m*****ed ? or Educated ?

Hello My name is Bob
I live in long Beach Ca. I have Omitted My age at the time of this incident to
keep someone safe If you want more then E-Mail me or send a message

Here Goes I was ? years old when a domestic situation (Dad was fighting with my Step Mom) Darlene was crying it was late
and my Dad slammed the door when he left. i felt real bad and sad for her so a went to give her a hug, She was sitting on
the sofa facing away from me. I touched her shoulder did not want to scare her when she turned around to see me she
had a very Sexy and quite revealing top on and I saw everything NICE BIG TITS I just put my arms around her and hugged
her and she hugged me back too soon I realized she had no panties on and my tiny Dick was sticking straight up right out
the side of my underwear it actually got caught in her nightgown and she had to touch me to remove it she saw that I was
well lets just say embaresed but sjusthe assured me that it was normal for me to feel that way but it just wouldn't go down
it seemed to even get harder and it was hurting me too so I told her I smelled alcohol on her breath but she was not d***k
She started touching me then she put it in her mouth and was sucking on it too That Felt great she actually picked me up
like a little baby and took me to her bedroom laid me on the bed and sucked on me some more she opened her top to show
me her tits and let me suck on them too then I felt her Pussy Is was soaking wet I rubbed it and she started moaning it got
more wet and so did my hand she pushed my little hand in as far as it would go then she tasted my fingers next she asked
me to taste her and put my hand under my nose God what a sweet smell I had to taste that and it was great too I kept touching
her then tasting it so she asked me if I wanted to kiss her there Not really I said I like it like this I said she convinced me that
I would like it more and she would too so I kissed it just a little then some more and next thing I know i was licking it like Ice Cream
and loving it too From that day On i have always prefered to eat Pussy and Have gotten very good at it too !!!
They call me Thuumper Because I Fuck like a rabbit and I have proclaimed myself
The Cunnilingus King and The G-Spot God !!!

I was ?? years old my Cousin was babysitting me and nobody was home we played Dr. and I ate her Pussy too \
but I don't remember Us Fucking i used to play with Babysitters all the time it was fun too
I even had sex with my Aunt she was asl**p and we were sl**ping in the same bed I started rubbing up against her
and the next thing I knew we were fucking and I came for the first time I was 12 or so then

I loved every minute of my sexual expieriences
how about you !!!
got any stories ?

Sorry gotta go
For now !!!
Bob !!! Aka Thuumper65
75% (17/5)
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3 years ago
very nice..
3 years ago
wish it had more details
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your story, very interesting! :)
3 years ago
that's my fantasy :) great story
3 years ago
nice story