This story contains wife swapping and bisexuality... A swinger's tale

by Thomas Waller

"I'd like to see Tim suck another man's cock." Marnie announced this as she downed her sixth glass of red wine. Then, she sat back in her easy chair and stared at the rest of us defiantly. She licked her lips and added. "I would then give the pair of them the most unrestricted screaming fuck they had ever experienced." She was done and peered smugly at Helen and myself.

"Oh, for God's sake Marnie." Tim roared. "Not that again. It's bad enough that I have to hear of your obsession constantly. Now your going to scandalize our new neighbors."

"No, no." I interrupted, "we were all sharing sexual secrets." I was trying to sound conciliatory but I confess that I was shocked at her revelation.

"Yes... well you two had fantasies like a naked romp on a beach, or a moonlight tumble on the front lawn; but Marnie, she comes out with a bomb like that. I apologize. She's had way too much wine." Tim stood as he fumbled through his apology.

"Let's face it. We were all flirting and goading each other. We are quite alright with Marnie's frankness. I appreciate her sharing." Helen reached out for Marnie's leg and gave it a playful push as she spoke. Marnie smiled impishly at Helen. Then she returned her eyes to Tim.

"I want to see you suck a cock. And, I want to be in charge of the entire scene." She whined at Tim like a demanding and bratty c***d. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts and slumped into her chair with a pout."The evening settled down appreciably after that. We enjoyed each other's company and as Helen had implied, we flirted and teased each other for another two hours before Helen and I went home.

Tim and Marnie were a handsome couple and had introduced themselves the first day that we had moved our furniture into the house across the street. They had invited us for a barbeque that very evening and since everything we owned was in boxes; we gladly accepted the invitation. Marnie, a dark statuesque brunette possessed a smoldering beauty. She had green cat-like eyes and a full figure. My Helen was a slim, pretty blond: the two of them hit it off immediately and were definite eye candy for Tim and I. Since that first day we spent an inordinate amount of time together especially on the weekends and sexual innuendos and suggestive behavior was the norm for the four of us. Helen and I loved it. We had always enjoyed sexy couples and used them to spice up our own fantasies and enhance our sex life. We had been imagining fucking others and role playing like this even before we were married. Helen looks for all the world like an innocent virgin but turns into a thrashing whore and calls out her dream fuck's name as she orgasms. We were getting lots of mileage out of Tim and Marnie. Each night after a visit we would play with each other and share our wicked imaginings. Next, we would fuck like mad and call each other Tim and Marnie.

That night we were both pretty revved up as we slipped naked under our sheets.

"You could have fucked Marnie, tonight." Helen whispered in my ear as she tickled the head of my cock. "I'd love to see you slip this into her." With that she grasped my cock by the shaft and began pumping. At the same time she humped her sopping cunt against my thigh.

"Oh sure. If I let Tim suck my cock. As if he would do that." Helen moved my hand down to her cunt and pressed the palm f***efully against her grinding pussy.

"You are so naive Tommy." She laughed.

"What do you mean."

"Tim knew exactly what she was going to suggest. They had planned this very carefully."

"Bullshit. No way."

"Marnie and I spend a lot of time together. In our girly talks many little hints have been dropped. In fact, I wondered how they were going to broach the subject. I'm even surprised it took them this long." Helen was expertly handling my cock throughout this revelation. She was close to cumming as she pumped into my hand.

"Tim's a cocksucker?"

"Hmmm. I hope so." Helen breathed these words seductively into my ear. "Not only that. They want a full on bisexual relationship with us. Marnie and I licking, tribbing, fucking each other and you and Tim sucking, jerking and performing for us. Unrestricted sex of any kind. You'd fuck Marnie whenever you wanted. Tim would have full access to this as well." Helen spread herself wide open and rammed my finger deep into her cunt.

"You're in on this too." I sat upright in the bed. "Everyone is aware of all this but me."

Helen yanked me back down to the pillow and straddled my cock, kneeling over my hips. She smiled as she worked my cock inside herself then began undulating her hips; working my cock with her inner muscles. "You always fantasized about me doing another woman. We have played it out over and again. Well I have fantasies about you with another man. It makes me hot as a furnace. Marnie has the same desires. We would love to put on a show for you boys but only if you respond in kind. I want to see you and Tim suck each other off. Tim's already agreed. Me fucking fucking Marnie..... think about it."

Helen's cunt was fairly milking my cock and she played with my nipples teasingly. Would you like that baby? Hm? Would you like to fuck her? Mmm?
Would you like to watch me fuck her? Hmm? Would you baby?

