The only guy who's been able to get this tran

His name is E***. He is 19, has a very sexy deep voice (though he doesn't like his voice, so I had to just settle for his typing), a virgin (but that's not a factor), he's got a 9in gorgeous cock and is able to self suck to half his shaft.
I've helped him cum through caming before, but wasn't turned on enough to get off myself. I haven't been able to do that for in a long while. Though before today. I hadn't see him give him self head yet.
Now thankx to a friend, who I sucked off just so he could release some well needed tension. But all that did was get me horny.
So I got home, a little sexually frustrated. I chatted with a few of my internet friends on skype (no you can't have it :p).
When E came on. Hadn't chatted with him for a few days. So I got all excited when he did. I like talking to him. Just wish he lived in my town or I live in his.
So after chatting for a bit with E, he told me he was fappin'. This didn't surprise me in the slightest. He faps like 5 times a day. Witch is also so hot to me.
But he mentioned that his cock tasted good. That intrigued me. So I wall like, yeah? O.o :)
I want to taste it. Send it through skype to me now. Right here on my tongue :p. :3
E said to late. It's already in my mouth. So I said than fucking french me already! Me likie some snow ballin' :D.
And hell I aready had the taste of cum already tonight. E became intriegued and wanted to hear. He needed to cum again. And soon.
So I told him about the guy earlier. He got a little more hot at the thought of me giving head. I asked E if he wanted to hear me moan for him. E jumped at the opportunity. Doesn't come easy, but like I said. I was already horny.
So I opened my cam not expecting him to answer with his cam. ;) He exclaimed the didn't want his roomies to hear me moan for him, so he pout on ear phones.
I was so horny, I was actually fully hard just thinking of me worshiping his awesome cock. So I showed him how much I was horny with a clash of my dick to the cam. And used my kegel muscles to make it jump up and down in a teasing manor.
E typed, yummy, and I love your cock. I want to suck it. I told him he could, and I'd love it. E typed that he's was even closer to edging. I told him I wanted to see him suck himself. Because by now I was waking off, and had garbed my lube to make it easier. I spurted a lot out. I was just so damn horny that I didn't care. So I started to really jerk myself, and finger my ass at the same time. So I was getting the feeling of both my cock being pleasured and my prostate.
And i asked him to show me him giving him self head again. When he did that. I just pushed my middle finger of my left hand right up against my prostate with pressure, and massaged my cock till I freaking exploded into a full body orgasm that lasted a good 10 seconds.
E amazed asked if I had came. I told him yes. I so came. With my finger still in my ass and pressed against my g-spot, and lightly stroking my cock. So as to just enjoy the after effect of that orgasm.
When E started to suck his cock again. I came again at the site! (just got hard again) E asked me if he should cum now. I told him yes. He asked where. I said your mouth!. He typed, just say when. I said now, do it now, right into your mouth. I want to see it!
So E obliged and promptly began sucking his cock and came in a few seconds. I never had the pleasure of a guy cumming on my command. It felt empowering and so erotic at the same time.
I told him to show me his cum in his mouth. E showed me, or tried his bets to show me. I could tell though that he had a nice load in his mouth. He asked what he should do with his cum. I demanded him to swallow it all! E did as he was told.
I came (twice), he came, and had to promptly leave. I didn't mind, I was satisfied. :3 So I went to the bathroom to clean myself up.
While I was doing so, E typed "talk to you late?" I typed back. Yes! :3

The End. :3
90% (8/1)
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2 years ago
Hmmm I used to suck myself when I was younger! Loved it! Not limber enough anymore! Might be why I so desperatley want to suck someone elses now! Guess I miss it that much!
2 years ago
typos happen when your writing horny lol
2 years ago
Great storywould like to do the same thanks
2 years ago
Super-HOT blog entry. Sorry I missed those festivities.
2 years ago
Wow... I should really proof read my writings. There are a lot of typos and I really didn't do a good job of grammar either. :p
2 years ago
Wonderful story!

JYou earned another poem
Our world lay between us in a cruel twisting fate
To your script I fall asleep and to my words you wake
(a hemisphere twixt him and her by satellite they spoon;
Every verse traverses earth and passes by the moon)

From our cosmic connection was created a dream
More shadow than substance, and as a union, extreme
But our minds intertwined finding ways through our art
By exploring we discovered, the truth of the heart

Loving you in bytes we bond with cyber link
And in between the writes there is lots of time to think
Smitten by what you’ve written I savor your favour
Cerebrally sexy with a melancholy flavour

Such a surreal experience approaching divine
A bitter sweet togetherness as our two souls combine
Imaginations growing through our rhythm and our rhyme
Transcending two realities beyond a world online

Sending linguistic kisses with caress in each address
Open for the world to see the sentiment confessed
And though these beams of feelings are just airwaves from above
From New Zealand to California “we wrap the earth in love”

The highways of the Internet are travelled everyday
The journeys of a million minds connect along the way
We’ve found that place in time and space that only we can “see”
Though worlds apart your poet’s heart has found its way to me.
2 years ago
I would like to see this guywho can suck himself would be a turn on i came while iread your story just using my imagination