Making Sluts of he f****y Part 2

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Thomas makes sluts of his wife and daughter...

Please read part i****tuous tale

f****y Sluts 2

After our little masturbation circle puffed, panted and settled down a tad we all sat naked in the living room smiling and laughing together. Mandy got us all a drink: hell if Tina’s old enough for her amazing finger fuck exhibition, then she’s old enough to drink with us.

“So, Tina, how many cocks have you had up that horny little snatch of yours?” Mandy asked Tina. Mandy was now sitting on the armchair directly across the room and staring at Tina and I naked on the couch. Mandy had one leg tucked under her ass and the other foot rested on the cushion of the chair. Her cunt was a wide open display for Tina and me. It excited the shit out of me to have Mandy expose her glistening cunt to her daughter. From the deep throated guttural noises coming from Tina, I figured that it turned her on too.

“Not sure,” Tina answered she was drawing little circles and patterns on the inside of my thighs, “I just love cock, mom. I mean I really love cock. I like to tease them most of all. But, I love the feeling of a fat stiff prick pumping away at my cunt. It just takes my breath away. I think about cock all the time. I’d guess that since I learned to play doctor years ago, I’ve pulled on and sucked on at least a hundred dickies, then pricks, and finally, fucking juicy cocks.” She was exciting herself as she spoke and it was certainly working on me as well. I was a little shocked at the number she cited but too fucking aroused to give a shit. My cock was beginning to stir and flop about for attention. I took Tina’s hand and placed it over my semi. She giggled up at me and began to slowly roll my shaft about with her fingers.

“Just who was attached to these cocks of yours?” Mandy was now pressing upon her mound and moving her entire cunt up and down as she questioned Tina. Tina’s revelation had aroused her as much as it had me. I love what a sex hungry slut that Mandy was. Her eyes were locked on my cock and Tina’s exploring hand.

“Jerry Porter was the first little dickie, I played with. Then cousin Terry....” Tina proceeded to list a string of boys and more startlingly men who she had played with, sucked off, fucked or teased. Some of the more stunning revelations were the principal of her high school, Mr. Davis, who liked to eat Tina’s pussy in his office; her uncle, my b*****r, Ted who had gone from blow jobs to banging to ass fucking throughout their relationship. I was more intrigued to hear that Tina had taken a cock up her ass than I was angry at Ted. I closed my eyes, and felt Tina’s lovely cool hand wanking my cock as she spoke and pictured her fucking, sucking cock and performing anal gymnastics. Watching my wife Mandy fuck had always given me a cock like a rock and now I realized that I would have the same reaction to watching my daughter Tina get filthy in front of me.

Then, in a flash, I saw Mandy and Tina fucking a stranger together. I also imagined them side by side in a gangbang. The faces of the fuckers changed from Mr. Davis, to Ted, to Johnny Porter, to a line guys I had watched bone Mandy. It was like one of those d**g induced scenes that you see in the movies. I covered Tina’s hand and increased the speed of her pumping. She laughed and began bouncing her thighs together beside me.

“Oh, fuck.” I exclaimed and reached over and grabbed Tina by the waist, a hand on each side of her. I hoisted her up in the air and settled her down on my lap. My now raging cock pointed directly at the gaping cunt. “I can’t wait any longer. I gotta fuck my little girl.”

“Oh daddy.” Tina giggled and reached down, grabbing my cock at the base. She lined it up expertly with her fuck hole and thrust her hips forward. I was in my Tina’s cunt up to my cock hairs instantly. “Ahhh, I love it.” Tina moaned. “I love having my daddy’s fat cock inside my cunt. You like daddy? Does this feel good?” When she asked this she began to fuck. Her cunt was tight and sucked my cock like a mouth. She backed off her hips till my prick nearly slipped out then slammed herself down on it, over and over and over. “Mom, come and look.” She called out over her shoulder. “Come and watch daddy’s cock fuck me. Watch me ride his bone.”

