A lil something I wrote.

i would offer you a seat on you bed. as you sat down i would be turning on some music.(your choice).after the music started to play i would give you a longing glance,one that would put a smile on your face.take in as much of your smile that i could and sit down on the bed next to you.then i would reach over and close the blinds( not all the way cause i dont want to miss any aspect of your body) i would place my hand on your knee and lean towards you gently kissing your neck. then i would slowly move my hand towards you inner thigh as i moved my kisses onto your lips. my hand would graciously pass over you breasts and start to unbutton your blouse.with your blouse more than half way off i would start kissng your neck again working my lips towards you nipple.by now your shirt would be completly off.(ya your not wearing a bra- lucky me).then i would scoot you back onto the bed more to get the approprate possition to start undoing your pants.as your breaths get harder and the room gets hotter, i would slowly start to peel your pants off.gingerly kissing you the whole time. yes now we are just down to the panties.as i toss your pants off to the side my lips giuding my toung over your firm nipples i can feel your hands going through my hair. you grab my shirt and start removing it. as you do i unbutton my pants and let them fall down. i gently push you back on the bed so that i am now layng on top of you. our bodies glisstening with sweat. i kiss you on your luciouse lips once again. my leg sliding inbetween yours. i can feel the warmth of you naughty spot and it make me so hot.our bodys rubbing together with so much lust that i begin to ache.i work my way down your neck, back over your breasts and kissing ever so lovingly on your stomach. i reach behind you and start to remove your panties.i can feel the exitement.your panties only made it off of one of your legs before my lips made contact with your clit.i gently lick your love spot as the juices drip down my chin.your body is moving in waves like the ocean current. you taste so good.i feel your beathing going faster and faster as i go down on you. i cant take it any more. as much as i love the feel of your thighs rubbing against my ears i have to move on.i roll on to my back as you sit on top of me. i gently place my manhood into your vagina.it feels so good. i see you looking at me through the hair thats dangling over your face. i can see that you like it. you body rolling back and forth, sweat dripping off your forhead. your moaning of pleasure stops all time. nothing matters now except for you and me. you start to scream as your body tumbles back and forth.i can feel the tension from down below. it only makes me go faster and harder. faster, harder, faster OMG you scream. the pulsating rythem of you clit squeezing the life right out of me. nothing silence it seems like eternity that we were lost in heaven together.you collapse down next to me. gasping for air. we hold each other tight smiling and laughing. i kiss you one last time before we fall asl**p in each others arms. good night. Anthony
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