The Training of Jennifer

This story involves slut training.... male domination and a female sub. Helen and I both enjoy the fantasy and the situation.


Graham moved to answer the door even before the faint knocking . He swung the penthouse door fully open, turned his back on the guest and continued speaking on the telephone. He paced as he spoke. "Yes she is here. No, I'm not sure. I have yet to even look at her. Just remain in the lobby this might be all over very quickly ..... Well, me too ..... I'll let you know as soon as I can. Certainly, David. Yes, in that case I'll send her back down and you can take her home." Graham turned from within the spacious living area to face Jennifer who stood on the threshold. "Well, come in and close the door. Either that or get back on the elevator and down to the lobby. Your David is still there."

He smiled, enjoying her emotional struggle. "You've been told what this is all about. Come in and begin, or leave. I will not abide silliness." She swallowed and stepped smartly into the apartment. She was dressed in a 3/4 length leather coat, cinched at the waist. She clutched a round overnight case to her chest and stood blinking at her host.

He strode over to her and yanked the case from her grasp. "I told you to close the door behind you. And, you will have no need of this." With that he tossed the small case into the hallway and slammed the door shut. She went to reach for her case as he tore it from her. Then, as he chucked it out and into the hallway she began to protest. He covered her mouth with his open hand. "Just be silent. You will speak when asked a direct question. David may have spoiled you but you will find none of that here."

Graham walked around Jennifer inspecting her face and hair. He stared directly into her eyes when he had completed his circuit. Jennifer tried to return his stare but quickly lost her nerve and stared down at the floor. "The hair is nice, provocative even. It's like a lion's mane. Huh, quite a mass of curls for such a delicate face. Blond highlights. Nice. It's a cock teaser's hair style. David told me you were a horny little thing under a controlled veneer. Are you a horny little thing, Hm? Is your cunt wet even now? We shall see."

He took her chin between his index finger and thumb, raising her face to his. He was much taller than the diminutive woman. Her neck arched backward to accommodate his positioning of her. " A pretty face, elfin features, probably Irish descent. Big liquid blue eyes. I'm going to enjoy abusing you. You make me want to hurt you already. There is something extremely vulnerable about you." As he spoke he worked his thumb into her mouth and held it open. He inspected her teeth and ran his index finger between her gum and cheek. Next, he thrust his two fingers down her throat. She gagged and sputtered at the invasion. "We'll have to work on that." He remarked casually.

"Take off the coat. Let me examine the rest of you." He kept her head locked between his hands. He wanted to guage her reaction. Graham knew that David had sent her up to his apartment naked except for the trench coat. David knew how to follow instructions. Jennifer reached for the belt which held her only garment in place. Instead of untying it, as requested, she clasped onto it with a marked urgency. David let go of her face and reached into his pocket for the cell phone. He continued to stare at Jennifer and punched the redial button.

"David... yes, come and get her. No, I refuse to waste my time on coy little games. Well, I'm sure you did explain the opportunity to her. We tried. Yes of course." Graham flipped the phone closed and opened the apartment door. " David is on his way up to retrieve you. You may wait by the elevator. Good-bye Mrs. Arris. It has been a pleasure meeting you." Jennifer stepped out of the penthouse and collected her overnight bag. Graham closed the door. In less than a minute there was another faint knock.

Graham, who had not moved from his spot eased open the door. There stood Jennifer with eyes downcast. She placed her overnight bag on the floor. "I" she ventured. "May I speak?"

"Of course my dear, you are no longer under my tutelage. All social protocol is back in play. Can I help you with anything?" Graham was the soul of graciousness.

" I was silly. I ... I reacted instinctively. I do want to please David. This is so very important to him. Will you give me....Can I have another chance ... please?" She fidgeted as she spoke.

The door of the elevator opened and David, a handsome young man in his early thirties, stepped into the foyer. Jennifer wheeled and made to move towards him. Graham snatched her by the wrist and turned her back to face him. "You were saying." He signaled for David to remain where he was.

Standing self consciously in the hallway Jennifer proceeded. "I want you to take me back. I want to please my husband. I want to be trained."

"Just exactly what will I train you to do, my dear?"

"To be a slut."


"To fuck and suck your cock and be used in anyway that you chose." Jennifer's cheeks were crimson and her eyes welled up with hot tears.

"Take your coat off." Graham demanded coldly. Jennifer stepped towards the apartment with her hands on her belt. He reached up to her shoulders stopping her where she stood. "Here will be fine." Jennifer spun her head round to look at David, then to check the hallway for onlookers. Tears were now rolling down her cheeks but she did uncinch her belt and allow her coat to slip down her arms and fall to the floor. She had a petite but splendidly proportioned body. "No wonder you two were nominated for the society. Nice pert little tits." He reached up and tweaked each nipple. They were large for the size of her smallish breasts and pointed slightly upward. "They are very responsive as well. He rubbed a thumb over each of them. Can she cum just from nipple play David? Place your hands behind your back, my dear. I want free reign with you." Graham worked his hands over her tight abdomen. He first caressed then stretched out some threads of pubic hair. A nice looking cunt. A cute little protruding slit. A cameltoe I think they call it. Lovely. So, you want to please your husband. Is that all? That is not the way I hear it."

Graham was now moving around her, dragging his palm and fingertips across her hip and thigh. When he was behind her he moved her hands to afford himself an unencumbered view of her ass. He explored the weight and heft of her tight bulbous cheeks. "David told me some little secrets you have shared with him. All about some games with your b*****r William and his friend Sid. The cock sucking story with your camp counselor. Your experiments with Linda, your old chum in high school. Your **** and gang bang fantasies, your exhibitionist tendencies." Jennifer was shocked and ashamed as this stranger rattled off her most intimate secrets. Secrets and musings shared in her marriage bed with David. "There are many more. Aren't there, my dear? You will confess them all later. But, I think we should drop the pretense that you are here only to please David. David has made me privy to your intense sexual excitement since you both came to accept our proposition.

She winced at each revelation and felt betrayed. His words exposed her more than her nudity. She recalled wanking on David's cock and whispering her desires into his ear as she worked her cunt against his thigh. She f***ed herself to dismiss the recollections, afraid of what she might remember. Graham continued; "First, you were moved by greed of course. You will want for nothing, if you are accepted. David's career will advance rapidly with such a cadre of influential friends. You have been told all of that. But tell me about you, your wants. Why did you accept the proposal. Admit what you are Jennifer. Here, to me and your husband."

