It started as just a fantasy !!! and became Realit

Both Angel and I were looking for someone who would treat her like a woman, to not look at her like a slut that they could take advantage of. Then I had the perfect solution. My best friend's b*****r and a very Good and Cool friend, Bob, had always showed an interest in Angel. I could tell that there was a connection between the two of them. A lust or desire. Since Bob was in Santa Monica Ca. and Angel and I lived in Riverside Ca. I had moved there to do Paint Contracting wit my Dad. Bob was scheduled to spend some time with us in a month. I bet Angel and Bob would be perfect. I also knew that Bob was well hung, he never stopped letting the everybody know. He was at least 9 inches and was thick as well. That night I told Angel I had a new story and would tell her during sex. angel was excited. I described the man to her and began to describe what they did, again like the first time Angel became extremely erotic. I continued the story and about halfway through told her who she was fucking. I told her it was Little Bob that was inside her, that it was Little Bob's dick she was cumming on, and that it was Bob that would fill her insides with his load. Angel did not skip a beat and she climaxed twice that night. For the next month the fun continued. While having sex I would describe to Angel how she was being fucked, I never again brought up Little Bob, this was intentional. Angel seemed to be enjoying these sessions more and more. I knew Bob would be visiting soon and I hoped to have the two of them hook up.
He finally arrived, as Tan as ever. When he walked in Angel was excited to see and gave him a big hug, and a little grinding as well I said joking, hey Bob take it easy those hands there. Angel turned around and gave me a smile. The first couple nights that Bob stayed with us nothing to exciting happened. with the exception of the old pull on the front of Angel's top to get a look at her Tits (32 B's) But perfect to me It was now Friday and I was planning on us having a bit of a bash. I picked up some alcohol on my way home from work, and a movie I knew had some sex in it. I got home before Angel. I told Bob to make us some drinks and make them strong. I needed to take a shower and would be down in a little while. When I got out of the shower I could her Angel and Bob talking downstairs. I instanly was rock hard. I finished gettig dressed and made my way downstairs. Angel came over and gave me a hug and a very deep and long kiss. they had already put away a couple of drinks Angel asked asked what the plan was were for the night, we would normally be going to dinner or a Movie or both I said booze, conversation, sex games, and a movie. Angel said sounds like fun, I'm going to go upstairs and get freshened up. I poured a couple shots for Bob and myself and said let's get started. After the first shot, I poured another and said why stop now. Bob said I'm not a lush like I used to be. I told him to man up, which he did. Angel came downstairs in a tight pair of stretch pants, She always wore those Stretchy Pants Size 0 or 1 and Her ass was amazing, in them too and I don't think she realized that you could clearly see her cameltoe. She had on a tight White deep cut kinda seethrouge t shirt. Her breast peeked out the top of the t shirt slightly. Angel said did you plan for food. I had intentially forgot.OH Fuck! What a Moron I am! I wanted to get the to of them alone together. I said no, but I can run up the street and get something. I took the order and told them I would be back in a few minutes. Before I left I poured two shots, one for both of them, I said I would but I have to drive. Angel being petite is not able to drink a lot without feeling it. So I left and hoped that the two of them would loosen up. I took a few extra minutes. When I returned the two of them had moved to the same side of the bar. Angel had her hand on his arm and they were laughing. The night continued and we all kept on drinking. During the conversation I made sure to mention Bob the ladies man and how he bragged about the size of his cock. I told the story of the girl who told him to stop fucking her because his dick was to big.Angel recalled when she used to tell him that his friend was trying to come out to visit that she remembered when we would be driving and it would stick out from his beach shorts to Say Hello We all laughed at that Things were going well.
The three of us moved into the living room to watch the movie. By this time we all had one to many. As the movie started I positioned Angel between Bob and myself. Angel covered up and leaned in on me. We all were talking and not paying to close attention to the movie. I was rubbing Angel's leg and inner thigh. I could tell that Angel was horny as hell, and wet too, Then a sex scene on the movie came up. Suddenly the room became quiet. Everyone's eyes where plastered to the screen. Angel reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants. I noticed that Bob was looking out the corner of his eyes on the rubbing action between Angel and I. I thought it was now or never, so I took my hand and reached it down Angels's pants again I started to rub her clit under the blanket. She did not stop me and she began rubbing my cock harder. I could tell Bob was getting excited as he kept trying to position his Dick, and watch the two of us. As I slid my finger into Angel and she let out a slight Sex Moan I asked Bob if he ever thought about fucking Angel. He immeidately said you know I wouldn't do that to you. You saved my ass to many times. I told Bob it was OK! and besides You Fucked Janine Woa! Dude you Guys were broke up then, just then Angel asked is that the same Janine that you and I fucked ? and we locked you out of the hotel room when you went to the store ? Yeah that's her I said so have you ever thought about Fucking Angel because her and I had actually fucked to the thought. Bob was shocked. and manage to Mutter Sure As I slowly shoved my fingers inside her just enough to get a perfect Moan that we all heard and made Bob turn his head her way Angel wasn't saying a word I pulled the blanket off of Angel's lap and Bob could clearly see what was going on. I asked Angel if she thought about fucking Bob She said yes, not looking at either of us. I said do you want to fuck Bob now ? again Angel answered yes.
