Welcome to Wife Watchers 2

Welcome to Wife Watchers 2
by Thomas Waller

Thomas spent a confusing Saturday afternoon. He and Helen went walking along Norbert’s Creek. They worked in the yard, clearing up debris from Thursday’s storm, and they had lunch at the Golden Griddle: a typical Saturday with typical Saturday activities. Except that Michael was coming to the house that evening to fuck his Helen. Thomas watched Helen bending to pick up a bundle of grass and leaves and was struck by the beautiful curve of his wife’s ass. He eyed her lifting a box of oatmeal to the top cupboard and was struck by the firm, beautifully formed tits. He admired her fresh and youthful lips as she sucked pancake syrup off her fingertips. For the thousandth time since he fucked the ass off Sylvia, Thomas asked himself if he was crazy or just an absolute horn-dawg.

Michael was due to arrive at six. At four Helen headed up the stairs to begin her preparations. Thomas followed her.
“Where are you going?” Helen turned half way up the steps, and asked.

“Are you going to kiss him? Or, is that too romantic, too much like love?”

Helen stared down at Thomas. “I’m going to kiss him, and suck his cock, and fuck him and let him eat me out. I’m going to be a reckless, whimsical lover. I’m going to enjoy his cock, his body, his attention and his love making, just as hard as I can. Then I’m going to beg for more, I’m going to talk filth and scream out as many orgasms as I can. You set this up Thomas. You started with the fantasy and you’ve made me fantasize for you for so long that I am now committed to it: completely committed to it. I intend to enjoy it. No, love it.”

Thomas groaned. He was unsure if he groaned with lust or despair. He followed Helen for a few more steps. “Thomas, you wait down there and give me time to get ready. Have a few drinks. I have to get my mind in the right place. And, so do you.”

“What does that mean?” he asked but Helen just turned him physically around on the stairs and nudged him back towards the foyer.

Thomas, paced. He downed a number of Scotches and sat first in one chair then another. He noted that the shower ran for an inordinately long time. He wondered if Helen was soaping up her gorgeous cunt, playing with herself in the process, thinking about Michael’s cock, his face, his build. Was she planning what she would do to him? What he would do to her? He pictured the water streaming down his wife’s athletic body and he hated the entire thing. He hated Michael. He hated the club. His cock was as stiff as a steel girder and he could not help rubbing his palm up and down the length of it.

Could he watch Helen lick and suck on Michael’s thick prick. He imagined her sweet lips, her velvety tongue. He almost came. He loved the way Helen’s inner cunt lips wrapped around his own cock and held it wantonly as he fucked her. Could he handle watching Michael’s dick engulf the same way as he fucked her glistening pussy. He wanted to run up the stairs and call the whole thing off. What could they so. So, he fucked Sylvia, they both wanted it. She had screamed and moaned like a jungle a****l and Michael had cum three times. It was the most violent fuck session, Thomas had ever participated in and Sylvia wanted it rougher next time.

He moved towards the stairs. He was going to call it off. Then, he moved towards the phone. He was going to tell Michael to hurry up and get over here, to stick his fat cock up Helen’s juicy cunt. He sat down and returned to his drink.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” he muttered. Why had this fantasy possessed him? He love Helen. They loved each other. She had one of the most spectacular bodies he had ever seen. Her face was a picture of beauty and joy. Was she so hot that he wanted others to see what he had? How lucky he was? Like a bragging little boy in the school yard? Was that it?

Why did he want to see her make unbridled love to another? What was the attraction. Did jealousy heighten all the other passions. Did he want to be humiliated, belittled, like Michael obviously did? He flipped through all the positions they might assume and felt a rage and jealousy roar within him, but he also was on fire with perverted lust and desire. Maybe it’s as simple as that. I’m just a fucking pervert: end of story.

Suddenly, Helen entered the room. He had not heard her come down the stairs. She was breathtaking. She spun round for Thomas and her tight little runner’s ass protruded teasingly from her tight skirt: a blue mini with a tiny slit in the back. Her ass was flawless Thomas knew and she loved to wave it about. Helen loved to tease, tease and fuck. Thomas groaned again. She wore a sleeveless silver grey top which clung to her smallish but extremely responsive tits. Helen was an athlete in college and ran daily with her girls at St. Bernadette’s high school. Her body was comparable to the young teens she trained and coached.
“You approve?” she asked when she finished her spin.

“No. I’d like you in a suit of armor.”

“Then what is that tent in your pants all about? Hm? Hm? Thomas? Don’t you want to see your wife used and abused by Michael? Don’t you want to watch us go at each other like dog’s in heat? Don’t you want to hear your wife moan out fuck-words to another man? It’s what you’ve been waiting for. It’s what you’ve made me imagine for years. I’m so fucking hot right now Thomas that I’d devour you if he wasn’t due in five minutes. Hell, I’d fuck the arm of the couch if he wasn’t due in five minutes.” She eased up her skirt and revealed a cunt hugging pair of lacy black panties. She spread her legs and pumped her hips back and forth seductively. I’d just rub one out on the arm of that sofa. I think I’d cum in seconds, I’m so lathered up. You said he had a thick, thick cock, didn’t you Thomas ... thicker than yours. Mmmmm.”

As Helen was teasing Thomas, the doorbell rang. “That’s my cock now Thomas, Michael’s cock, my fuck mate, my cunt stuffer. I’m gonna cum waiting for it. Go get the door. And try and disguise that raging boner your sporting. We don’t want to frighten him away.”

