Welcome to Wife Watchers 1

By Thomas Waller

I want to finish Making Slut of the f****y but Helen had a fantasy she wanted me to write about...

"You have no idea how common your fantasy is Tom." Michael leaned forward in his chair as he spoke. "I share it. Hell, we all share it. It's why we are: Jerry, Brad, David, Derek, you, me... we all want it, crave it." The other four men nodded their consent and the one woman at the table, Sylvia, Michael's wife, smiled bashfully at Thomas.

"I know, I know," Tom shifted in his seat. "But I'm just not sure. Fantasy and reality are two completely separate a****ls." He stared down into his drink and spun it on the polished tavern table top.

Michael continued , "We've all been there. Exactly where you are now. Believe me this is the safest and most rewarding way to live out that dream." Tom nodded, but without conviction. Despite himself, his eyes wandered across the table and rested on the opening of Sylvia's low slung gown. The top of her tits were blatantly displayed, rising and falling with each breath. We started the “Wife Watchers” club to scratch that itch. “You have it too, Tom... scratch it.” Michael pressed on with his argument and as he did so, he reached across his body and pinched the succulent tit of his wife Sylvia. She squirmed more like a sexual kitten than one trying to escape. “I wanna watch you get it on with Sylvia tonight. Sure, I get jealous but that adds to the arousal. I want to see her examine and stroke your cock. Suck your cock. Fuck you. I want you to spread her legs and stare at her juicy cunt, right in front of me. I want to see you eat it. Talk filth to her. I want to watch her lose it. That’s what excites me the most. I want her to look at me as you dump a load of hot cum up her gaping twat; to look at me and smile that evil, satisfied smile. It drives me crazy and makes me as horny as I can ever remember.”

Tom stared at Sylvia, looking into her liquid blue eyes as her husband spoke, almost pleading with Thomas to ravage her as he watched. Her chest reddened with what Thomas perceived to be arousal rather than shame. Her tits rose and fell more rapidly and the nipple that Michael had tweaked remained erect and demanding, pressing seductively against the satiny top of her dress.

“It’s... It’s Helen. I don’t know if I could stand to see her with another man. I want to see it. I’ve fantasized over it forever but now... I’m just not sure.”

“You approached us.” Brad joined in. “After I told you about it, about us, at the pub that night, you could not stop asking about it. You had to meet the rest of the guys. You had to see pictures of the wives. You couldn’t leave it alone; dropping into my office sometimes three times a day with more questions. You confessed that we were enacting your greatest fantasy. You almost creamed your pants talking about it.”

“I know. I know. It is. It is. But if I fuck Sylvia, tonight... that’s it... the final step. You all get to fuck my Helen. It wont be fantasy but reality after tonight. Sure I wanna fuck Sylvia. Look at her. You’d have to be dead not to want to fuck her.” As he spoke, Sylvia’s stiletto heeled shoe crept up and between his legs, he felt it searching out and pressing against his cock.

“You get to fuck all of our wives too, Thomas. It ain’t a one way street.” Derek smiled as he added that.

“I know, I’ve seen all your wives at the introductory party you threw Derek but... well ... it’s not Helen. It’s me. I really want to watch her... shit I’m dying to watch her... but I’m not sure I can. Helen is all for it. Maybe that scared me off. I was surprised how eager she was. I know the girls all spoke to her and you all chatted her up; but, I thought I would have to convince her. She’s never really fucked anyone but me.”

“Look, I was really afraid that I couldn’t handle it either. When Brad first came over to fuck Gillian, I thought I would go nuts. After it started, I was so fucking excited by the spectacle of her devouring his cock that Gillian and I fucked all the rest of the night. We both had to call in sick the next day. I had never seen her that horny. Now her favourite thing is to have three or four of them over to gangbang her. You should see her work those cocks. She still amazes me. Our sex life has never been so good. Hell, our relationship has never been so good.”

