Me and My Mom ~ Part 1

This story is fictional story based on real events, names have been changed.

My name is Davis, when I was 15 I had an amazing time with my mom. My dad was loaded so we lived in a huge house, he was always on “business trips” and my mom would stay out with her friends for hours most days. That day was one of those days, my Dad was in Germany (I later found out he was there to view the local women), my Mom was out with friends, and my b*****r and s****r where at college. So when I came home from school I was alone in our house. By the time 2:00 PM had hit I was bored and decided to masturbate.
I went and got my laptop that was stocked full of porn and started to wank. I didn’t bother to close the door because I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be home for several hours. Eventually I got hard enough so I pulled my pants and underwear down to start and wank. I usually make a ton of noise while masturbating when I’m home alone so I was making a lot of noise. I was half way ready to cum when I heard something in the hall; I turned around and saw nothing so I assumed I was just imagining it. When I was done masturbating I moaned so loud that you could probably hear it from the outside of our house…
By then it was around 3:20 and I went outside to play some basketball. When I came in 2 hours later I looked outside and my mom’s car wasn’t there so I figured she was still out with friends. I went into my bathroom and started taking my clothes off to shower. I was started getting horny so I ran into my b*****r’s room and grabbed his Fleshlight. I got into the shower (my shower is about the size of a regular bathroom) and went over to the corner, put some of my b*****rs lube on my cock and jerked it off. I was in the shower for about 30 minutes before I started to feel that someone was watching me, I looked around and shrugged off the feeling. I cummed again and got up.
I went into the water and started washing my hair, and then I put on body wash… That’s when my mom came in and from behind me, wrapped her hands around my dick…
“What the fuck?!”
“Watch your mouth, that’s no way to talk to your mother!”
“Mom!?! What the fuck do you think you’re doing??”
“I’ve been watching you since I got home, you’ve been real naughty.”
“Mom let go of my fucking cock!”
“Why? You seem to like it.”
She was right, my cock was starting to get hard again… and my mom began to stroke it.
“Mom stop it! This isn’t right!”
“Oh son, I know that… It’s just that, I haven’t had a dick in my since my last birthday.”
“What about dad??”
“Fuck your father; he’s in Germany right now getting fucked by some Nazi whore. I’m so horny… when I saw you in your room today I knew that I had to have you, and then while you were playing basketball I rubbed my pussy to your abs.”
“Mom stop it!” By now my cock was rock hard and my mom’s tits felt amazing against my back, she took a hand off my cock and took one of my hands and guided it towards her pussy.
“You know you want this son… if you didn’t you could’ve gotten out of my grip…”
She was right, I did want it, I loved the feel of my mom’s pussy, it felt truly amazing, and it was hairless.
“Fuck me… I want your pussy mom! I want it!”
“Of course you do honey…”
She turned me around and we embraced in a French kiss. After what felt like half an hour we stopped and my mom started sucking my cock.
“Mmmmmhhhh….” My mom said as she was sucking me
I took my mom’s head and started thrusting it to take my entire cock in her mouth. “Take this entire cock in your mouth, you bitch!” My mom was fucking amazing at blow jobs and I came in her mouth minutes later, my mom tried to take her head away but I stopped her.
“No bitch! You take all that cum and swallow it!” My mom signaled she was done and I let her up…
“Oh son, your cum tastes amazing! And your cock! You definitely didn’t get that from your father.”
When I heard that I was instantly turned on again and I sat down on my mom and titty fucked her. My cock felt so good in between her tits, almost like they belonged there. After 20 minutes I still hadn’t came and my mom told me she wanted me to fuck her wet pussy.
We got into the doggy style position and I went in slowly, she immediately told me to go faster, her pussy felt so good.
“Oh god mom, your pussy is amazing!”
“Fuck me son, fuck me faster! Faster! Faster! Fuck your whore of a mom! Fuck her good!”
“Fuck mom…oh goddamn… mom I’m cumming!”
“Fuck yeah… cum on my tits son! Fucking cum on my tits!”
I did as my mom said and cummed on her tits, I went back down on her pussy and she came twice, her juice was so amazing that I wanted to lick her all day, even if my tongue felt like it was gonna fall off. All the while my mom was licking the cum off her tits.
“Fuck mom… I could lick you all day!”
“If only you could…” I got up and me and my mom cuddled on the floor of the shower.

Do you like this story? Do you hate this story? Why not comment and tell me what you like or disliked about it… The next part of this story is cumming;) soon!
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5 months ago
It was a good story, it just needs more detail and to be overall a longer story. More scenes with increasingly more degrading acts the son forces his mother into.
5 months ago
Thank you! I've been working on part 3!!! It will be out on my blog tonight, Probably tomorrow sometime on here! Hope you enjoy!
5 months ago
Excellent story
5 months ago
Thank you! I'll try to give more detail in part 3(already wrote part 2) Part 2 is longer, but doesn't have much sex parts....
5 months ago
Thanks for the input! I'll try in part 3(I've already made part 2)
5 months ago
5 months ago
A son fucking his mother is allways a good story.
5 months ago
Got some good points but needs more details, bit short but okay nice job, I'll give it a like. Hope to read more from you thanks.
5 months ago
guess I am the first to comment. The story could have been more graphic with better descriptions of your moms tits, ass and pussy. It was also too short. This is not a negative comment. Keep on trying.