Towpath Rimming

I’d taken a job at a local factory, which meant I could cycle to work. Better still, I could avoid the roads and take the canal route. This particular day I’d been having trouble with my chain, it had come off twice on the way to work, so I was pushing hard to get home and do some maintenance. The towpath was quite narrow in places, and I had to brake sharply when a black man walked out in front of me. I thought I was going into the canal but managed to stutter to a halt.

He shot me a broad smile, held his hands up and apologised. I was a little annoyed but he was quite a bit bigger than me, dressed in khaki shorts with a red T-shirt. I didn’t want any trouble, so I said I was maybe going too fast and not to worry about it. I cycled on, but he’d certainly made an impression on me. Now, I’m no stranger to cock. I’d had a dalliance with a flatmate while at Uni. We’d both got girlfriends but sometimes it was nice to stay in for some mutual masturbation. Wanking and sucking each other was common place but one night surpassed all others. One Friday night had been set aside for a good toss session. I can’t remember how but a whole load of porn vids had been gathered: gangbang, tranny, gay…you name it, we watched it. For four hours we edged our cocks. Finally we faced each other and my mate grabbed both cocks and holding them together wanked them simultaneously, there was no holding us back, spunk splashed everywhere, I managed six squirts, him, maybe eight. That was the night that ended it really and he moved in with his girlfriend not long after.

I was thinking about my mate when my chain finally gave up the ghost and broke. I’d cycled through the more residential area of the towpath and had open fields on my right hand side, still a good four miles from home.
‘Fuck it’
I threw the bike down and sat by the side. It was a beautiful day; I wasn’t in any real hurry so I decided to watch some narrow boats go by (mainly in the hope of seeing some ladies doing a spot of sunbathing on board). I’d been there for a good half hour when the black guy I’d nearly crashed into walked by. My stomach twisted a little and I had that feeling where you think your heart has just entered your throat. I think he asked me if I was taking a rest, I showed him my broken chain. We made small talk for a while; I kept asking questions that needed answers in the hope of keeping him around. He sat down and we kept talking. He was very affable and both us laughed out loud on a couple of occasions. I couldn’t help but keep looking at his groin, discreetly I might add. Reminiscing about my Uni mate had made me horny for cock and it looked like this guy had a bit of a semi on. After a while conversation had died so I was about to make an excuse and leave when he turned to me and asked if I’d like to see it out of his shorts. Nerves suddenly gripped me. He said I’d been looking at it all through our chat so I must want a closer look (not as discreet as I had thought!). What could I say, I’d been sort of hoping to be in this position, but he was a stranger, Christ, but I wanted some cock.
‘Sure’ I said, as calmly as I could muster. He grinned and said the field would be better, not quite in full view of boats and walkers.

The field had a derelict building in it that had once, maybe, been a small barn. He stood behind one of the crumbling walls and dropped his shorts; he didn’t wear pants so his prick was there in all its glory for me to see. I’d only ever seen porn black cock and this was nowhere as big as some of those monsters I’d watched. That said, it was still seven inches with what looked like a big head under the foreskin. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my hand. I felt it twitch as I held it, slowly pulling the foreskin back to reveal a very large helmet. While I ran my thumb over his japs eye I had a quick scan to check for any untold nasties. Thankfully there were none and I took him into my mouth.

It felt so good to have a hard cock between my lips again. I was well out of practise but was encouraged by his moans as I ran my tongue all over his helmet. Releasing his cock I bury my face into his ball sack, tonguing each ball in turn, lapping at the skin, never relenting on the wanking I was giving his cock. Both our breaths were becoming shallow as lust began to take over. My mouth was back on his cock, I had hold off his hips and he was mouth fucking me. He was trying to go deeper but my gag reflex is poor so I was holding back. Suddenly, he withdrew and turned around, spread his arse cheeks and gasped,

‘Eat me’

I baulked, this was something I’d never done, never wanted to do and certainly didn’t want to do now. I tried to buy some thinking time by kissing his buttocks; I wet a finger and slowly started to rub his anus. I really didn’t want to ruin the mood, so I worked my kisses towards his hole. There were no bad smells emanating, if anything it smelt quite fresh. This spurred me on and I tongued the whole of his crack. There was a slight taste of soap so I knew he was clean. I started to tongue flick his hole, again his moans and groans encouraged me. Reaching round I began to wank him, my tongue increasing in speed and pressure as I began to properly rim him. I could feel every ridge of his starfish and his anus was beginning to open from my attention. He removed my hand from his cock replacing it with his own and steadied himself with the other, leaving me free to spread his buttocks. I thrust my tongue into his asshole as far as it would go and could feel him spasm slightly. By now I was completely lust driven. I’d pulled down my own shorts exposing a cock that was leaking pre-cum. I didn’t care if anyone could see or hear us, I’d have done anything at that moment.

I continued to deeply rim, lick and suck his asshole until I had to stop for breath. Pulling away a large globlet of saliva fell from my chin onto the floor. I didn’t get much chance of a rest as his cock was soon thrust back between my lips. Reaching round I easily slid a finger up his arse and began to wank him into my mouth. Looking up at him I could see sweat had formed on his brow, his eyes were closed and lips trembling.
I bobbed up and down on his beautiful cock as fast as I could, my other hand now massaging his big bollocks as I finger fucked him, and I knew he was close.

His anus started to contract around my finger, I increased my efforts and as soon as his bollocks began to disappear braced myself for what I was hoping would be a lot of spunk. I wasn’t disappointed, his arse cheeks gripped my finger and with a guttural gasp the first squirt of spunk filled my mouth, quickly followed by the second. I swallowed some, but coughed allowing two more jets to hit my face. I managed to catch the rest in my mouth and saviour the taste. I sucked him clean, smacking his dwindling cock on my face. During his orgasm his knees had buckled and he knelt before me, the last thing I did was kiss his ball sack.

He quickly got dressed and told me to meet him next week at the same spot. I’d satisfied my craving so never went back which I’ve sometimes regretted. Seeing all the quality black cock on here has awakened those cravings though, so who knows, if I can pluck up the courage I may be swallowing some nice black meat sometime soon.
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4 years ago
Simply wonderful...I'm sitting on a very wet husband is kneeling to service me, my mother is watching and reading over my shoulder...thanks

4 years ago
4 years ago
certainly got me going!
4 years ago
That was so hot i jacked off thanks for a great story looking forward to more
4 years ago
Good start, keep writing, it's a great topic.