I closed my eyes. "Oh fuck Marnie. Fuck my cock. Ride it you fucking slut."

"I'll lick her cunt for you baby. I'll finger fuck her cunt. I'll finger fuck her ass. I want you to watch us and jerk off." Helen whispered as she rode the shit out of my cock. The images she presented, had me shooting off into her sucking cunt in seconds. We were both so worked up that I came twice more before the night was through and god knows how many climaxes Helen experienced.

As usual, the next day, the fantasies were left in the bedroom as I ate breakfast and got ready for work. However, the thoughts and visions were planted in my mind and snippets returned constantly throughout the day. At 2:00 my wife called and asked me to get off work and come home early. "I'm so fucking horny Thomas that you have to come home and fuck me senseless." I was home in half an hour and we went at each other like sixteen year olds. We didn't speak much. We each had our driving fantasies going and were ravenous.

The next night Marnie came over on the pretext of borrowing something or other. She wore a halter top and cut-offs that made her cunt and ass look vacuum packed into the faded denim material. I was sitting on a kitchen stool and Marnie winked at me and put an arm around Helen's waist. They both stared evenly at me and Marnie's hand slipped up and under Helen's baggy shirt. I could see that she was fondling my wife's aroused nipple. My cock was straining wildly against my zipper. "I hear that you know all about our little plans for you Thomas. You'll get your every wish fulfilled." Her free hand slid down over her own pouting pussy lips. "God, we'll have such a fantastic time." She kissed Helen and left.

When Helen and I went to bed, she told me of a Lesbian relationship she had in college. She even cajoled me into confessing to a jerk off club that I was a member of at f******n. David Spence and I had even sucked each other off one day after one of our jerk off sessions. He let me have a peek at his older s****r as she showered. They shared a bathroom and he opened the door a tiny crack. I am sure she knew we were watching because she gave us quite a show. Anyway, in payment for the privilege, I had to suck his cock. Then he sucked mine. Helen went into a raging orgasm at my story and she made me revisit it numerous times. She cross examined me about the feeling, the positions. She wanted the most minute of details. I cannot remember her ever being so turned on.

When Saturday morning rolled around. I grabbed Helen by the hand and led her across the street. We burst into Marnie and Tim's place. They were at the breakfast table. I stared at the both of them. "Let's play." I croaked out. Helen started jumping up and down and Marnie rushed over to her and the pair spun and laughed. I looked at Tim and he came up to me and we shook hands. I nodded at him.

Marnie, broke her embrace with Helen and made an announcement. "We do nothing for two weeks. Two Saturday nights from now I will prepare a lovely dinner and we start. I want to fantasize and dream and tease myself about this. You'll see. We will all be so fucking horny by that night that we will barely be able to keep our hands off each other. I can barely control myself now. It's like a k** waiting for Christmas. Come and join us for breakfast."

Marnie suggested from the first that she wanted to be in charge and control the situation and we could all see that she meant to stick to her word. The thought of her dominating turned me on even more. There was an enormous shift in our relationship from that moment on, naturally. I blatantly stared at Marnie's ass, pussy and tits. I found myself staring at Tim's crotch as well. And, for the first time in my life began to picture a man's cock as it might be naked. I observed that the other three behaved in the same manner. Unabashedly ogling each others privates. I must admit that the following two weeks were the longest I have ever endured. Once I was committed to sucking and being sucked by Tim, I even began looking forward to it. I admitted to myself that I had always been curious.

Tim and Marnie's pool was a suburbanites Eden. Stone and woodwork everywhere, creating interesting levels and nooks. The barbeque and eating area was spacious and luxurious. Lounge chairs and little tables spotted the decking area and the bar was a professionally built Tiki hut. More to the point, Marnie and Tim had taken great pains to ensure absolute privacy. The planting and fencing provided an impenetrable cover. Through the two week waiting period Marnie had told us that we would begin round the pool. We would have steaks and salad. We would wear our bathing suits. "Tim and I fuck out there all the time. We can start our love games out there. I'm aching to get my hands on the pair of you. I swear to God, I'm getting nothing done around here cause I can't stop masturbating. You should see how horned up Tim is. He is having very rude thoughts. Aren't you my sweet pervert?"

"We are the same." Helen chimed in. "I am drooling to start."