I then pulled my hand from her pants and asked her to stand up in front of Bob. Why don't you show Bob just how beautiful you are. She began to undress, she slowly pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor. and fondled and rubbed her Tits Finally her pants. Bob was still in shock and did not say anything. Angel asked Bob if the stories were true about him. I could see then something change in him. He told angel she would have to find out for herself. Angel wasted no time. In a moment she was on her knees between his legs. She undid his pants and he raised to let her remove them. Her eyes grew wide and I could tell she was excited to see just how large he was. Angel placed her left hand on Bob's sack and began to kiss it. With her right hand she slowly strocked his cock. She made her way up his shaft. She then opened her mouth and took his head with it. She had never seen a cock that large and I could tell she wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. She struggled to take half of his cock in her mouth. Bob grabbed her by the hair and directed her around his cock. Slowly moving her up and down. Around the head and along the length of his cock. after a short while Angel then straddled Bob and began to kiss him. Bob Fondled and rubbed her breast as their tongues intertwined. Angel reached down and directed Bob's Hugh cock inside her. It was a struggle at first, but Angel was so wet with anticipation it didn't take long for the entire shaft to be inside her. Bob moved down to Angel's beautiful erect nipples and began to suck on them. My plan had worked, my wife pleased, it was as if I was not there. The two of them were so envolved with the other they didn't notice me. Angel was fucking Bob, Bob had his hands on her hips.and was thrusting her Up and Down I could see her Pussy trying to swallow his Huge Cock and watched it being shoved in and out of Angel's Tight Pussy it was Mesmerizing it was bending and then Snaking it's way back into her tight but soaking wet Hole, she was so wet his cock was glistining and My Cock was Fucking Rock Hard as well They were Fucking, and Kissing, and he was sucking her tits. Then Angel turned into someone I had not seen before she started making a humming sound MMMMmmmmuuuu! OOOOOOHHH Mmmm yyyy G Ooood ! Hooly Fuckin Shit ! Aaaaa OOooHHHh Shit ! Oh Fuck ! "OH FUCK" OOOOHHHH MY GAAWWwwd Fuck Me Bob !!! Fill Ma Haa iiiee Pu PUU Pussy Pll Ples Please OHHH ! Fuc Me !
FU UU UUUU K MMMmmEEEEEEe OH ! I'm Gona Iii'm Cuu UUU mMM Ing Fuck That Pussy Your Maaaking meee Cuuummmm I'M FUCKING CUMMMING NOW GAAAAAWWWD IT FEELS SOOOOOO Gooood Fuck my pussy Shove your Cock in their Fuck it FUCK THAT PUSSY BOB JUST FUCK IT Gaaawwd !!! And then it was his turn Your Hole Is so Fucking Tight and Hot I can Feel Just How Haawt your Pussy is Inside Fuuuuuk then with his Cock Still inside her the just stopped and didn't move not a muscle not a sound
A Few Minutes passed before anyone spoke and just as I was about to say something Angel squeezed My cock with her left hand and leaned over Kissed me very Long and deep and then said Thank You Baby for Making Me Fuck Little Bob !!
Thank you for Making me feel sooo Good !!! and the Bob said Dude Thank you for letting Fuck Your Beautiful sexy hawt Woman !!!
I replied now wasn't that Fun !!! Angel then tried to stand and pull Bob's cock from her throbbing Pussy, you could hear just how wet they were.
she went into the guest bathroom and got a warm washcloth and cleaned them both up, as best that she could and said I have to go shower Honey, I'm so sweaty and filled with Cum. it's dripping everywhere Too and it was too
In a little while Angel came back Naked And All sweet Smelling Too. As she sat down between the both of us and gave us both Big Deep kisses and grabbed our Cocks. Bob Said You Fuckers You set me up!! we replied simultaniousley
Yup We Did Followed by a Jinx you owe me a coke !!!
The next thing that happened was totally Unexpected, she said Come On Boy's lets Go to bed. As she reached for the remote control and click,in almost total darkness grabbed our hands an led us both to our bedroom upstairs she then pulled the comforter and sheets down and had Bob lay on his back at foot, and and me at the head of the bed, on my Back as she sat her pussy on Bob's Face he began eating and licking her and she Gave the best head that I had ever Had it was the the first time that she told me to come in her mouth and she swallowed every drop too
Soon We Moved Back to Santa Monica
And the games Began !!!
We Got married a few years later !!!
She Thanked us Both once again

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Good story. Thanks for posting.