“Some of the girls like to do each other. Don’t they Sylvie?” This was Michael again. Sylvia’s foot was becoming more insistent as it explored Thomas’ crotch. Then Sylvia stood up and took her husband by the hand. She led him around the table and offered her hand to Thomas. As if in a fog, Thomas reached for and took her hand. He stood and the remainder of the boys lifted their glasses to the trio. Sylvia led Thomas and Michael to the elevators.

Sylvia wore a long tight fitting silky dress. It looked like one of those slinky Oriental jobs, a Suzy Wong dress with three buttons open down the front to show off the upper half of her spectacular tits. It was tight enough to cause her sumptuous ass to roll as she walked. That and the heels made her look delicious. Her straight blonde hair stood out against the blackness of the silk.

As they stepped into the elevator, Michael began. “I’m so glad you...” Sylvia placed her finger on his lips in a silencing gesture.

“You are not even here. It’s just me and Thomas. You can sit, stand, jerk off and groan but that’s about it. It’s just me and Thomas. Me and Thomas and his big fucking cock. Isn’t it Thomas?” She pushed him against the elevator wall and backed her tightly packed ass into him. She snuggled about until the crack of her ass found his stiffening prick. She bent and straightened her knees, rubbing his cock to full erection. “It’s so fucking big. Maybe you’ll hurt my little pussy with that thing. You wouldn’t dare stick that thing up my teeny little asshole would you Thomas? I certainly hope that you don’t slam that rude thingy down my throat... why, I’d just gag and choke. I don’t know what I would do. You wouldn’t stick that thing between my tits and fuck me like that would you Thomas. I’m afraid of what you would do to me with this long, dangerous, beautiful thing... a girl could get hurt.”

The door of the elevator stopped at the tenth floor. Sylvia undid Thomas’ fly and took his cock by the shaft. She pulled him out of the elevator and to room 1007. Michael fumbled with the card trying to get the door open and watch his wife stroke Thomas’ cock at the same time. Thomas hoped he would hurry, anyone might come out of their room or round the corner.

Once the three of them were inside the door, Sylvia motioned with her head and spoke to Michael. “Sit there.” She stationed herself behind Thomas and walked him forward so that he was about three feet from Michael’s face. She again had a firm grasp on Thomas’ exposed cock. She pointed it straight at Michael’s face. “Oh it’s lovely. So fucking hard... It’s much bigger than my husband’s cock. He’s got a little pencil dick.” Michael had that dick out and in his hand as she spoke. He stroked it to a stiff, raging state. Thomas could see that he was no pencil dick. He had a thick weighty cock. Thomas’ might have been longer but it was certainly thinner. For a quick instant he saw Helen sucking on that wide prick. He knew that the cock humiliation was part of the routine and must have turned one of them, perhaps both of them on.

Thomas turned quickly to face Sylvia. “Fuck this, you little cunt.” He picked her up in his arms and spun round to face the bed. He threw her on the bed and she bounced with the f***e. Thomas sprang over her and grabbed a fistful of gown in each hand. He yanked and buttons flew about the room. He slid off to one side and popped the remaining buttons. “Get the rest of it off or I’ll tear it to shreds.” Sylvia sat up and shakily removed her arms from the gown. She began to whimper.

“Please, please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything. I’ll suck you off. I’ll fuck you. But don’t hurt me.” Thomas knew he had hit on a fantasy of hers. He saw her flush and rub her thighs together in arousal. “Don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me.”

Thomas knelt between her legs and threw each one wide. He stared at her pouting cunt lips packed into her lacy thong. He placed his palm over her twat and pressed hard against it. She was sopping wet. He closed his fist grabbing material and scratching her cunt lips. He tore of the panties and threw them aside. He heard Michael get up and heard the sound of him flailing away at his own cock. He also heard the guttural groans from his throat. Michael slid to the side of the bed so that he could observe the entire show.

Sylvia began to whine. “Are you going to hurt me? Are you going to spank me like my daddy did? I’ll do anything. Just don’t put me across your knee and spank my bum.” Sylvia wore no bra. She was now completely naked except for the stilettos.