Finally, the evening arrived and Helen and I grew shy around each other as we got ready. Helen wore a lime green string bikini. She suggested that I wear a Speedo but I absolutely refused. I would wear my long baggy Hawaiian trunks as usual. I was not buying a Speedo for anyone. Baggy, or not, my cock pushed out the front of my trunks as Helen spun around modeling her new bikini. I don't know if it was the tight little ass and perky tits on display or the fact that Tim and Marnie would see her soon in her "fuck me" outfit and knew for certain that she was going to peel it off for them. She stared at my erection. "They are both going to be sucking on that soon. I'm horny and I'm a little jealous. Maybe I should suck you dry right now and drain your balls for you? Hm? No, no I'm more horny, than jealous. I want to see them both suck on it. I want them to fuck me too: fuck me, lick me, all with you watching. I want all of you watching me finger my pussy: all of you watching me at the same time... I have to stop. I'm getting myself all worked up again."

We threw on beach coats and stepped into our sandals. We held hands and walked across the street. We were again shy and silent: lost in our own thoughts. Tim answered the door and he had on a regular pair of lose swimming trunks. He, like us, seemed a touch embarrassed and did not know where to look. Outside on the patio, however, Marnie, was confident and brazen. She and Helen had obviously shopped together, her bikini was a duplicate of my wife's but in a bright yellow. Her fuller body seeped out tantalizingly from the bra and her delicious ass and pussy stretched the material hypnotically. She strode over to Helen and kissed her full on the lips, Her right hand dropped to cover Helen's cunt and she wantonly pulsed her hand on Helen's pussy lips. She laughed as she looked at Tim and I frozen in space. He crossed to me and lifted her head up for a kiss. She slipped a tongue into my mouth and explored it. Her hand groped at my cock. Her hand was on the outside of my trunks. My prick hardened immediately. She felt for the head, the shaft, my balls: lingering and appraising each section.

"Oh God, Tom, I'm dying to have a go at this. It's so nice and thick. Look, Helen. I'm doing it. I'm fondling your husband's fuck pole. Does it turn you on? I know it fucking turns me on. Oh baby." She continued to stroke my cock in a masturbatory fashion as she alternated glances from Helen to her husband Tim. She reached for Helen's wrist and pulled her into position in front of Tim. "Give it a little feel Helen. Explore Tim's cock." She still held her by the wrist and mashed her hand against Tim's crotch. Helen slowly began to trace the outline of Tim's cock. It grew steadily under her touch. "Mmmm," he moaned and she matched his moans, growing more and more aggressive with his prick. The two girls laughed at each other; then, while still wanking on our cocks, they began to suck on and tongue each others mouths.

I did not look at Tim but stared transfixed at my wife's hand, at Marnie's hand, at the poles they were yanking, at the women probing each others mouths.

They broke off together as if choreographed. "You two sit there." Marnie again took over the situation and it was obvious from that first day that she was in charge. We were all more comfortable with it and she loved it. We sat down on the wicker love seat and the girls stood in front of us. "Well boys, this has all been worked out so you can just relax. The drinks are right there on the side tables. Enjoy." After giving these instructions Marnie crossed to the CD player on the bar. She put on Ertha Kitt singing "You Give Me Fever." She positioned her self behind Helen and began grinding her pubic bone into my wife's ass, her ample tits into Helen's back. Soon the two of them were swaying to the sultry music. Both stared seductively at Tim and I. Marnie's hands began to knead Helen's tits; squeezing, tweaking, first on the outside then snaking under her top and doing the same on her naked flesh. She flipped up Helen's top and afforded Tim and I a view of her massaging. She pulled on both nipples and held them out for us to admire. I was inflamed as I watched my wife's breasts teased and yanked by another woman.

One of my favorite fantasies was being played out before me. My cock was struggling against my trunks. I glanced across at Tim. He was blatantly clutching his prick in his hands. Another man was wanking off beside me as he stared at my Helen's tits. I was a little apprehensive but turned on as I had never been before. Then, the girls slithered around each other and Helen began to fondle Marnie's luscious tits. This drove me crazy. Was it seeing the spectacular set on Marnie, or seeing Helen go after the woman's breasts with such abandon. My hand slipped over my cock.

The girls stopped dancing and stared at the pair of us. "We'd love to continue boys, but we need the proper reaction." Marnie stepped up and between my legs. Helen stepped up to Tim. Marnie took my hand and my wife took Tim's. They were both topless and I felt sure that they were going to give us both access to their tits. Instead Marie placed my hand on Tim's cock: outside his trunks but directly on top of his raging prick. Helen did the same with Tim's. We were frozen again. Staring at the girls with our hands on each other's cocks.

