My hot older b*****r.......part 1:

If you like this let me know and I will write more.

I barely remembered my b*****r Ryan. He was an extremely talented athlete and
moved away to the states with my father when I was very young. I still kept in touch with the rest of my f****y but I suppose Ryan had an intensive training shcedule, and besides - he didn't particlarly get on well with the rest of the f****y as he was very strong minded and independant.

It was until I was 18 and began started an acting course at University in London that we came into contact again. Ryan had suffered an injury and was told he would never compete again so he returned to the UK to work for the f****y business. I had called my mother who happily told me that Ryan had flown back and had organised an apartment to rent with some friends. It was the summer holidays and mother suggested I get to know my older b*****r a little better and perhaps stay with him for some of the holiday duration to gain some independence. Eager to be free of parental rules and restictions I jumped at the chance!

Catching the train back to Hertford I excitedly thought of all the wild nights out I could plan and hoped that my b*o wouldn't be too serious and boring! The last thing I needed was another older relative telling me how to live my life!

I called into Mum's and she was still out visiting some clients for the boutique. As a personal shopper to VIP Clientele her schedule was pretty much booked solid!
I dumped my bags, popped on the kettle and made myself at home. I opened the windows but it was still sweltering so expecting no one to be around I changed into a bikini and grabbing a magazine and a towel I wandered into the garden for some serious chill time.

Stretching out I sighed happily soaking up the blissful rays of the sun. I must have been drifting as I came to and started as a tall muscular figure approached me.

"Well - hello Hunter Parrish!" I flirted, then with horror realised my mistake as he replied cooly with a slight American drawl "Hi K, it's Ryan, don't you remember your big b*****r!"

I took in the strong face, styled blonde hair, chiselled jawline and the well defined torso which led down to low slung jeans. I flushed scarlet and realised to my utter embarrassment I was checking out my b*****r! I was thankful for the dark shades I was wearing!

"Of course!" I said quickly attempting to cover my error. "Don't tell me you don't get British humour these days!"

He raised his hand towards me and I stood and half shook his hand and hugged him awkwardly. The baby blue bikini I had been so comfortable now seemed ridiculously miniscule and I quickly sat back down again feeling uncomfortable.

"Mom will be in at 7. " He told me. "We're having a f****y catch up and dinner at Cassitas and then I can help you take your stuff over to the apartment. I'm going out for drinks tonight with a few guys from down the block. You are welcome to join us"
I giggled nervously, thinking how funny it was to hear him use American phrasology and he gave me an odd look.

"Um...oh....yeah...ok, well I guess I have nothing better to do. I mean that is I haven't planned anything yet!" I stumbled over my words!

"I'm sure you have better things to do than hang out with your b*****r" he drawled "Mom says I need to make an effort and get to know you a little" he didn't exactly seem overly thrilled at this prospect and he cast his eyes over my string bikini with what I regarded was a disapproving glance.

"Well ok, I need to go unpack" I declared somewhat defensively and gladly hurried to the safety of the spare room. My cheeks were still burning and I jumped into the shower turning the temperature to cool. I hurriedly dried off and slipped into a thong and sat at the dressing table to apply make up and style my hair.

I switched on my mp3 player and started pumping out some hot summer beats, gradually beginning to relax. Singing along I took my hairbrush and sang using it as a mock microphone as I applied lipstick and danced to the beat wiggling my hips!

My antics were interrupted by a stark silence as the music dipped in volume and I turned to see Ryan dressed in a crisp white shirt and jeans eyeing me with an odd expression.

"We're waiting! It's quarter to seven!" He turned and then glanced back adding "Maybe you should put some clothes on!"

I froze! The white shirt he wore set off his golden tan, and showed off his amazing body.Immediately I chastised myself - you can't think of your b*****rs body as amazing I internally scolded myself! 'But he does have an amazing body' I then thought...'a hot body...stop it brain!Stop thinking these thoughts arrrg!What's wrong with me!' Ok so he's my b*****r - I can be proud of having a hot b*****r, a ridiculously fit,insanely attractive older b*****r....I wonder if he has a girlfriend....arg no - don't wonder that!'

All this time he regarded me cooly, then laughed and walking out of the room commented "Oh and your have lipstick on your chin."
He left the room and I burned with shame and grabbed a tissue to frantically wipe the smears of lipstick from my face.