Jennifer looked up and into Graham's eyes. She seemed defiant for the first time this evening. "I'm a slut. I want to be abused and fucked by the powerful men you speak of."


"I'm a cock sucking, whore. I want you to do what you will to my horny cunt. I want to surrender...." Graham reached up and silenced her with his hand across her mouth. He stared into her moist eyes. He placed a foot between her legs and moved her feet farther apart. With the palm of his hand he covered her entire cunt. "Wet." He pronounced accusingly.

He slowly began to massage her cunt, rubbing the lips together; sliding them back and forth against each other. He felt the enlarged clit roll back and forth within her labia. He pulled her into the room by her oozing cunt and signaled for David to follow. David did so and closed the door. "You were sopping wet as you stood in a public corridor naked, with your husband watching, with a stranger fingering you. I think we can drop any pretense to morality. It is quite obvious who and what you are."

Once inside the apartment, David rested his back on the door as Graham bent Jennifer over double, into a touch your toes pose. "You have been sponsored by John Grover, the founder of your husband's law firm." He spread her ass cheeks and inspected her tight, puckered sphincter as he spoke. "He took quite an interest in you a dinner party. So I am told. He wants you and will accept David into the Dilletante society in order to get you. There are senators, congressmen, famed CEO's, even entertainers within the club. They will all have access to you. David will have access to their wives or mistresses as well. It will mean sure fire success. For both of you. I sense that you will enjoy untapped pleasures my little slut." He worked his middle finger up into her rectum. "You are both fortunate indeed. I am paid quite handsomely, Jennifer to train you and to give you both final approval." Now, he eased a finger up and inside her cunt. "Do you like having your husband watch this intrusion, Hm?"

Next, Graham stood her up. Placed an arm around her waist and turned to face David. "I think we have reached an understanding. Jennifer and I." He took Jennifer's hand by the wrist and f***ed it down the front of his pants and his briefs. Her hand covered his erect cock. She was surprised at the thickness and firmness of his member. He looked at David as he moved his wife's hand up and down his engorged prick. "I don't usually give second chances David. But, she is deliciously vulnerable and I do long to abuse her. The next time she gets ridiculous, I will be her calling you at home. There will be no taking her back a second time. You may go now David. The Mrs. and I have work to do."

David slipped quietly out of the apartment. Jennifer's eyes clicked down to the carpet as he left. Graham pulled her hand out of his pants and walked her over to his easy chair. He sat on the edge of the chair with his legs wide open. He pointed to the floor between his feet. "Kneel here." He ordered. When she was in place he spread her legs further apart with his shoes. "Place your hands on your thighs. Sit back on your haunches. Head down. This is your position. You will get into it whenever I sit on this chair. I will always begin our sessions from here." He slid his the toe of his shoe between her legs and tapped it against her cunt while looking down at her. He considered her for a long time and she remained still. Her breath and her heart however were racing.

"You will learn to please, tease and amuse. There are members with varying tastes and needs. You will be expected to fulfill any and all of these. Everything I do with you and to you is to achieve that end. Lay on your back, splay yourself open and masturbate for me. Entertain me." She slowly, tentatively eased herself back and onto the carpet. She closed her eyes and slid a hand over the mound of the cunt.

Graham sat back and smiled observing Jennifer clinically. Her eyes clamped shut. Her legs crossed. She trapped and squeezed probing hand with her thighs. Her hand worked up and down with increased pressure, flattening her clit against her pubic bone. The involuntary fuck thrusts of her hips became more rhythmical and pronounced. Her abdomen tightened. She felt the waves descending through her body to her cunt. The first few internal spasms began.

"Stop!" shouted Graham. He reached over and slapped her on the thigh when he gave the command. "Get up here and listen for fuck's sake. Back into your position."

Jennifer lay there blinking and looking up at Graham. It took her a few seconds to abandon the demands her cunt was making at the moment.

"Now!" Graham commanded. He remained perfectly still as he gave commands: his voice flat but layered with authority. his eyes piercing and cold. Jennifer was moved as if by a physical f***e. She kipped up and back into her position between his knees.

"I asked you to masturbate for me didn't I? Well didn't I?" He took his index finger and raised her chin. Her eyes stared into his. "That was a direct question."

"I - I was masturbating. I" She got nothing else out because he placed a finger over her lips.

"Listen..." he spoke as if to a c***d, slowly, distinctly. " I asked you to masturbate for ME. You were masturbating for you. You were to entertain me. Tease me. Make me want you. If a man asks you to masturbate, he wants to be a voyeur. He wants to see you at your most private, your most intimate. Say how you love finger fucking yourself. Tell him how good this feels. Tell him how much you want a hot cock. Moan, curse, be lewd, open pussy, your ass cheeks and ask him questions. The mind is the main sex organ my little fuck toy. What does he want? Is he more turned on by your obscenities, by your need for his cock, by your writhing and moaning, by a fantasy that is taking you where you want to go." The back of his hand slid down her neck, over the top of her left breast. Then he clamped his thumb and crooked index finger down on her nipple.

She gave a quick yelp and sucked in her breath. He increased the pressure of the violent pinch and stared flatly into her eyes. "Now, masturbate for ME." He ordered. Then he eased himself back into his leather chair. Jennifer settled back onto the carpet at his feet. She began to moan and writhe sensually before him. He hands snaked down her body and she moaned in pleasure as he inched them towards her mound. "I'm so fucking horny." She whispered. "I need to cum so bad. Mmmm." She grabbed each of her thighs and spread them wide, arching her back at the same time. "You like? Mmm? You want? Oh fuck baby. Right here... Lick me right here. Or here maybe," she stretch her legs back and exposed her ass. You want to lick me here Daddy? Oh fuck..." Jennifer found that she was turning herself on with her own sexuality. When she went at her clit, all she was able to do was pump and moan like an alley cat. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yea...." In seconds her eyes clamped shut and she bucked and spasmed on the rug. A stream of : "fucks" and "cock" and "cunt" and "cocksucker" began a litany of every filthy word she knew. After a few ecstatic minutes, Jennifer lay spent on the floor. She had never cum like that before.

