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Helen's cunt

I got home last night and one of xhamster's horny members convinced Helen to send him some pics for a tribute. His trib is posted in our favourite pics. Well, Helen was horny as a kitten when I got home and was talking about this guy and his cock and the tribute. She loved having a pic of herself on the net. She finger fucked herself repeatedly and told me how it excited her to have an unknown gaggle of strangers looking at her. She has always been a flaming exhibitionist who adores spreading and displaying her cunt for any and all voyeurs on the prowl. She is a school teacher and can never display her face on the internet: obviously.

But she was off for a "relaxation day" yesterday and taught herself how to crop some pics from our kinky collection and sent in some personal shots. The one that bj decided to cum over is posted in our favorite pics and I convinced Helen to use some of them to spring off into some commentary.

Here is Helen's cunt

Helen in her everyday life as teacher is polite, innocent, prim, and proper. She is an upstanding member of the community. She has, however, the heart of a fuck slut. In our little swingers club Helen is famous for her splayed cunt: legs over a chair and fingers stirring up her juices. When we go on vacation she will wear a mini and sandals and no panties. It is amazing how often she has to sit on a bench and refasten her sandal strap. The foot goes up on the bench and her cunt yawns and gapes for all to see. She will nod for me to notice who is gawking at her.

If we are relatively unnoticed, she will put on quite a show and maintain eye contact with the stanger. She especially loves old men and teens. Her greatest conquests are always other women. She is always giving truckers and gas station attendants a peep show. She loves high stools at a bar. We do get a lot of proposals and attempted hook ups. Since we love to watch each other fuck and are both bisexuals... Pretty much anything goes.

You can see why a pic of her gaping cunt gets her all reved up and I collect the rewards.

Posted by ThomasWaller 3 years ago
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1 year ago
We should do this again sometime.
1 year ago
I can think of nothing hotter than my face buried in that gaping cunt while Mr's hard cock is banging away at my ass...
1 year ago
Would love to give those lips and clit some sweet kiss's
2 years ago
Helen has a glorious cunt, and I am, always was a cunt lover(I have 6 sisters) but, no matter how many I see, or use, I can't seem to get enough. such is life. I love ALL your stories!!
2 years ago
What a beautiful greedy cunt.
2 years ago
I came so much for you after you sent me those pics, I still shudder to this day thinking about it.
3 years ago
Helen you have one the sexiest cunts I have ever seen
3 years ago
very sweet!!!
3 years ago
Please post more photos! Helen drives me wild!
3 years ago
You would have to be crazy not to like Helen.I enjoy your story's I hope to see more pictures of your sweet cunt.
3 years ago
Hope you like....