I flung open my case and cursing my lack of organisation grabbed the one thing that was clean - a little black dress. A bit low cut for a dinner but I had already kept everyone waiting, so threw it on and grabbing my bag hurried to the car.

Ryan was already loading the rest of my luggage into the car,he had pulled his shirt sleeves up and his strong arms rippled as he effortlessly flng the bags into the boot. Christ I had to stop objectifying my b*****r - he wasn't a sex object and even if he was, is, I shouldn't be thinking that! Beating myself up mentally once more.

He interrupted my flow of thoughts abruptly "so you gonna stand around watching all day whilst I do all the hard work Blondie" I couldn't tell if he was teasing was teasing or not.

Mum was already in the car and I slunk into the back feeling awkward.

"Great to see you too Darling! No hug?"

"Sorry Mum I great to see you I said pecking her on the cheek. Sorry I guess my mind was elsewhere...I was totally caught up in thinking about characterisation for a part I'm studying at uni."

"That's fine" she mocked swishing her long red hair. "I don't see you all term and then you don't even bother saying hello!" She pretended to pout and I giggled glad at the break in nervous tension.

"Bit of a daydreamer is our blondie" commented Ryan.

"Well these thespian types are always dreaming of their next big role" my mother smiled kindly.

**** ****

We ordered wine with the meal and I quickly drained my spritzer, filling up my glass again"

"Go easy" Mum said with concern. "I hoep you haven't been picking up bad habits at uni?"

'One or two I though but certainly not drink related!'

"Of course not Mum!" I declared a little too dramatically. "I was just thirstier than I thought!

"We'll order water" she informed me with a stern look and as the waiter came and filled my glass I made a show of drinking water, but as soon as the were engrossed in conversation I filled my wine glass again and swilled it back quickly.

Finally starting to unwind and enjoy myself as the wine warmed my tummy, I started to join in the banter. It seemed like my b*****r and Mum had known each other well all their lives as they chatted easily. 'Why can't he talk to me like that?' I thought a little enviously, immediately feeling bad for being jealous of their relationship.the Itakian wai
As the night went on I began to learn my b*****r was not only a star athlete but very witty, and a fantastic conversationalist. I joined in occasionally, adding anecdotes and cracking the odd joke, but mostly sat and listened with a sense of respect and awe for this intelligent and incredible guy.
'Why can't I date guys like that?' I thought 'all the guys at uni are immature and annoying' then quickly reminded myself he wasn't 'some guy' but my b*****r!

I nibbled at my seafood as Ryan dug heartedly into a huge plate of past. 'He even looks gorgeous when he eats' I thought begrudgingly.

Swaggering over teh Italian waiter asked "any drinks for you beautiful ladies?"

"Yes!" I said a little too quickly. "Long Island tea please!"

Mum looked at me with a worried expression "Long Island tea is very strong, are you sure you want one of those?"

"Come on Mum I'm a grown up now!" I laughed! "I'm not a k** anymore!"

"I realise that dear. I'm sure you don't want to spend tomorrow with a hangover though seeing as Ryan has kindly offered to take you to the gym"

This was news to me and I imagined him in shorts and a tight t-shirt....instantly regretting it and worrying that they could read my thoughts!

"Fab!" I declared with bravado! "I can keep up with Ryan! Bring it on!I'm ready!"

"Maybe make that your last drink for a while" Mum frowned. "I don't want you showing your b*****r up tonight!" She turned to Ryan "You will take good care of her won't you, don't let her go off with strangers, or get too d***k!"

"Mum I'm 18 - not 12!"

"Then make sure you act it!"

"Don't worry Mom. I'll take extra special care of her" Ryan assured her with a charming smile.

We paid the bill and Ryan dropped Mum off home to chill out before another big day tomorrow. I hugged Mum, promising to text when I got in later that night and slipped into the front seat, suddenly feeling all grown up to be going partying with my big b*****r!

"Well s*s, what sort of music do you like?" he enquired starting the engine.

"Oh I'm easy" I said trying to please him "Erm, I mean, um...easy in terms of music" I laughed inappropriately "I mean I like house, funky, pop..most stuff really."

"I'm a big fan of country and western" he said "I take it that's cool?"

Seeing my alarmed expression, his face cracked into a winning smile "I'm fucking with you s*s! I hate that shit!House is cool with me he said switching on some banging tunes!

"I hope you are fucking with me!" I yelled over the music. "I mean fucking with me over country and western that's not what I meant! I meant I fucking hate country and western music!"