When she was able to open her eyes and focus, Graham patted himself on the thigh and motioned for her to assume her position. "What were you thinking about when you got off like that?

"I - I don't know. I."

Graham reached both hands down to her nipples and clamped them in the same pinching clasp as he had used before. "What were you thinking about when you got off like that?" His voice remained a calm monotone. The pressure of his pinch however increased evenly until she was sure she could bare it no longer. Still the intensity increased, like the speedometer in a car.

"My husband. My husband David." she blurted out. " I was thinking of our last fuck and of his cock and how he used it on me. I"

Graham let go of both her nipples. A whoosh of air escaped from her lungs. He placed a hand on either side of her face and moved his own face close to hers. "Don't, don't ever lie to me."

It then happened very quickly. With surprising strength and quickness Graham whisked her off the floor. All movements were then a blur to Jennifer but she found herself over his left leg. Her own legs were trapped and held in place by his right thigh. His left hand pushed hard on the middle of her back and she was bent double over his knee. Her hands were flat on the floor to maintain her balance. Smack! came the first blow. A red hand mark appeared on her ass almost immediately. Smack. Another one on exactly the same spot. She complained and howled. Then he began to rain smack after stinging smack all over her bottom. The screaming was soon replaced by tears, sobs and pleadings. Eventually, he stopped, with abrupt measured speech. He asked. "What were you thinking of when you got off like that?"

" I was thinking of you." She was still over his knee with her hands on the floor speaking up through her own legs. "I was thinking about the feel of your thick cock. I was thinking of David watching me handling your cock. I wanted you to fuck me in front of him. I wanted to see it and suck it. I wanted to do it all with David standing there."

Graham let her up and gestured for her to take her position. She knelt in front of him once more. Then she broke down into a serious sobbing cry. "I wanted you to fuck me." She said between sobs and sniffs. She leaned her head into him and he let her. She cried into his trouser's crotch. He smoothed the hair on the back of her head. She cried for a long time. Then she went silent... calm... peaceful. She stayed still and breathed him in. They remained like that for a half hour.

"Okay, enough. We are done for the night." Graham stood Jennifer up and lead her to her room: a room she would occupy for the entire training period.

Her room was the first on the left in a hallway leading to the back of the penthouse. Jennifer was impressed by the artwork in the corridor; an ecclectic mix of modern and traditional. The pictures were blended more by palette than by style or subject matter. Did he have the taste to arrange these or was there a decorator involved? She longed to ask, to know more about him. She was brought up short by her first glimpse into her room. It was minimalist to say the least. Perhaps Spartan was a better description. It reminded Jennifer of a nun's cell. There was a low brass bed. A straight back wooden chair, a cube of a night stand with a solitary brass lamp sitting atop it. There was, however, no door. There was no door leading into the attached bathroom either.

Graham was looking into the room as well. He felt her looking at him but did not turn to face her. "You will sl**p as you are, naked. I may chose to come in and study you as you sl**p. I want full access to you if I do so. I may also chose to watch you as you shower or sit on the toilet. You will have no privacy while you are here. You are mine to inspect and examine in your most intimate of moments. I will bring you a pencil and some paper. Tonight you will write of a secret sexual episode, thought, fantasy. Something you have never shared with anyone especially David. I warn you not to lie to me. Since we will be dealing with things sexual. You may occasionally want to masturbate. You may do so; but, you will ask for my permission beforehand.Goodnight." He was gone and Jennifer watched his back as he walked down the corridor.

Jennifer felt the soft touch of fingers, drawing a pattern on her back. The sensation brought her out of a fitful sl**p. She had had a succession of wildly shifting dreams: of her father and of David and of a boy, Brian, that she hardly knew in highschool. In all of these dreams she was naked, as if she had forgotten to dress that morning. She felt shame and tried to cover her breasts and her exposed sex. Then a fly was crawling on her back. No it was a caress of some sort. It was a finger drawing on her back. She was waking but kept her eyes closed. It was David. She smiled and wiggled her naked bum at him. They would have morning sex. That is why she was so wet. Jennifer loved morning sex. Her eyes lazily drifted open. No. It was him. Graham. It all came back to her. Where she was. What she was doing. Instinctively her hands shot down to cover her cunt. SLAP! He slapped her hands hard with a sharp surprising blow.

"Come on my little cunt. Breakfast, then a full day." She could smell coffee and waffles. "Shower. I want you in a pony tail. There is an outfit for you folded over the chair. If you take too long, no breakfast. Oh, and bring your assignment from last night. There's a good little fuck." Jennifer emerged into the kitchen after ten minutes and Graham stopped munching to appraise her. She stood there in a classic private schoolgirl outfit. The red tartan kilt barely covered the white silk panties she had been given. Her selected blouse was starched white cotton. She wore brogues and red knee sox. He crooked his two middle fingers indicating that she should come closer. He turned her around inspecting her as he spoke.

"You will be asked to play many games by the members. This is a favorite outfit of a number of them." He raised her kilt and then hiked up her panties so that they hugged and outlined her cunt. He even ran a finger across her slit , causing the material to indent and fold into her cunt. "There." He turned her and the yanking up of her panties made the flimsy panties embed in her ass crack as well. "Nice. You have a very attractive ass. The way these little creases below your cheeks wink at the observer as you walk away. That is very seductive. Use it. Bend over. Arch your back. Look over your shoulder at me. Give me that fuck me look. Pouty. Pouty. Nice. Now have some breakfast. I've laid it all out for you."

"Now where is that assignment, I gave you last night?"

"Here." Jennifer had set it down as she approached the table. He had seen her do it. Still he asked for it. He reached for the papers and her heart raced. She began to perspire and leaned forward in her chair. She swallowed hard. Instead of reading her paper he shuffled them square and took them over to his desk. He put them in the drawer and never even glanced at them. Was she relieved or disappointed or angry? She was not sure. She was not sure of anything.

After breakfast Graham went over to his chair and gestured for her to draw near and into position. Again he tapped her inner thighs with his foot indicating that she was to splay her legs more. When he was satisfied he began. "Most of the gentlemen will have specific tastes, needs, urges. They will often request a game or a costume. We will go through a number of them. Introducing all the games is not the point however. What you must do is read the member carefully. Know what he wants. See what excites him. You will learn to become a mind reader with me. It is no trick. It is observation and cunning. Today,Miss Walters, you are going to visit the doctor. You have come of age and should have your first proper examination. Look at me. What do you know already?"

