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WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.

I DO NOT TOP GUYS! I ONLY TOP GIRLS! Though I may make exceptions for hairless fem boys. :p
I GET NO PLEASURE FROM C2C SO DON'T EVEN ASK! Well that is if it's for sexual purposes only. I do like to chat. And some times I go here http://www.cam4.com/ThirdEyeGirl/ to chat and show for tips. Cause I'm broke and every little bit helps. :p

Okay... So I turned friend requests off. So if you want to be my friend. Than you have to message me first! And please don't expect me to send you a friend request without at least having an avatar pic (witch isn't just your dick, pussy, or ass, ext.), and something meaningful in your Profile, either your own content (what I find attractive) and an about me section that describes who you are in as much detail as possible. And if you're asking to friend me and your profile says you like "shemales". Do know, that's a very derogatory term. And to not expect me to send said request. Also comments may help, but not so much.

And scene we are on the subject of friend requests. I only accept people on here as friends if we actually are friends. If you are attracted to me and just want me on your friends list because I'm hot. Than feel free to favorite me. That's what it's there for.
But if you want to be my friend, than be my friend and talk to me. Interact damn it. :p

If you are what we trans people call a "chaser" (someone who is so attracted to trans girls that they consider it a fetish), or your just looking to experiment. Please don't bother with messaging me, or anything. If you really find trans people attractive, you need to search all about us on google. See what makes us tick. And remember that there isn't much difference between a transsexual girl and cis (not trans) girls. And we expect to be treated as such!

Now that all the unpleasantries are out of the way.

Hi, my name is Miranda.

I'm a lovable kind of girl who likes movies, video games, cars, guns, shopping, music, painting, and so on and so forth. I started transition in Jan. of '09 and started HRT in Sep. '09.

I'm full time, and pass well enough.Though I do get looks. I can't tell if those looks are cause they don't know what I am or what. Though I pass, I am a proud trans woman and will not hide it if asked.

I'm kinda active in my community and I'm always willing to help others like myself. I'm looking for any type of person.

I really don't know how to describe the people I will be attracted to. I'm looking for non-op versicle transsexual girls, fembois (fembois are guys who are mostly or completely hairless, have a femish or androgynous hair cut, and doesn't wear bras or wigs, though some wear make-up), cis (meaning not trans) men and women. In that order, it's just what I'm more attracted to. If you not over weight (like obese over weight), look good, and have a seance of humor, than you might have a chance with me. Though I won't know till I chat with you, and see some pictures.
I'm pan-sexual (there are many different meanings), so I tend to value personality high above looks. Though looks to come into factor.
I'm not very big on cds or tvs or "gurls" (some of them have a paraphila called autogynaphila, witch means that they are sexually aroused by imagining them self as a female or having a vagina, but yet not wanting be become female or transition). I'm not really attracted to someone who is one gender in public and another in the bed room. I don't know why that bothers me so much but it does. Though I would top or be topped by a hot cd. (See natalie_loves_cum for reference.) And I'm just speaking sexually here.

I'm also slightly poly amorous, witch means, I prefer to make friends first, and than see where things can go. It also means, that I can be sexual with most of my friends (and usually try to be if I find them attractive), it just depends on how we feel about each other, and lastly I can and would like multiple partners, but I also would like to have a relationship. And I always play safe!

I also do not have ANY intention of just meeting someone for sex and that's it. If you are unwilling to try and be my friend first. Don't bother.

My ideal would be a versi/top non-op transsexual woman, but I'm also open to men that are gentlemen, and very good looking women. I'm not a big fan of body hair. So if you don't have any that's great! but if you have some on your legs (guys only) that's fine. But I really don't like body hair in places like the chest, back, shoulders, belly, and pubs. Yes that's right. The worst thing to happen when your going down on someone is to get their pubs in your mouth.

I'm only interested in people near me, cause I'm broke and can't afford to go visit people. Besides I love the Seattle area.

Also for all the guys out there. In order for you to have a change with me, you need to one; not be to eager (hate when the guy doesn't know how to properly prim a girls engine before smashing the throttle) two; learn how to please a woman (because after all I am one, and should be treated as such, in public or the bedroom) three; be yourself, and who knows, maybe you'll be just the sort of person I could get along with.

As for my paraphilias. I don't have to many. But here are some I may have.

I might have Algolagnia, though need to test it to find out. :D

I do like it when I see people wet. :D Aquaphilia

Absolutely do not have this. >.< Autogynephilia

Might have this towards female body parts and petite women. Microphilia

I do have this, Somnophilia Because it is one of my fantasy’s to be woken up to my partner have his or her way with me. ;p

Voyeurism… Guilty. :p

If you don't know the meanings of these paraphilias. Well it's not my job to educate you. GOOGLE them and find out for yourself! Google is your friend.

Well if you've read this much, than anything else you may want to know, just ask.

Update: I just changed my height from 6'3" to 6'1" because apparently I shrunk 2" while on HRT for 2 years. I fucking elated. I hate that I'm so freaking tall. :/
Update #2: I found out why I shrunk 2 inches. It's because I have Scoliosis, witch is a curvature of the spine. No wonder I have frequent back pain. :/

And if anyone would like to spoil me. Feel free to check out my wishlist and buy me what ever your little heart desires. :) http://amzn.com/w/Y65U671BMFRX

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7 minutes ago
Is there a category on xhamster for CDs/TVs?... No, there isn't, which is why most people on xhamster who put themselves as 'transsexual', are not actually transsexual, they are either CD or TV, but of course, you already knew that...
12 minutes ago
Your presumptions - incorrect. Your Arrogance - unnecessary, misplaced and unqualified. You are not the custodian of the trans community, so don't pretend that you are, or that you ever could be. He who laughs last, laughs loudest!
2 hours ago
hey. just passing by, i happen to notice you had a spelling error you had letter named witch instead of which. on your profile page.

take care! ^_^
1 month ago
hey hru? good i hope
2 months ago
Woawww.. I could fall in love with you :)
2 months ago
nice to see you :)
3 months ago
hi bb you are so beautiful
4 months ago
Hi Miranda G!!! And You Are The Real Miss Tenderness!!! Beauty!!!
4 months ago
mmmm lovely profile... love the psychedelic gifs! very trippy... ;-) *muah!
7 months ago
Just one word....Stunning !
7 months ago
you're really super beautiful and sexy
8 months ago
got a new blog hope it dont apply to you
8 months ago
i sent u a pm and yea i mean that
8 months ago
hey sexy hope you're having a good weekend
8 months ago
Thanks for the add!
9 months ago
I love how cute you are!
10 months ago
HaHa! Thank you, Miranda. You are very sweet!
1 year ago
Hi Miranda, love your pre and post pics. I wish I had my pre photo's. Being friends possible?
1 year ago
You are beautiful, I like you.!!!
1 year ago
heh heh :) hope u have a great weekend
1 year ago
dammit girl where u been? hope u remember me
1 year ago
u sure do find some amazin vids.. thanks!
1 year ago
It's good to hear from you again.
1 year ago
Thank you, Miranda! How have you been?
1 year ago
Yes, he is actually a fun guy to hang out with- off the set, too-
1 year ago
Thank you for enjoying it, Miranda!
1 year ago
Exceptional stuff here, and you are very yummy indeed. ;) Can add me if you'd like, if not then know that you got my attention.
1 year ago
Thank you so much for enjoying us!
1 year ago
hi sweaty luv your pics hope to get to know you if you wish
1 year ago
hey how r u :)
1 year ago
hey third hope u had a good 4th
1 year ago
That is a very well written "about me". Quite informative and to the point.
1 year ago
you are sooo hot

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