Visit to the Gynecologist (Part One)

Christina was nineteen, and had only lain with one other person before, and that had been a mistake. However, now she was in a committed relationship with a handsome guy named Carl, but they hadn't done it yet. They both wanted to take it to the next stage, but Christina was worried it would be as awful as the first time. Since then, she had tried several times with her fingers, but without being able to climax. She had read it could be like that, but insecure about her body, she thought it might be something wrong with her. Wanting it to work with Carl, and to be completely sure, she had gotten her mother to schedule a visit to the gynecologist's office.

On the day of her visit, Christina was nervous, but excited at the same time. She was finally going to know if she was alright down there. And if she was, she could take it to the next stage with Carl without any hesitations or second thoughts. However, there was still the possibility that there was in fact something wrong with her. She didn't have to wait long before she was called into the office.

It appeared to her as a very sterile room. Everything was in white. There, she was greeted by the doctor, who was a voluptuous, middle-aged woman. "Christina, was it?" She said, gesturing for Christina to take a seat across her desk. Christina nodded insecurely as she sat down. "I'm Dr. Nostrand, but you can call me Caroline, darling," Caroline said comfortingly, noting Christina's nervousness. There was one other woman present, whom Christina figured to be the nurse. "And that's Miss Waters. She's a nurse here, and will assist in your examination", Caroline said. "I see this is your first visit since you became eighteen", she said, looking at a document on her desk. "The procedure will be a bit different than what you're used to. Firstly, there are some questions. You are alright with answering personal questions, aren't you, darling?"

She wasn't sure what kind of questions they would be, and didn't like answering to something she didn't know what was, but Caroline's comforting tone told her it was nothing to be afraid of, and so she nodded.

"Excellent. First off, since this visit isn't a mandatory check-up, but was scheduled by you, do you mind telling me your reasons? Any specific problem you're having?"

Christina hesitated, but only a moment. There was something about Caroline which made her trust her. "Yes. I mean, yes and no. I want to have sex with my boyfriend, but I don't know if I'm all right down there. I mean, I've only lain been with one other guy, and that was terrible. Since then, I've tried with my hands, but haven't been able to climax at all."

"So you're not a virgin, but you're having trouble achieving orgasm, am I correct?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"It's common that girls who have a bad first experience develop a mental block, preventing them from being able to reach their full sexual potential. Thank you for being so honest, Christina. A lot of girls wouldn't want to open up like that to a stranger. I will incorporate this information into the examination, and maybe we can cure your problem. But first, I want to ask you a few more questions. When you try to masturbate, do you watch pornography? Or do you fantasize, maybe?"

"I... fantasize," Christina said hesitantly, uncertain of where this was going.

"And what do you fantasize about?"

"I don't know, Doctor… it's been awhile since I tried last. But I remember imagining a big, wet, you know, sliding into me."

"I see. It's quite common among young girls to fantasize about the male genitalia. Do you get wet, when thinking of it?" Caroline asked. There was a strange light in her eyes; an almost lusting expression.

"Yeah," Christina said simply.

"Well then. Your problem probably isn't a physical one, then. I think that's enough questions. Please follow Miss Waters. She will help you get ready for the examination."

Miss Waters, who Christina noted had beautiful, curved features, gestured for her to follow. Christina rose from her chair and followed the nurse through a door, revealing the examination room. In the middle was a gynecoloist's chair with stirrups for her legs. She noticed there were bracers and anklets attached to the chair, their apparent use to fasten a patient to the chair. Christina hadn't seen that before, but she didn't think much of it. The nurse stopped and turned to face her, smiling. "First off, you will need to undress, Christina. Here, I will help you." The nurse approached her, and began to lift her shirt up. Christina felt a bit weird, but figured the nurse was just doing her job, and she was a woman, so it wasn't like she was trying to take advantage of her or anything. She lifted up her arms, letting the nurse lift her top over her head. Next, the nurse pulled down her tights, and then unfastened and removed the bra. Christina began to blush with her considerably sized chest completely exposed. In school, she had been teased for the large size of her chest. She felt the nurse's hands on the sides of her calves now, gripping her panties and sliding them slowly down her legs. Christina blushed further, and she could see that the nurse smiled, noticing. "From a first view, I can tell you at least look very healthy, Christina," said the nurse, eyeing her up and down in approval. Christina covered her breasts and her vagina with her hands. "There's no need for that, Christina," Miss Waters said, almost laughing. "We're all women here, and your examination will start any minute. Don't be shy." Somewhat reluctantly, Christina let her hands drop to her sides. She was completely naked, and she felt very exposed, the nurse continuing to exam her body with her eyes.

