Special Party at the Country House

There is a special house in the country That we have been offered the use of. the nearest neighbor is about 1/2 mile down the road. There is a nice yard with a pool and a big hot-tub in a screened enclosure. It’s a nice house with the living quarters along with a big Master suite and laundry room on the first floor, and the extra bedrooms and bathrooms up on the second floor. Down in the walk out basement is our game room, and the bath and changing area for the pool, along with our "Special Play Room". We are having one of our special get-together’s, there are about a dozen people here.

You are dressed in a shear peasant top, mini-skirt, and heels, no pantyhose or panties. The Party is in full "swing", the booze is flowing, and everyone is nice and loose. I have introduced you around, guiding you through the people with my hand on your ass, you clinging to my arm. It is quite clear to all that you are MINE. Every now and then I reach under your skirt and squeeze your bare ass or run a finger along your crack, reminding you of what is to come.

At a specific time, I excuse us from the party and take you into the special room. The lighting is dim, there is soft jazz playing and there is a bed in the center of the room, and love seats around the perimeter. I hold up a blind fold for you to see, you are excited about what is to come. I blind fold you and lead you to the bed I strip your clothes off of you, licking your nipples and feeling the heat coming from your crotch. I run my hand along your pussy, allowing my middle finger to slide along just between your lips. I give you a long deep French kiss, and then lay you down on the bed. I position your naked body just so, pulling your arms above your head, you feel the first silk tie as I drag it across your tits and up one arm, I tie this arm to the corner of the bed, then do the same with the other arm, to the other corner. You feel me run my hands down your arms to your breasts; I palm your nipples, and then squeeze them hard. Your senses are tingling you can feel electricity in the air. I then tie your ankles to the bottom corners of the bed, running my hands up them to your pussy. I ram two fingers in you, stroke your pussy hard and fast a few time then pull them out, I f***e them between your lips letting you suck your pussy juice off of them. I step back and then you hear the door open then close.

You sense that you are alone, and that it is dark, after what seems like an eternity you hear the door open. People are entering the room, you hear them stumble and hesitate a little as you feel them moving around you. I clear my throat, and you hear, "Ladies and Gents, you may touch with your hands and mouths anything else needs my permission. I present to you, MY sexy little slut." You feel the sudden heat of lights as I bathe your naked trussed body in spotlights presenting you to our guests. You feel many hands running all over your body, fingers exploring all over, playing with your nipples, on your neck, your calves, your thighs and hips. Tickling your feet your inner elbows and your ears. You feel people moving all around you, someone’s mouth begins to suck on a nipple, then a finger, and now your toes. Your body is writhing in ecstasy, then you feel the first tongue on your pussy lips, no one is talking, your moans fill the room. You feel many mouths on you now, tasting your skin, biting your nipples, sucking on your ears, your clit. You hear me say, "She likes it rough.” The intensity of their touches and mouths ramps up a couple of notches. You are at the highest levels of ecstasy now, on the verge of multiple orgasms. You feel a cock touch your lips, you turn your head to take it in your mouth, you begin to suck on it, as it starts to pump in and out of your mouth, and you feel a weight on the bed between your legs.

You are sucking the first cock for all your worth, you hear the sounds of other blowjobs being given. All of a sudden the cock pulls out of your mouth, the owner grunting as he cums on your chest. This sets off a chain reaction and more cum slashes onto you, hands start to rub it into your skin, spreading it all over. By your cries of passion it is obvious that you are also cumming. All of a sudden you feel your pussy lips spread by a hand, and then a cock is rammed deep into you. It is being stoked in and out of your pussy with ferocity, a hunger, a driven f***e! There are hands all over your body, mouths on your nipples and neck, cum all over you, a rock hard cock fucking your pussy and 2 dozen eyes watching you be treated like the whore you are. By now you know by its feel, it is my cock inside of you, pummeling your hot wet pussy. You hear me say, "You are MY wet slut, MY sexy girl, CUM for Daddy, you little whore". You hear our guests start to softly chant, "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her", over and over. It drives me on, fucking you harder, till I can hold it no more and I violently cum inside you slamming my cock in one last time, as my cum fires into you.

I am spent, but others want a turn, I tell them, "NO her pussy is the domain of my cock alone, but you can eat her out or get her to blow you, but DO NOT fuck her pussy!" You feel a lighter weight between your legs, you know it is a female mouth trying to suck our combined cum from your pussy, a couple of different cocks have entered your mouth, more cum splashes on your body. You finally beg for rest, to be untied. You feel your bonds being released, you are led still blind folded to a love seat, lifted up and you a lowered once again being impaled by my rock hard cock. I take off your blind fold; there are two naked women one on either side of us. I look into your eyes and ask, "Did you enjoy yourself, my hot sexy girl?" You respond, "Yes Daddy", and lower you head to my shoulder, spent. My cock is throbbing and twitching in you, but you have no energy left. The women are rubbing and massaging your back. You glance around at the people having sex, knowing they got fired up because of you. I give you a long deep kiss, and then let you drift off, on my lap, my cock still hard inside you.

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Very well written. And even more erotic
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