Unwanted but enticing images of Ryan's shirtless body entered my head and then I involuntarily imaged him stripping out of his jeans, taking hold of me and passioantely kissing me.....our writhing bodies hot and sweaty...! Oh godI'm a freak of nature - why am I having these totally immoral, despicable thoughts!

if Ryan had noticed my poor chance of language he certainly didn't show it and as we drove beat his hand on the wheel in time with the bass in a way that was utterly adorable and alarmingly sexy all at once!A warm buzz came over me and I decided 'who cares if I fancy my b*****r a bit! It's only natural given that we are so similar and haven't seen each other since we were k**s! he never has to's not like I am going to flirt with him...

Soon we were at the club and Ryan ordered Manhattens which I thought was increibly stylish of him. 'Damn' I thought! 'I really need to stop being in awe of ever single little thing he does. He's just a guy, so what if I want to fuck him! Shit! I thought no I didn't just think that. I don't want to fuck him! the sweaty naked thoughts were returning and I felt a stir as he met my gaze and grinned and I realised I was incredibly turned on! 'Be normal!; I told myself inwardly - 'think normal next improv scene at uni"

"Are you ok Blondie?" he asked, and jokingly rubbed my shoulder. I think I must have imagined a sexy smoulder and I felt a thrilling jold of electric heat shoot up my arm as he touched me, my tummy instantly flitting with butterflies and involuntarily placed my hand on his leg smiling and affirming "I'm awesome b*o."

His head turned, his eyes following a leggy brunette in a short silver dress walked past. She sashayed swishing long shining hair and her enviousbly cute butt, which the fabric of her shimmery metallic dress clung to.

I felt an instant pang of jealously, and u*********sly checked my hair and wriggled in my seat, hitchi funkyng my dress a little higher with the movement. 'Thsi is ridiculous' I thought! I need to stop torturing myself!

"More Manhatten's!" I declared boldy, step into my b*****rs line of vision, asserting myself and vying for his attention.

He laughed. "I'm game - as long as you don't pass out on me!"

"No chance of that!" I thought.

We clicked our glasses together and downed our drinks in one. Then Ryan stood up as we were joined by 3 other guys. A serious looking guy wearing nerdy specs, a chubby guy with curly hair and a friendly smile and a guy of about our age with a cute spiky haircut, angelic looking face and funky jeans and a t shirt. He's kinda cute' I consoled myself taking in his cheeky expression and tight body.

"Kassie, meet Ray, Justin and Bradley" Ryan introduced us, ordering another round.

Ray seemed very conserative and quite aloof as we all chatted. Justin was a joker and pretty funny. But it was Bradley who caught my attentiona nd I flirted with him, feeling eager to converse with a guy on my level who I wasn't so in awe of!

As the night wore on the drink started to affect me and I started to feel excited and giggly! Lets dance I said taking Bradley's hand and danced with him flirtaciously wiggling my hips in time with the beat. We danced to several tracks and then returned to the rest of the party who were sitting ina cosy alcove. I was taken aback to see Ryan chatting to a buxom blonde who was flirting outrageously with him and was all over hm like a rash!

'Cheap harlot!' I thought the drink fuelling my emotions 'just puring herself over him like a cheap hussy!'

"Excuse me - i think you are in my seat I declared a little too loudly. Ryan frowned at me and then the girl span round. "Oh hi!You must be Kassie...ryan's little s*s! He;s been telling me all about you!"

I didn't like the way she said 'little s*s' so patronisingly, like a I was the little retard s*s int he way and she was some sex appeal oozing glamourpuss....which I was reluctant to admit.....she was!

I folded my arms, my expression unmoving as I stared at her.

"He said you were a gorgeous little thing and he was totally right' she smiled oozing charisma and passing me glass of champagne. 'I work in the
the contemporary designs division. You'll have top stop by and say hi, there are some darling little dresses that would looks so totally gorgeous on you! I'm Melissa by the way, her's my card"

Was she flirting with me? I wanted to hate her, wanted to be rude, but she was so lovely and approachable, touching me warmly as she spoke. My expression softened and I begrudgingly found myself actually quite liking her. I glugged the champagne a little too fast, my head swimming. Stupid Melissa and her stupid goregosu looks and her winning personality!If I went to the gym more maybe I could be that pretty. If I was a better person I could be that charismatic I thought turning negative thoughts on myself. I needed to feel and downed the rest of my b*****rs drink and started flirting with Bradley, watching Ryan out of the corner of my eye.
Bradley was flirting back heavily and I stroked his face and teased him drawing my lips in close. Ryan kept shooting me warning looks and I d***kenly revelled in the attention!

