Helen's Surprise

This story is based on cuckoldry and has bisexual aspects. If either of these offend you please do not read then flame.

I came home from work two hours before my usual time. It was an anxious drive. Helen and I had been having problems, marital problems. For the past month we had been discussing a trial separation. Our arguments were neither original nor even interesting. She complained about a loss of identity. She had given up her career, her interests, her life all in the name of the k**s and me. She looked in the mirror and did not know the person who stared vacantly back at her. Where had the vivacious, talented girl gone? Where was the stunning little cock tease who could stiffen dicks with a sexy swish of her ass or even a flick of her hair? The body was still there. Her hour a day at the gym had kept her tits and ass both firm and shapely. Still the spice, the zest, the twinkle was missing. She decided that she was now drab, mundane, ordinary. She hated what ten years of wedded bliss had done to her soul. She wanted out.
I protested, of course, reaffirming my devotion to her: telling her how her body still drove me crazy, how jealous I was when other men ogled her, how interesting and well read she was. It had little to no effect and she had even packed her suitcase on two occasions. Strangely enough we made mad and passionate love after each of these sessions and I harboured the hope that this was the point of the entire situation. I knew however, on some level that the problems were deeper than that. Helen was ever an extremely sexual being and could climax often by just pressing her thighs together as she lapsed into a private sexual fantasy. It would make me insanely jealous when I would see her drift away in a crowded restaurant or even as we watched a movie.
“I know you came during dinner. Who were you fucking? It certainly wasn’t me.” I would rant.
This line or something similar was common, more common lately. She would smile that “wouldn’t you like to know,” smile then she would fuck me like a wildcat when I we got in bed. She drove me crazy with that shit.
So, when Helen called me at work and announced, “Thomas, I have a proposal. It’s the final attempt for me. Either you accept it or I’m gone. I have to make me right... to make me... me; or else I’ll go insane. It’s not going to be easy for you but you at least you will have a choice, Thomas. Come home now.” That is why my drive home was two hours earlier than usual and why I was so stressed. My palms were sweating when I opened my front door and stepped into the vestibule.

“In here Thomas.” Helen sang from the sitting room. I entered the brightly lit room to find Helen dressed in a short and swishy summer dress. I knew the dress and it was far too sexy for my liking. I hated when she wore it out. It sat at least six inches up from her knees and displayed her long shapely legs to a tantalizing effect. The material clung to her ass and hips in a suggestive manner and the low slung top revealed the upper half of her proud tits. I called it her “Let’s fuck” dress. She wore it whenever she wanted to incite me into a jealous fit.

Surprisingly, on the couch next to Helen, sat James Farrow. James was our best friend’s son. He was attending the local community college pursuing a career in computer animation. We had known James since he was ten and moved into the neighbourhood with his parents Dan and Jess. I had coached him in Little League baseball. He was a nice polite k**, open faced, friendly. I wondered when he would leave so that Helen and I could get on with this proposal which she was so determined to make.

“Hello James. How are you? How are mom and dad doing? You know what son, Helen and I are really into a serious discussion at the moment. I hate to ask this but can you come back another time. Anytime. Really, you’re great to have around. But, this... this is the wrong moment.”

Helen reached out her hand and settled it surprisingly atop James’ thigh. “Stay right there James. She whispered.” The seductive tone of her voice shot a bolt of dread through my body. I’m sure my jaw dropped perceptively. “Sit down Thomas. Sit over there facing us.” She stood as I sat down uncomfortably in my own living room. She crossed to the bar trolley and poured out a shot of Scotch. “I’m fucking James.” She announced as nonchalantly as she would reveal that she had taken up bowling.

I sprang out of my chair. “Sit down. Sit down now. Sit down or you have lost me forever. I swear to God.” I knew the tone. I knew her resolve. I sat down immediately. I buried my face in my hands.

“Drink this.” She thrust the Scotch at me. “Shut up and listen. This is the final ultimatum. I swear it.”

With tears in my eyes I looked up at her. She eased herself back into the couch. She sat close to James. Their thighs were touching. He wore a faded pair of jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. He was nervous and bit his upper lip. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to dash out of that room like a jack rabbit.

“Two Monday’s ago, James came by to deliver a box of his mom’s cookies for the club’s bake sale. He was dressed like he is today, except he wore a Nike t-shirt and he was sweating from cutting his mom’s lawn. At the time, I was watching some inane reality show as he knocked on the door. In the show there was this cute young stud attempting some athletic stunt and it got me horny watching his tight body. I started lazily rubbing myself as I enjoyed an afternoon daydream. All I had on was my cut-offs and a baggy halter top. I was pretty steamed up when I opened the door. There was James: smiling, holding out this box of cookies.

