Making Sluts of the f****y

Making sluts of the f****y
By Thomas Waller
Warning... bisexual references. in this episode.

Part 4

The gang of onlookers must have numbered fifteen at least. Five or six of the horniest ones had stood up and moved towards us for a closer look. The rest had quickly followed suit and they crowded within a yard of our bench.

Some had left their pants in a little heap on the grass, and stood bare-ass naked from the waist down; their cocks pointed lewdly and hungrily at Tina’s and Mandy’s splayed cunts. Or, some watched my sluts hands work away, Tina fisting her daddy’s cock and Mandy finger fucking both herself and her daughter.

The girls moaned loudly and pumped their pelvis obscenely, wantonly.I motioned with a nod of my head towards one raggedy looking stranger, who was positioned just to the left of the front and center group. “Look at the cock on that one. That is one fucking monster cock. Do you see it Tina?”Tina reached for and squeezed both her tits, releasing my cock which waved angrily in the air.

“Oh daddy, Its so thick, and gnarly and long. It’s... It’s like a pony’s cock. Remember that pony we saw last Spring at the petting zoo and you asked me, how’d you like to suck on that... little girl? And my cunt got all wet and mommy had to stick her hand up my cunt as soon as we got in the car... I was that horny. Right there in the parking lot of the farm I bent over the front seat and you said mommy could fist fuck my tight whore's cunt and you asked me to close my eyes and picture the pony and his tremendous long pink cock that almost dragged on the ground and I kept screaming and cumming and saying fuck me fuck me with that juicy pink cock, and the widows all steamed up but those two old guys just stood there and.... oh daddy. That man’s cock is big and thick and filthy looking just like the pony.”

“What would you do with a cock like that Tina?”

“First, yes first I’d just want to taste it. Lick it and kiss it and smack it against my face. Then I’d want to put it in here.” She took her right hand off her aroused tit and spanked herself teasingly atop her pantied cunt. All the time she stared at the strangers poker-stiff dick. She chewed seductively on her lower lip. Her hips thrust back and forth in a long slow fuck dance.

“Don’t be rude Tina, show the man where you want it.” I scolded her.

Tina gyrated her ass as she inched down her panties as far as her knees. Then she lifted her legs straight up in the air and Mandy removed her daughter’s panties totally. Once her legs were free and her cleanly shaven pussy was open to all, Tina again spread her legs like a gymnast, slid her hand down to each side of her cunt's lips and spread herself so wide that her fuck cave spread wide open and her clit stood up like a little soldier at attention.

“I’d want to put it in here...” She looked around at the amazed and sex crazed pervs. She lingered and stared into each pair of depraved eyes. And when she had achieved her desired effect she whispered, in a feigned shyness. “And maybe in here...” One finger slid down and pointed to her little puckered brown ring.

She looked back at the stranger in question and repeated “and maybe in here.” She stared hard at the stranger and spoke but this time in a husky needy voice. “And maybe after he fucks my hot girly cunt he can stick that monster, that donkey cock , that schlong right up my poop hole. Maybe he’d rip my asshole wide open with that horse meat and I’d scream in pain and love it. I’d fucking love it. Daddy.”

She turned to me. Looking and waiting for my next move.I was as turned on by Tina’s little act as the rest of the degenerates and was beating my own meat as she spoke.

“Mandy,” I eventually spoke with a rasp to my wife, who was also diddling her own cunt and had peeled off her own undies as Tina was teasing. Mandy's cunt glistened with sex juice and her eyes were glazed.

“Why don’t you show us this horse meat that Tina is so taken with. Let her get a good look at it.”Mandy stood and walked up to the hobo with the prodigious cock. He mini skirt was now pulled up so hight that it served only as a belt and her splendid ass and naked pussy writhed seductively as she approached the stranger.

She brazenly grasped his swollen cock in her right hand and pulled him forward by his prick so that he stood in front of the splayed Tina with his enormous fat dick head pointing straight at her mouth. Mandy then slid behind the man and spoke to us as she peeked around his shoulder.

She ripped open his shirt. His pants were left somewhere on the ground. Mandy reached round the front of the guy and took his weighty nuts in her left hand. “Look at the fucking balls on the stud. Who would have guessed. They’re heavy and round and fucking gorgeous. God damned meatballs.” The remainder of the crowd gathered round Mandy and the specimen.

“One of these guys has his finger crammed right up your wife’s asshole.” Mandy spoke to me. “He’s finger fucking my ass and it feels sensational. Oh, and now I’ve got fingers digging at my cunt too. Oh fuck yea. Keep that up while I show my daughter this massive prick. Does that excite you Tom? Does it make you horny that a bunch of park pervs are playing stinky finger with your wife’s cunt and shit hole?

“Oh yea, baby.” I was yanking on my dick furiously, still I kept control. I wanted this session to last.

“Oh mommy, I love it too. I want you to fuck them all in front of me and daddy. I want...”

“Quiet now dear and pay attention to this fuck pole I’m showing you. Look at the length of the fucking thing.” She ran the cupped fingers of her right hand under the pulsing shaft. “And the fucking veins and ridges on it are terrific. This guy will send you into a fucking orgasmic trance with this love club. And just look at the underside of it.” She took the bum’s cock head between her thumb and index finger and pulled on it and pointed it up to the sky. “Look at the ridges and knots in the fuck stick. Holy fuck it’s beautiful.” Mandy then squeezed the bulbous red head so that the eye spit wide open." Look at that Ti.. you could stick your fucking tongue in his cock crack. God I love it."