"We have to break the ice sometime boys. You just urge on our dancing with your hands. the hotter you get, the hotter our dance will get." The pair of them stood swaying and smiling. Marnie reached a hand around Helen and gently rubbed her nipple. I was transfixed by her hands but I felt Tim begin to tentatively explore the shaft of my prick. Almost involuntarily I started to pulse my hand on the head of his cock. The girls began to grope for each others cunt's. Their hands remained outside the material but they were frigging each other plainly enough. Without noticing, I had clasped Tim's cock and was wanking it. He was doing the same to me.

We were grunting and groaning. The girls each slipped their hands inside each other,s suits. "Fuck that is so goddamed horny." Marnie was pumping against Helen's hand. "I've waited so fucking long to see Tim do that."

I could not believe that I had a man's cock in my hand. That I was stroking on it and groaning in pleasure. Tim then plunged his hand into my waistband and grabbed my cock. I rushed to do the same to him. The girls stopped dancing and stood before us. Marnie and then Helen stepped out of their briefs. Marnie stood in front of me, a gorgeous puffy cameltoe glistened before me. Helen's hand crossed in front of her and the two started finger fucking and watching us, stroke each other. We were all puffing and grunting. Marnie yanked my trunks down and Tim wriggled his off. I looked at his cock as my hand wanked the skin up and down. It was longer but not as thick as mine. I sped up my jerking hand.

"Don't stop. For fuck sake don't stop." Marnie grunted out. She sat on my thighs, one leg over each and began to finger fuck herself. Her cunt was inches from my cock. Helen assumed the mirror position on Tim. Tim increased the speed and pressure on my prick. He pointed it outward so that the head of my cock glanced against Marnie's cunt.

"You want to fuck that, Tom? You wanna fuck my wife's hot cunt. I want to see you fuck her, fuck her good." He croaked.

"You wanna fuck my Helen? Wanna stick it in that tight little twat. Wanna watch her dance on the end of it?" I rubbed his knob against Jan's splayed pussy.

Tom started to buck first. He shot gobs of cum over my wife's cunt, her hand, her belly. Then I started to spew jets of spunk all over Marnie. We were thrashing and bucking wildly when the ladies started to cum. The four of us pumped and screamed and thrust all over each other. We all ended up on the deck together and finally broke out laughing: Laughing and kissing and exploring.....

"Let's have a drink and leer at each other," Marnie said to break up our session. Tim arranged the chairs in a close circular pattern. I watched his semi hard cock swinging as he moved about and knew Marie would soon have us sucking each other off. I wondered how it would feel in my mouth and over my tongue. To my surprise my dick started to lift off my balls in anticipation. Marnie was correct again. We sipped our drinks and ogled each other hungrily. Silently, Marnie threw a leg over each arm of her chair and glaring at us all through lidded eyes she began to finger herself. I stared blatantly at her spread, glistening cunt and the fingers stirring and poking at herself. Helen and Tim were transfixed as well. I took my dick in my hand and began fondling myself.

Helen imitated Marnie and splayed herself for the three of us to enjoy. Tim started working on his own cock and slowly working his hips to and fro.

"Fuck, I love this." Marnie groaned. "I wanna do you all at once. Did you know that Helen and I have been eating each others cunts for at least a month? Did you know that Tom? Did you know we can't stop tribbing and licking each other and that we go at each other every day. Sometimes twice a day. Tim, you had no idea either. We have quite a few little routines worked out for you boys to see. Don't we Helen?"

"Mm hm." Helen nodded. She was staring seductively at me and fingering her clit rapidly. "I love lapping her cunt. Would you like to see that Tom? Would like to watch us get each other off?" What had started with us fondling and stroking ourselves had turned into all four of us wanking ourselves like fiends. I was sliding down my chair and yanking on my cock with a vengeance.

"Helen and I have cum buckets thinking about a full on bisexual relationship." Marnie stopped frigging and sat up. She stared at me. I am sure Tim wants to play. But, before we go any further we've got to have that commitment from you Tom. I am dying to fuck your hot cock and suck you dry but there is one lifelong fantasy that I have to see fulfilled first. You know what it is. You wanna play?" I nodded and kept wanking my prick. I would not lose my nerve if I surrendered to my stiff cock.

Marnie shuffled and dragged her chair over to me and sat by my left thigh. Helen positioned herself on my right. "Come and suck his cock, Tim." Marnie spoke thickly lost in her own lust. She stared into my eyes. Tim, stood, crossed and knelt between my legs. "You know how long I've waited to see this don't you baby? Marnie stroked Tim's hair." She started to push the back of his head towards my extended cock. I could feel his hot breath on the end of my knob.

"Oh yea, fuck yes, suck his cock Tim." This was my wife Helen speaking, she had reached a toe over and was stroking Tim's cock with her foot. "Do it. Do it."