A moment later, Caroline strode into the room. She halted at seeing Christina's naked form, her eyes immediately going to her breasts and crotch. "Very good," she said, her voice seeming almost out of breath. She and the nurse each began taking on latex gloves. "We'll start with a full breast exam, Christina," Caroline stated. Once they were both gloved, they moved close to their patient. "We're going to feel for breast lumps now, Christina. It might feel a bit unpleasant, but I assure you that it is necessary," she said. Christina thought she sounded less comforting now than she previously had. The doctor looked almost hungry, and her voice sounded brisk and impatient.

Two pairs of hands began to roughly handle her breasts. Christina felt a mixture of embarrassment and slight pain. They were very rough. They examined one breast each, gnawing at her breasts like they it was a dough. Christina reflexively began to edge away, but by gripping her breasts, she was pulled back, earning a slight squeak from Christina. "Sorry if it hurts," the Doctor said without stopping, "but since you have such large breasts, we have to feel extra deep. Isn't that right, Miss Waters?"

The nurse nodded, but seemed to be somewhere else. All her focus seemed to be on Christina's left boob. "Yes, Doctor. They are very large breasts," she said as she pinched Christina's nipple, earning another squeak from Christina and a wolfish smile from Caroline.

This humiliating process continued for a few minutes without any further interruptions. Christina had given up protesting. They were professionals, after all. They knew what was best. As suddenly as they had begun, they stopped. "Your tits- I mean breasts, are fantastic," said the doctor. There are no problems with them whatsoever. Now for the next stage of the examination, you will need to lie down on this chair, here," she said, gesturing to the gynecologist's chair. Christina's breasts felt numb, and as she looked down saw that they were all red. She hoped all this humiliation would be worth it. She did as the doctor said without a word, and got onto the chair. The nurse lifted her legs up in the stirrups. Her vagina was now completely exposed. She had shaved it the day before, because she had thought it might help the examination. Now she sort of regretted it, since she felt like everyone in the world could see right into her.

"Right. Like I said, the procedure will be a bit different this time, and to ensure that the examination happens without incident, we will secure you to the chair with anklets and bracers. That's alright with you, isn't it, Christina?" Asked the Doctor. Before she could respond, the nurse grabbed her arms, and fastened them to the table above her head. The doctor fastened each of her legs. Christina mentally shrugged, and reminded her again that they knew what they were doing, and there was probably a good reason for restraining her. The way they had done it, though, Christina couldn't move either her arms or her legs even an inch. She was completely stuck, and all exposed.

The doctor moved closer to her crotch and sat down on her hind-legs between Christina's calves. Her face was inches way from her vagina. The nurse had taken up position right beside the chair waiting for orders, and watched in anticipation. "Now, in this facility, we don't allow industrially produced lubrication of any sorts," said Caroline. "However, to be able to enter your vagina without you hurting, it needs to be wet. You understand this, don't you, darling?"

Christina nodded uncertainly.

"Excellent. So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to stimulate your clitoris to make your vagina wet. We have to be able to probe inside you, so this is a necessity, I'm afraid." Before Christina could say anything, she felt a gloved hand touch her. She shivered. It was weird at first, but as the doctor continued, it felt strangely good. Caroline seemed like an expert at this, since it was much better than when she did it herself. However, after a bit of this, the doctor didn't seem satisfied. "It seems you're having problem with the self-lubrication stage," she said, but didn't stop circulating her clitoris. "Tell me, when you're masturbating, do you touch your nipples at all? Do you have sensitive nipples? Also, do you fantasize about kissing?"

Christina, heady from her stimulated clitoris, had to think for a bit before answering. "Uh, yes, I don't know. I sometimes touch my nipples, I suppose. I don't know about kissing."

The doctor nodded. "I see. Rubbing your nipples might help us achieve vaginal self-lubrication. It also might help if you kissed someone. Just imagine it's your boyfriend, Christina. Nurse."

Before Christina could say a word, a hand was on each of her nipples, and her mouth was filled with Miss Waters' wet tongue. She fought against it, but Caroline assured her that it was all procedure. This did seem awfully strange, but it also felt good. Miss Waters' lips were soft against hers, and their intertwining tongues made her sexually aroused. Her erect nipples also responded to the stimulation, Miss Waters squeezing them gently between her fingertips. "Yes, yes, that's good," said Caroline as she spread Christina's vagina with her fingers. "I'm beginning to see the signs of secretion. Keep it up, Miss Waters, and we'll soon be ready for the penetration stage of the examination."

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