I wanted to wind him up further, punishing him for my awkwardness and discomfort. I sat myself on Bradley's lap and suddenly he was nibbling on my neck and kissing me all over my shoulder and neckline. I eyes Ryan as he coldly met my gaze.

"Stop it!" he warned.

"Stop what b*o?" I smiled, my eyes glinting with what I thought was a sexy smouldering look. I wiggled against Bradley seductively, knowing that boys my age are a sucker for a little bit of tease and sluttery!

"Stop making a fool of yourself Kassie!"

I met his gaze and and eyeing him the whole time grabbed Bradley by the hand and lead him towards the dance floor. Bradley followed me like an aexcited puppy, his eyes roaming all over my body. I pulled him in towards me with a provactive stare and next in a moment he was lunging for my lips and pawing at me clumsily.

His kissing technique was awkward and slobbery, and his hands sweaty and fumling, but seeing Ryan's attention was now fully on the two of us I allowed this to continue, playing up to it and feeling c***dishly thrilled that Ryan was so pissed off. Within seconds he was by my side pulling Bradley off me "and hgollering "what the hell do you think you are doing with my s****r!"

"Sorry man" Bradley d***kenly slurred raising his hands and backing away "she just seemed up for it!"

This seemed to really piss Ryan off and he grabbed my arm yelling at me "Enough I'm taking you home!"

"You can't make me go home!" I yelled defiantly over the music!

"Watch me!" He bellowed and grabbed me by the shoulders frogmarching me out of the door. I tried to resist but he was too strong and I protested d***kenly as he practically dragged me out fo the club and bundled me into the taxi.

"I'm not going home! I want to stay and party!" I declared.

"Yes you are! I'm taking you home. You are being a spoilt litle girl!"

'Little girl?' He just saw me as some annoying little k** and I felt furious and glared at him shrugging him away!

The cabbie chuckled. 'Where are you and your girlfriend headed to mate?' he asked?

"I am NOT his girlfriend!" I snapped back.

"Behave!" Ryan warned and we sat in silence as we drove back./ I sat defiantley, arms crossed and pouting. I knew I was being immature but couldn't seem to help myself!

As we arrived at the apartment I sat in the cab, deliberatley being awkward and Ryan pulled me out by my arm.

"Get off me! Your not my father - you can't tell me what toi do!" I yelled at him!

"Yes I can!" Ryan snapped, his face like thunder.

"Make me!" I yelled back refusing to move.

In a single sweep he lifted me up and out me over his shoulder " carrying me into the apartment with determination.

I kicked my legs and struggled.

"Don't me me spank you!" Ryan threatened!

He kicked open the door to my new room carrying me in.

"You wouldn;t dare!" I holleresd still struggling.

"Watch me!

He flipped me over pushing me onto the bed and causing my dress to ride up around my hips and spanked me several times on the backside. His strong hands stung my flesh and I screamed "You bastard!" fighting back trying to slap him.
"You are out of order! I didn't do annthing wrong! You can't treat me like this!"

"You were ambarassing yourself!"

"I was not!"

"You were acting like a slut! Dr****g yourself all over that sleazebag!"

"How about you then, flirting with that slapper!" I yelled jealously!

As I flipped over onto my back trying to hit him he grabbed my arms and pushed them over my head and pinned me down.

We tussled and I felt a thrill of arousal charge through me whole body,a wave of white heat.. feeling his strong body hold me down.

I was increbily turned on and wanted him with every cell in my body....wanted him to tear my clothes off, writhe against me naked and fuck me senseless!

I pressed my body against his and felt my hips pressing towards his involuntarily. I felt my legs wrap around his pulling him in close to me. "Stop treating me like a little girl" I intended to yell in an assertive manner, except it came out huskily and unable to help myself I moeaned feeling the heat of his body against me.

"Then stop acting like one! He shouted at me, his face close to me.

He looked so handsome and powerful when he was angry. My body was on fire - I just wanted him to take me now. I gasped and moaned again, exhilarated, feeling his body against mine.

"Ok then. I'll behave like a woman!" I gazed up at him, my lips parted, pressing myself into him. Then we were somehow kissing passionately his lips on mine as I writhed against him...It was how I had imagined earlier, only incredibly more intense and thrilling than I'd envisioned.

