hell YEAH
as we all sat down on the bed Janine said break out the lines and don't be shy and if you guys don't mind I'm going to get comfy ,
She looked our direction for some kind of approval we both smiled and Janine removed her skirt, What no Panties ?
I asked she said naw left em in your car on the back seat they were soaking wet for some reason too.
Next she started to take of her top Angel noticed she was having some trouble and began helping her remove it.
Next Janine Laid back on the bed put her arm around Angels neck and pulled her into those beautiful Tits, and By the moaning
it seemed that Angel was doing a good job too I said OK who's up first ? you paid so you can go first Janine.
She waited a few long moments and said to Angel Wow Girl your good. Then kissed her for a real long time she then
got up and came to the nightstand and squatted down touching her pussy while taking her line she stayed there and handed the
straw to Angel and said damn you guys are still dressed Angel was sitting on the side of the bed and as she finished her line she sat up
I noticed she had no panties on she said didn't wear any !!! At that moment Janine spread Angels legs apart and began licking
her soaking wet pussy Angel stretched a big stretch and began moaning Janine said to me aren't you going to do one cause you
need to be on those Tits Dude While I lick this clit and Bang her with my fingers here have a taste so I Licked her clit and and those
beautiful Pussy Lips too !!! Janine pulled me away saying something like Those are waiting for you this is mine for now
And that's just what I did I sucked on her tits while Janine ate her pussy it was great Angel was still dressed, Well she had on her dress so Janine and I both took it off and we all three kissed again at the same time Janine and I both Had our fingers inside Angels Tight Wet Cunt Janine then very sexually licked her fingers and and put her hand in my mouth she took my hand and pulled it from Angel's Pussy
and put if from her Pussy to Angels Mouth she moaned when she tasted her own sweet pussy and it was sweet too
Janine then asked in a very Nasty yet sexy voice if I wanted to join her at the "Y" ? "Hell yes you know I do!" so we both ate her pussy while making out briefly between taking a breath God it so was Hawt ! I was still dressed and angel said Janine, !! Bob still has his Clothes on they both began taking of my clothes as if on cue too. You Want top or bottom Janine asked Angel ? Why don't we share she replied
and then again as if on cue they both started to pull up-word on my t-shirt with my head basically covered and still stuck in the shirt,
Both of my lovely ladies were sucking on my nipples and rubbing my very hard cock through my pants, Next they both knelt on the floor
in front of me and down my pants went, soon My cock was being simultaneously sucked By Two very beautiful Women,.
My balls and cock being shared and soon one was tasting my Asshole and the other was deep-throating my Hard and ready cock.
I could tell it was Janine who was on my cock because she loved to suck dick and was very good at it too.
Angel on the other hand was very good at giving head but just did not love like Janine did. I was getting kinda close to cumming ,
and and told Janine this, without skipping a beat she laid me down on the bed her mouth never left my cock wile doing so
I was getting closer and closer when Janine started to really start moaning Angel had laid down between Janine's Legs on her back
and had been eating her Pussy I could tell that she was Loving it too, because Janine was losing concentration on my cock then all of a sudden,
OHH ! Myy Gaawd Myy Cunt is going to too OHHH God Yess Yeeeesss Lick My Pus OHHHH Yeeeessss Oh GOD YESSSS
Put your Fingers in there Hoooly Craaap I'm Cuuu Cuuuming !! Gaaaawwwd YES YES OH YESS SUCK THAT PUSSY GIRL !!!
And then she was going Hog wild on My Stiff Cock Janine was Moaning and panting and repeating herself, over and over again
Angel was sucking on that Cunt like she Had been doing it her whole life. Next it was my turn Janine told Angel that she had to
stop for a minute because she was getting a little sensitive down there. I swear I heard a sigh of sadness from Angel I was laying
on my back and grabbed Angel's arm and motioned for her to straddle my face as Janine was about to make my cock come
Angels Sopping Wet Pussy touched my lips and she moaned as I tasted her Pussy lips Janine said "You better save some of that
pussy juice for me Motherfucker !!!" I said Shut the fuck up, and stop talking with your mouth full. Angel said" both of you Shut the Fuck up
and get busy " We all three laughed It was time I was going to cum Angel wasn't even close to cumming but her pussy was steaming and dripping and I was just loving every second of this shit. That's was when I unleashed a load of of cum any man would be proud of,
Janine was Moaning I was moaning Angel was saying Yes Yes Yes Babe " Eat my Pussy " you know how I Just love the way You eat
My Pussy Cum for me Babe She said Cum for Us Baby And Boy did I. Janine was swallowing my Cum and frantically sucking
My Cock Angel was steadily encouraging me to Cum, "Cum on Baby you love it Cum for Us that was when I went crazy,
Pumping my cock in and out of Janine's Mouth and at the same time Banging that beautiful wet pussy on my face!
A very Loud groan and that was it, I stopped Pumping my cock but Janine didn't stop she was groaning and swallowing
and sucking me harder and harder Cum for us Angel said again And I did A lot We were all hot and dripping with sweat
and it was a mutual agreement to take a breather so we laid down and were having a smoke break and realized we had nothing
to Drink I offered to go to the soda machine but Janine Said Dude I meant alcohol and maybe some munchies too.
The nearest liquor store Vendome was about 4 blocks away and I had no intention of driving so the girls decided I would
Walk What Angel said You want more of us rite ? Yes as a matter of fact I do well your not going to ready for at least 15 Min's
rite ? Well yea But. "But nothing Babe that's perfect timing then Rite ? OK I reluctantly agreed to walk there
Angel made a list of things to get and off I was

Part II Gets a bit more interesting !!!
Comments are appreciated !!!

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a little confusing but still hot
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very good & hot