You know what I did Thomas? Without saying a word I pulled him into the hall without a word. I dropped to my knees. I undid his fly and I started sucking his long limp cock. He still held out the cookies and I had his young prick deep down my throat. You know how I love to experience a cock growing in my mouth. Well his dick sprang to life in seconds. It was marvellous. Strong. Thick. Long. Hard. Veiny. Pulsing. Young. A cock so fucking responsive, Thomas, that I fell in love with it instantly. I was ravenous for it. Aching for it. I wanted it up my cunt. Up my ass. Down my throat. Between my tits. In my hands. Between the soles of my feet. In my hair. All at once. You know how you always ask me to deep throat your cock Thomas? I can’t do it. I gag and feel like I’m going to vomit. Well, I took his fuck stick so deep that his pubic hairs pressed against my upper lip and my nose. He is much bigger and much thicker than you but I swallowed his wonderful cock again and again. I gagged and choked and I loved it. I kept coming at it again and again. Down my throat it went. It filled my mouth, my open throat. I couldn’t breathe but I’d come off, gasp, and go back for more. I made wild a****l sounds. The need for him devoured me. I could not get enough.

Then he took handfuls of my hair in each hand. The cookies, smacked on the floor. I loved that. He started to fuck my face... to really fuck my mouth. It was violent and crude and it made me so fucking horny Thomas that tears streamed down my face. I tried to moan out “Hurt me. Fuck me.” But I couldn’t and he fucked me so good. He fucked my face like the whore that I am.

I sucked him off Tomas. Right there. Right in the hallway. Right where I dress the k**s to send them off to school. Right where I kiss you goodbye in the mornings. I gave him a blowjob and sucked off his hot young cock. Right there. You’ve got a hard on Thomas. I love that. You should have seen us. You should have heard us. You should have smelt us.

He’s got a really big thick cock Thomas. The head is dwarfed by the thickness of the shaft. It’s a wide deep cock with a hard thick sinews running all along the under belly and a dominant veins coursing over the top. I kissed it and licked it and made passionate prayers to it after he shot off in my mouth. After swallowing a quart of his hot cum I kissed and pressed my face against his dick like a love sick thirteen year old. My mouth is watering now Thomas as I think about his cock. I want it. I want it again now as I did that first time. I want it everywhere at once and I want to cry out for love of it. I’m in love Thomas with James’ thick devastating fuck stick.

I came as I was sucking his cock. No one touched my cunt but I came. I had never done that before. Oh yeah. My finger, this finger... I rammed it up his asshole as I was sucking him off. I fucked his asshole with his finger then worked in another... this other finger. I felt for his prostate and tickled it as he shot off. He screamed out “Fuck oh Holy fucking Christ” as he came. As he came down my throat. I tried to swallow it all but it squished out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. Hot gobs of young thick sperm. I sat back on my haunches and looked him in the eye as I found every last drop with this finger and placed it back in my mouth. And I made those “mmmmm” delicious like cake and ice cream noises for him to hear. God, Thomas his cum was delicious and I savoured every morsel. I was a starving woman.

I sucked so long and hard that his young prick was soft and adorable hanging there out of his jeans. I pulled his pants off and dragged him into this room. He had his t-shirt on but his strong legs and ass and that delicious swinging cock kept me more than interested. I sat him down where you are now Thomas. I sat him down and I came over here. I peeled off my cut offs and lace panties. They stuck to my sopping cunt I turned around and knelt on this cushion... right here on this couch. I bent over and rested my chest on the back of the sofa. I reached behind myself and spread open my asshole and splayed my legs so that he could see everything. My pussy lips were stuck together from the excessive moisture, so I stretched them wide for him to examine my pulsing cunt. I had not spoken a word yet to James except fuck and suck phrases and grunts while I blew his massive prick.

Now I started asking him if he liked it. If he liked my cunt: my fuck hole. I was as filthy as I could be. Did he like my cock hungry asshole? You know how you always want to stick your prick up my ass Thomas. Well, I soon took that pole so deep into my bowels that I screamed in pain and ecstacy. I can’t get enough of his dick. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I want to tell you everything. It makes me hot as a bitch in heat to tell you every detail. I can see how hard your cock is and James, cock is as I speak. And, my cunt is soaking this seat as I go on. I am loving this. I have never been so excited.”
She continued to speak as she brought over the bottle of Scotch and set it on the end table beside my chair. She positioned herself once more beside the boy and never missed a sentence.
“So, I sat down on this couch. On this very seat and I brought my feet up to rest on the cushions on either side of me. My legs were splayed like an acrobat and I pinched my nipples and asked him what he would like to do to me. I told him that he could have and do anything he wanted. He could be as filthy and perverted as he wanted to be. I would do it all. No, I ache to do it all... to be his filthy cunt sex doll. Let your mind be as filthy as it wants.
His cock was rock hard again by this time. He’s eighteen and his young prick bounces back like a tennis ball. I started to finger fuck myself and told him how I loved his young hot cock. He started to wank on that beautiful fuck pole as he looked at me. I told him how fucked up horny I was all the time. I told him how I love looking at young men and imagining their cocks. How I try to see the bulge and picture the bundle underneath. I even like young boys dicks I told him. I told him how I can watch TV and finger myself to a climax even at a young newsman or show host. We were watching each other’s hands digging away at ourselves and we started to talk about the sexual things we had done. And the things we wanted to do. I talked about how both you and Jerry Springer fucked me at the Holiday Inn after Patricia’s wedding. How it was before we got married and that we never spoke of it again. I told him how I masturbated to that memory at least once a month for all the years since it happened. I told him how we stopped seeing Jerry but that I longed to call him up and tell him that I want to suck on his cock and fuck him again.