"What do I know?" She was a little dismayed that he had used her maiden name. How much did this man know about her? She hardly heard the question as she considered this.

He reached down as he had before and clamped down savagely on her covered nipple. They were still sore from the previous evening and Jennifer jumped and whimpered. He hit the exact same spot.

"Do not be obtuse. A member has asked you to wear a school girl uniform. He wants you to visit him as a doctor. What do you know already?"

"He wants to examine me.... to put me in styrups perhaps... to be an innocent... he wants to fuck me or have me suck his cock... he wants to f***e me... and abuse me."

"Go through all the possiblities. Be prepared to switch expectations. Watch his reactions. You are going to see Dr. Walsh: a trusted old f****y doctor." Again she was startled this time even moreso. How did he know Dr. Walsh? How much does he know about me? She vowed never to lie to him. Her thoughts flashed back to last nights assignment. "I'll play the good doctor. Watch me. See what I want."

He crossed over to his desk which floated in the middle of the reading area. "Come in Miss Walters. Don't dawdle. I'm a very busy man. Sit.Sit. Sit." He clapped his hands together loudly as he commanded. He broke out of character and peered at her. "What do I want?"

"You want to dominate me. Take me. Frighten me."

"More importantly, how do I want you to act? That is always the big question. I have a fantasy and you have to fulfil it. What do I envision you doing when I jerk off to this fantasy?"

"I'm shy. I'm scared of taking my clothes off in front of a man. I'm afraid of what you will do to me down there. I'm afraid you will know what I do to myself at night."

"That is excellent. Keep refining. Keep asking. How does he want me to act. That is the key."

"What if Dr.Walsh was like this. Oh... Oh... Miss Walters. I'm sorry. I was expecting. Let me see." He fidgeted through his papers. He blushed. He couldn't look at Jennifer.

"He wants me to be a teenaged slut." Jennifer was enjoying herself. "He wants me to seduce him. He wants me to flash and flirt and touch his cock. I..."

"Yes, good. Let's go back to the first one. Keep your eyes open. Keep evaluating. It may change. Read. Read. Read him." He began again.

"Come in Miss Walters. Don't dawdle. I'm a very busy man. Sit.Sit. Sit... Well what do you want?"

She squirmed in her seat. "My mom called. She. She told you what I wanted, er...needed... had to have."

"God, Miss Walters. Out with it. I haven't got all day."

"I want. She wants....She thinks I need an examination... down there..."

He rounded the desk. Sat menacingly on the edge,leaning in towards her. You mean an gynecological examination. Is that it? Why?"

"She just thinks so."

"Are you sexually active?"

"What?.. Do you?..."

"Are you fucking some boy at school? Do you want to start fucking some boy at school? Are you finger fucking yourself thinking about boys at school?"

"No...yes..." She slumped over and started to cry.

"Oh stop this nonesense for God's sake. Lets see if everything is in working order. I'll have to give you a complete detailed inspection. You can answer my questions as we proceed. Come over here young lady and let's get you ready for the examination....."

Jennifer stood up but did not move towards the good doctor. Rather she looked down at her shoes and shuffled her feet, remaining exactly where she was. Doctor Walsh reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her closer. "You seem to be maturing properly." He ran his hands over her ass and squeezed her buttocks like a balloon. "Nice musculature. That seems fine. Are you involved in athletics Miss Walters?" As he asked his hand wandered up to her breasts and he cupped them, hefted them and tested their size and firmness. He turned her round to face him. She was between his open thighs and he pulled her forward so that her hips were touching his inner thighs. He began unbuttoning her blouse. "Are you involved in sports at school Miss Walters." His voice now had an edge to it.

"I do gymnastics and basketball."

"Mmmm." he breathed recognition of her statement. He had now taken off her blouse completely and was reaching around her to unclasp her bra. She tried to step back but he g****d her by the shoulders and shook her. "Don't be ridiculous, Miss Walters. Have you any idea how many naked women I see? Your mother for one." Jennifer looked down, she noticed and stared at the bulge in his trousers,a tear rolled over her red cheek. "I hope your coach makes you shower after games and practices. Always think hygene. Miss Walters. So many girls refuse to shower then, I have to deal with infections and the like. Do you shower with the other girls Miss Walters?" Her bra popped open and he slid the straps over her quivering shoulders. Dr. Walsh took his stethoscope from the desk. He looked at her and she nodded her assent to his questions. "Do you clean yourself properly with soap and water? Do you clean all the nooks and crannys where sweat gathers? Hm?"

"Yes, doctor."

He lifted her right breast by the nipple and listened underneath. He held her tit up by the nipple as he did so. He began to roll the puffy nipple and knead it to a hardened state. He did the same with her left breast. While he did so he asked. "Do you use your hands to soap between your legs? Do you look at the other girls? Do you compare their bodies to yours.Hm? Do you? Are there reasons beside the water that make you wet?" He craned his head under hers to look into her face. "Hm?"

She choked back a sob and gently tried to pull away from him. He held onto her by closing his thighs about her hips. "Its quite natural that some have more hair down there, that some have larger breasts, smaller breasts, no breasts at all. Its natural to be curious. No need to be shy. Do you have a lot of hair down there Miss Walters? Do you have a little cleft that shows even when you stand or do you have a protruding mound? Do your inner lips extend outside your labia?" He was now rubbing the back of her thighs with both his hands. He inched her forward so that his swollen cock was nearly touching her abdomen. "Well, we'll see all that for ourselves now wont we?"

He took her by the wrist and lead her back to the chair she had previously occupied. "Come on now sit. There you go. Heels up on the seat. Open wide. Lean back." He knelt in front of her and flipped back her kilt. "Gymnastics, Yes. Those costumes are very revealing Miss Walters. Do you realize that the boys can leer at your bottom and at the shape of your pudendum? They can see every feature of your body. Do you like that? Do you enjoy them looking at your body? Now do you have any discharge problems?" He leaned his face into Jennifer's crotch and breathed her in through his nose. He did this three or four times: deep lingering sniffs. He leaned back after each one and closed his eyes in rapture.