I felt Tim drop his head quickly and felt his lips close round the top half of my shaft.

"Oh fuck, that's it baby. You have a cock in your mouth." Her hands shot down to her pussy and she was transfixed by the sight. Helen just groaned and pressed on her pubic mound. She was in a fuck rhythm within her chair.

He started then to suck. To suck and move his head up and down on my cock. With each thrust he took more cock into his mouth then down his throat. He was grunting and gagging and I started pumping into his face. I grabbed the back of his head and started fucking wildly.

"Suck that cock honey."

"Take it all."

"Do you love it?"

"Do you love being a cocksucker?"

"Do you love a man sucking you off, Thomas?"

I heard the comments but did not know or care who they came from. His tongue was sliding and sucking back and forth against the underside of my cock, then around and around the head. He had my balls in one hand and a finger thrust up my asshole. He was working my prostate like an expert. I started to buck and thrust from my gut. I tightened and then exploded into his mouth. The girls were making lewd comments and both stroking my belly and pubic hair. Marnie began sucking on my left nipple; sucking and nibbling.

"Fuck his face.... oh yeah give it to him."

Finally, I had to push Tim off me. I could cum no more. I was flipping about like a fish. He sat back on his heels and looked at me. His lips and chin were slimy and covered with my sperm. He stood up and his cock was raging and fully aroused.

Helen, reached in under my sack and tickled me between the balls and my asshole. "Well, honey, do you want to join our little club or not. Hmm?"

I went down on my knees: both Marnie and Helen moved with me. They were riveted to my every move. Marnie's hand gently pushed on the back of my head. "Come on honey. Take it in your mouth. Suck him off. You wanna do it. And, we're aching to see it." Helen reached out for Tim's cock. I saw my wife's hand grasp another man's cock for the first time. Lovingly, she ran a thumb over the purple swollen head. She pulled Tim by the prick, bringing his cock to within inches from my lips. I saw the precum glisten out of the eye of his cock head.

"Kiss it Tom. Kiss Tim's cock." Helen's voice was thick with lust. I could smell the maleness of his cock and it's secretions. This is what had worried me the most: the precum, the semen, the odors. Yet, now that I knelt a breath away from his dick. I felt only excitement. I puckered and have no idea if Marnie pushed my head or if Helen pulled Tim's cock closer, but I was actually kissing a stiff cock. There was no stopping me now. I reached for his prick and pointed it up to the sky. I began kissing the underside: his shaft, his balls, and returned to the head. I was in full lust and licked the precum oozing from his knob.

I heard a throaty plea from Marnie. "Mmmm, you love it don't you sweety. Suck it. Suck it. Suck on his prick. Be mommy's little cocksucker." Both women dropped to their knees in unison. Their faces inches from the action.

"Let me see you take it baby." Helen urged me on and I felt her finger probe my asshole. She was actually panting in anticipation. Marnie reached for my cock, which was still only semi hard from the orgasm I had just experienced. She was roughly yanking on it, squeezing wantonly. Then, I took his cock into my mouth. Another man's cock into my open mouth. I took it in deeply right from the first, I was that excited by the taboo: the situation. My nose pressed into his pubic hair and I breathed him in as I started to suck. The taste and the feel were strange and familiar at the same time. My tongue worked underneath his cock and I fed on him like a suckling c***d.

"Fuck yeah... He loves sucking cock.... Oh fuck... Oh fuck...." It was Marnie who began to cum at the sight of me sucking off her husband. She was furiously stroking my dick and it was thickening in her hand. Helen moved her head in and began licking my lips and Tim's shaft as it slid in and out of my mouth. He was pumping it deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"I wanna watch you drink it baby." Helen panted this out. "Drink his cum, swallow it all. Suck him off. Give him a real fucking blow job. Are you a cocksucker? Are you Thomas? A cocksucker for mommy? You like sucking dick? You want more?" Helen dropped back onto her heels and fingered herself frantically as she spoke. The three of us kneelers sank deeper and deeper into our own desires. Then Tim started to groan and curse.

"Fuck yes.... oh... oh... I'm gonna fuckin' blow your head off... Suck it... Suck me off....ooohh.."

I increased the sucking pressure and the speed of my bobbing head. I wanted his sperm now. I wanted to milk his balls and take him all. I was hungry for him. I felt the pulse then the spewing of his fucking cock. Jets of his cum fired into the back of my throat. I could not keep up with the swallowing; and cum ran down my chin causing me to cough and gag. Still, I stayed with the sucking. I clutched and spread his ass cheeks as he dumped his load into me. His guttural growls and groans spurred me on. I was gonna suck him like he'd never been sucked.

