Roaming the City on a glorious summers day I find

The sun filtered in through the window, its golden rays warming my naked flesh as I awoke.

I pushed the thin sheet covering back even further and smiled dreamily as I felt a pulse of sexual energy wash over me.

Lazily, I traced my fingers around the fullest part of my breasts, enjoying how heightened my senses were on this gorgeous sunny day. My skin tingled as fingertip connected to flesh, and I trailed a line down my body becoming more aroused by the moment.

My pelvic region began to pulsate as I teased myself running my fingers up and down my legs, and I felt myself becoming wetter as I anticipated a naughty day ahead. Today I was feeling naught and was going to have some fun.

I bounded out of bed and sauntered up the stairs to the shower room and stepped into the shower – delighting in the warmth of the water sliding over my skin.

I lathered up with soap and then slowly undid the window – pushing it open wide. As anticipated he was there and I smiled watching his look of unabridged pleasure. It was show time. I teased for a while, slowly running my hands over my body in circular motions before reaching for a razor. ‘Time to go completely bare’ I decided and shaved off every last hair from my pussy until it glistened under the running water.

My façade was to normally pretend I hadn’t noticed him watching but I couldn’t help a cheeky grin now and then watching as his cock hardened and made a tepee of his shorts. I thought about what it would taste like and feel like inside and a rush pulsed through me…today he would not get the full show. Today would be far more adventurous so with that in mind I towelled down, shot the devastatingly sexy neighbour a smile and made my way downstairs to dress.

White would look fabulous with my tan so I pulled on a white mini skirt and tight vest, pulled my long hair back into a pony tail and stepped into my trainers. I looked into the mirror approvingly – vest as tight as a second skin, skirt barely skimming the tops of my thighs and my tan setting off the whole ensemble perfectly.
I gave a twirl and giggled as my cheeks peeked out from the back of my clingy skirt – I had ‘forgotten’ to put on my underwear. Today I was going to cause some mischief!

I pulled on my sunshades as I left the house and headed into the centre – a nice long walk which would allow me to top up my tan on the way – I wouldn’t exactly have many strap marks in this outfit!

The route was relatively quiet but as I reached the centre it became busier and I glimpsed a few people stop and turn back as I walked past. I could barely conceal my amusement as one lad walked straight into a lamp post.

The fountains were just up ahead and eager to cool down I ran under them allowing them to soak me through. As I threw my head back the water trickled down over my vest and skirt causing them to cling to my skin. I now felt outrageously horny, completely dispelling the myth that a cold shower kills your libido!

Although I could not see myself at this stage I imagine I must have been quite a spectacle from the glances and then reaching a mirrored plaque I could see why. My nipples now pert seemed as if they were trying to cut through my vest. The white miniskirt - now a transparent mesh stuck to every curve and rode up until it was barely legal.

There’s nothing more I love than misbehaving in public and showing off (well other than a nice big cock!) and the naughtiness of it had my pussy pulsating hard and I could tell I’d become nicely lubricated!

I contemplated my next move and with a sudden surge of excitation I decided to leave out one of my fantasies. I have often gone out wearing next to nothing or had sex in relatively public places but this was something I had never dared do before and the thought of it was thrilling. Would I have the guts to carry it out?

I made my way to the bus station and was about to hop on when I noticed a man in a business suit behind me. I caught his eye as he stared at the back of my miniscule skirt and he looked sheepish. I smiled back and dropping a coin on the floor I slowly leaned forward reaching towards the coin, taking my time and pausing at the bottom of the stretch to give him a good view.

The bus doors opened and I hopped onto the quiet bus making my way towards the empty seats at the back. Glancing out of the window I noted the suit guy frantically fumbling for change at the ticket machine spilling the contents of his pockets all over the floor. ‘I can have some fun here’ I decided.

The suit ran towards the bus and dived onto it hastily just as the doors closed behind him. He then attempted to compose himself, walked down the bus towards the back and sat down almost opposite me and then nodded to make out he had only just spotted me there. He open up a paper on the pretence of reading it I imagine, but as I languished in the sunshine, stretch out my legs I could tell he wasn’t concentrating on the paper – unless he could read upside down of course!

I pulled at my vest as if to make myself appear more presentable – when in fact it merely accentuated the shape of my breasts. I wriggled around in my chair as if to get comfy and my skirt rose upwards revealing that I had no pants on today. Excitement welled up in me and I anticipated what I would do next.