"Please, please Doctor....I perhaps you should stop." She placed her feet on his chest and started to push him away. He clasped her ankles and ripped them off his chest, splaying her wide as he did so. He leered in at her panty covered cunt. He then took her feet and placed them on his cock. He started to move her feet up and down as he pressed his prick into the soles in a masturbatory motion. "Please, Doctor, you have to stop. I'll tell. I'll tell everyone. Stop. Please."

He reached in and tore down her panties. He placed a leg over each arm of the chair. "I will hurt you Miss Walsh. I will hurt you badly. Do you understand me?" He jammed his middle right finger deep inside her cunt. "I am a doctor. I could hurt you permanently. Shall we play nice Jennifer?"

"Yes, yes, Doctor Walsh anything." She sobbed. "Just dont' hurt me. Please. I'll do anything. Don't hurt me."

Doctor Walsh went back to his leering and lewd questioning, but he settled down and stopped threatening. "I see you've been finger fucking yourself Jennifer. Quite vigorously as well. How often do you go at your little fuck hole?"

Jennifer was coy and squirming once again. "Every night doctor... I just can't get to sl**p until... You know."

"Do you knead your tits too, as you are fucking yourself?"

Shyly, "Yes doctor." Doctor Walsh stopped to unzip his fly and he fished his engorged cock out of his briefs. It stood like a flag pole and he continued.

"Do you finger your asshole as well?"

"I never thought."

"Yes, yes, that is another cock hole my dear. Very erogeonous." With that he inserted the index finger of his other hand into her rectum. "Finger fuck it like this, Jennifer, as you wack off. Do you do this?" He began to vibrate the tip of his index finger rapidly on her clit. He was barely touching it. It was like a snakes flickering tongue, incredibly fast, almost imperceptable yet maddeningly arousing. Jennifer threw her head back in the chair.

"OH FUCK!" She was out of character and thrusting her hips into his hand aching for firmer contact. "FUCK ME." She pleaded. He stopped abruptly.

"Now Miss Walsh. You may have heard of the "G" spot. For some women there is a highly sensitive an erogeonous area up here. He inserted his finger again and crooked it upward just behind the pelvis bone. He explored the musculature until he found the flat broad area he was feeling for. He placed the heel of his other hand on just in front of her mound. He pressed down with his palm as his finger stroked back and forth along the ridge inside her. "It helps if I press down on the spot as I massage it. It's a little more intense, and makes it easier to identify. You can do this yourself at home Miss Walters."

"Jennifer began to pump and she bit down on her lower lip. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" She panted out between breaths.

"Here, you press down here so I can use both hands." She replaced his palm with hers and played against his finger. He inserted a finger back into her asshole and was fucking her as she bounced her pussy pleadingly against his finger. Her eyes started to role back into her head. "When are you going to fuck me?" She spoke as herself to Graham. I want you to fuck me.

"AHHH!" She screamed and her head lolled from side to side against the chair. She took her hand off her abdomen and g****d the bottom of the chair. She tightened up and slid down the chair. He continued to finger her spot and his thumb pressed against her clit. His other hand hand sunk a finger deep into her asshole.

She was panting and slid down to the floor. Still he continued moving with her to keep contact. "Stop, stop.... You have to stop... Oh God... she went from laughing to screaming to shuddering all over. She grabbed his hand by the wrist and pulled it hard against herself. "Don't move. Just keep it right there. Oh Fuck. Don't do a thing. Oh fuck. Fuck me."

Graham stood up. "That was excellent." you are a quick study. A natural fuck toy. You made at least seven impeccable decisions. Now come back over here."
He went and sat in the session chair. Jennifer, scarlet red from her neck to her chest, panted and stared at him incredulously.

The next session with Graham began with him sitting Jennifer down, having her strip off the remainder of her school uniform; then,handing her a large manilla envelope. He retrieved it from the end table. She supposed he had set it there earlier this morning. He indicated for her to open it. There she found a collection of articles, essays, chapers from various books. "You will spend the rest of the morning digesting those my little fuck meat. You did well this morning." He reached out and stroked the side of her face as he said this. Jennifer was astounded at the effect the faint praise had on her cunt. She was instantly wet and fought the urge to kiss and caress the back of his hand.

He let her curl up in the corner of the overstuffed couch and read. The articles were by Desmond Morris, Reiman, Lorenz, Clayton, basically regarding human body language, micro expressions, the interpretation of gesture and tone. They disected all manner of non verbal expression. There were papers on the human gestation period and the subsequent need for the female to possess the male psyche. Jennifer could see the relevance of the body language material but the rest seemed inconsequential, till during a reflective break in her reading she looked over at Graham. He too was reading. She studied him and wanted to capture his psyche. She wanted him obsessed by the thought of her. It was a eureka experience for Jennifer. She wanted Graham, David, all of them, her daddy, Brian everyone of them, to be consumed with her. She wanted them unable to think of anything else. She realized why David's focus on his work drove her crazy. She realized how she could meet, fuck, tempt, amuse these the powerful members of teh Dilletante club and still satisfy her own wants and needs. She would make them long for her. She blushed with excitement. "How had he known this about her? How had he known what to give her to read?"

She continued to study him and vowed that Graham would soon need her like that. He felt her looking at him and he put his book face down on the end table. He stared flatly at her. "Come and suck me off." He said it as if asking for a cup of coffee. He spread his legs. Jennifer slithered off the couch and onto her hands and knees. Without making a sound she mimed a cat meowing. Swishing her hips with exaggerated sensuality she crawled over to him. She watched him intently. She was indeed a quick study and intended to read his needs, his excitement level. She feigned lapping up milk as she stared at his crotch. When she was nestled between his legs, she stroked her cheek against his stiff prick. Next, she licked and kissed the outline of his dick as it strained inside his trousers. Graham lay back smiling and let her perform. " I want your big fat cock..." She knelt up and reached for his fly. "I've wanted it since you first stuck my hand down your pants. I want to study it and suck on it and I want you to fuck me." She had now completely unzipped his trousers and inched them down his legs, over his thighs till they fell to the floor. Again she stroked her cheeks against it. His underwear was developing a large wet spot of precum around the head. She began to lick the moistened area. Playfully, she pulled on and stretched the elastic waistband. Then, she let it snap back with a twack. She giggled at this. "Does he want out? Does he need some fresh air?" She reached her hands up under the leg holes of his briefs and bounced his erect cock up and down with the back of her finger tips. She watched him as he pressed his hips closer to her. Her hands were inside his briefs and she slid them up and grasped the waistband.

