On the Soft Green Grass

So you want to spend the day out on the lawn with me. I can see it now, Sunny days with just a few puffy clouds drifting through the sky. It's about 78 Degrees out, the grass is lush and green. The neighbor across the fence just mowed his lawn thismorning so we can smell the freshly mown grass. We have one of those 2 person beach towels spread out, and I am stretched out along one side of it. You are sitting there next to me, your face all aglow with the radiant beauty that you have. You are feeding me g****s, teasing me with them as you offer and then make like you are going to snatch it away. My hand caresses you bare leg, from your ankle to the bottom of your shorts. My eyes look longingly up into yours, they are sayng "KISS ME". I long for your soft full lips! You lean down and kiss me, our tongues dancing in and out of each others mouths. I wrap my arms around you,and roll you onto the ground under me.

You gasp as I bite the soft curve of your neck. I break our embace, now it is your turn, I have prepared some strawberries for you. I take one and swirl it in the chocolate sauce I have, twirling it to keep it from dripping. I bring to your lips, your tongue flits out to lick some chocolaterunning some of it along your lips. You take a bite, savoring the juices as they run down your throat. I feed you another bite, and then kiss your chocolatey lips, as I slide my hand under your shirt all the way to your breasts. You raise your arms above your head, beckoning me to remove it. I slide it off, and run my hand over your bare skin, feeling the electricity between us. I take another Strawberry and let you bite the tip off of it. Then I rub the open part on your nipples, squeezing some of the juice on them the excess rolling down between your breasts. I suck hard on your nipples getting the juice and chocolate all off of them, I trail the berry down the inside of your arm, and follow it with my tongue all the way to the inside of your elbow. Mmmmm you are delicious.

You have noticed me shifting trying to make my stiff cock more comfortable. you tell me to take my shorts off. As I do you take another strawberry, dip it, and let the chocolate drip into the valley between your tits. You bite the end off of it, and rub it up and down my shaft, around the head, across the tip. <shuddering> I dip my finger into the chocolate and let it drip onto my dick, then I let you suck my finger clean. You take me into your hot mouthUcking all the goodness off. You get my cock nice and wet, all slicked up, and then lay back and huskily tell me to fuck your tits. My throbbing spit soaked cock slides between your tits as you press them together, the choclate and berry juice helping to lubricate your valley. Your tongue flicks out to meet the head each time I thrust forward. I am tugging and tweaking your nipples as out eyes are lock on each other.

I thrust faster as I reach my peak, jets of cum, slashing on your tits and chin. you rub it into your breasts, mixing it with the chocolate. I pull your hands away, and clean you up with my tongue and teeth, biting at your sweet and salty tits, letting my tongue travel the same path as my cock just had. You kiss me deeply tasting the mix on my lips, you want more. You want to cum too, your pussy aches to be fucked! You take me back into your mouth, using your tongue, teeth and lips to clean me off. God you give great head, you have me rock hard again in no time. You quickly lay back again, and raise your legs wide. Your hands are playing with your pussy and clit, as I he you plead, FUCK ME, fuck me hard, fuck me NOW!

I slip my stiff cock into you easily you are so wet, your legs are spread wide as I ram deep inside you. My arms are stiff as pillars holing me above you, you bend your knees you ass coming off the ground with each thrust. As I am pumping my dick ito your pussy I see your bare foot, right there near my face. I suck your toes into my mouth biting down on the big one. I hold it there with my teeth as I suck on it, swirling my tongue around it. You are moaning loudly, and your hips are thrashing as I continue to drive my throbbing cock deep into your pussy. Your lustful cries for me to fuck you harder drive me on, fucking hard until we are both spent. I collapse on you, then roll to my side so you can breathe. We lay there in each others arms sated, sweaty, and sl**py.

All of a sudden clouds have rolled in, it begins to rain. We grab everything and I chase you to the screen enclosure around our hot tub. We reach it just as we hear the faint sounds of thunder way off in the distance. It is electrifying, but that will have to wait for another time.....

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2 years ago
Mmmmm yummy...strawberries and cream.
2 years ago
A great story of love and lust.