I once again trailed my fingers over my breasts and smiled up at him watching his reaction. My hands travelled downwards towards my thighs and I circled my fingers on the tops of my legs and teased my hem up higher over my pussy. His paper sunk lower and lower until he gave up on his pretence at reading and enjoyed the view.

It was quite obvious now that he had a raging hard on which was practically fighting its way out of his pants and I shot him an admiring glance. u*********sly he stroked at the bulge and I leaned back parting my legs so he could see me glistening with excitement,

My fingers edged towards my bare pussy and I looked at him provocatively patting it saying – “I will if you will” and an understanding were shared.

I smiled encouragingly as he nervously unzipped his trousers and fumbled to get his huge cock out of his trousers. Desperate to unleash the b**st he stood slightly so his trousers dropped to his knees and took his cock in his hand as he sat back in his seat.

Still slightly nervous he slowly stroked his cock peering round to be sure of his privacy. No one seemed to notice – we were in London after all! Although I’m pretty sure the driver was getting a damned good view but he didn’t seem eager to stop a free show!

Thrilled by the sight of his huge lovely cock I shivered and imagined what it would be like to kneel over him and slide it into me nice and deep. He wasn’t the sort of guy I’d go for but I’d love to have a go on that huge quivering member and use him for his asset!

Without an ounce of resistance left I opened up my pussy lips and started to rub my clitoris which protruded from its hood as if to demand attention – it was going to get that alright. I opened up my bag and pulled out my favourite silver rocket dildo which slid into my pussy effortlessly! I pumped it into my pussy whilst rubbing at my clit with the other hand.

By this point I could have been in trouble if anyone had looked round as I half sat half lay back on the seat with my vest pulled up over my tits, my skirt up round my waist and legs spread wide as I fucked myself with a dildo and rubbed my soaking pussy with the other hand – all the way attempting to keep my gasps of pleasure down

At the site of this the suit seemed to lose all his reservations and was wanking his cock furiously, barely stifling his grunts.

Suggestively I rubbed my hell up his leg and ordered “Slowly! I want to make you come with my hands!”

Reluctant to lessen the pace yet excited at the prospect of some participation he obeyed – obviously torn.

“Wait for me I commanded” and turning my toy up onto its fastest setting I writhed in exhilaration – astounded at my daring.

The streets were full of people as we drove on and knowing that I was on full view did not worry me but merely added to the excitement of the situation.

The guy was still stroking his cock looking at me with pained eyes – waiting for the moment when I would release him from his exquisite torture.

Knowing I had him totally under my control at this point I took my time, watching as his cock oozed thick white pre-cum and I licked my lips whilst staring at it.

Sensing he would explode soon I ran the toy up over my clit rubbing it back and forth, my legs trembling. My pussy began to tighten and shudder as I felt familiar waves rush over my body. I’d had great orgasms before but nothing to equate to the intensity of masturbating in a public place, and exposing my most intimate parts to a complete stranger…..whilst he tugged on his cock!

I shuddered and emit a moan of desire as orgasms shook my body and a milky fluid leaked from my pussy. I clasped a hand to my mouth and quietly moaned until my body ceased to shake.

Turning back my attention to the guy who was shaking in excitement I sunk to my knees in front of him and tugged his trousers off.

I teased his balls and gripped the base of his cock in one hand whilst I worked my tongue up from the bottom, up over the shift and over the head in circular motions, tasty his salty flavour. His cock quivered in my hand and I could see he was struggling to hold back. Pulling back slightly I started to wank his cock up and down as he continued to look as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Feeling his body begin to shudder I pointed the huge spouting member at him, a hot spray of cum showering over him and splashing over his suit and face.

He looked exuberant and then shocked at what had just taken place and paused hesitantly.

I teasingly licked the top of his cock and bundled up his trousers before straightening my clothes. He obviously didn’t realise what I was about to do as he was still staring at the mess when I bound down the bus with his trousers and hopped off for a chance timing! It was only when I waved as he went past, still on the bus that he realised what I had done and looked stunned!

Well I hated parking wardens anyway and didn’t feel a tinge of guilt! I made my way home still buzzing and wondered which of my fantasies I should carry out next.
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3 years ago
Nice story Kaz. xx
4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
super story,check some of mine.
4 years ago
Great story. I want to ride you bus.
4 years ago
naughty naughty very good story