I remember him falling to his knees after that and the four of us hugging. Helen and Marnie began licking the cum off my face and chest. I ended up on my back and they, all three of them, were licking, fondling and stroking me.

"That was the horniest thing I have ever seen. The both of you. Finally, I got to see it. It was better than I hoped. We're gonna eat, drink, then we are gonna watch each of you boys fuck the others wife. Each pair will put on a little show for the others." Marnie tweaked my prick and grinned. "I can't wait to get this big boy inside me. I want you fully recovered first, however. So... let's eat...... and get each other all horned up...."

It was Tim who suggested we all put our trunks back on. "In my jerk off fantasies, I have seen myself undressing Helen and snaking my palm down her panties to that first glorious feel of her cunt. Working up under her top to cradle those lovely tits and arouse her nipples. I've imagined her hand down my pants exploring and teasing my cock. I want to see you do the same to Marnie." He spoke with a throat thick with desire. I found renewed respect for him and his sexual mind. He was not a slam-bam, I'm done wanker, but a dreamer, a weaver of fantasy. We all readily slipped back into our trunks. Tim and I started the barbeque and threw on the steaks and the girls soon produced salads and finger food which they had stored in Tim and Marnie's fridge.

I began to sit beside Helen. We were on two cushioned bench seats which faced each other over a circular glass topped patio table. "No," Helen said. "Sit over there with Marnie. I want to see the pair of you sexually flirting. Let's have a long slow foreplay session. I want to get right into Tim's little fantasy over here." Her sexual aggressiveness surprised me. I had never seen her like this unless we were alone. Who gets to fuck first? She addressed this to Tim who was over at the grill checking on the fillets.

Marnie leaned forward and spun the Lazy Susan filled with crackers and cheese. The large spoon in the dip pointed directly at Helen. Marnie smiled and sat back, as she did so she rested her hand in my crotch and gave my dick a squeeze. "Looks like your wife gets her cunt stuffed first Tom. Are you going to enjoy that? Watching her wrap her legs around Tim as he fucks that delicious little twat. We'll have front row seats... a real close up of his hot cock sliding in and out of her. I'm dying to see Tim fuck her. I'm going to be jealous and excited and fascinated by both her and Tim's reactions. Will they suck tongues? Will they cum buckets all over each other? Will your wife scream as he fucks her? Will she look at you while he bangs the shit out of her? She is a horny little cunt. I know, I can't leave her cunt alone." Marnie was wriggling her ass against the seat, turning herself on as much as she was me.

Tim came and sat beside Helen. "They are nearly done."

"That's nice." Helen whispered to him and with her index finger she began circling his belly button. "We get to go first." She kissed him on the shoulder. "We get to fuck in front of them. But, I imagine that when I get that long dick inside me, there won't be anyone but you and me. Her finger slid inside his waistband just up to the first knuckle. She was not touching his cock, only teasing it. "I love the length and the pointy head of your cock, Tim. It's like Tom's cock but so different. I want to study every thick vein, every wrinkle. I want to suck on it too. Why should Thomas have all the fun?"

Marnie was breathing heavily beside me and I felt her cool hand slide up and through the leg of my trunks.

"Oh no, you two." Tim who had his hand down Helen's back and had no doubt worked it into her ass crack spoke up. "We go first. I know you Marnie. If you get your hand on his prick, the pair of you will be fucking before dinner. You have to watch the us sex each other up then fuck first; then, it's your turn.

"Yes sir," Marnie gave a mock salute and withdrew her hand. She did transfer it over to her own crotch however and was rubbing her mound as she listened and watched.

"I wish those steaks would hurry up." Helen breathed into his ear. "I'm hungry, ravenous, dying for it, my mouth is watering." She was pressing her sweet little tits into his arm and rubbing her inner thigh against his leg. "Are you hungry too Tim. You wanna lick, suck, eat? Hm?" I knew how much Helen loved to have her pussy licked and tongued and she was blatantly asking Tim to eat her out. Since she had twisted in her seat, I could see his finger rimming her asshole, then it slithered over her ass and found her slit. I was watching a man finger my wife's cunt and she was grinding against his hand. She was licking his ear as if it was her cunt and breathing into it.

He swallowed. "I have to check the steaks."

"Do you have to go baby. Are you gonna leave my little pussy all alone and open like a little flower? Mm?" She rubbed herself for emphasis. I was hypnotized by my wife's slutty, alley cat behavior. My cock was fully erect. I imagined I could smell her fuck musk from where I sat. Whether the steaks were ready or not. Tim whisked them off the grill and onto the serving platter. The two of them fed each other steak and licked each others mouths. I was more jealous for some reason over them kissing than over them going after each others cunt and cock. Marnie sat back moaning lewdly and neither of us ate too much. We were far too turned on by the show before us.