Thomas went to answer the doorbell and Helen was correct. His cock stuck out obscenely from within his pants. “Fuck it.” He thought, “I’m going to be wanking on it all night anyway, what’s the fucking difference.” Thomas was completely aroused now and wanted to see Michael fuck Helen without reserve. He wanted all his fantasies to be fulfilled. Now that Helen was out of sight and Michael had yet to be let in, Thomas surrendered to his obsession. He even yanked on his dick as he approached the door.

Once it was opened and Michael’s leering and grinning face appeared the fear and the anguish returned instantly. He was about to greet Michael with some automatic idiom but rather Helen spoke from over Thomas’ shoulder.

“And what took you so long? Leaving a poor girl waiting like that is cruel. Just cruel.” She purred and eased her way over to Michael. She placed a hand on his chest and pressed her pelvis into the side of his hip. “Mmm, a nice thick chest. I love a thick chested man. So virile. Let me get you a drink Michael.” The pair of them brushed by Thomas and into the sitting room. Helen kept her hand on his chest and leaned in on his shoulder. As they passed Thomas, he observed Michael’s hand resting on Helen’s chiselled ass.

Thomas realized that he was an invisible man in this scenario. Neither Helen or Michael even acknowledged his presence. They sat on the sofa and Helen’s skirt rode high up her haunches. She bounced her foot teasingly. She began twiddling with a button on his chest. “Oh Michael, I’m so glad you are to be the first. Did you feel it? Did you feel my attraction towards you? Hm? Mm?” She kissed him on the ear. “Will Scotch and Soda be alright baby? I’d like one.” Michael nodded and reached a hand up and under Helen’s top. Thomas saw Michael’s finger and thumb roll Helen’s left nipple. It responded immediately. Helen has such sensitive tits, Thomas thought. I know it makes her cunt wet when they are tweaked.

Helen bit her lower lip. “Oh god baby, I love that. It just sends a flash of lightning right to my clit. You won’t be getting a drink if you keep that up. I’ll just mount you and ooze all over you.” She stood as she said this and coyly pushed herself up by the palm of her hand which she had placed in his lap. As she passed Thomas she rolled her eyes up to heaven for Thomas’ benefit and mouthed. “I fucking love it.”

Thomas had never seen another man’s hands on Helen, nor seen her press down on another cock. It enraged him, tore him with jealousy, ate at his guts. He also was shocked to find that he had taken out his swollen cock and was openly stroking it, in plain view of Michael.

Michael knew intuitively that Thomas should not be spoken to but rather he addressed Helen, who was at the liquor cabinet. “I had to be the first Helen. When I saw you at the party, I told Sylvia that I had to be the first to taste that. I couldn’t take my eyes off your ass, Helen. You must have noticed.”

“Men are so visual,” she giggled and waved her ass at Michael. “You have to see, see, see, peek, peek, peek.” As she pronounced peek, peek, peek, she raised the hem of her tiny skirt and wiggled her flirting ass at Michael. The creases in her ass cheeks poked seductively out of her panties, almost winking at him. She laughed and tugged her skirt back into place. She brought the drinks over for the pair of them.

She slid down beside Michael and ran her hand up the inside of his thigh. Thomas could hardly believe her blatant sexuality. He was furious with her. Still, he heard himself thinking... touch it, Helen, touch his cock, touch it, feel it. Pull on the fucking thing. Drive him crazy.

They began whispering to each other and Thomas’ ravings were fulfilled, her hand grasped the shaft of Michael’s cock and choked it savagely. Michael’s hand inched up the inside of Helen’s skirt and Thomas saw her open her legs. He spied the black satin swath of cloth that outlined her cunt. Again his thoughts rang out...Touch it, touch my wife’s cunt. Squeeze it, knead it, make the whore squeal with desire. Stick a finger up her fuck hole. He let out an audible gasp as Michael’s hand found Helen’s willing cunt. She was arching up to meet him, encouraging him to finger fuck her.

“It’s so fucking thick, Michael. A thick, fat juicy cock. I love cock. I love the smell, look, feel, thought of cock. Oh finger that cunt while I feel it’s thickness... Stir my juices up Michael.” Suddenly she flipped round on the sofa and splayed her legs. “Look at it Michael. I want you to look at my pussy. Stare at it, let me show it to you.”
She began to masturbate for him and he knelt on the floor, his face inches from her crotch.

“Eat it, Michael. I love being eaten out. Drive me wild. Lick it, suck it, eat it.” He sat back on his haunches and stared into her wide open cunt. He extracted his cock from his pants and was beating his meat with a blurred fist.

Helen grabbed a handful of Michael’s hair and pulled his face into her. “I need your mouth. Eat me. Suck my clit.

Thomas had his first orgasm as he watched his wife behaving like the crazed nympho he had always wanted to observe. He shot jets of cum over his fist and into the air. His eyes never strayed from his Helen’s antics. It was merely the beginning of the fuck-fest. Michael and Helen were just warming up....

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3 years ago
So well written.
3 years ago
Write pt.3 and write it now! Hell, get to pt.8 where the gangbanging begins!
3 years ago
this is intense
3 years ago
Another great story, looking forward to part 3, when she sucks Michaels cock, that will drive Thomas wild!
3 years ago
WOW. So fuckin' HOT. You tell a great story. Thanks for posting.