She yanked them off and down to the floor in one quick movement. "OOOooo, there he is. Does he need some attention?" She nipped and licked the bulging head of his cock. "You like? You Like?" She asked as she blew, licked and kissed from the piss hole down to his balls. She hefted and weighed his nuts feeling his leg muscles stiffen as she did so. Her finger traced the rim of his rectum and he sucked in a gulp of air. She was registering every sigh, moan, twitch, thrust.

Then, she lost control to her a****l lust. She passionately, ravenously, thrust his cock deep into her mouth. She sucked like a wanton c***d: needily, lewdly. She pumped her head up and down and began fucking his cock with her slurping mouth. Her tongue pressed and massaged the underside of his prick with increasing pressure. She wanted to drink his spunk. She could dally and tease no longer. She had intended to drive him mad with desire. She had intended to have him beg. But, she could not wait. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted his cock. She wanted a belly full of his hot cum. She wanted him with an unrecognized frenzy. What had he done to her?

He took a handful on hair on either side of her head and began to move it back and forth steadily, violently. He was humping her face. He stood up and used his thigh muscles to fuck her mouth. If she could have she would have screamed....Yes, yes fuck me. Fill my mouth. Fill my belly. Spew down my throat. Hot thick gobs of cum. I want you. All she could do however was gag and grunt. She struggled for breath but did not want it ever to stop. Then, he began to pump his fuck juice into her mouth. It spilled from out the of sides of her lips and over her chin but the majority she swallowed with a gulping thirst. PLOP. He plopped his spasming prick out of her mouth and pushed her back on her haunches.

"You like sucking cock, don't you my little cunt? Is that how you sucked David's b*****r's dick, that night by their mom and dad's pool. You love a stiff cock in your mouth and hot jets of cum pumping down your throat. Will you ever tell David that you sucked off his b*****r?" Jennifer was shocked and looked up as if she had been slapped. When had he read her confession? She had just given it to him. He had tucked it away in the drawer of his desk. He had been with her since she gave it to him.

"Does he still get blow jobs from you at f****y gatherings? Does he fuck you in the toilet after Christmas dinner? Does he drop in to visit when David is at work?" Her head was swimming. "Well, my cum sucking slut. He does none of these things does he?

"What did I tell you never to do to me?" She stared blankly and shook her head. " I told you never, ever to lie to me. Didn't I? Didn't I?" He was enjoying her panic. "David doesn't have a b*****r. David is an only c***d." He grasped her wrist and yanked her down the hallway. He strode and she had to jog in order to keep up. He pulled her roughly past her room, back further down the hall. On the left hand side of the corridor he stopped. The door they stopped at was locked and he fished for the key in his pocket. Once it was open he threw the door open and allowed her to stand and take it in before yanking her across the threshold. In the middle of the room was a self supporting frame, much like door frame, with leather cuffs and cables attached to the four corners. to the left of the frame was a long stainless steel table full of instruments and paraphernalia which Jennifer knew belonged to a BDSM lifestyle. She had seen their like on internet sites: crops, thongs, paddles, pins, candles. She stopped studying the table and its contents. He heart was beating wildly and she was truly afraid: Afraid and mesmerized at the same instant.

She pulled at the hold he had on her wrist. "NO. NO." she implored. It was useless. He grabbed her around the waist and hoist her onto his shoulder. Despite kicks and wriggles he sood had her over to the frame and her hands were manacled to the top of the doorway. He legs remained free. He stood back to watch her. Instinctively she crossed one leg over the other in a vain attempt at self protection.

"That is the last lie, you will ever tell me my little cocklicker." Some of the members enjoy this room. You will get to know it: but, now it is for you and I. He bent and fastened her left leg with a leather cuff. Next he secured her other leg then moved round her to the table. He selected a riding crop then walked back to her. "I will always supervise this room when a member and a date agree to play here. We will have nobody truly marked or scarred. I know how to administer a stinging punishment my dear as you will see. You have a lesson to learn.

Jennifer was breathing heavily, nearly panting. "Don't please don't. I don't take pain very well. I wanted to tell you. I chickened out. Please. Please. It was Graham's father. I sucked Graham's father's cock. I was d***k. I was mad at David. We were alone. I... I..." David raised the crop to between her legs. He began tapping smartly on her cunt lips. At first it merely stung and she wiggled but he kept it up with a maddening rhythmical tap, tap, tap.

"Do you still suck his cock?" She was panting and writhing now.

"Sometimes, sometimes.... He has video surveillance at the pool. He has a tape of me sucking him off. He will show David if I don' what he asks. Please stop....Don't hurt me..." She tried holding her breath and sqeezing her eyes shut but tears welled up and she continued to pant.

"Is he a powerful man? A dominant man? An alpha male?"

"Yes, yes, very...." Her cunt lips were red and swollen yet he never missed a stroke. It was like a mad incessant stinging rain.

"And the camp counsellor, another authority figure: was he the dominant one at the camp?"

"Yes...yes.... Please..."

"And your b*****r, was he bossy?"

"And your teacher." Her eyes shot open. She had never told anyone about Mr. Bennett.

"Of course there was a teacher. You don't have to tell me... And why does the idea of fucking the powerful members of the club inflame you?"

"And why do you ache to have ME fuck you so badly? It is because you are a natural submissive my slut. You are a born submissive and when we have finished here today you will understand that. I am going to take you somewhere you have longed to go. Longed to go but knew nothing of." He stopped slapping her pussy with the crop. He took her face in his hands and stared into her eyes. You will find yourself today. He let go of her chin and stepped round to the back of the bound Jennifer.

Graham stood behind her and began stroking and caressing Jennifer's ass. He did this lovingly and felt her respond by rocking her pelvis into his hand. He bent down and kissed then gently nipped each cheek. "That first night when I spanked you. He tapped her bottom affectionately. I knew. I suspected as I interviewed David. But then, I knew. Yes, there was a teacher Jennifer. There may even have been two teachers. Perhaps even a boss. But, you have sought out and succumbed to dominants. All your life." Images and situations raced through Jennifer's mind. "We often do not see the most obvious of patterns in our own stories, my sweet." As he continued to purr into her ear, he rubbed and massaged her ass. "That first night with me you went into a kind of trance, after I spanked you. You sank into a state that we call a subspace. I stroked your hair. You went into a warm silence. I showed you affection for the first time. I will never leave you while you are in that way. I will never hurt you while I am taking you there. If you trust me, you can sink deeper and deeper into that warm pool of bliss. Do you trust me, my Jennifer?" He licked her neck and breathed into her ear. She was already descending. She had to swallow hard and work at nodding her head.