Mandy scooted over beside us occupying the spot Tina had sat in before I whisked her over onto my cock. “Oh baby, hold it open for mommy, let me see all the fucking action.” She leaned in resting her head on my stomach. Tina spread her cunt lips wide open and continued her deep and long fuck rhythm. “Oh yes, baby, you are just magnificent. I love the way your inner lips wrap around and hold onto your dad’s cock. What a fucking little slut you are. You’re just like mommy aren’t you baby. Fuck it Tina. Fuck your daddy. Make him shoot his load off in your soaking cunt. Take him all honey.” Mandy’s left hand dug away at her own cunt, making lewd squishy noises. She reached for Tina’s clit with her right and pressed her clit against the top of my thrusting cock. “You like that Tina? You like to feel the ridges of your daddy’s cock as he fucks your slutty cunt? Oh fuck... I gotta get in on this. Don’t either of you dare to cum till I get back.”

She flew up the stairs and was soon back with her strap on. Tina all the while slapped her little hips into me. Her firm teenaged tits bounced maddeningly before my eyes. I breathed deeply to stop myself from exploding up her cunt. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck my hot cunt. Stretch it open. Stick that fuck pole deep in my belly. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck daddy. I wanna suck your cock. I want you to fuck my asshole.” Her head was flipping about from side to side.

I heard Mandy interrupt Tina’s string of filth. “You little fucking whore, take this.” Then, I felt Mandy’s strap on cock penetrate Tina’s asshole. I felt the underside of the long black dildo against the top of my cock. We were both inside my little Tina.

Tina threw her head back and screamed out with a “Gggnnnaaaahhhh,” a****l noise, then began wildly raising and lowering using her legs muscles to impale herself over and again on my cock and Mandy’s dildo. “Holy fuck,” she shouted. “Fuck me. Slam those cocks into me... I love it. Oh, I’m fucking my mom and dad. I’m finally fucking my mom and dad. This is so dirty, so fucking filthy ... I love it.” Mandy and I fucked like rabbits, both of our asses pumping away in a frenzy. We set up the fastest fuck rhythm I had ever been party to. “Harder daddy. Harder. Hurt me. Hurt my fucking hungry cunt. Faster mommy pump. Stick it right up there. Deeper. Deeper in my asshole.”

Mandy started to scream. She had a little clit rubbing node built into her strap on and it worked Mandy’s thrusting cunt each time she rammed it into Tina. “There you little fuck whore. How’s that? You are a filthy pig Tina. A slave to your own gaping cunt. You are your filthy father’s daughter and your slut mother’s nympho.” Then Mandy started to twitch and spasm out a tremendous orgasm. She kept fucking but the rhythm was now wildly frenetic following the contractions of her cunt. All she could say was, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Tina looked deep into my eyes. “I feel so fucking perverted and sick. My mom filling my ass and my dad’s cock pounding my cunt. I want more daddy. I want a big, fat, juicy, dirty, hairy cock fucking my mouth. Right here daddy.” She opened her mouth and showed her throat. “A cock in my ass, one in my cunt, another shooting down my throat. What else daddy? I want to be dirtier, hornier, filthier. A cock in each hand. Cocks in my hair, against my cheeks, guys rubbing off on my legs. I love it when......” She couldn’t finish her sentence but began bucking ferociously on my prick. I watched the pair of them. Looked into their eyes as they were cumming.

“I’m gonna put you two cunts through some filthy shit. You’ll do everything. Anything. You’re my sluts, my cum buckets.” I felt the pressure build up in my nuts then shot my wad far inside my Tina’s twat. It began to squish out and cover my balls and hair with thick gobs of sperm and pussy juice. I don’t really remember how we all ended up sitting on the floor but we did. Tina and Mandy sat like guru’s with their twats wide open and in Tina’s case dripping with fuck juice. I leaned back against the couch. “I don’t know about you two but I’m fucking spent for a while. God but that creampie looks delicious Tina. Can you wrap that for me, Miss? I’ll eat it at home.”

We laughed together, but then Tina gave her mom a wicked little wink. “I’d like to see how this thing works.” She picked up Mandy’s strap on. Mandy had tossed it on the sofa. “It would be nice to fuck my mommy. How about it mom?” She pointed and poked the black rubber cock at her mother. “Can I fuck your oozing cunt? Look at it. It’s just about steaming.”
“You’re a pig.” Mandy said.
“Skank.” Tina answered.
“Fuck meat”
“Cum bucket.”
Tina stood up and buckled the contraption around her waist. “Get on your back and spread your legs. MOMMY!”
Mandy rolled over onto her back just like a compliant puppy. “Yes Mistress.”
“You’re fucking right Mistress. I’m gonna fuck you like the filthy slut you are. Your husband’s going to watch you get fucked properly.” I have no idea where Tina got these words but she obviously enjoyed role play as much as Mandy and I. I thought that she must really have lapped up our sexual photo diaries upstairs. We love all types of power exchanges and can both play either the dominant or the submissive. This was going to be even better than I thought. I started to pull on my limp cock as I watched the show. “Now, beg me for a good fuck. Beg me you cunt.”