Our hips ground against each other and we furiosly kissed, fueled by our rage and our tongues met, lashing against one anothers. I felt him hard aginst me and aching to feel him inside I ground myself against his straining cock.

We were completely out of control, overcome by a****l passion and lust.
His hold on my arms relaxed and then my hands were inside his shirt, touching his firm body, exploring his chest. Next he was pulling off his shirt and his hands were simultaneously touching my breats and stroking my thighs, exploring.

"I want you so badly" he moaned between kisses.

"I want you too, fuck me! Take me now. Fuck me hard and punish me for being a little slut!" I gasped grabbing his arse and pulling him tight against me.

This was too much for him and he lost any self control he had and was soon pulling off his jeans. Next he pulled off my little pink panties and started working his fingers deep inside me. I was soaking wet and gagging for him to push his cock deep inside me.

Unable to control this urge I freed his cock from his pants and felt his hard raging dick against my lips....."but your my s****r" he moaned....

"It's ok I'm on the pill" I assured him, "fuck me, slip your cock deep inside and feel how wet you make me!"

Seeing the agony on his face I taunted "If you are man enough!" This seemed to push him over the edge and his cock slid into me hard in one smooth motion. He held me there for about 30 seconds his lips against my neck, panting and then he was thrusting into me expertly, pounding his large cock into me. Thrills ran through my entire body and I was consumed in the moment, riding against him, daring him to fuck me harder.

"I shouldn't be doing this to my little s****r" he moaned.

"I'm a naughty little slut, am I too much for you, can't you handle me?" I teased and with that he pinned my arms down and began to fuck me furiously, slamming his cock into me and groaning with each thrust.
I had never felt anything like it in my life and had my very first orgasm, looking up at his lustfilled face, taking him inside me, feeling him pound into me. Wave after wave of orgasm erupted through my body and I felt my pussy muscles contracting around his cock. I cried out and called his name and he buried himself in me deeper. Then pressing his face into me and panting heavily his body started shaking. I could feel the tension mount in his body came again as his cock started to pulse and he came hard and heavily inside me groaning and his hot cream shooting fast and hard, filling me up.

The pulses seemed to go on for a long time and I luxuriated in the sensation of him coming in me. His groans sending me over the edge again.

Filled with my b*****rs cream, his hot sweaty body aginst mine we lay tangled for a while. No man had ever fucked me with such intensity, with such desire and skill. I never wanted to let go or have him slip out of me. He kissed me again, more slowly this time, gently, exploring my mouth with hs.

"Well that's one way of getting to know each other" he grinned.

"I can think of more ways too" I teased.

"Yeah like what?" he said seductively and I felt his cock begin to harden again inside me.

"Let me show you" I whispered and as we kissed his impressive cock was growing again inside me again, filling me up, slowly sliding in and out.

This was to be the summer of the most amazingly erotic, thrilly and risky sex I'd ever had. Perhaps I'll tell you some more about some of the things Ryan and I got up to that summer - getting caught me than once! But you'll have to wait! ;)

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1 year ago
What a lovely comment thank you so much!I hope to get time to write more soon x
1 year ago
cant wait for more
2 years ago
This is totally erotic and unadultrated romance run amok, romance foor any type situation; howwever, among sister and brother it adds a whole exciting deminsion to the thrilling electric charge, right down into the soul!!

Part 2? And 3? Howsabout a continuation of this lurid sister and brother romance, without interference of others; maybe on a cruise, a long away camping trip, a romantic long night on the town, a hike to secluded envirions, impregnation, as husband and wife life, etc. The characters are set, the scene to be detemined, the continuation of the love story is cemented. The story awaits the author/conductor to set the continium in motion.

This is one helluva incestual romance, nee love, story. Written very thoughtful, with deep feeling and to perfection!!!
2 years ago
Loved it
3 years ago
personally id rather wank over u then read but thats jus me lol 8p xx
3 years ago
Awww thank you, you lovely horny fuckers :D

What themes would you like me to write about? No kiddy stuff, animals, sh*t or necrophilia - other than that I'm up for writing about most topics! ;)
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hoot story...
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Great story. Thanks for sharing
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Damn that was HOT! Plz write more!
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Nice and thanks for sharing.
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damn that is a good story wirte more plz
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Good story and glad you shared it with us.
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MORE!!!!!! Holy shit that was so hot
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great story so hot!