"I am going to spank you again. I will never give more than you want. At first the pain will cause you to writhe and twist in your bindings. You may cry. Concentrate on the pain my lovely." He began pinching her ass cheek. "Go right to it. Surrender to it. Soon there will be nothing but the pain and my voice. Then there will be nothing but my voice. I will never leave you alone. Don't get frightened when you are in that warm bath of silence. Rest there. Feel me there. You will come back all too soon." His voice droned on and she began to sway back and forth within her shackles."Do you trust me Jennifer?"

A tear ran down her cheek but she nodded and made a guttural "Mmmmm," sound. He passed the flat end of the crop over her bottom. "Shall I begin?"

She began to cry but managed to eke out "Yes." It was an almost imperceptible sigh.

TWACK! He cracked the leather smartly on her ass. She let out a gasp and pushed her hips forward trying to avoid the next blow. TWACK! He struck her again. Then again and again. He stopped to stroke the red welts and bent to kiss them. TWACK. TWACK. TWACK. She writhed and wiggled against her bindings. "Go with it my love. Go to the pain." Gradually, Jennifer began arching her back and thrusting back her hips, exposing her buttocks to him and growling at each strike. Graham stopped at fondled her crimson ass. He licked it and felt between her legs. Jennifer was sopping wet. She was emitting a long low a****l groan. Her breath was panting and shallow like a baby at sl**p.

He stepped back and studied her every twitch. Then, he prepared to take her deeper....

He knew now that pain was not the issue, no longer the impetus for sending her further inside. It was the idea of submission, the idea of punishment, the idea of his total attention. He grabbed a vinyl cat-o-nine from the table. It was vicious looking but was in actuality a very mild and flexible introductory tool. It was less painful than the crop he had been using. It would allow the full show of v******e that he wanted without fear of harming her.

He removed his shirt and pressed himself against her naked back. He nibbled on her neck. "I am going to use this on you." He whispered into her hair. As he spoke he passed the multiple thongs of the whip between her legs so that she could feel what he had chosen. Jennifer rocked her pussy back and forth against it. She was swimming now. She felt that unity with the darkness now and her soul resonated with his voice. She assented to anything as long as he were there. As long as the voice connected them.

Again he kissed and stroked her flesh from shoulders to knees in preparation. Next, he began swishing the cat with circular flicks of his wrist. It was a rhythmical singing motion. He brought the whip closer to her buttocks then with a tick, tick, tick, it made contact with her bottom. He skin jumped and twitched with the stings. Her ass began to redden not with the welts left by the crop but to pinken and redden uniformly as if sun burnt. The blows were rapid and distinct. He worked up, over her shoulder blades, down the small of her back, avoiding her k**ney area, then over her buttocks and the back of her thighs.

Up and down he went and her breathing which had been shallow when he began grew longer, deeper. He knew that she was cognizant of nothing now. She could not have spoken if she had chosen to. The tick, tick, tick, and his soothing voice were the mantra that kept her where she was. He kept the constant rhythm of it up for fifteen minutes. They were now performing a ritual. When he stopped she let out a long grunt of protest.

First he released her feet, then he cradled her and undid each hand. She was limp and moaning. He took her over to a cot against the far wall. He stepped out of his trousers, sat on the cot and placed her in his lap. He wrapped the pair of them in a comforter and rocked her. He kissed the top of her head and hummed a non-descript chant in time the motion. Her hair clung to her forehead and he brushed it back with his fingers. Their naked flesh warmed both their bodies. He held her tightly until, after a half hour she began to stir.

He slipped a hand between her legs and pressed his palm against her cunt. She nestled her head into his shoulder and clamped her legs tightly securing his hand. "I don't want to come back." She whispered.

"You have to sl**p now. You need to sl**p. When you wake up we will fuck...."

Jennifer slept deeply. She dreamed of ink-black waters, of a vortex which held her suspended such that she neither floated nor sank: her arms wide and free, her legs and torso weightless. She felt herself becoming one with the water....dissolving.....dissolving. She was the ocean. She was the darkness. She stirred as she felt his naked body slip under the covers to join her. He spooned her and she vaguely wondered how he knew she loved that. How did he know everything about her. She didn't care. She was just glad that he knew; that somebody knew. She rolled her ass into him, gently, seductively. She massaged his pubic hair with curve of her cheeks. She felt him harden and his cock pressed lengthwise against her cunt. She adjusted her thighs so that she could tighten and release pressure on his thick cock. She was still in that marmalade state between sl**p and awake.

She had not opened her eyes but as she slid into consciousness she was surprised to find it dark already. She remembered that he was going to fuck her and she quickened her rolling against him. She wanted to fuck him as she had never had before. She wanted his cock inside her so that part of him became part of her, belonged to her,would unite with her. Her vagina felt like a hollow, aching place in need of fulfillment. Jennifer had always enjoyed fucking but this was different. She half dreamed half imagined him cumming and cumming inside her. Filling the void. He would dissolve as she had into the vortex. His whole being would melt into his pumping semen and she would hold all of him inside her hungry cunt. He would disappear inside her and she would have him. And, they would be one thing, all things.

He whispered into her hair, which brought her back the world.

"I want to fuck you Jennifer." He threw off the duvet and they were both naked on the cot. He rolled her onto her back and spread her thighs. He knelt between her legs and arranged each foot flat on the bed with her knees wide apart. He looked lovingly down at her open pussy. He placed his palms on her lower stomach and pulled them back, back and over her belly till they covered her inner thighs and her cunt. He stared into her eyes then worked his thumbs against the outside of her labia. He rubbed the moist lips together massaging the erect clit with her own warm wetness.

