Why you shouldn't ignore a woman!

The sun had set as I was watching her as she enjoyed a glass of wine on the deck. She must have known I was watching, because she gave me a show. I had learned from her in other encounters that she liked being watched. It started off with her slowly licking her full lips after each sip of wine, then after a bit her hands would caress her body. She was wearing a low cut, long, loose t-shirt, I could clearly see as she cupped her breasts to squeeze them and pinch her nipples through the soft fabric. Just as the sun turned the western horizon to fire, one hand slid all the way down her torso and slipped between her soft thighs. I had to imagine what it was doing as my view of her lower body was blocked by the table on their deck. Just as the last fiery rays of light illuminated her, she pulled her hand up, displayed her wet fingers to me and then sucked them clean.

With the twilight came a chill, she stood up and gave a lingering looked toward my house, just before she went inside. I watched her curves shimmy all the way into the house. I waited for 20 minutes for the sound of a car leaving their driveway before realizing the game was on local TV. Not wanting to wait for 3 hours I walked over to the steps of their deck. Kitty had pulled the screen but left the inside door open, as I climbed onto the deck I could see her dark red hair fanned out on the back of the couch. I slid the screen open and slowly moved into the kitchen. There was a shout from down in the basement, and I could tell ‘her man’ was involved watching the ball game and once again ignoring his hot, sexy woman. I knew I had about 2 hours of playtime. I moved into the living room, sliding up behind her, I placed my hands on her shoulders my fingers massaging deeply. She jumped at my first touch, but then laid her head back and smiled, her eyes closed. “Where have you been, I’ve gotten all tingly waiting for you,” she sighed. “I was waiting for him to leave, forgot the game was on here”, I told her. Screw him she said as we kissed passionately, when we broke I whispered in her ear, I would rather screw you.

I began sucking on her earlobe, my hands sliding down her arms to caress her belly. She had one hand on the back of my head, while the other slipped down between her thighs and under her T. I pulled up her T so my warm hands were in direct contact with her smooth flesh. Raising them higher till I could cup the weight of her full breasts in my hands, I squeezed slowly till my thumbs and forefingers met on her nipples, gently pinching and pulling on them. She moaned and I bit her shoulder, she had worked fingers into her pussy once again getting them wet with her juice. She softly called my name, and as I looked up from the crook of her neck she stuck the two pussy soaked fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them greedily, mmmm I’m so thirsty for you kitty.

Moving around to the front of the couch, I sat on the floor, she shifted around a bit and had one leg on the couch. I started at her foot and worked my way up, caressing, kissing, and nibbling as I went. I could see she had no panties on under her long shirt. I took my time, telling her how delicious she looked, and that the scent of her leaking pussy drove me wild. Between my words and the caressing and other attention I was showing her legs, she was really getting worked up. Each time she would reach for her mound I would let her hands slide over it, but the second she moved to put a finger between her engorged lips I would move her hand up and away. I started up her other leg dr****g it over my shoulder as I reached her knee, my tongue made light lazy circles on the tender spots at the back of the joints. She was sliding down on the couch, trying to get her pussy closer to my head, her fingers entwined in my hair tugging, trying to get me to her pussy faster. I worked my way up her thighs, she was moaning with anticipation of what was coming, I know had fingers rubbing up along the outside of her dripping slit, I could feel the heat and the pulsing through her wet puffy outer lips, Now each time she tried to hurry me along, I would bite her inner thigh on one side or the other. Tell me what you want Babe, tell me what you have been waiting for. I want your tongue, I want it on my clit, I want it to lick my pussy, I want to feel it inside me as you curl it up and lick me deep. I want to feel your fingers as you slide them deep inside me to explore and make me cum. Oh I am gonna make you cum alright, I was gonna use a little trick kitty had not seen from me yet.

As I came into tongue range of her pussy I slid my finger up along between her lips, getting it slick with her juices, I slid it right up and around her clit. She bucked her hips just then and I leaned in and stuck my tongue as low and as far back as I could to slowly lick the nectar that had seeped from inside her. My nose was buried in he pussy as I stretched my tongue all the way back, damn but she tastes sweet. As I bring my tongue up it slips in deep between her pussy lips funneling her sweet juice into my mouth. I flutter my tongue there for a few seconds while my finger circles her stiff clit. My hard cock twitches each time she moans with pleasure. I let my hand slide up till it presses down on her mons, making way for my tongue to slide from her dripping slit to her clit. As my mouth closed around it and my tongue slid across its tip, I worked first one then a second finger deep inside her. She was so very wet. Wet, silky, warm and tight, just how I like a sexy woman to be. She was moaning almost constantly with pleasure, my fingertips were playing inside her my tongue continued to stroke across her throbbing clit. Her hands tried to grab my short hair but could only push my head deeper into her. Sounds were muffled now as her silky thighs closed in on my ears. Every so often I let my fingers glide to just the right spot inside her, yes she was building up just the way I wanted. Whenever she got close to cumming I would ease off her clit and relax my fingers but not pull them out. I continued this way till about the fourth time I stopped her from hitting her peak. She lifted my head till our eyes met and I could see the want and need in them, “Please let me cum, I want to cum so bad”. I worked my finger around to that certain spot and found her very ready. “ I’m so thirsty Kitty, you will have to quench it”’ My mouth descended back over her clit, as I sucked on it my fingers began to fly in and out of her pussy, making sure they ran across just the right place, my other hand rubbed just above where my nose rested. I felt her pussy quiver and then contract as her orgasm hit her, My tongue now replaced with my thumb and my hand squeezed her just so as I shifted my head lower so that my mouth could catch what I really wanted. “OH MY,OH MY, OH MY, OH MY AAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh“ she let loose and squirted that lovely nectar all over my face and into my mouth. I kept her cumming with my fingers for a few more seconds and when the squirting turned to a dribble my tongue began licking the juice from her thighs. Just then, I heard yelling and cussing from down in the basement he was still paying attention to the ball game instead of his woman.

As she recovered she told me that she had never cum like that before. I took her in my arms, she was like a warm puddle for she was spent. She was relaxed and my hands had started to roam her body again. A light touch here, a pinch there, a pulled nipple or two. After a few minutes she began to squirm on me and she turned and looked into my eyes and told me it was my turn. She slid down my body and cupped my heavy cum laden balls, her other hand began to stroke my hard cock. Then her tongue flicked out and licked the tip, so fast, but she still got a taste of my precum. She used her thumb to spread it on the underside of my throbbing cock head. Then she slid it into her mouth her tongue working it all the way down the shaft, fuck but her mouth was magical! As long a time as I had been hard I knew I would not last long, and I told her so. “Oh you better last, cause this time you are going to cum deep inside me” she said as she pinched the base of my cock. With one last lick on my shaft she positioned herself over top of me and lowered her still dripping pussy all the way down on me. She rocked and twisted on my cock while I pinched and sucked her nipples. My hips began to drive up into her as she began to ride up and down my dick. “Yeah baby, Fuck me hard” she gasped as our hips collided in the air . She reached around and ran her fingernails up my balls, that was it I grunted and shot a load into her like a shell out of a cannon, that must have triggered another orgasm for her because her pussy squeezed my cock as a few more shots of my cum went deep up inside her.

She collapsed on top of me and we kissed deeply, my arms pulling her tight to me. We must have drifted off because next think I know I have a hand over my mouth and she is whispering in my ear to be quiet. I hear him grumbling as he is climbing the stairs to the second floor, his team must have lost the game, but I got the prize!

See what happens when a good sexy woman gets ignored...

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