Our Little Fuck Club

Well, since Helen introduced our friend Peter and his and my creation of a fuck club, I may as well tell you some of the details. All within a story of course...

This story contains male bisexual content...

I dropped in to visit my oldest friend Peter Gray one summer evening five years ago. Peter, his wife Jen and a distinguished looking couple, our elders by ten years or so, were sharing drinks on the deck. I was quickly introduced to Ted and Willa Franklin who were an amiable and attractive couple. Willa was a statuesque woman with a strong handshake and a ready smile. Ted was extremely fit and Peter announced that he was one the owners and CEO of PTR moulding here in Toronto. He was affable and charming. I accepted a drink from Peter and sat to join the company.

In order to understand this story and Helen and my current sexual relationship, you must know more about Peter. We met in grade school, and two more kindred spirits have seldom found each other. I was a horny little pecker and was ever trying to peek at mom’s, dad’s anyone’s dirty bits as my mother called them. I was an only c***d and always longed for a b*****r or s****r, more to peek at and examine than for any other reason. Happily, in school, I met and befriended Peter Gray. He had three s****rs and was as sex crazed as I was. I am not sure we were any different than many k**s but we pushed each other into places that neither of us would go alone.

Peter’s two elder s****rs were in high school and beyond our reach. Barb and Marie were great to peek at. We found a vent in Peter’s attic through which you could peek down into their bathroom. Barb and Marie both had bushes and tits. We would pull on each other’s cocks and look through the vent together. But, it was Dana that more than anyone else, who took us where we were inclined to go.
The first time Peter and I were ever alone, we were in his room and Peter asked me straight out if he could see my dickie. I replied that he could if I could see his. We whisked off our clothes immediately and standing almost belly to belly we showed each other our cocks. We pulled back on our shafts and squeezed to make the heads red. Each of us knelt down in turn and examined each fold and crease intently. We performed almost medical analysis of each other cocks, sacks, and ass holes. When we stood up again I took his cock in my hand and began to fondle it. Peter smiled from ear to ear and did the same to me. We found that we loved pulling, stroking, poking and caressing each others cocks.
For a week we’d rush over to Peter’s house after school and strip in his room and “mess around” with each other. I guess that we would have eventually discovered oral sex ourselves but that is where Dana comes in. We were naked on Peter’s bed sitting with our legs spread and over each other’s thighs. We were both intently enjoying each other’s cocks and the feeling of being manhandled. Suddenly, Dana burst into the room. Dana was a cute little blonde, skinny as Olive Oyl with bright lively blue eyes. She was two grades ahead of us and I saw her as one of the “big k**s.”

“I’m telling.” She screamed and slammed the door.

“She wont tell.” Peter said, “I know that she broke the windshield on daddy’s car and she is too afraid to tell. Don’t stop doing what you were doing.”

About a minute later a different Dana slowly opened the door. She came over to us fascinated and watched us jerking each other’s cocks. She soon had her hand down her shorts and was giving herself a good working over. “Let’s see you suck each other’s cocks.” We looked at her quizzically. “That’s what men do. Suck each other off.”

“If you take off your clothes, all your clothes,” Peter said. “We’ll suck each other’s cocks” She did strip and Peter and I found the greatest new game imaginable. Cock sucking. Dana was almost as into this sex stuff as we were and soon had us fingering her holes and even attempted a fuck. She told us about bum fucking and was quickly assumed into our “Do Everything” club.

That is the point of this aside. Peter and I formed the “Do Everything” club in grade school. We promised each other never to quit and always include each other. As incredible as it may seem, we stayed true to each other. Peter first got a girl friend when we were in grade nine and the bugger convinced her, Julie to let me watch them fool around and then to let me play too. Each of us have left girls because they wouldn’t participate. We picked up four or five friends who became members and our current wives are both dedicated members of the “DO EVERYTHING” club. We still keep the c***dish name that we came up with years ago.

There are a great many stories and escapades that Peter and I then, JHelen and finally Jen have undergone. There are now a solid dozen of us. We have grown naturally and have house parties once a month where the host picks the theme and conducts the show. Any new members have to be approved by everyone in the club. You can understand why.

Well, this brings us back to the Franklins Ted and Willa. I am so used to eyeing anyone I meet as a potential sex partner or as an object of future fantasies that I immediately discerned that the lovely dark haired Willa would look spectacular on the end of my cock. Ted obviously visited the gym daily and I wouldn’t mind a little cock sucking, bum fucking session with him.

Jen followed me into the house when I went for a pee and she walked in on me. “Peter thinks they are swingers. What do you think?” I continued to piss.

“Is he sure, are they safe, clean, reliable.”

Jenn got behind me and held my cock in her fist. “Don’t worry about that. It’s way too early. We just want to know what you think. First impressions and all.” She shook the piss out of my cock and placed it back in my underwear.

“I’d like to fuck them both.” I mumbled.

“Me too.” Jenn said and pushed her pubic bone into my ass...

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1 year ago
I'd like to join that club some day! :)
2 years ago
nice story, love the "ending"
2 years ago
2 years ago
Story line is great, where is the rest of the story?
3 years ago
Loved it! Would like to
3 years ago
very good, i hope there's more soon please!!
3 years ago
Is that it?
3 years ago