“Just shut up and do as you are told.” Thomas was still completely dressed but for his cock which stuck straight out as hard as a poker. “Show yourself to me. Touch yourself. Tease me you fucking whore. “ He slapped her left tit as he spoke. Sylvia involuntarily pumped her hips as he did this.

Sylvia raised her legs up high and splayed her thighs for Thomas. “Like that? Like this with my fingers up my snatch.” She stared directly into her husband’s eyes. “You like to watch me finger fuck myself? What about pulling on my tits?” She yanked hard on her nipples when she said this and Thomas realized just how much Sylvia loved rough sex. Next she bent her legs even further back in a yoga type manoeuvre. “My ass hole daddy? You want to see your little girl’s asshole? Are you gonna hurt your babies poop hole? Please Daddy just tell me what to do. Make me do it. f***e me. Spank me. Be the man my fucking wimp husband cannot be. Look at him shyly wanking his pencil dick while a real man ****s his wife. Don’t **** me Daddy.”

Thomas pulled her up so that her legs slid over each side of his thighs. He pulled her naked body against his. Her cunt pressed and rocked against his cock. She tore off Thomas’ shirt and both of them fumbled with his pants and briefs. When Thomas was naked, Sylvia slid her cunt back against his cock. She ground her tits into his chest and then she scratched eight deep red welts into Thomas’ back. He threw his head back and roared in pain and surprise.

“Don’t hurt me daddy,” she pleaded. “Don’t **** me.”

“Fuck her.” Shouted Michael, “Skewer her filthy whore’s cunt. Slap her around. **** the bitch. Leave some marks on her ass.”

“Because you’re too much of a little faggot to do it yourself aren’t you cucky boi?”

Thomas physically picked her up and threw her face down on the bed. She lay across the bed with her ass arched and waiting for whatever Thomas wanted of her. He stood and walked round till he stood with his cock pointing at her face. He grasped her under the armpits and yanked her over to the edge of the bed. He positioned his hands behind the nape of her neck and violently thrust his cock into her mouth. Her face quickly went red. She could not breathe and then he began to fuck her face. She snatched gasps of air between thrusts. She coughed, sputtered, and gagged. Thomas ****d her throat. Painfully thrusting deep, deep down her throat.

Michael shouted out encouragement excitedly and thrashed away at his engorged cock. “Oh yes. Yes. That’s it fuck the cunt. Face fuck her. Choke the slut.”

When Thomas decided she could take no more, he lifted her bodily off the bed then d****d her over the dresser. A mirrored tray full of mints , candies, keys flew across the room. Almost before she settled on the surface Thomas rammed his cock home, deep into her soaking cunt. He fucked her violently and she puffed out grunts of air on each stroke. “You’re hurting me daddy. You’re bruising my little cunt. You’re too big for me daddy. It hurts.” Between sentences she was fucking back like a breeding mare.

Thomas then surprised her by slamming his stiff cock up her ass. He rammed it in up to the hilt and began long, menacing strokes.

“Oh, Daddy, daddy, daddy. Please.” Sylvia moaned.

“Fuck that ass hole. Make her squeal like a little girlie. Fuck her hurt her.”

“Slap my ass.” She screamed. Thomas worried about being heard by the other guests. Sylvia however was beyond caring. “Spank my fucking filthy, slutty ass, daddy. I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl. Fuck me. Spank me. **** me. Hurt me. Please daddy.”

Michael scooted round and knelt beside her face watching it contort with desire and lust. He sat back on his haunches and jerked his cock like a maniac. “Cunt. Whore. Slut. Fuck meat.” He fell back onto the rug and a stream of cum shot up into the air. He kept wanking on himself and splattered the face of the dresser with gobs of his cream....

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2 years ago
well written, very hot
3 years ago
An excellent story.
3 years ago
wow awesome this is so hot
3 years ago
ENJOYED!! Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
I've only skimmed and can see it's steaming! Saving it in faves to read later. Keep writing!
3 years ago
Amazing, love the voyeur aspect. Getting off on your wife fucking another guy is hot.
3 years ago
Nice story and well written.
3 years ago
another HOT story, bravo
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story!!! cant wait for part 2..