The Morning After

You were so tired last night that you couldn't take your shower before bed. You got up this morning and stumbled your way sl**pily to the bathroom, you turn the shower on so the water gets HOT while you brush your teeth. You then climb into the shower as I come into the bathroom and I see your naked ass disappear into the steam. Just the sight of you gets me aroused! I open the shower door and drink in your wet naked body with my lust filled eyes. I climb under the streaming water with you, take your head in my hands and kiss you deeply, the heat of the water and our passion for each other waking us up!

I take the soap and work a thick lather up in my hands, and I start to lather your body. I am standing behind you as I lather your back your sweet ass, running my soapy hands deep into your crack, down your legs. You lift one foot at a time for me to wash, and then I start back up the front of your legs to your thighs. I have stepped in close; you can feel my erection as it sticks up along the crack of your ass, as I lean in and begin washing your inner thighs and crotch. I lather up your pussy real good, running my fingers along your nether lips, letting my fingertips run circles around your clit. My hand climb soaping your hips and belly all the way up under your breasts. I cup them; squeeze them hard, as my dick throbs and twitches against you. I palm your nipples soaping them up, and then use my finger gripping them and twisting them around as they stiffen in my hands. I bite your neck then move my hands along your throat, up onto your face, lathering you all up. You raise your arms above your head, as I reach under them lathering from your armpits to your wrists.

You hold them there as I grab the showerhead and begin to spray you off down your arms, across your shoulders, down your back and over your butt. You slowly twirl around to face me and I spray off you face, your neck, across your magnificent tits, down your stomach and legs. I turn on the jet spay as I rinse your feet, and turn it up into your crotch, spraying it into your pussy as I spread your lips with one hand. The water jet hits your clit and you begin to cum, your whole body shuddering violently. I hang the sprayer up and take hold of your arms, spinning you back around. My hands again running over you under your arms raising them up again, letting your hands come together. I grab both of them in one hand, and push you against the wall, you stick your ass out to me, you know what is coming, you want it bad, and you want me to fuck you hard! Fuck you like the sex whore you are!

My other hand guides my hard, twitching cock to your pussy lips; you keep pushing your ass back trying to get to it. I tickle your pussy lips with the head, rubbing it up and down. You are begging me to fuck you, to ram it home where it belongs, inside your hot honey hole. I finally give into your pleas and shove my cock deep inside you, my ball sac bouncing against your clit. Your body is f***ed against the wall as I hold your hands pinned against it above your head, my other hand pulling your hip to me as I thrust into you again. Each time I ram it home, your breasts are crushed against the wall, your nipples dragging roughly along the tile. You are screaming "Faster, fuck me harder, oh Fuck me with your big cock!" I lean in with on thrust and hoarsely whisper in your ear, "Are you MY dirty little slut, MY sexy wench?" "OH god YES! I am YOUR sultry wench", you reply. I continue to fuck you hard against the shower wall till you hear me start to moan then grunt with each forward thrust, until I stop, deep inside you, it feels as if the heat of our passion has welded us together, my body shudders as my cum shoots into you. I collapse on your back, spent; I kiss your neck as you finish cumming all over my dick. I nibble at your ear, and whisper to you, "Good Morning MY sexy QUEEN!"

Alas, I could stay like that all day, but the water is cooling off. We quickly clean up again, and jump out as the cold water wakes us up completely. I wrap you in a big fluffy towel, and follow you to the kitchen, where the coffee has finished brewing and you can sit on my lap as we enjoy a cup together.

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2 years ago
mexaa wooow nice Story> Thank For The Posting
2 years ago
mexaa wooow nice Story> Thank For The Posting