Mandy spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled open her dripping cunt. “Fuck me Mistress. Fuck me hard. Fuck me properly.”
“Because you are a what?” Tina smiled an evil smile.
“A cum slut, a whore, a pig, a lesbian, a fuck doll. Fuck me please.” She began to work her fingers in and out of her splayed cunt as she begged her daughter to fuck her. It was so fucking delicious, my wife spread eagle, naked, pleading with my naked little girl to fuck her. My poor cock tried desperately to stand erect... but it needed time.
Tina knelt between Mandy’s legs and aimed the dildo at her mom’s pussy. She skootched herself forward lifted one of her mom’s thighs over each leg then sunk the rubber cock in up to the hilt. Tina’s eyes popped wide open as the strap on pushed against her clit. “Mmmm. That feels great.”
“Me too.” Mandy echoed.
“I’ve always wanted to fuck someone. I always wanted to make a girl squirm under me as I plowed away.” She dropped down on her mother, tits against tits hips against hips and began the fiercest fuck tempo that I had ever seen. I could not tell half the time which one of them was making which sound, which one was begging, which one was pronouncing a string of filth. But it was heavenly to watch. They came a number of times, singly and finally together. I envy women their ability to climax over and over. They lay panting on each other’s chests for a few minutes then I saw Mandy whisper something into Tina’s ear. They both chuckled and looked at me.

Tina sat up cross legged with that obscene looking black cock waviing like a flag between her legs. She pouted and sucked her thumb then in a whinny little voice said. “I wanna fuck daddy.” She began to stroke the false cock between her legs like a man masturbating. “I wanna stick my cock up daddy’s ass. I wanna fuck and fuck and fuck daddy.”

Mandy and Tina both began to crawl across the rug towards me. Mandy began playing the little girl as well. “I wanna sit on daddy’s face when you fuck him. I wanna fuck daddy’s mouth right now.” She slapped her hand on the floor.

“I wanna milk daddy’s cock while I fuck his man cunt.” She cooed. They had now reached me and lay me out on the rug. I gave token resistance but let them have their way with me.

“Don’t hurt your daddy.” I complained. “Don’t make him beg you to stop. Oh Please.”

Mandy sat on my face and ground her drenched cunt into my mouth and nose. Tina lifted my legs and handed them over to Mandy who pulled back on them. I felt the head of the dildo searching out my asshole. It was wet and slippery from Mandy’s cunt. In no time Tina was fucking me. The long swift strokes penetrated my bowls.
“Does daddy like getting fucked up the ass mommy?”
“Yes he does sweety.”
“Does daddy suck cock’s too mommy?”
“Yes, daddy’s a faggy little cocksucker, who lets mommy and now Tina watch him suck a cock and take one up the ass.”
Tina was milking my cock with a vengeance as the pair of them had this sexy conversation. As I submitted to their little game I began scheming about how I’d dominate the pair of them during our next session. They had stopped talking now and were kissing each other passionately. I could feel Mandy cumming yet again in my sucking mouth and licking tongue. I even worked up a little weak dribble of cum but the girls pumped out a strong final orgasm. Tina driving her cock ever deeper and faster u p my ass and Mandy soaking my face.

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5 months ago
The best thing ever is having wife and daughter as slutty as each other.
2 years ago
sluty joy
3 years ago
you are not a slut terrorgirl, you just need a daddy
3 years ago
Am I a slut if this got me dripping wet? Lol. Awesome story.
3 years ago
Part 3 ???
3 years ago
have me hard and jacking
3 years ago
Oh you perverted bunch of bastards, I love it.
3 years ago
great pair of cum sluts there
3 years ago
Taboo. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
better than pt 1 looking forward to more