Sis and Me ~ Part 1

Hey! Most of you know me by now as the boy who fucked his mother, if you don’t know me then my name is David! This story, like my Mommy and Me stories, is based on real event but also is just my imagination….feel free to kik me and ask what’s real and what’s a fantasy…or just leave it a mystery 

It was a hot summer day, my b*****r, Tyler, was off at football practice, my s****r, Sabrina, was in the pool with friends, my dad was in London for a business meeting, and my mom was out with friends. I was alone in my house, aside from the servants, and was getting bored. I called up Luke. Luke was my very best friend, we met a few years back at summer camp, and we clicked instantly. Although he wasn’t from a rich f****y like mine, is f****y actually had problems just staying in middle class.
“Hey Luke! Wanna come over?”
“Nah… my b*****r’s home.” His b*****r served in the military and was rarely home.
“Oh, okay. I’ll talk to you later!”
“Bye!” I hung up the phone and went down to our viewing room to watch a movie.
Now most b*****rs might find the thought of their s****r being hot totally disgusting, even revolting. But I always thought my s****r was a goddess, a slutty goddess sent down from heaven. When I say slutty, I mean slutty. She was always in yoga pants or short shorts while wearing a tank top or a cut shirt where you could always see her thong or G-string. My parents didn’t mind because they were barely around. But whenever I saw her I almost always got hard.
Just as the movie started to end Sabrina walked in, she was still in her bikini. Her body was absolutely wonderful; she had the most perfect curves! As I looked her over noticing her bikini couldn’t cover up her 32CC tits, so about 80% of her tits where out in the open and with her nipples still hard from the cold water. I looked farther down and saw that, to my dismay, you couldn’t get a good view of her pussy. I had seen her camel toe plenty of times and dreamed of seeing her pussy, but never could.
“Hey, Davey!” She was the only one in the house who called me Davey, I loved it.
“Oh hey!” I said, concealing my raging boner.
“My friends and I are going out. We won’t be back for a few hours.”
“Okay. I’ll tell mom if she comes home.”
“Thanks Davey!” After she left I felt like jerking off. So I went upstairs to my b*****r’s room and opened his cabinet. My b*****r was a stud, and got lots of girls. But he really loves himself and wanks off all the time. So every week he gets a new porno and I always look forward to watching them. I read off the titles in my mind looking for his newest movie…
The Russian Slut
German Gangbang
German Gangbang 2
Cum for daddy
Babysitting Diary
Babysitting Diary 2
Babysitting Diary 3
Suck that cock baby!
I started thinking he just got a sex toy instead when I found a new title that really stuck out.
My Slutty s****r 2: Time to Fuck Her!
I got really interested and ran downstairs to play it. The movie started out with explaining what happened in the previous video. Al l that happened was the actor watched and jerked to his s****r shower, fuck her boyfriend, and dress.
I thought this movie was going to be the same, but then it opened up with the actor going sneaking into his s****rs room and grabbing her bra and panties. Then going into his room and jerking into them, he then put them back and when he saw his s****r put them on he made his move. She fucks him in minutes but I was really turned on by the idea of taking my s****rs g string and bra.
I paused the movie and ran up to Sabrina’s room. I went over to her dresser and pulled out yellow G-string. I examined it over and found the most amazing thing ever! A stain. I smelled it and sure enough. It was pussy juice! I got so turned on that I grabbed the G-string and ran to my room.
I had an amazing session with her panties and was almost reluctant to return them. But I feared she would notice they were missing. So I went back to her room to put them back. I opened the door and walked back over to her dresser, I put the G-string back and right as I was closing the drawer I heard my s****rs voice…
“What the fuck are you doing you fucking perv?’
Shit! I thought, I was totally fucked! “Um, I’m….Um”
“You were returning my g string weren’t you? You fucking perv!” She went over to the draw and picked them up… “You fucking cummed in these! You sicko! You didn’t even have the fucking respect to wash them!”
I was ready to just go back to my room and kill myself when my s****r said…
“You and Tyler are just alike! You both want me… I’m not giving you a bj too.”
I couldn’t believe my ears… TOO?!?!!? My b*****r had successfully convinced my s****r to give him a bj! Better yet he even took one of her g strings!
“Alright Davey… I see you’re embarrassed and I promise not to tell. As long as you do whatever I say for a year.” I nodded my head to an agreement, thanking my lucky stars that I wasn’t going to have to kill myself.
A month had passed since then and my s****r had me doing her laundry. She teasingly but her underwear on top and I would sometimes be able to sneak her panties into my pocket. Mostly she had me doing laundry, cleaning her room and bathroom. One day she took me into her closet and pulled out a trunk. She tossed me a key that she took out of her bra and told me to clean everything in here. I said yes and wasn’t shocked to what I found inside.
She had about a dozen dildos and vibrators. A few cock rings, anal vibrators, anal beads, etc. But what I found at the bottom was just amazing. It was in a regular pharmaceutical bottle. But the label was written in sharpie: ROOFIES
I was so happy! I had found out how I was going to fuck my s****r!

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can't wait for part 2