At one point Helen peeled down the waist band to expose the head of Tim's cock. "I love how pointy it is. Like a spear. I want you to stab me with that Tim. Stick your spear headed cock right to the back of my cunt. Will you promise to jab it hard against the back of my cunt baby?" She was pouting like a c***d. Did she get this turned on by me?

Tim had moved Helen's bikini bottom over to ones side, such that it folded into the crease of her thigh. Her cunt was completely exposed. He fingered it and spread it wider to afford himself a view of her splayed pink butterfly. They put their forks down.

"I wanna suck it." He said

"And I wanna suck this." She grabbed his cock hungrily and began wanking on it.

They had teased and worked each other into such a frenzy that none of the sucking and licking and gentle play occurred. Instead Tim fell to his knees and grasped her ankles. He stretched her legs from one end of the bench to another. He was nearly crazed with want.

"Yea, yea, fuck it!" She was the same. "Fuck it now...Hard.. Hurt my cunt, Tim..... Stick me... Stick me... You fucking bull..." Helen was raving. Marnie and I rounded the table to get a good shot of his cock pounding in and out of her cunt. She was crying out and he was hammering his cock home.. again, again, again, deep vicious thrusts. His balls slapped noisily against her ass. Her cunt slushed an slurped as he fucked. He threw his head back and began dumping his load inside her.

"I can hear her cunt sucking on his cock." Marnie whispered to all of us. "Holy fuck...." Helen started to flip about and he held her ass off the seat. She came making long, low, guttural, a****l noises.

They were finished. Marnie and I stood there staring down at Janine's foaming cunt. Tim's sperm seeped out, around his prick and over his nuts. They were both panting and still in full lust. Marnie reached down and covered her hand with a mixture of their juices then looked at me as she licked her hand. Next, she ran her palm over my lips and my tongue lapped up the juices. Marnie's other hand slid down my stomach and into my trunks. " Did you enjoy watching your little wife get fucked, Tom? Did you like the way his cock pounded away at her eager cunt? She loved it Thomas. She loved that hot cock banging her in front of her husband. I'm so fucking horny now Tom. Are you ready for a filthy cunt ripping fuck. Will you look at your wife while you fuck me? Will you hm? For me?"

As Helen knows I get so turned on when a woman talks dirty. I was inflamed at Marnie's lewd questions. I was inflamed at what I had just seen. I was inflamed at what I had just done. I tore down Marnie's bikini bottoms and worked my finger over her clit and into her soaking cunt. She placed one foot on the patio table to offer me fuller access to her pussy.

"You like? you like?" she repeated as she pushed my head down towards her open cunt. I gladly fell to my knees and began kissing her mound, gradually licking my way toward her button. I love the smell and taste of a cunt in heat and was lost in my desire. I began to flick her clit with my tongue in a snake like fashion. Then I sucked on her swollen little bud. I took all of her inner lips and her clit into my mouth at once and continued to suck. Next, I tongued her asshole, then inserted my tongue.

Marnie grabbed handfuls of my hair and moved my face up and down as she ground her twat into me. " Oh, honey, eat that fucking thing. Eat me out. Eat my cunt... Oh that feels so good...Yes, yes, do that, do that some more..... You fucking bastard. I love it... Huh..huh..huh...." She pumped and screamed.

Next Marnie fell on her knees. She sucked on my tongue and cleaned my lips. She was lapping up her own cunt juices from my face. She pushed me back ;and, as I lay on the deck she attacked my cock with her mouth. She nipped sucked and yanked on my prick with a fury I had never experienced. When she sucked my cock it was with hunger and pressure. She pulled on my balls and finger fucked my ass, wildly, frenetically. My own grunts and groans were matched by hers. I took a quick glance at Helen who stared with saucer eyes. She and Tim were watching from their couch. They still had a hand on each others genitals. I could tell Helen was both amazed and aroused as hell by what she was witnessing.

Marnie then flipped herself around like an acrobat and presented a gaping cunt to my face. She was still working her cock sucking magic on my prick while I began lapping her cunt. My both arms clasped her just above the hips and I pulled her grinding cunt harder against my swollen lips. I thrust my cock savagely into her mouth. We were hurting each other and both loving it. I had not known how much I wanted a rougher sex.