She was bouncing around because of the attention her ass and cunt was receiving from the cluster of guys behind her. One of them had now dropped to his knees and was using his mouth on either her ass or cunt as others fingered prodded and poked away at her.

Mandy then began to work the man’s cock like a jack hammer. “You want it baby? You wanna suck it? You wanna fuck it? You want it up your ass?”

Tina responded by shoving two fingers up her twat and noisily sluiced away at herself as she responded. “Oh yes please, mommy, I wanna fuck that lovely piece of meat. I wanna suck him off and stick it up my ass. Right here, right here... deep in my asshole. Mmmm please mommy, can I have him. I want it. Gimme that pony cock.” She wined and slithered in the most sexually bratty voice I had ever heard.

The pair of them worked the man like a virtuoso plays a violin and predictably the guy began to shoot great jets of cum all over Tina’s chest.

“Oh no, don’t cum.” Mandy cried and pretended to try and keep the cream from pumping out of his cock, covering it up with the palm of her left hand, as one would try to stop a broken kitchen tap. But, with the right hand she continued to thrash away at his shaft, her fist was a blur.

“Don’t cum. Don’t fucking cum and spoil it. You won’t be able to fuck her tight little baby cunt and her spasming ass hole. Don’t cum. Don’t cum yet.”As she spoke she milked him mercilessly.

The man even fell to his knees and she went down with him squeezing, draining, choking every last trace of semen out of his nut sack. He started to flip about like a salmon out of water and still she would not let go. He yelled for her to stop and grabbed her wrist. He finally pulled her off him but she rode him like a bronco for the final minute.

When she did let go she looked him in the eyes and stared at him as she licked the semen off her hands. “That’s one terrific cock you got there mister... a real fucking prize winner. We are gonna meet up again and you’ll fuck me senseless.”

She stared down at him and the men who had scrambled out of the way when the wrestling match started began to fondle her once more all the while she spoke.

“What is your name?” She asked him as she luxuriated in the manhandling.”

“Graham.” He announced.

“You are going to meet up with the three of us and we will all have a go at that Greek god’s cock of yours. All three of us. Do you understand what I mean by all three of us. Would you like that?”

She opened her legs wider to admit exploring hands.He just nodded at her. She was dominating him already. “We are going to use that fuck machine of yours. We’ll talk to you when all this is over.”

She suddenly broke away from the crowd and moved directly to Tina’s gaping cunt. She knelt before her daughter but spoke rather to her cunt.

“Im, sorry baby, were you looking forward to that beautiful stiff truncheon.

“Mmm-hmmm.” Tina whined.

“I wanted my noonie stuffed like a turkey. Now it feels all empty and lonely mommy.” She slid her ass down the bench a smidge and offered her honey pot to her mother.

“Poor baby.” Mandy invoked her baby talk voice and kissed Tina’s clit.

“So, so empty, mommy.” Tina thrust her pelvis at Mandy who moaned in mock condolence as she began first to lap, then to suck on Tina’s bud.

Mandy is a practiced expert at eating cunt. She takes as much of the entire inner lips into her mouth then sucks with pouty velvet lips, in, out, in ,out... in a repeated tantalizing motion. Then she uses her tongue to deliver little butterfly kisses on the pulsing clit. She will tongue fuck both the fuck hole and the ass hole and vary and rotate these maneuvers bringing her lover, in this case Tina to the edge then changing tactics till the victim is pleading for release.

As Tina writhed in the ecstasy and the agony I spoke to her. “Perhaps we can find one of these nice gentlemen to help you out baby

"Will one of them let me have their cock daddy? Will they fill me up and fuck me where mommy is licking me now? Will they even let me suck on it? And...and put it in my bum? Will they daddy?”

There were at least six of the men kneeling around Mandy. They now felt sure that they could fondle her cunt and ass and tits at their pleasure and as she ate out her daughter they were drilling fingers into her twat and ass like perverted little demons. Her bum looked so inviting as she knelt before them and she wiggled it for them as she performed.

One elderly gentleman began to probe around her bitch positioned cunt with his cock. She clenched and shouted out “Not yet... not yet... hold off and I’ll give you the ride of your life.” She went back to torturing and pleasuring Tina’s pulsing cunt.

Another group bent in to watch her masterful oral skills Mandy employed on the now pleading Tina. The rest of the group gathered behind us and watched with their cocks or their pal's cock in their hand and gave off the unmistakable 'splat', 'squish' sound of a cock being wanked frenetically. One of the cock suckers from under the bridge had dropped to his knees and was greedily sucking off a young man who could stand the sexual tension no longer. The both moaned loudly. The young guy had two handfuls of hair and was furiously fucking the cocksuckers face.

It was an orgy scene that made me smile a broad, self satisfied, perverted smile. Let’s get to the fucking, I thought. I was so excited I dare not touch my cock again for fear of repeating the Graham scene.
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3 years ago
very hot, but i have to go with the last post, what happened to part three?
3 years ago
awesome but what happened to part3
3 years ago
excellent series, looking forward to the next chapter