I told him that I look at your b*****r and dad’s packages all the time.... and that it would be so filthy and perverted to fuck them both and that I fantasize about doing them both at the same time. I told him that I want to be tied up and fucked by a room full of men and I want you tied up and watching me as I howl out a thundering climax, loving the whole thing. I told him about being a little girl and letting the man next door take off my dress and panties. He licked my cunt and squeezed my flat titties and prodded at my bum hole. I loved it and kept going back for more. He showed me magazines and even an old movie of grown-ups fucking and sucking on each other. I wanted that filthy, heady, excited feeling again.

I was just going to do more about my fantasies when he crossed the room and stuck that tremendous meat up my cunt. I couldn’t catch my breath it was that amazing. Wham right up inside me, Thomas, deeper into your wife’s cunt than you have ever been with one mighty thrust. Then, the way his young ass thrust and vibrated as he fucked me good, screwing the shit out of me. Screwing my ass off, Thomas, screwing my ass off. I want him now. I want him to fuck me and you to watch... watch his sweet ass pump and spasm as he fills me with his cream. It’s fucking incredible.

As he fucked me he told me about jacking off thinking about me when he was thirteen and that he once got a good peek up my mini and saw some cunt hairs sticking out the sides of the crotch and I came like a gyser when he said that. He came then too. I sucked our mixed juices off his cock and he surprised me by lapping up my overflowing cunt. He sucked up everything his own sperm and my fuck juice and he even tongued my asshole. A young guy like that, he’s a better lover than you are Thomas and he’s eighteen.

In that first day. He fucked my cunt. Twenty minutes later he broke my cherry by fucking my asshole. I loved it. I want his dick up my ass all the time. I love the feel of his hot sperm shooting up there then oozing out. He licks it up Thomas. I gave him a foot job and a tit fuck too. All that first day. He is insatiable and so am I. He recovers in no time. Even when he is limp he likes to finger me or talk about sex. I love to suck on him when he is soft. It’s like a languid dream to me.

He told me about girls he has fucked and eaten out. He talks about who he wants to fuck and what he wants to do to each girl he meets. Different things to different girls. He’s a horny little piggy boy. Aren’t you James.
We have been together every day since then. Even last weekend I met him at the Red Roof on both days. Remember you were golfing and took the k**s to the movies. I was banging his nuts to a cream and slurping him up all the while.
This week we had a break through. I told him that I have had two lesbian experiences one when I was f******n and my aunt Donna who is really just a f****y friend looked after me for a month. She kissed me the first night. Fingered me the second night. Licked me to orgasm the third night and we did everything under the sun for the rest of the nights. I couldn’t wait for school to end on the weekdays and rushed home with a gushing pussy. She would wait for me naked on the bed and I would dive at her open cunt. On the weekends we only broke off to eat.

Three years ago I seduced our babysitter Rachel. I felt so wicked and perverted and never stopped loving her until they moved away last August. I know I have never told you about either of these experiences Thomas but you are not as sexual and open as James is.

To my great surprise and delight James told me about Frank Miller. You remember that he was also on your baseball team with James. Well he and James began by jerking off together as they looked at girly pictures then as they talked about the girls they had played with. One day they started sucking each other’s cocks. Eventually, they fucked each other’s asses. I came over and over as he told me the stories and then he told me about the time they went into Kansas City and hired a hooker and they had a bisexual threesome night.”

Helen’s tone changed. She leaned forward in her seat. She poured me a full glass of Scotch. “Here comes the proposal Thomas.” She stared me straight in the eyes. “I am not ever going to stop fucking around. It enervates me. It brings me to life. I want to experience a bisexual threesome. I want to do it with you and James. I want to do every filthy thing three people can do with and to each other. I want you to suck each other’s cocks. I want you to fuck each other up the ass. I want you both to fuck me at the same time... mouth, ass, cunt, hands, tits, feet, the works. I want to watch you jerk each other off as I dance for you. I want you to kiss and tongue each other’s mouth. I want you to tongue each other’s assholes.

I want you to take turns fucking me till I am begging for mercy. Then we’ll consider what girls and what other boys and men we would like to include.”

She finished talking and reached for James’ wrist. She stood him up tall and began rubbing the length of his cock, the outline of which was silhouetted in his trousers. She squeezed the shaft and the head. She hefted his huge nuts. Then, she unzipped him and exposed his thick juicy cock. It was indeed massive. “Well, Thomas. An answer please.”

I slowly stood up and undid my fly...

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1 year ago
super fucking hot
3 years ago
Your hottest story by far! The description of the BJ in the hallway was enough to make me cum! But the story just got better from there...
3 years ago
it not only Helen who is full of surprises,that was so cruel to end the tale there??.xxx
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
like it
4 years ago
love it.