As suddenly as she had spun her cunt round to my face she flipped again and knelt over my dick. Then she squeezed it in her fist. "Fuck me. Fuck me. You prick. You bastard. You cock sucker. I'm gonna ride you hard." She knelt up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her slit. Then she dropped her whole weight down on me, spearing herself with my cock. She threw her head back and began bouncing wildly up and down. My cock slammed into her cervix over and over. I was close to blowing my wad into her. I grabbed her waist and stood up. She stuck out from me like an large appendage to my prick. She wrapped her legs round my waist and we fucked like that as I walked her over to the lounge chair. I kept my prick in her and threw us both on the thing. We barely missed a thrust and were fucking like two bobcats on the lounge when I emptied my balls into her. She milked my cock with her cunt as we both came savagely. I remember us both laughing as we looked over at the stunned Tim and Helen...

We lounged about the pool and drank a few Screw Drivers. Each one of us elaborated on how horny the experience was for each of us. Marnie could not stop going on about watching Tim and I suck each other's cock. "I have fantasized over watching two men suck each others stiff pricks since I was a teenager. I have imagined Tim sucking a cock since we first met. I have pictured the two of you sucking each other off since you moved across the street. And, tonight I had it all."

"There is so much we can do to and with each other." Helen chimed in. "Any of us can start up with anyone else in the room. There will be so many holes and tasty bits available that everyone can join in... so hot. Anytime during the day when you boys are at work Marnie and I can get together and get each other off. You know we are constantly at each other. We wanna show you boys some of our little games." She was on an overstuffed lounge and lay back with her legs spread and her feet flat on the patio. She placed both hands just over her mound and pulled her cunt up exposing a glistening swollen clit. "Marnie, you know what I want. We talked all about it all week. I need you to taste your hubby's cum from inside my cunt. Then, I want to lap up Tom's cock juice from your sweet pussy. I have dreamed about those two odors , those two tastes mingled in your hot box."

It had only been an hour since I had cum twice in rapid succession but I was not about to miss this. I pulled a chair up beside Helen's thrusting cunt. I was going to enjoy this show from close up. Tim slid a chair up beside me.

Marnie was quick to sit astride the lounge and stroke the inside of Helen's thighs as she ogled the wide open pinkness of my wife's cunt. At first she leaned in placed two or three lingering, loving kisses directly on her button. Then, hungrily she began sucking slurping and lapping up all the thick juices seeping out of Helen's pussy. It was a noisy, a****listic show. I felt Tim's hand reach across and grab my cock. It was not fully erect, because of the abuse I had put it through. I felt self conscious about him tickling and massaging my semi. Yet, it felt so stimulating that I quickly relaxed into the idea and pumped my hips back and forth as he teased my cock. I soon had his cock in my hand and was returning the favour. Helen, who was the first to see us wanking each other. Groaned her approval.

She took Marnie's head in her hands and turned it momentarily away from her spasming cunt to show Marnie what we were doing. " Fuck boys, I could cum just from watching the two of you. God, that makes me horny." She may have had more to say but Helen had pressed her mouth back into service lapping her oozing pussy."

"Come on Sweety, clean me up good. Suck all that fuck juice out of my ......" Helen however could not finish her lewd sentence as she started to quiver and pulse like an epileptic. Marnie increased the suction and intensity of her mouthing even as Helen bucked and tried to push her away. She f***ed Helen to rock and buck pleading for her to stop. Finally, Marnie knelt up on the lounge. She spread her hanging cunt lips. “Your turn my baby. I’ve got a cunt full of your husband's load for you to feast on. She and my wife switched places. Helen stuck her ass and pussy up in the air and immediately got to work on Marnie, munching away on her splayed pussy.

Marnie, with lidded eyes stared at Tim and I jerking each others cock. She was obviously obsessed with the idea. She moaned at the sight of us. She moaned at Helen’s tongue work. “Next time you're gonna fuck each others ass, for me.... I gotta see you fuck each other..... Mmmm..... Oh yeah baby right there. Just like that....Don’t stop....Don’t ever stop.” Her head lolled from side to side and Helen renewed her efforts as Marnie came. I shot a stream of cum up in the air and all over Tim’s hand. I had not even noticed that my own hand was covered in his hot cream.

That first swinging night was followed by many more. We do love our new neighbors.

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3 years ago
we do that with another couple we've known for years, both wives enjoy watching
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story, read like a real life experience. Extremely well written too.
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
love it!!
got me on the edge a couple of times
4 years ago
Great story I laove every bit of it, hope you keep it up.
4 years ago
4 years ago
excellent story
4 years ago
Fucking fantastic. Enjoyed every word!