Jennifer stared straight back at him and lifted her hands to her own breasts. She began kneading and tweaking her own nipples. Her hips raised off the mattress, offering her cunt up to him. He took his right hand away from her, his left thumb continued to moisten then stroke her clit. He grasped the shaft of his cock and then used the head to play with her clitoris and the sensitive opening to her pussy. "Put it in." She stared wantonly at him and spoke through thick lips. "Fuck me." He continued to circle and rub his cock head against her now thrusting cunt.
"Stick it in me."

Then suddenly, violently, he rammed his cock so far into her that their pubic bones met. She cried out from desire, surprise and relief. Instantly they were fucking. Not playing or searching for a mutual rhythm but full on fucking. His balls slapped noisily against her ass. The squishing, and slurping of their fuck was accompanied by moans and shouts. They were both sweating. They were a****ls fucking. The wolf in him and the tigress in her were now in control. They wanted, needed, devoured. Words became growls and whines.

She remembered her half sl**ping wish and began fucking for him to dissolve into her. Her cunt muscles grasped and pulled a his cock, resolving never to release. She sucked his cock with her cunt. Then she felt him start to cum. Her own waves drove all thoughts from her mind and she came with him; wrenching, spasms of ecstasy. They soon collapsed into each other: their panting became deep breathing, their deep breathing became shallow resting. Still he kept his cock inside her. They rolled onto their sides and his softening prick remained there. They were alone and held each other. Nothing was said....

The next morning Jennifer found herself in the now familiar submissive position. It was the same pose yet totally transformed. Her hands settled like birds on her open thighs, her knees splayed invitingly, her neck arched and her head tilted with eager anticipation. She watched and listened for every nuance of meaning. She longed to please. She sought to intuit his desires, needs, commands.

The position had aroused her from the start but now she understood her reaction. She totally committed to the placement and would not change it for all the world. She felt herself sinking to her Nirvana even now, even just from this small act of subjugation. It was a mild bliss, surely, not far removed from daily awareness. But she felt the profound stillness however faintly. She had an overwhelming urge to bend and kiss the cuff of his pants. She felt that would send her deeper.

"You are a highly competent, no accomplished woman, my little cunt. You control yourself, you control others with a clipped efficiency. You accept and handle responsibilities with aplomb. Yet, despite this, some would say because of this you seek submission. You need it and flourish in it. You ache to escape into it." His foot tapped against her naked cunt as he spoke. "Is it the freedom from guilt? Is it that you can live out the lewdest and most perverted of sexual desires without any responsibility: completely devoid of guilt? After all he made me do it. Is it the intense attention that this arrangement demands of me, the dominant? I must study you minutely, intensively, constantly. Everyone is aware that the slave is truly in control. Is it that your blissful sub space is found not by the addition of anything but by the subtraction of everything? Is it one or all of these my slutty fuck toy? Hm? Pain and pleasure, submission and domination, love and hate.... Every great truth is reduced to a paradox.... an oxymoron. The truly sublime cannot be spoken of only experienced. Only hinted at by a paradox."

She listened intently but had difficulty focusing. She would have to register her thoughts later. She would not forget a word. She would sift for the meaning when she was alone. His voice possessed a hypnotic quality for her: the drone vibrating her being. Gracefully, she bent forward and kissed the cuff of his trousers. Taking the hem in both her finger tips. It was a passionate kiss. As if she were attempting to communicate the depth of her feelings.

"Yes, yes, yes. I know. I know. Enough of that. Back in position and listen."

"Tonight John Grover, your sponsor is coming for dinner. You will be prepared for him. You will fuck him." Jennifer stiffened and recoiled as if slapped in the face. "Stop that. It will please me to see you fuck him. It is for me.Your gift to me. You will make me happy." He ran his palm over her cheek. "There are cameras all over the apartment. I will watch you at all times. You will tease him. You will seduce him. He will leave obsessed by you. He will send you gifts. You will occupy his mind as he works. You will be a Siren's call to Mr. Grover. I will be ever so proud of you if you accomplish this. This is your first task from me. Do you understand?" Jennifer nodded her head vigorously. She ached to please him. He would be proud of her: his little cunt.

The day was spent in preparation. John Grover's personal secretary provided information regarding his favorite foods, a list of his hobbies and interests. In the front closet, Jennifer was astounded to find most of her evening dresses. David must have brought them she mused but surprisingly thought no more of David being in the apartment, their apartment. Graham had her parade about in various outfits then decided on a low cut red dress with a flaring skirt cut just above the knee.

Early in the afternoon she was again naked and kneeling: a supplicant between his knees.

"Mr. Grover has a trophy wife. A beautiful ex model who you would surely recognize. Yet he sees you, is attracted to you, wants you in the club so that he can fuck you. Why?"

"His wife does not fulfil some need. Some sexual need."

"He is an incredibly wealthy man. He could hire any call girl. He can have his pick of thousands of women. Why you? What do you have that he needs?..... Something that the others lack."

"David." She had a flash of insight. "His younger attractive aspiring lawyer. He wants to fuck David's wife."

"Very good and very quick my little fuck doll." She beamed at his praise.

"Why does he need to fuck another David's wife?"

"He wants to feel irresistible. That despite the taboos against marital infidelity. The other David's wife cannot keep her hands off him.... wants his cock inside her."

Graham took Jennifer's face in both his hands and raised her forehead. He kissed her affectionately on the brow and with his finger printed an A+. "A+ my cunt. A+"

"He wants you longing for him, lusting after him, seducing him. You cannot resist his charms, his power, his influence. You are oozing for him. One would suspect that his wife has demands and sees herself as the treasure, the prize in their sexual interaction. She occasionally deigns to accept his advances. You, however, will hunger for his stiff cock. You will be the wanton, nymphomaniac that he wishes his "cool" wife would be. If you do so. You will have him. He will be your addled admirer."

At six the dinner arrived from Angelo's. The wine was produced from within the kitchen island's cupboards. Jennifer was meticulously dressed and made up. David showed Jennifer the television screens in the room adjacent to his bedroom and promised never to take his eyes or his attention off her performance.

Back in the sitting room, David kissed her and worked his hand up and along her inner thigh till he reached her cunt. With his free hand he took her by the wrist and slid her hand inside his waistband until she clutched his cock. They continued stoking and massaging each other. "Get me hard and horny my little cunt. I will watch the entire time with a stiff throbbing cock. Tease me when you fuck him. Drive me wild. Think of me fondling my cock as I watch you with him. When he leaves at midnight you will take care of me...."

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